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November 25, 2012
I am starting to believe that the only reason these sites want to attract singles is to take their private info and sell it because they sell you everyting else! There is a way for them to make money without promissing you "free subscription" then trying to sell you a monthly fee to be able to connect. But to do that, tey will have to care about how to make a good difference in your life! This kind of business is almost at the same level with being conned out of money. They take advantage of people's lonliness and their desire to connect and then they black mail you with, either you buy a membership or, if not, you can't e-mail the man that "sent you a flirt". You later discover that it was the actual site that sent you that e-mail and that the guy in NY has no idea where Bakersfield is! It is hard to tell someone not to hope but, just be aware of these worms!

Lorraine January 01, 2013

Tagged.com is a free site have to really watch our for the scammers but I have meant a few real good friends there

Don February 12, 2013

Match.com is really the most awful rip off site in the world.. They took over $9000.00 (nine thousand dollars ) of mine and then I couldn't even get a reply back from them DO OT SUBSCRIBE O MATCH.COM

worst site I've seen
November 4, 2012
I was intriqued by some of the polished television ads promoting Our Time as a new alternative for mature singles looking for mates. It has turned out to be the biggest disappointment at all and offers much less than any of the more reputable, more established sites, like match.com and eharmony. The same members are the members that are on the other sites and it is apparent that the site does no screening of members, even prior to sending members a match. Many of the site's members are inactive but OurTime keeps their member profiles in the pool so that it appears to have more active members than it does. There is little diversity in their membership pool. Customer Service is the worst that I have seen and basically sends out form e-mails. If you are considering this site, please don't believe the hype or be pulled in by the glossy advertisements. Try the trial, or if you are really tempted by the phony e-mails they send about your matches, buy the one-month membership at most.

Queenie December 29, 2012

Did you realize that Match actually owns this site?

Kathysouth January 14, 2013

Carol, You are right. It has also been the worst site that I have ever dealt with. I subscribed for six months. ( Should have done my homework) After being charged nearly $80.00, I still have to pay an additional fee if I want to see what the other guy was messaging me. I refused to do so. I am still trying to get a refund. Most of the men look like cons or ex-cons. I do not recommend this site to anyone.

Janice January 19, 2013

If this site won't refund your money go to Better Business Bureau and they will help you. I've had to do this before and it works. Also go to BBB and check out sites before applying.

Ron B February 12, 2013

I am not a member but you are using my profile. Erase it from your webb. I am not interested at all.

Phantom messages
October 31, 2012
I got a message from a "woman" asking me to send her my email address and she would send me more pictures of her. But the system can detect email address and delete your message, then send you a warning. I sent the woman a message then she suddenly disappeared, along with every trace of her. I smelled a rat and was able to cancel my account only to find out that they had registered me with another dating site where I was getting messages that I couldn't see except for sending them more money! Strongly recommend - CANCEL! CANCEL! CANCEL!

help me
October 30, 2012

I cannot get on this site. It says wrong user name or wrong password. I payed for this site and wish i could get on it .Please help me if you care at all for you customers.

JOE November 02, 2012

Try calling seniorpeoplemeet.com for billing?

Kathy December 27, 2012

The charge(s) should show up on your credit card statement as:

PM *OurTime.com 888-8922065 TX

Contact your credit card customer servcie department and ask them to call Our Time at 888-892-2065 and stay on the phone with them until this is resolved. Good luck.

Jan December 27, 2012

I just tried to go to this web site and sign up for free, ha. i was told my email address is already in use. how can that be if i have never been on this site ever. I am so sorry for everyone who got burned on this site. It should be removed. Jan

this site is a scam
October 30, 2012
they get your money and you find yourself unable to access acct. you can't even get through to cancel -keep saying wrong user name or password i changed my card so they can't cont. to charge me for services i'm not receiving DO NOT TRUST THESE PEOPLE||||||

A terrible site
October 16, 2012
Avoid this site like the Black Death. Once someone places you on it, or you select it, you cannot stop it. Their phone number doesn't exist. Just don't do it. Go somewhere else

Furious i October 27, 2012

I have been robbed! I stopped my sub. over a year ago and now I am seeing an automatic charge! The phone number does not exsist, I tried e-mailing my concern, but it won't go through. This is crap that you are charged without your permission and the fact you have not used this site after this long period, they should send you an e-mail asking if you want to continue BEFORE they charge your card.

October 30, 2012

you've been robbed for sure along with many others wish i knew a way to shut them down we all need to file complaints with our better business bureaus at least

Kathy January 04, 2013

The charge(s) should show up on your credit card statement as:

PM *OurTime.com 888-8922065 TX

Contact your credit card customer service department and ask them to call Our Time at 888-892-2065 and stay on the phone with them until this is resolved. I had to do this when I joined Chemistry.com and got charged 2 times instead of one. Good luck.

October 6, 2012

I was registered with Match.com and have cancelled by account.

I am also trying to cancel out of OurTime.com. Please cancel my profile I do not have an account number other than what I signed into


Violet g October 12, 2012

please cxl me out of outtimes.com

CoolNancyRose October 24, 2012

Please cancel me out of OurTime.com

Charlotte October 30, 2012


Lee November 27, 2012

I have their phone number.


Cat January 24, 2013

Wow, I wish I didn't give them my e-mail to ask questions. Nothing is stated about what is offered for what. Then I saw this. It would be nice to have a news station person check it out and report their findings.