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September 6, 2013
Today, I created a male profile to see what my competition would be on Ourtime. I was offline and Ourtime had me online. Avoid this website, permanently. Women, cancel as soon as possible. Do not waste your money.

September 5, 2013

All the men on this site look 10 to 20 years older than the stated age.

Most of these GEEZERS want a 35 year old hard body. Come on, you couldn't get one when you were young let alone now. Constantly paired with people I said NO to over and over again. No real selection

Lani September 09, 2013

Same experience with me! Most men look as if they should be or are in a rest home. I tried to get a refund but they wouldn't let me. I even tried to trade and pay the extra for their other site match.com but they still wouldn't let me. This is the worst site I've ever come across!!!!!!!

Rob A. March 10, 2016

Match.com is FAR worse than OurTime. Both suck,

Romance scam/emerald 360/Battaglia
August 26, 2013

Apparently ourtime does not do any checking on its members. I met a nice gentleman, saying he was in the military, and was on deployment to Afghanistan. I googled him, he had a facebook page, so I thought the names and pictures match. I Talked to him for about a week, online, until he hit me up for $16000. Then I spent about 4 hours researching him and found his pictures were of the csgtmaj of the enlisted fleet of Marines. Yeesh, did I feel stupid.

On top of that I signed up for initially one month. They dinged my CC for 6 months and do not return my requests for resolution. I can not find an actual phone # for them.

I suggest going anywhere else for a dating service.

Kevin Veach March 12, 2014

If you cant find the phone number you have to be very very computer inept. All you have to do is Google People Media the owners of the site and you will get the number 866-727-8920. That said I can reassure you that the company is a big rippoff because I worked for them in Costa Rica. They are very dispicable. I suggest starting a class action suit against them and Mathc.com at the same time. Read terms and conditions before you sign up for any site and make sure you understand....

August 22, 2013

I'm very driven to report my experience with OurTime. In a nutshell, stay away at all cost. Read on if you want to find out why.

I joined them last spring (2013). At first I thought they were okay. in fact, I did meet someone really special and suspended my account while exploring this new relationship. After a few months, we broke up and I reactivated my account. When I logged in, I was greeted with a "Welcome Back" banner. So far, so good.

Upon examining my profile I was aghast to discover numerous woman had been trying to contact me. I had emails coming in throughout the time my account was deactivated. As I've always done in the past, I went about responding to all the messages, no matter how old, explaining the situation. I try to treat people kindly and if someone takes the time to reach out to me, I always respond in kind.

Luckily, when I deactivated my account, I also set my account to not auto-renew. My account is only a few weeks from expiring and I'll be curious to see if they in fact honor that. If not, there will a complaint filed with my state's Attorney General.

Next, I went about perusing profiles of women in my area. I was startled to discover the profile of a dear friend who lives nearby. She'd been engaged and was I wondering if she and her beau had split. Nope, they're still together. I sent her a screen capture of the profile and she said that was her profile from a site called MatchMaker and that her account with them had been closed for 1 1/2 years. Her profile on OurTime said she'd been active in the past week.

I've also had dialog with other women on OurTime who've had terrible experiences with the site. Renewals are made even when they request they not be. I've found their interface to be onerous and unintuitive. For reasons I can't explain, women will get flirts from me when I didn't send one.

All of this has combined to totally turn me off of OurTime. I'd highly encourage everyone to avoid this site.

Scammers and Rude, Crude Men!
August 11, 2013
You have to pay, if you want to get and reply to messages. Then, it's auto-subscribe, and re-bill, unless you find the place on the web-site to cancel the auto-billing. They do little, if any, real "matching"; most is just geographical area, regardless of the parameters you set, such as "non-smoking." Many, many recent widowers or never-marrieds supposedly looking for marriage. Also, a high number of Legally Separated men, which to me, means they are married, and MAY be in the process of a divorce. If the men post photos, they half the time are wearing sunglasses, or the quality is so poor you can't tell what they look like. Or they post their baby or grade-school photos. You may get a "flirt", and if you respond with something like "I'm not seeking a long-distance relationship and good luck" you almost instantly get a message that declares their willingness to re-locate; if you answer again, you quickly get exactly the same message; I imagine they are computer-generated from a scammer. Many men ask immediately for your e-mail or phone number, and don't want to use the web system. They say they really live closer, but their son set up the profile and they can't change their location! I was even matched with my DEAD EX-HUSBAND. (He probably signed up for a whole year to save a few bucks.) I didn't even get a reply from Customer Service, so I just blocked him so I didn't have to keep seeing his photo show up as a possible match. One man who really, really wanted to meet me, but could only chat, or send e-mail on the site, and not use a telephone, turned out to be a total pervert, having his own page on an amateur porn website! (I paid for a background check, but found out a lot on my own, thanks to Google, and him using the same profile name on countless sites.) With some work, this site could be made more acceptable, but I consider it near the bottom of the barrel. Their TV ads are nice, but the quality of the men is absolutely disgusting. Many want a "Casual" relationship, and some are more explicit. My subscription runs out in a few days, and I will erase all the info I can and delete my photos, as well as following their instructions and writing to Customer Service. It's gotten to the point that when I'm out, I worry I might see, or recognize, or be recognized by, some creepy guy from their site. I had high hopes for this site, as it was geared towards seniors, but I am extremely disappointed in it.

July 10, 2013

I have been on a few dating sites, over several years, and Our TIme is BY FAR the WORST. As some people commented above, I would get messages asking for a response, and then after writing a polite and, I think, reasonably interesting response, would never hear anything back. I am an older, but, people say, intelligent, nice and

attractive woman, so why would these men not respond unless they

are frauds or not what they represent themselves to be.

I suspect that, in fact, this site employs people to make us think men

are interested in us and then when we respond never hear anything

again! I also would have a message from someone, and then 15

minutes later, when I would go back to it, it was gone. This happened a number of times!! I signed up for six months and hated the site after six days! There was no way to look someone up by the name they used on the site, and when I tried to take my complaints to the company I was unable to do so because I would not allow third party cookies into my browser! This is totally ridiculous, that there was never any way for me to make a comment or complaint. I went to my account page and checked the box for non-renewal, and although they have not tried to charge me, they have continued to use my profile to lure in other unsuspecting people, and there is no way to get my profile off the site as I cannot contact the company. Now that

I want to get my profile deleted I have received a whole flurry of flirts,

and messages, which, of course I can no longer read! I was able to

remove all pictures I had posted, but could not remove the written

introduction and answers to questions. In my opinion, this site is a

scam and a complete waste of money!!!!

Sonya a July 20, 2013

It's the biggest scam and they want you to keep paying so you''ll get your messages. If not, they just keep giving you notices that someone is interested but don't divulge them if you don't pay extra fee. What kind of crap is that??? I've been trying to cancel but their system do not allow you to really cancel. If the renew my membership without my permission, I'll sue them!!!

SCAME , August 23, 2013

On advertisement on TV ,its ALL FREE!!!

It was my 1st time on Aug 06 2013 ,and i was asked to pay the best offer for 6 months which would be $93.64!

I agreed and paid !

In next 2-3 days i did not go to the site ,but after words i did and i was asked to pay some more money again!

I was so angry and shocked!

I had just registered and paid for 6 months and hadnt used the servises longer than 3 days!

I decided to delete my file and be no longer on this site !

This site is a scam! I am told that as soon as this site has your credit card no, they can withdraw money every 6 months !

I am hoping that would not be the case ,otherwise

I,ll be so pieced off !!!!!

They are the biggest SCAM ever.

I recommend this site to no one.

Secret a September 30, 2013

I agree the men they show on the site are loosers.

Cindy Delome March 09, 2015

Most of the so called"men" on this site are disgusting pervs. I have only been on it for a short while but it didn't take long to figure it out. This site is a joke and not a funny one!!

Gang memebrs site (Hoodies on! Sunglasses on! Hide your face!) and no refund policy
June 23, 2013

Completely AGREE!

I sign in because cant't see the mailbox until pay - and I glad I pay for one month only because on site mostly guys who looks like gang members - with dark hoodies with hood on, "golden" chains, tattoos, sunglasses on... Looks very dangerous! Also there some gigolo who looking for rich senior lady who need young companion... Yuck!

And one mn keep sending messages every hour and they all the same - computer generated!

No refund - so even if you just join, they will NOT return the money....

"Matches" not really match anything, they have empty profiles so how they match?! Searchonly age and area, no criteria like druncard\not, drugs\no, gambling\no, educatedno, etc.....worst site ever!

June 5, 2013
SCAM, The are same as "Chemistry.com" really located in Costa Rica not Texas they over charge first time with no final check total page before clicking, they don't reply to emails about refunds and when you finally get a phone operator standard response is you already used the site no refunds. They also do un-authorized auto renewal. 400 un-resolved claims with BBB, Better to tell them you are contacting Texas ATTORNEY GENERAL.

Forget it
June 2, 2013

Juliana OrmsbyJune 02, 2013

I just signed up for a one month subscription, but I have received no email about my being a member. When I tried to access my account, I was told it did not exist. I'm having bad feelings about this site and regret I decided to join it. Now I'm afraid they will misuse my credit card information.

Is anything honest these days? Remember "Enzyte" with the ads for "Smiling Bob" who had taken this "penis enlargement" pill? Enzyte was a scam, but by the time people starting reporting and suing them, they had made enough money to just pay off the suits and disappear.

What a joke
May 14, 2013
Age 45+ Fatithful Women in Toronto Wanted! That's the ad! What the heck is a fatithful woman??? And why aren't there any "fatithful" men wanted? What a joke.

Are these real people on this sight?
May 6, 2013
I get flirts and when I answer back I never hear from them again. Last night I was answering a getlemen that seemed very interested.This morning I was going to reread what we wrote, and he was removed from the sight, it's the second time this has happened. Is this sight known for scamming people? I don't want to renew this sight when my 6 months are up. Has there been a problem with cancelling? Thanks for any info I can get.

UKPaulG May 10, 2013

Unfortunately this site is full of scammers and it's getting worse. I have already reported 2 this morning and noticed a contacts account had been hacked a couple of days ago and reported that too. Customer support is useless and don't respond.

A shame really as I have met a couple of nice people off there but filtering out the scammers is a nightmare (although they are usually pretty easy to spot).

When you leave the site make sure that you delete you profile rather than just letting your membership expire or you leave your account open to being hacked.

I would avoid this like the plague.

Rob May 11, 2013

same here.. just update your account with a CC that is not good or transpose a digit

Kren July 04, 2013

I am trying to cancel my membership and they say my credit card does not exist. Your credit card is the only way they identify you. I can find no phone number for our time.com. I have asked for an email response a nd have not gotten it.


Horrible--waste of money
May 4, 2013

I've been on a couple of dating sites that were good, or at least ok. Ourtime has to be the worst.

Less than a week on the site and I've had a half dozen guys try to scam me. I responded to one message (didn't know it wasn't legit), and found out the member's account had been "hacked". I got a message from the member, and also a canned (vague, leading) response from his hackers.

I've had a dialogue with one man from there so far, and he reports that his account has been hacked--twice.

I got a lot of hits in the first few days, and decided to try it for a month, since I couldn't read the messages without joining up. As soon as I paid for a month (including a $4 processing fee they didn't disclose up front), the hits immediately dropped way off.

I think they are paying people to "flirt" free members to entice them to join. Most of the hits turned out to be from men who didn't meet my criteria and who lived far away.

The site is poorly designed, difficult to use, has poor search criteria, and pretty much not the kind of people I'd like to meet.

And, they make contacting the admins of the site almost impossible.

Don't waste your money on this one.

Scam - DO not even try you will regret it!
May 2, 2013

I signed in August and cancel my automatic renewal in September, because it was horrible! They have auto replies that are annoying to both sender and receiver. There is no real "match" system in place. I wonder how many of the "people" in the site are responsive and interested in dating.

EXTREMELY difficult to cancel and there are no refunds (obviously because they suck!). You are forced to automatic renewals as it doesn't give you any easy access to change that feature. You can't delete your credit card information and prices just keep going up and up.

THE WORST is that people keep complaining about charges to their cards after being part of ourtime. My card was charged in February even though I wasn't part of the site since September.

DO NOT use this site. AVOID this is a cover up for credit card FRAUD!

Minnie M May 14, 2013


you suck!!
April 24, 2013
please people stay away! ive seen sexy to toothless go out & find your own for free!!! its cheaper

Our Time is not a reliable/good website.
April 20, 2013

The cost seems to be going up on these websites with nothing in return. I would enter the mileage of how far I want responds from and I received them from other states. Most of the men are looking for someone to either have money and take care of them. Some talk terrible on this website, this site is not suppose to be X- rated. If that is the way they want to act then they need to go to another site.

you have top pay to stay and or play
April 12, 2013

this site SUCKS

if you DO NOT PUT OUT cash , you can't even relay any type of responses...but theirs

excuse my french but this is a f------g rip- off

My Worst Experience !
April 12, 2013

Supposedly members should display their photograph but this does not always happen. When I requested for them to post their photograph excuses were made why they could not do this. A red flag for me. A warning sign that for some reason they did not want to be seen.

When I first set up my account I specifcally stated that smokers were a deal breaker for me and this seemed to attract the smokers. I also stated that no photo you get deleted. Guess what.... I attracted those without photos. What is it with men.... they cannot read??

If you were a man looking for a nice lady wouldn't you make the effort to post a decent photo. A man in a razor back tee with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth just doesn't do it for me. At least make an effort. I consider myself to be an intelligent attractive woman but this site seem to have a shortage of good men. I have family in law enforcement so perhaps that was deterrent for the majority. Don't waste your money and give this site a miss!

Marie April 14, 2013

This is a review of the customers, not a review of the site!!

Dixie August 11, 2013

Many of the "customers" are scammers or dummy profiles put up by the site owners, so I consider these reviews valuable.

So ticked off
April 10, 2013
I cannot find any number or email for customer service. I am not and will not allow 3rd party cookies onto my browser. I've read all of these poor reports and wish I had done so before signing up. "LOVE" how they offer 3 free days, and as you join, one can only "upgrade" to be a member. Red flag right there. Anyone got the ph # or email address. I want out. Thank you.

Candy April 12, 2013

the company is a part of People's media and match.comi ahve more info at home and will get it out to you soon

Candy April 12, 2013

read above

Ajaz50 April 24, 2013

i totally agree!!!! i contacted my credit card co and shut this off its a scam in my book

April 1, 2013
This has been a most unpleasant experience. I asked to be removed from the site and was not.I am hoping I will be removed when the renewal fee is due. Some of the men kept sending the same message every day until I deleted then. Others were downright scary. . I would recommend extreme care with this site. there may be some good people but beware of predators who.are only interested in sex not a relationship

Total Scam
March 29, 2013
Worst site ever! Computer generated profiles with generated emails. DON't WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!

Scott April 01, 2013