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Checking out the 3 month promo
December 8, 2018
I had a spare phone so I thouhgt i would give it a try, my other phone is on verizon,honestly they both seem to work the same.I haven't been to any rural areas yet but in a metro area it is good. Timely shipping, easy to activate, don't see a problem so far...

December 1, 2018
Like everyone else, I wanted to save money on my cell phone bill. I had been with Citizen Cellular for several years and was completely happy with their service. Especially their customer service. But, the Black Friday offer was too good to pass up. So I switched. I use my phone for my business so I wanted to make SURE that my older Samsung was compatible. I gave them the imei # and they assured me that my phone was indeed compatible. After setting up my account and signing up for auto renewal, I was set to go. I have used my cell phone for my business for 15 years and kept the same number. However, my very first attempt at making a call resulted in an "emergency calls only" notification. To make a long story short, after multiple chats and emails and a half dozen LONG waits on the phone for their customer tech support, I was told that my cell phone was NOT compatible! I was furious. I cancelled my service right then and there and RAN back to Citizen Cellular. Now I have to wait on another sim card to arrive (3-5 days) before I can resume the great service I had with them. In the meantime, I am missing calls and losing business. Thanks a lot Mint Mobile! And I forgot to mention how f**king annoying that smart-mouthed fox mascot is!

LeeVan Daal January 07, 2022

Same ongoing SCAM from T-MOBILE. After reading this and many other low rated reviews here and from other websites I cannot believe that the same problems as bad coverage, lost calls, delayed or lost texts, data slowdown, horrible misleading customer support.... and on and on, keep going for years. Really looks like T-MOBILE has come out with MINT in order to continue fooling people by taking the money and run, with a service if any that leaves much to be desired. Another "wolf with a different fur" to continue this outrageous scam through MINT mobile, as T-MOBILE has made too many face wash after being sued and had to face thousands of class action lawsuits for fraud and extortion thru misleading contracts.

October 14, 2018

Purchased phone and signed up for service from Mint Mobile. Phone did not work (ok, everyone entitled to a pass on an issue outside of their control), but was using 2nd phone for about 3 weeks and went into another time zone and then back to my time zone (traveled). On return phone did not see Mint Mobile cell service. Customer service (non-existent for the most part), was unable to correct the situation or get phone back on network. Customer service response; "your phone is incompatible with our service / network" (yet the phone worked for 3 weeks??). Mint Mobile's solution; go get another phone...REALLY?

I am back with my more expensive carrier that actually provides uninterrupted service 24/7 (for years and years and years).