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Mint Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that offers low-cost, prepaid phone plans using the T-Mobile network.

The company's unique selling point is that they offer multi-month plans at discounted rates.

Mint Mobile Plans

Mint Mobile offers a range of prepaid data plans, with options for 1 month, 3 months, or 12 months.  All plans include 4G network and hotspot access, unlimited talk and text, and nationwide coverage.

Additionally, customers who purchase a prepaid plan will receive a free SIM card.

Customers can also purchase phones directly from Mint Mobile or add-ons for their plans such as additional data or international calling and texting.

How Does Mint Mobile Work?

Customers can choose a plan that best suits their needs in terms of data and price.

After making a purchase, customers can use the bring your own phone (BYOP) program to switch their current phone to Mint Mobile service by simply switching out their SIM card. 

Alternatively, customers can purchase a new phone from Mint Mobile which comes at a discount combined with the phone plan.

The process is easy and compatible with both Android and Apple products.  Once the new SIM card is installed, customers can use WiFi calling, texting, and normal calling at no additional cost.

The company has step-by-step instructions and videos available on their website to assist customers with the activation process.

Cost and Price Plans

Mint Mobile's prepaid plans are usually cheaper than traditional carrier plans, as the company does not have the overhead costs of physical stores.

Prices for plans and add-ons are competitive and can be found on the company's website.

Customer Service

Mint Mobile offers a 7-day refund policy for customers who are not satisfied with their service. 

Customers can contact customer service by phone at 1-800 683 7392, by email at [email protected], or by using the chat option at the company's website.

Customer Reviews & Complaints

Mint Mobile has generally positive customer reviews.  Many customers have praised the company for its low prices and reliable service.  Many customers have also reported that the SIM card activation process is easy and straightforward. 

On the other hand, some customers have reported poor customer service, specifically in responsiveness where some customers noted that response times can be slow.

Overall, customers are generally satisfied with the service they receive from Mint Mobile and find it to be a cost-effective alternative to traditional wireless carriers.

Mint Mobile vs. Cricket

Mint Mobile and Cricket Wireless are both mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) that offer low-cost, prepaid wireless plans as an alternative to the major carriers.

One difference is that Mint Mobile operates on T-Mobile network and Cricket Wireless on AT&T network.

Both companies offer a range of plans with different data options, as well as add-ons such as international calling and additional data.

Both companies also offer a "bring your own phone" (BYOP) program, which allows customers to use their existing phone with a Mint Mobile or Cricket SIM card.

The main difference between the two companies is the coverage area. 

Cricket Wireless operates on the AT&T network which has a wider coverage area than T-Mobile network, so depending on your location, Cricket Wireless may have better coverage than Mint Mobile.

Additionally, Cricket Wireless has a physical store presence, whereas Mint Mobile is an online-only service.  

For customers looking for more options on coverage and need a physical location, Cricket Wireless may be a better option, whereas customers looking for a more cost-effective online-only service and are in a T-Mobile coverage area, Mint Mobile may be a better option.

Mint Mobile vs. Ting Mobile

Both companies operate on the networks of major carriers and offer a variety of plans that allow customers to pay only for the data, minutes, and texts that they use.

However, there are some key differences between the two companies. 

Mint Mobile offers fixed-term plans, with options to purchase 1 month, 3 months, or 12 months of service at a discounted rate, while Ting offers more flexibility with plans that allow customers to pay only for what they use, with different rates for different levels of usage.

Additionally, Ting offers a wider range of add-ons and international calling options, while Mint Mobile keep it simple with unlimited talk and text.

Mint Mobile vs. Republic Wireless

Mint Mobile and Republic Wireless are both MVNOs, with Republic Wireless operating on At&T's network as opposed to T-Mobile.

Republic Wireless offers a more traditional monthly plan structure that also starts at $15 per month.

Both companies offer similar features such as unlimited talk and text, and 4G LTE data, but Mint Mobile offers a 12-month plan option, while Republic Wireless does not.

Both companies offer a bring your own device (BYOD) program and a wide range of compatible smartphones, including both Android and iOS devices.  They also offer add-ons such as international calling and hotspot data.

A key difference is that Republic Wireless has a 30-day money-back guarantee on their service, which is longer than Mint Mobile's 7 days.

Both companies are known for their budget-friendly options and can be a good alternative to traditional wireless carriers, but Mint Mobile's longer-term plans and Republic Wireless's 30-day money-back guarantee might make one a better fit for some customers.

The Bottom Line

The main advantage of using a mobile virtual network operators like Mint Mobile is the cost savings compared to the major carriers, but there are trade-offs in terms of network coverage, customer service, and phone selection.

MVNOs tend to be more flexible in terms of plans and prices, and are often more affordable than the big carriers, but they also come with some limitations.

Ultimately, they can be a cost-effective solution for customers looking for an alternative to traditional, expensive prepaid plans offered by major wireless brands. 

It is important to research and compare different options before making a decision and ensure that the coverage and service provided will meet your needs.

We find that with a range of options for prepaid data plans, phone purchases, and add-ons, Mint Mobile offers a level of flexibility and customization that can fit a wide range of needs and budgets. 

Additionally, the BYOP program and easy activation process make it a convenient choice for customers looking to switch providers.

However, it is important to note that customer service reviews have been mixed and coverage may not be as extensive as with major carrier networks.

If you have any experience with Mint Mobile or their services, please leave your reviews below.

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Mint Mobile Customer Reviews

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Low price = poor service
May 20, 2024
Mint Mobile customer service is the worst of the worst. I setup and paid for a Mint Mobile account online, my I-phone is up to date and compatible with their service. I had to cancel my service I had for years with Verizon to transfer my telephone number to the new Mint Mobile account. The customer service representatives (3) could not get an eSim card to load to my phone after trying for 3 hours. The next day I went to Best Buy bought a physical Sim card and opened a Mint Mobile account. I then contacted Mint Mobile customer service and requested my old phone number to be transferred to my phone and was told to do that I would have to open another 2nd Mint mobile account and they would mail me another physical Sim card with my old phone number. Waited a week and it did not show up. Called Mint mobile and they promised to once again mail me the Sim card, 4 days later I received the Sim card, called Mint Mobile to activate the new Sim card, the Sim card was activated put into my phone and it had the same telephone number as the previous Sim card that was on my phone instead of my old phone number. Two frustrating weeks, two separate paid Mint Mobile accounts, talked to more than 12 customer service representatives and 3 supervisors and still do not have service with my old phone number. Each time I had to explain the problems I have encountered from day one since no one places records of your problems into your account. VERY FRUSTRATING and VERY UNPROFESSIONAL!

Say NO to Mint Mobile
April 2, 2024
Don't be fooled by just the low price. You get virtually no customer service, data speed and availability is "leftover" from TMobile so you will often find yourself without service depending on where you trave. And they don't refund ANYTHING, lock your sim card, ...

Don't put yourself through their lies.
March 15, 2024

Mint won't accept my payment so I pay again. No biggie, stuff happens. 2 payments get processed. I call Mint and I'm told that the policy states that I will be contacted within 24 hours of the 'double' pay and get a refund. I ask where that policy is and I'm told on the Mint website. I can't find said policy. So I ask via Messenger and I'm told that I have to provide my phone number, etc. So Mint is going to pick and choose as to who gets to see their policy on their website? That's called discrimination.

But let's move on. Mint then tells me it takes 5 days. Now how did we get from 24 hours to 5 days? Where is the policy for that, you ask? On their website.

A very difficult transition.
February 20, 2024

I put in the 7 day trial SIM card with them, and the transition was quite seamless. after a few days of trying the service I called them to set up an account and to sign up with their service. I was assured that they would send me a couple SIM cards for my two phone order which cost nearly $200. that night my phone got shut off completely three days before my seven day trial. was over.

The misinformation and misdirection was incredible with the help team. I've called them several times. Was given Answers to my questions, but the answers were not completely accurate.. I went back to my old service.

February 14, 2024
Crooks. The worst. In 2 weeks they said I used up most of my data on an unlimited plan.

Refurbished phone sold as new!
February 5, 2024
Buyer beware! Sold me a refurbished phone as a new phone. They promised a refund and then backed out once I send them the phone.

They ruined a good thing
February 3, 2024

I have had this plan since 2017 without any problems. Never really needed to contact customer service. I had very good service. Since they changed ownership last year, they have made changes to the plan that no longer makes it a good plan. I used to recommend it to my friends and family. They discontinued the international call feature, which was the main reason for my having the plan. I tried to contact customer service for the first time, and it was a nightmare. Seems like the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. They ruined a good thing.

January 24, 2024

So, I decided to download a translation app to my phone. I open the app to check it out, etc. Next thing I know is a Mint Mobile ad continues to pop up. I delete the ad but it continues to pop up. Anyways, checking my bank account I'm being charged with setting up an account with them. I call telling them there must be a mistake. T-Mobile just bought Mint Mobile, etc. I have NO interest in them. Thinking everything was taken care of the very next day I receive another charge but double the price. So, I place a fraud charge against them to have everything removed. Then, I receive a new credit card. Not realizing at the beginning of all this I down load a different type of translation app. And guess what happens????

The same thing all over once again. Mint Mobile is attached to these translation apps. Once you open them they have your phone number and begin charging your credit card. There is NO account setup with them! THEY JUST ASSUME YOU WANT THEIR SERVICES. BINGO! MORE CHARGES. Now, go figure that. Time to change up another credit card.

Mint is not trustworthy
January 13, 2024

Be careful before you join Mint. They claim they would refund within 7 days of activation or renewal. Well, that's what I did (within 7 days), and they gave me all kinds of run around on why they cannot give me a refund. So unless you have money to throw away, think of other better and more trustworthy carriers.

Billed for something from a company I never heard of!
January 5, 2024
Total scam company. Will not respond to charges made which are patently false.

Mint Mobile is a Nightmare
December 23, 2023

COMPLETE NIGHTMARE - do NOT and I repeat do NOT get this phone service.

Important note first: In a nutshell, VERIZON phones do NOT work with Mint Mobile Service. Mint uses T-Mobile towers and VERIZON uses well…. no surprise here, VERIZON towers. But Mint Mobile does NOT tell you that. Matter of fact, they outright use false advertising to suck you in. I saw advertising everywhere showing Ryan Reynolds (who I used to adore, SHAME ON YOU RYAN REYNOLDS) and the super cute fox mascot. So, I went to Mint Mobile’s website and I put in my IMEI number from my Samsung Galaxy. It read that my phone was compatible with their service, and it would only be $15 a month for 3 months. I thought, “Hey why not, sign me up! Goodbye Verizon after 8 years. I thought I was such an informed super smart consumer. But after almost 3 months of not being able to receive or make calls, or texts, unless I am standing outside in the Chicago winter, no Wi-fi calling even though the phone is capable of it, and absolutely no way to send or receive MMS, I am DONE.

I logged almost eleven hours of customer (what a joke) service trying to get the service to work. Finally, they kept transferring my call from one person to the next person up the food chain and finally to an “IT specialist” that confessed that my phone was only “partially” compatible with Mint Mobile. Partially compatible means for me I do not receive any calls while in the house. Sometimes if I put the phone on the windowsill, I would get a text. Now mind you, I am talking about leaving a window cracked in Chicago in the winter. Since my phone service does not work, I must have people email me on my laptop and tell me to call them. I then must bundle up because it is friggin cold here in Chicago and go outside to have a phone conversation. If someone does not know the “email me first to get a phone call from me” protocol, it just rings on their end and goes to voicemail which of course I do not receive a notice about.

I started the process of switching carriers to another carrier that uses VERIZON towers. I was told by the new carrier that I need my Mint Mobile account number and PIN to port my number to them. I thought NO problem, I will just log into my Mint Mobile account and get the information. That opened another nightmarish can of worms. If you go onto your account on the Mint Mobile’s website and search everywhere, you will see that your own account number is NOWHERE to be found. NO account number and NO PIN information. I called them and I was on the phone for 36 minutes which started with the first retention person, and finally the 6th person my call was transferred to told me “Congratulations, you have completed the identity process, and we will now forward this to the porting team.” They should call you back in about a half an hour with your account number and PIN. I did not hold much faith in that, but it was a Christmas Miracle. They did call me with my (secret) account number and PIN.

Please, save yourself some time, aggravation, and heartache. Pass up the Mint Mobile big “$15 a month” introductory offer up.

Mint's customer service is severely tarnished
December 19, 2023

I was enticed by the $15 a month plan (and pestered repeatedly) by Mint to switch from my $32 monthly plan with Consumer Cellular. Mint even promised to take care of all the calls to make the switch clean and easy.

I wound up spending most of the day dealing with both carriers' customer service people, and at the end of several frustrating hours, was unable to switch my unlocked phone. No followup or anything beyond minimal assistance from Mint.

Thanks for nothing.

December 14, 2023

On Sept. 8,2023 Mint Mobile debited $629 out my bank account. didn't order anything & didn't give permission to debit anything. I have reported this to Fed. Trade Commission & BBB. I have contacted there #'s many times and told they would check it out but no

response back. This money was for my children & g/children. I live on SSI monthly which isn't much. The bank has informed me to make police report which I'm doing tomorrow!!

I will get my money back what ever it takes!! We have faxed you paperwork an info several times. the bank twice & steel no response. It's a shame that ya'll rob innocent people.

I will also make sure that the word gets out on ya'll which already has. If you decide to make this good you can email me at [email protected].

Darrell February 20, 2024

Me too! Mint Mobile stole a total of $1,768.87 in unauthorized drafts from my bank checking account. The bank has the Mint Mobile transaction numbers to determine who stole my money, but Mint Mobile customer service doesn't care!

They lie, they cheat, they steal!
December 2, 2023
Customer service at Mint Mobile did NOT fulfill their promises many times. They switched me to a new number and continued to charge my credit card for the old number. Their support people said they would refund my money for their mistake. Eventually, they would hang up on me. Then someone said I needed to challenge with my credit card company, which worked for one of their three erroneous charges. One star is too good for their practices. Ryan Reynolds, you should be ashamed!

Horrible customer service. No one gives a damn
November 15, 2023

My husband called mint with a problem with his phone that we bought with them 2 months ago, that he is still not able to use. He called them on 11-09-23 it is still not accessible. It is 11-15-23 still no call from them. In the mean time they disconnected my phone access, they restricted my network. Notified them 11-10-23 my phone was not reported for anything. They still haven't resolved and no calls back. We've been hung up on. We asked to speak to a supervisor ,she told me she is it. I told her I need her supervisor, she did not connect me and ignored my request. I was told it would be resolved within 8- 72 hours.. No call backs...

No Customer Service and Questionable Practices
November 6, 2023
Stay Away! I cannot believe that they are still allowed to operate. I had the misfortune of giving them a shot. I had to switch to another carrier because of poor coverage. That was the least of my worries. They basically hijacked my account and number to make it impossible to start service with another company. Their customer service is a joke. They will not help you with anything beyond taking your money.

Admitted they double charged me and would not refund my money.
November 3, 2023

Phone service is fine. Problem is they double billed me for a one-year plan. When I brought it to their attention, they admitted their mistake and would take care of it by refunding the over payment they charged me. They then sent an email stating they needed 45 more days to deal with it.

After 45 days I still had not been reimbursed. I was finally able to talk with a rep who told me that too much time had transpired, and they could not reimburse the money stolen from me but would apply it to next year's plan renewal.

Mint charges your card for phone and sim, which don't work and don't refund
October 18, 2023

The worst service in the US.

I purchased phone + Sim it was a pretty good offer.

3 weeks later, after 10+ hrs with support we could not activate Sim. I sent my phone back. A month has passed, they could not process my refund. I got all checks and confirmations and used the label they'd provided. I tracked my phone, it was delivered to Mint at the same day. So, they still have my payment, didn't provide a refund and no response back. I really feel hopeless!!!

Pamalam November 15, 2023

Exact same experience. They are pathetic. Customer service is worthless.

October 16, 2023
I travel a bit and service on the road is from terrible to non-existent. After my phone died (10/7/23) and now (10/15/23), according to the technician, not fixable, I decided it was time to go with a new carrier (Verizon). On 1015/23, I called customer service to get my account number and transfer pin. They asked me to verify the last 5 numbers I called. I could not remember, so I discontinued the call. I researched and found what I thought were the last 10 number I called. However, as I do not have a phone to confirm and who remembers such things in today's world, I was not sure if I had called or the other party called me. I called back (10/16/23) and gave the numbers. They respond that they do not recognize those phone numbers which cannot be accurate, as I know a least 3 I did call. I have paid for until the middle of December 2023 and do not care that they will keep the unused balance I just want the account number and transfer pin.

October 3, 2023

This is the most poorly run business I have ever seen. And I'm in my 70s. You cannot get a straight answer from the non english speaking person you happen to get stuck with. Holy hell I just took a valium to get my blood pressure down. First they lie and rip you off then god forbid you want to leave they lie again..... I'm not done with this place. Gonna wish they just did as I asked. All I want is a correct account number. How in the hell do I know 5 numbers my 19 year old granddaughter calls. I'm calling BS.