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Mint is not good
August 21, 2022
It was okay for three months. I signed up for a year and the service essentially stopped working a few weeks later — after the return period. I may have to get Verizon anyway.

BradMaas September 13, 2022

I have TracPhone/Verizon, mine just quit befor the first year and customer service sucks big time

Mint mobile —-Drop It!!!
August 17, 2022
Terrible service. No connection to my old number yet they still charged me! Company policy is terrible!!

customer service nice and promise things and then lie about what they later. Your screwed...
August 13, 2022

****Beware**** they are all customer service nice and promise things and then lie about what they later on said. I lost Hundreds of dollars due to there Lies.

There are other carriers that are better than mint like Tello with monthly plans lower than Mint +tax.

Brandy August 14, 2022

Unfortunately I know all too well how you feel. I don't know how many reps I've talked to and how many different lies I've been told at this point. A couple more days and I'll renew my complaint with the bbb and my state's attorney general.

SUCKS. Beyond belief
August 10, 2022

If I could. I would leave 0 on the stars…this company is 100% rip off…I bought 2 cards to use for our cells..The cards did not work. I am only guessing at the number of times I tried to talk to someone. It would take each call 35 to 45 minutes till someone would answer.

They push a few buttons and say wait a little and then phones will work…ha ha..Last rep I talked to said the cards are bad and he was sending new ones..Guess what, after unlimited phone calls I was told we are connected to a bad tower. Let the company know so I can get my refund…another ha..

I was told I waited too long..Then they charge me again and we do not have mint..I sent emails and it is just like support…nothing..You go here and kiss your money and help goodbye...

Dishonest, scam, unhelpful!
August 9, 2022

This company is dishonest, unhelpful, greedy and deceptive. Mint lies to you from the start when they pretend to be in California and you're talking to someone with a fake name in the Dominican Republic. All they want is your credit card number. No way!

They tell you your sim card will arrive in 2 to 3 days and after you pay online it says processing will take 3 to 5 days. Then shipping in 3 days. When you receive the sim card they say you have 45 days to activate, then in 2 weeks send you an email stating you have thirty days and are running out of time

Then when you try to activate and keep your number it takes all day several days and now after 5 days of their lies I have no phone and cannot call out or receive calls. Ryan Reynolds does not care to help people, however he loves our wallets.

I am an elderly woman, disabled, and live alone and now have no phone due to Mint Mobile and all their lies. From reading all these horrendous reviews about how mistreated and scammed customers have dealt with I'm sure I will not get my money back either. I was going to call the bus to pick me and take me to a cell phone store, however I have no phone. I have no more respect for Ryan Reynolds, he was the reason I switched. He should be ashamed! This is not a phone company for the elderly or disabled, or anyone.

Mel August 13, 2022

I can vouch for that!

Money is their priority
August 9, 2022

Honestly they deserve no stars. We used their "check to see if service is in your area" tool which said it was. Got the phones and tried to activate and it says no service in your area.The very same night I did the return request.

My husband received his phone the next day, we didn't even open it just immediately did a return request. Site says you will receive an email but we waited and waited and never received an email. We spoke through chat, phone several different times and I sent an email that of course wasn't answered. Each rep gave us different answers one said to do another request, I did, still nothing.

Another rep said the emails were sent, to check our spam folders. (As if we hadn't already done that). Another said to call back the next week if we haven't received emails by then, we did they just said the emails have been sent. Finally I chatted with a rep that I was able to send return labels to our email while I was on the chat and what do you know I got the email miraculously.

I believe Mint Mobile is giving me the run around from the start and never did send return labels because during all the days we were still getting sales emails from them just fine.We have sent the phones back and have proof of delivery and surprise surprise we still don't have refunds.

They claim they sent return labels on July 16th when in reality I got nothing until July 31 and that's because I contacted them via chat.If I don't get a refund by August 19th I will be filing a complaint with the attorney general and bbb.

Almost $900 may be nothing to Ryan Reynolds but it's a lot to my family. I wish I would have read these reviews before I purchased from Mint Mobile.

Mel August 13, 2022

I lost $200 due to their Lies

Brandy August 14, 2022

I totally understand! I can't believe this company is still in business.

Worst Customer Service
August 5, 2022

Horrible customer service...Just want to get you off the phone....hang up on you if you don't say please and thank you.

Mel August 13, 2022

Yes it's true!

August 2, 2022

I hate to say it, but I think it is a scam. The customer service is rude, unhelpful, incompetent and will pretty much just lie to you to get you to go away.

Now I am stuck in a contract I do not want, does not perform as promised, and I cannot get assistance or anything close to a refund. Hope Ryan Reynolds is proud.

Mel August 13, 2022

Beware ****Don't do it****. It happened to me too.

Worst Cell Phone Customer Service Ever
July 22, 2022
I would not recommend them. I had to spend 3 hours with customer service in India to get the plan to work initially. Fast forward 3 months: I moved and I could not get service at my new residence. They kept me on chat doing "troubleshooting" for more than 2 hours again. At the end, I had a phone that no longer worked at all - even away from my house. Plus they refused to refund any of the $200 I spent on the annual plan. If it works in your area, great, but you are taking a huge gamble.

Long Wait Times
July 8, 2022

Extremely long wait times 20 -30 minutes for ANYTHING!

Get What You Pay For
June 25, 2022

Quite possibly the worst customer service experience of my life.

Some of the cheapest rates available, but that definitely comes with some of the worst cell reception and customer service available.

Incompetent and unhelpful service people at every turn. People will say something is taken care of to get you off the line, when really nothing has been done. Employees will take weeks to respond, if they ever even do. No one can explain anything. Absolutely flabbergasting.

You better hope you don't mess anything up, this company will just ignore you until their 'return window' is up and keep your money.

Strongly advise against giving these fools any money.

Horrible experience - stay away.
June 21, 2022
I returned a defective phone two months ago. I am still waiting on a refund of $274.09. I am retired on a fixed income. I call them 2x/week only to receive empty promises.

PAULWARREN June 25, 2022

I was thinking of getting mint but after seeing all the neg's about it Noooo way.

Customer Service Nonexistent
May 3, 2022

I have been a mint Mobile customer for almost 2 years. The cost is very reasonable; the cell coverage is decent, the caveat is the customer service and website.

To make it very clear, there are no storefronts and all customer service is handed by overseas call centers (speaking from a North American perspective and location) English is a second language and problem resolution scripts are the go-to.

The customer service phone operators are nice enough, the solutions start to become few and far between as the issue becomes harder. The 2nd issue I had was forgetting my password to the account. After 15 minutes of account confirmation they agreed to reset the account through the mail, snail mail…SNAIL MAIL.

The advice I have for Mr. Reynolds, rework your customer service, rework the problem resolution center, heck get a service center that responds to called in problem solving in their native language. Or perhaps this was never meant to be sustainable business, just a quick way to make money?

April 27, 2022


I paid $56.11 for the 3 month membership and 3 months free. I could never activate the account even with the help of their online chat (4 or 5 times) and several phone calls with their tech support (3 calls).

Mint indicates you can keep your number from your present carrier, not true. After 4 months of trying to activate my account, tech support told me to request a refund. Mint denied the refund their own tech support told me to request. I hope the $56 they scammed from me is going to be worth the negative advertising I will give them on this, and many other, websites.

Very show network data
April 21, 2022
Recently switched to mint hoping for better service but my data is often very slow (0.61 Mbs) when I am not on wifi, even though I have plenty of data left in my plan. There is no excuse for this.

they are lying
April 17, 2022
The worst company in the world. I still have 4 months to refund my money nobody listen every day told me 7 days and now it's 4 months nonrefundable. The police are not true at all.

April 15, 2022

Horrible. Run.

After 2 Sim cards, multiple reconfigurations, resetting of the network over an over. I'm 20 days in and have had to troubleshoot every other day. I've finally just had it and they won't refund because it's 7 days after activation.

Nevermind that you have to activate to start the service just to troubleshoot. Nevermind that I can't get calls. The network is "down" and has been down since my service began.

Apparently activation of the account doesn't mean activation of a working service. How can you sell me a service when you know the network is down and you know based on that, that the service wont work and then not refund me? And the network being down wasn't even mentioned until the whole 2nd Sim card, reset network. Troubleshooting attempts. HORRIBLE

My phone doesn't ring nor does it show that there were any recent calls yet I have a voicemail icon. I call the voicemail (when I can find somewhere I have network) only to find that people are calling me, getting a 10 second delay and then the call goes directly to voicemail. In other words, no network.

Also, I have to clock in to my job using an app. That app requires a text authorization - NEVER RECEIVE THE TEXT!! Now effecting my job.

Best in the US
April 12, 2022

If you rely predominately on Wifi rather than using data, then Mint is the way to go. Especially at $15 bucks a month. Can't beat it. My only complaint is using roaming for international calls outside the US.

You need to keep restarting the phone hoping it connects and when it does connect, it's only for a short time. Just buy a Sim card for the country you're traveling to. My issues were travel to Mexico. You absolutely need service especially with the required covid documents needed for entry into the US. Frustrating when you cannot connect in the airport to show proof at check ins.

Poor incoming service and worse customer service
March 18, 2022

Just left Mint Mobile for their failure to provide service. 2 days ago I sopped receiving incoming calls, but could call out. Didn't realize problem for almost 24 hours.

Called Mint tech support twice on March 16 and was assured it would be fixed. They never got back to me, ever. No explanation or credit. Since I need a phone service I went and ported over my phone to another carrier.

I called Mint this AM to get credit for the balance of my plan and they would NOT credit me. Unbelievable. Mint was not able to provide incoming service and their tech failed twice to fix problem, then Mint says that because I ported the phone before asking for credit that they would not credit me.

How was I supposed to deal with this since I did not have a phone service that worked? Bad on you Mint. Will NEVER try you again and suggest no one else does either. Poor customer relations!! Peter Thor

Don't waste time with Mint Cellular-poor activation service
March 18, 2022

Nothing less than 1 offered. I wasted over 6 hours attempting to get phone activated with their sim kit.

After two hours of using web site, I was told that activation system was down and should be available in two hours. Three hours later, again, wasted another hour with an online tech who could not activate either. Just told to go to another site for refund that they may or may not approve.

Highly recommend that you do not use Mint Cellular. This occured on 3/09/2022