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September 28, 2023

I used to give mint mobile five stars. As of today it's gone to a zero. I called up their tech support on Tuesday 9-24-23. Ticket number L2-54247.

Some 30 hours later nobodyat Mint has bothered to text me, email or try and contact me in regards to a problem that I had.

I called Mint just before 5:00 p.m. PST on Wednesday 9-27-23. After a very, very long hold time I began to explain on the phone to a foreign female Mint employee how poor their customer service was. She simply hung up on me. I called back again and waited and waited and waited and nobody came on the phone.

I'm not standing up for T-Mobile but I was with them from 2014 until I joined this outfit. I would almost guarantee you that T-Mobile would have at least attempted to have gotten back in touch with me within 30 hours to try and rectify the problem.

Useless that's all I've got to say.

August 31, 2023

All the numbers listed on Google for customer service do not work. When I called 2 numbers, the messages are pre-recorded and there is no way to speak to a human being. I paid $53. for a 3-month unlimited program, and have yet to receive a SIM card. All I want is a refund, since I'm already on a family plan, and what I was looking for was a better internet program. In the interview, I was not told there I would be using hot spots for TV, laptop and iPad. NO HUMAN BEINGS TO TALK OR EVEN CHAT WITH. AND LEARNED THAT A REFUND IS NOT LIKELY. AS A SENIOR IN MY 80S, THIS IS A SCAM.

Report this company to fcc
July 11, 2023

This company needs to be audited by the fcc Federal communications commission and give all customers a refund plus a bit more for aggravation!

mmmmm August 17, 2023

Terrible, it did not work in my area and cost me 85 dollars for worthless phone coverage then had to pay to go back to my other service. Buyer beware.

Scammers love mint mobile!
June 25, 2023
Scammers love mint mobile! My Credit cards have been hacked 3 times in one month and always the charges are to mint mobile!

Mint Mobile - Criminals hiding behind LLC
June 12, 2023
If it were possible to give negative stars... I WOULD! Do not utilize Mint Mobile as your cellular carrier. My wife was gifted a phone that was not compatible with their service and she really liked the new phone, so I ported her number to a new carrier. When I contacted Mint Mobile in regards to a refund of the two remaining months of Prepaid service, I was told that since I did not cancel within 24hrs there would be no refund. Basically this companies policy is screw you, another person will replace you... criminals hiding behind an LLC. If you are late renewing they would cut you off immediately, cancel service and they are like "Thanks for your hard earned money, now (insert expletive here) off!"

Poor technical support and deceptive pricing
May 14, 2023

I signed up with Mint Mobile because of the advertised low rates. My carrier was AT&T and i made sure I kept it it active so I could keep my old number.

Mint said it would be a breeze to port old number to their service. I spent hours with both AT &T and MINT support to effect a seamless transfer which didn’t happen. It was a frustrating process. MINT support at 0500 to 1900 Pacific… helpful people and quite courteous but inefficient technical support. Nothing happened after 48hrs. One has to wait 48 hours per request.

My email was full of ooops your transfer did not go through. Customer service iis primarily to UPSELL their plans. Pricing is deceptive ,. 30$ x3 mos goes up to 45$ Unlimited plan I paid for upfront. I was so frustrated afraid to lose my old number in the process of transfer (read the fine lines,,, not as easy as advertised).

At the end I decided to cancel Mint with human support staff who gave me a ticket and promised email follow up. As of this writing no update as yet . Nearly 72 hrs. I requested a refund and my bank account was charged 98.91 . I felt I was scammed similar to the pump and dump in the stock market. Here sign up customers and selling Mint Company so celebrity gets the $$$$. Beware ,,, do your prudent research. I saw the ad when looking through Google under Senior discount plans I am 71 years old and vulnerable to this scam deals...sad

Eliasc July 11, 2023

Yes this is true. Do not buy from mint, no warranty or support. Had same issue do not aggravate your self with this company...

Lack of tech support
April 14, 2023

Mint Mobile is fine for basic cheap phone service.

However, I have tried 4 times to get my hotspot to connect. I have been lied to, treated like an idiot, asked to do unnecessary procedures, and ignored.

I am going back to my old service provider.

This was a huge mistake
April 12, 2023

It took a fortnight to get service. You can get your money back in the first seven days but if it takes double that to get service, what is the purpose of the refund? Something isn't right about that.

Anyway, they provide a visual voicemail app. The problem is that I have no idea when a person called and left a message as in date/time. I was told by two Mint employees that that was an ‘unusual’ request. It was ‘standard procedure’ to call Mint and get the date and time from customer service.

When I questioned that, I was told that the ‘back office’ would call me back. The back office has no phone support. I can suggest it as a possible feature in the future but it would take them 35 days to get back with me. I don't need somebody to get back with me about this idea. I don't know if Mint is gaslighting me. I'm just not impressed.

mint mobile is a scam- false advertisement, agreements and and provides no service
March 28, 2023

I am writing to bring to your attention an issue that I have been experiencing with my Mint Mobile plan. In 2020, I signed up for the "Unlimited Everything" plan and received the corresponding service. Since then, I have been paying for the plan on a yearly basis, and last year, I discovered that Mint Mobile had changed my plan without notifying me. 

I found out that I could not continue with my original plan, the company did not comply, and instead started advertising a different plan as "Unlimited" that has major limitations on data usage, reducing the speed to 2G for customers who surpass the threshold. - they changed my plan without notifying me. 

However, my main issue is that since May 2022, I have not had any SMS and internet service. I use this number for my business, I am not receiving messages from my clients and my work is suffering. 

I have been in touch with Mint Mobile's customer service representatives regularly, but unfortunately, they have not been able to resolve the issue. Despite their polite and promising attitude, the problem persists, and it is affecting my business as this is the only phone I use.

After numerous attempts to fix the problem, Mint Mobile opened a ticket with T-Mobile, as they claim that they have tried everything on their end, including providing me with a new SIM card and I purchased a new phone.

However, their manager recently informed me that I had used all of my "unlimited" data, which contradicts their claim of offering unlimited everything - a plan I originally signed up for. I have also learned that other people have experienced similar issues and have warned the company about this.

Furthermore, I have requested a refund of the money I paid upfront for another year and for service I did not receive since May 2022, but Mint Mobile manager has refused to refund my money.

She stated that I had 7 days to cancel it..but, they are charging me for the service they are not providing. I believe that the company is falsely advertising their service and using the name "Unlimited" when there are major limitations.

I urge Mint Mobile to take action to address this issue and to discontinue the use of "UNLIMITED" and "UNLTD" headlines in their advertising or modify them to clearly communicate that their plan does not offer unlimited high-speed data. and that I want a plan I paid for and service that works, otherwise I want my money back.  

As a result, I am unable to make phone calls properly- since no one besides their office can hear me properly, and most of my messages do not go through. This is the only phone I use for my business, and despite my repeated calls, there has been no resolution to the problem.

Mint Mobile's recent claim that I have used up all of my "unlimited" data is particularly troubling as it raises questions about their false advertising. It is unacceptable for a company to advertise something as unlimited when it is in fact limited, and refuse to refund money for services not provided.

I have found several complaints about this issue online, but it appears that no action has been taken to address the problem. I urge you to take appropriate steps to address this issue as soon as possible.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.this is just one of many complaints I found on net... 

New York, NY – December 21, 2021 – A panel of the National Advertising Review Board (NARB), the appellate advertising law body of BBB National Programs, has recommended that Mint Mobile LLC discontinue the use of “UNLIMITED” and “UNLTD” headlines in its advertising or modify them to clearly communicate that its plan does not offer unlimited high-speed data.

lois September 04, 2023

I agree with the refund complaint. I changed my plan after paying for a year. I changed plans in July and had paid mint mobile in June. I called

lois September 04, 2023

It seems the rest of my complaint was left out.

They wouldn't even let me go back to them & finish out my time. They closed my account & I'm out around $130.00.

This is my first experience with an iphone & I think the return policy stinks.

Mint & Ryan are crooks...
March 27, 2023
They took my money and I never had any service at all from them. No refund at all. Mint Moble and Ryan Renolds are thieves.

BEWARE of Mint Mobile. You only have 7 days to get your money back!!!!!!!!
March 24, 2023

I’m writing this review of Mint Mobile for all who are thinking about using their service. This is my experience!

I discovered that there were two red flags that should have caused me to pause, before going with Mint Mobile. The first red flag was, having to purchase a 3-month plan up front. The second red flag was only having 7 days in which to cancel the plan. I think most people will agree that 7 days is not a sufficient amount of time to check out a new service. Especially when you call Mint Mobile with a problem, they will want you to try this and try that, before you know it seven days have passed. You just lost your three months payment.

They will not refund even a portion of your payment, even if you have poor service in your area. I have the emails to prove it!

My suggestion to anyone who wants to try Mint Mobile is that if your first use doesn’t work 100%, CANCEL IMMEDIATELY, else you will probably lose you full payment!!!!!

March 21, 2023
I thought i would try the "try before you buy deal" and i am so glad i did. nothing but head ackees from the start. first the app is total garbage, it wouldn't let me add my ACT number, then it only had 12 number spaces (WHY) to put in my credit card number, not the 16 spaces you need. so i thought i would call customer service, WRONG. don't waste your time with that. ill be staying with straight talk.

Its fine, but t mobile bought them out.
March 17, 2023

Honestly its just as good at the service I left. I've had it for 4 months now and I would renew it, but T-Mobile just bought them out. Yay literal tech monopolies...

So while the service is fine, and I WOULD HAVE renewed, I will be going to a different one NOT owned by a huge corporation.

Tech Issues They Cannot Fix!
February 5, 2023
Have been with them 6 months. Whenever they renew my service, which has been promptly paid well ahead of time, I can no longer receive texts or calls. I can still call out, but no one can contact me. And they can never fix it. They're now sending me a new sim card after spending...ONCE AGAIN...HOURS on the phone with them to fix the issue. It's not me, it's definitely them. IMHO - Ryan Reynolds is nothing but lipstick on a pig. If the new sim card doesn't fix the issue, I'm done with them.

Service never worked, and Mint refused to refund
January 23, 2023

Many emails and phone calls have not resolved a simple situation:

After trying to renew existing service on Dec 28th, 2022, I could not get any phone calls. On the 29th, I called Mint trying to get it fixed. No luck, and repeated calls afterwards asking for a refund were also NOT successful.

Ticket number CRT-56412 A renewal of service on Dec 29th, 2022. Although the phone could receive texts, no incoming calls every worked. IMEI 353195110853885

And in January they have the nerve to say No refunds after 7 days when I reported the problem on the day after I renewed, and the service NEVER worked.

I see the same deceptive pattern in other comments.

My advice is to avoid this company.

Not happy Mint Mobile Customer
January 18, 2023
Very sad I just started and my paid for 3 month and supposed to get 3 months free. But why did my phone go to SOS Only Is this going to be happeining. was good for a bit now it seems to not be working good . Now im a little skeptical of this company I had to go on my phone and reset network settings

No cell service and kept our money
January 11, 2023

We purchased 6 months of "service" for 3 lines and they never got 2 of them connected. We requested a refund after spending almost 2 weeks and 25 hours on the phone with tech support. We only got a refund for 1 of the lines. We paid them to get no service and a huge hassle during the holidays.

Their login still doesn't work. Their chat is not available. Their techs are trained to write "tickets" and let the time run out for a refund so you are left wringing your hands. Their website is dishonest and claims your address has service and your phone IMEI is compatible but they were not, so they just kept our money.

Tragic customer service!
December 31, 2022
Tragic customer service! Requested a refund for a cell phone and 1-yr service from Mint and, more than 2 weeks after receipt of returned phone, they still cannot give me my money back despite 3 refund requests (one email and 2 calls) and continuous assurances from Mint customer service. Avoid this mobile service provider.

Don't trust tech support at Mint Mobile
December 19, 2022

Don't rely on Mint Mobile for tech support. Problem only gets worse. Techs promise call back and don't. Took 2 days to get expedited service. First promise didn't go through. Finally got ticket but they promise 24 - 72 hours for response. This is the worst tech support I've ever had. They pronounce I'm a valuable customer. With the horrible response for support there is no way to believe valuable customer. Knowledge seems to be very lacking. No call backs and no guarantee that the expedited tech support will ever happen.

Absolute garbage.
December 14, 2022

I tried the 3-month plan just to check it out, and the coverage was fine. I upgraded to the 12-month plan and it was okay for the first three or four months, but then suddenly the service tanked. I will sometimes go hours without network coverage. Mint says it's because there is "a tower down in my area" but this happens in many different locations in different cities even!

I've reached out to tech/customer service almost weekly for months now, to no avail.

And they refuse to give me a refund! This is fraud.

David January 18, 2023

contact Federal Trade Commission let them know what is going on with this company