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Just Fashion Now is a boutique-style, Hong-Kong based company that offers specialty trend-based clothing at discount rates.

Like many of these online boutiques that have recently appeared online, you’ll find excellent flash sales and steep discounts on your favorite products.

Unfortunately, like the rest of these boutiques, there’s also a trade-off in quality and customer service.

What is Just Fashion Now?

Just Fashion Now states they specialize in offering new, trendy clothing at rock-bottom prices.  Clothing items offered at low rates and you’ll often find additional “hot” items whose prices are slashed even more.

Besides these low prices and a large inventory of products available online, there is not a lot that is known about this company.

While on the surface, this company seems legit, offering rows of models displaying gorgeous clothing, clearance sales, and more, the website is also riddled with grammatical errors, incorrect descriptions of products, and other errors. 

These errors aren’t a big deal - at face value.  However, they speak to some of the other underlying issues with the business model of this website.

Before we go on, let’s look at some of the products offered by Just Fashion Now. 

When you visit the website, you will find that products are broken down into eight different categories. 

There’s a new item category, a flash sale category, and more, so that you can always stay updated on the latest trends, products, and discounts available to you.

You can purchase everything from dresses to tops, outerwear to lingerie and even swimwear.  You can also find accessories like shoes, bags, jewelry, socks, and more.

As with all discount clothing companies, Just Fashion Now posts washing instructions and sizing charts on its website.  The sizing chart is a bit smaller than what you might be used to when purchasing American sizes, so that’s something to keep in mind, too. 

Sometimes, a product will be listed as having a “free size option.”  This means that only one size is available -  usually a medium.

Cost and Price Plans

Product costs vary when you are shopping with Just Fashion Now.  Flash sale items might be as low as $10 to $15 or as high as $35, depending on what you are purchasing, with regular sale items a bit more expensive.

Shipping depends on the size of the order as well as where it needs to be shipped to.

Generally, orders of $99 or more come with free shipping.  Most orders take between 10 and 20 days to get to you, although you can purchase expedited shipping that gets to you in four days.

Sometimes, coupons and other discounts are available. You will need to make sure you select the “choose a coupon” method when you check out.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

Unfortunately, Just Fashion Now is not immune to the customer criticism that seems to plague other discount online clothing outlets.

Though definitely not a scam, Just Fashion Now has received a lot of complaints that might make you wonder - is justfashionnow.com legit?

You need to take all customer reviews and complaints with a grain of salt - knowing which reviews are legit and which comments are actually funded by the company itself can be tough.

However, some of the most prominent and recurring complaints have to do with how the company handles its support.

In the worst reviews, customers complain that they did not receive their items or clothing at all. Some report that what they ordered was different from what they received.

This inconsistency is true across the board with many other similar discount clothing providers.

For every complaint, however, there is a customer reporting back that they are happy with what they ordered.  Therefore, the result of your order may largely depend on the exact product you order as well as its availability.

Customer Service

After reading the most common customer complaints above, you might be thinking, “Ok. No problem.  My order wasn’t what I expected.  I’ll just get in touch with customer service.”

Unfortunately, with Just Fashion Now, this can be a bit of a challenge.  Many customers report that customer service is virtually nonexistent, with the company sending automated messages saying that someone will respond within a week.  These are often never met.

You might be wondering where is justfashionnow.com based.  This company is located in Hong Kong and does not have a profile with the BBB. 

In terms of how to contact Just Fashion Now, you will need to email the customer support team at [email protected]  There is also a customer service phone number listed on the website, too.

Is the Returns Process Easy With Just Fashion Now?

You can return all items that you have purchased with Just Fashion Now. The exception to this rule is with lingerie and swimsuits.

To be returns-eligible, you must return and send back all products within fifteen days of purchase, and they cannot be damaged, worn, or used in any way.

Where to Buy?

You can shop Just Fashion Now’s products on the company website.  There, you will need to create an account before you can buy anything.  To do this, just click the log in/sign up button and supply your email address.

Is Just Fashion Now Legit?

This company is yet another online clothing boutique for you to consider.  Whether you choose to shop with this company is entirely up to you - but keep in mind that there are plenty of arguments for (as well as against) shopping with them.

Like other discount Asian clothing outlets, you’re going to find a ton of deals shopping with them.  However, you may not have the best user experience. 

So while you may be able to find an amazing deal that's hard to believe, you're also taking a bit of a gamble with the customer experience in exchange.

Competitors and Alternatives

As mentioned earlier, Just Fashion Now is not the only discount clothing company online. You have plenty of options when it comes to filling your closet with inexpensive clothing, with some of the most popular retailers being SHEIN, StyleWE, and JJ's House, and YesStyle.

Again, with all of these companies, it’s important that you look closely at customer reviews and user experiences to make sure you know what to expect.

It can be very easy to fall for the temptations of online ‘fast fashion’ outlets.  These sites advertise the latest fashions at bargain prices.

They also aggressively use social media and search ads to overwhelm buyers with their cheap alternatives for any clothing related search term.

Despite these conveniences the ills of fast fashion have been documented, from the environmental impacts to the toll on workers.  But most of all, based on the many complaints we receive here, it just does not seem worth it.

Why spend your money at stores that use cheap fabrics, have issues with fit and sizing, and have refund policies designed to financially discourage you from using them?

We feel it’s best to support retailers that pay fair wages, use high quality fabrics, make clothes designed to last, and care about their customers.

Outside of local boutiques or thrift stores there’s a growing contingent of online stores that are aiming to meet these standards.

Kotn - Is a certified B Corporation - voted ‘Best for the World.’  They are committed to: using certified organic cotton, safe & fair labor standards, plastic-free packaging, OEKO-TEX certified nontoxic dyes, and support for the communities they work in.

Their motto is to put people and the planet first.  Their collections focus on a variety of staples and new fashions.

Threads 4 Thought - has also built their apparel business around minimizing their impact on the environment.  Founded in 2006, they have maintained a commitment to source sustainable raw materials and partner with ethical factories for production. This has resulted in:

  • 100% of their products use eco-friendly materials such as Organic Cotton, Recycled Polyester, and Lenzing Modal
  • Their main factory recycles 80% of all its industrial water
  • Have partnerships with certified factories across the globe
  • Produce products that are CO2 neutral
  • Use recycled and eco-conscious packaging for shipments and across supply chains
  • Working towards developing dyes in a closed loop system to minimize water use and eliminate chemicals

Best of all they have incredibly attractive modern designs in their collections and are competitively priced.

If you have any experience with Just Fashion Now or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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Just Fashion Now Customer Reviews

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Faulty Goods
August 15, 2022

I ordered 5 tops from this company, 3 were OK and 2 were faulty. One had a zip on the front which was all puckered up and therefore did not lie flat.

The 2nd one the seam along the bottom and on the sleeve edges were unstitched so because of the type of materials they just rolled up.

When I attempted to return them I was told to send them back to China AT MY EXPENSE!

I am very disappointed with this company and would advise people NOT to buy from them.

Rip Off Junk!
August 8, 2022
Total junk. Looks NOTHING like photos and even PayPal agreed. I got my money back from them because you'll NEVER get anywhere dealing with the company.

Cheap polyester clothes for young women who don't know any better
August 3, 2022

This stuff is garbage. And it takes so long to get it, piece by piece from Hong Kong. Some of the clothes are very pretty online, but when you get them...unless you're under 22...you can see why it's so cheap. You get what you pay for!

To avoid
July 29, 2022

I ordered some blue pants and a pair of sandals on July 9, 22.

Instead of receiving the elegant pair of light blue pants I saw in the picture, what I got was very poorly cut pants, very wide at the hips and the bottom, baggy; the fabric was bad quality, and the color blue wasn't even like the blue in the picture!

When I put the pants on, they were absolutely grotesque, not fit to wear. The picture I took proves it. As to the sandals, one was missing an ornament, and the size was certainly not a 37, rather a 39 - proven by another picture I took next to a sandal that was a real 37.

When I informed JustFashionNow I wanted a return and my money back, they sent me a return label to some place in China; China was never mentioned before. The cost, to be borne by me, plus possible duty fees, would be prohibitive. The shipping cost I paid to receive the goods was around 5-6 Euros.

They offered me a partial reimbursement of 15% first, then 25% when I expressed my disappointment. This is not acceptable.

This company is a scam!!!
July 14, 2022

This company is awful! You are not able to return anything and I'm contacting my credit card to investigate and get my money back.

PeggyJohnson July 19, 2022

Just Fashion Now is NOT legit. They have refused my refund with some of the flimsiest excuses I've ever heard. Somehow they managed to withdraw money from my checking acct. via Pay Pay which I've never used. Pay Pal says they are, too, investigating JFN. I contacted FBI and BBB who are very familiar with this "company". They are liars and scammers with, actually, a very clever scam set up.

LaurieNoyes August 03, 2022

I wish I had thought to contact my credit card company to get my money back!

LaurieNoyes August 03, 2022

Good to know!

Size matters
July 8, 2022
The top was pretty, decent quality, but WAY too small. Beware and read the sizing chart carefully! In lieu of a return, I was offered a 15% refund, which amounted to less than 10% of what I paid for the item including shipping. I would have had to pay additional shipping to return the item. I will not shop with them again.

CarolePower July 14, 2022

Where did the rest of it go " 3 pieces of jewelry--1 questionable.

LaurieNoyes August 03, 2022

I got a necklace which I ordered in blue. When it came 6 weeks later the package said "blue," but the bead was green. Out of 12 or so items only one is not crappy polyester.

Don't Buy Anything From Just FashionNow
July 4, 2022
Items take VERY LONG to arrive, and should one wish to return something, the process is convoluted and almost impossible. After several attempts to return something, I finally received an email letting me know they would give me 15% of the cost rather than having me ship back to CHINA -- but no instructions on how to get the 15%. They are ridiculous.

July 4, 2022

Size varies and material not as picture quality. Forget returning items back to China's postal costs plus delays. Whatever you get you are stuck with those items. They will give you 15% cash back that won't even cover taxes or delivery costs to you. Items are really non refundable.

Return policy is terrible
July 2, 2022
My wife bought several hundred dollars of clothing from this site. She never got a confirmation either on the site or by email, so she ordered again thinking that the first order didn't go through. Then the merchandise arrived--twice. We contacted them about returns, but returns are at the buyer's expense which involves shipping back to Hong Kong. This is expensive and extremely inconvenient. I recommend that you avoid shopping with this merchant until they change their return options.

Be Careful Ordering From JFN
July 1, 2022

I like their fashion, but no customer service and they will not allow you to post negative comments on the website.

If you order an item that is too big or too small you have to return it to China which costs more than the item you bought. Or they give you a 15% discount.

Big deal. I want a full refund, not 15%. Or I want to return or exchange to the US city it was shipped from. No they will not let you do that. They are all about making money off your mistake.

Return process is so unreasonable!
June 29, 2022

I placed a large order which was sent in two different packages at two different times. I normally wear a 2x but ordered 3x since I hadn't used this co.

If too big I can always alter!! No problem! One dress went over my head, but couldn't get arms in at all !! Next dress, the entire top was perfect and the entire bottom wouldn't even slide on! this scenario followed for my entire pkg!

Texted for returns..Fine.They'd send me form. filled out and discovered I had to ship to China and pay custom charges, which was over $90. so disappointed!

Loved the items though a little thin. Waited for 2nd delivery a week later! Same problems. Returns same scenario..They would pay me 15% to keep! I'm sure I'd never get a credit so threw everything in Goodwill bin.

Maybe a size 2 could alter somehow! They have to know this is a scam, and I'm ashamed our country continues to let these companies do business here. Is there anywhere to send complaints of out and out fraud??? Pat B

Return costs more than product, pics of product deceiving as colors with actual product are very dull
June 24, 2022
Pics of products not reflective of product, colors on actual product are very dull, if you return the cost of mailing can be more than cost of product, stay away from this company

June 21, 2022
I ordered my daughter a pair of shoes. When they arrived, they did not look like picture and was very cheap. I tried to return them and was unsuccessful. I just donated them. Terrible company, terrible products, terrible return policy, just a scam.

Poor Quality/Colors
June 20, 2022

I ordered shirts and pants as well as a dress from this company. Checked their sizing chart. Results:

Shirts were dull in colors, not vivid colors as in ad, ordered my size according to their chart but clothing came way too big.

Dress was described as black coffee but color was a faded purple.

Return address listed RTS in Jamaica NY but this address does not exist, All returns must be sent to China. Items cost me $118.00 They offered me 25% return to keep their mistakes/misrepresentations.

Had to ship back to China costing me $75 - $156. depending on shipping company.

This company was not worth dealing with. I am X-large. These sizes fit my 2X-3X sister.

June 20, 2022
Dreadful don’t buy

Never received my sandals.
June 18, 2022

Was told they were on the way but delayed. Never arrived. Out my money. And disappointed after waiting for 6 weeks. Don't know if they are a ripoff or the worst run company in China. They’ve lost a lot of customers because of their horrible service. There is no recourse. Don’t buy from them.

Scam don’t buy anything from them!
June 16, 2022

Do not buy anything from this company. My mom bought a top that was supposed to be decorated with sequins. Not one sequin on it and the fabric was like a plastic tablecloth. Horrible. They only offered a 15% refund or she could mail it to China for a full refund which would cost $76.00. My mom is 85 years old and lives on a fixed income. How dare they knowingly take advantage of people. Shame on them. SCAM!!! Beware!!!

Return policy very bad.
June 14, 2022

Very disappointed would not order again. Shoes too big and too late for my wedding. When wanting to return they offered me a 15 percent discount and keep explaining that it might cost me more to return than to keep, can you believe that is a reputable business. No way am I happy. Please don't take the chance.

Don't Order From Them!
June 14, 2022

Does not qualify for even one star. How I wished I had thought to read these reviews before ordering. Materials are very cheap.

Most important to know, if you do not read their Q&A and small print: These are shipped from China, and all return fees and customs fees are paid by the customer, and must be received back in the China warehouse within 30 days of delivery to you!

Due to the time for shipments to be received in China and then go through customs--especially with supply-chain delays that are affecting shipments--you may not receive any reimbursement, whereas the company can now resell the item and make more money on the items you returned.

They offer a 15% refund option to customers who don't choose to ship the items back (you have to be sure to request it), which I'm guessing is very common, as they sell in many countries. They may be a legitimate company, but they shouldn't be. Very much a scam of business methods. Don't Order From Them!

rose June 14, 2022

After waiting weeks for my dresses....the quality is soooo cheap can't describe the texture of the material used to make them, possibly Rayon, very wrinkled in package, cut small for 2x, hate them, taking them to salvation store for the homeless to wear. I'll never buy from them again.

JaneHespel June 19, 2022

So true. They should not be selling poorly made items.

JaneHespel June 19, 2022

keep their clothing, should be left in the US for sure!!!!!

Don't order from this company!!!
June 8, 2022

I wish I would have looked at this website before I ordered from JustFashionNow. I received an order and none of the 4 items fit. Their return policy says you have to get authorization and an address for the return which you are supposed to get by email within 48 hours.

After not receiving that I did a chat on their website. I was offered a 15% discount if I decided to keep the items. They didn't fit so I didn't want to keep them. I was then told that the items had to be return to China, go through customs and could be months before I would receive a credit. I'm not sure what the cost will be for the international shipping.

Ann June 14, 2022

Yep--same experience!

FrediWhite June 18, 2022

I just never got the seemingly adorable sandals I ordered. Got em after email they were delayed/on the way/just never arrived. Very disappointed and out my money, trouble is you never see the styles they offer from American companies. They could learn a thing or 2 about contemporary style. Too bad.