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Don't buy from this company it's a scam.
November 22, 2023

My whole order was a ripoff. I can't believe that I can get ripped off like this in this country. Don't ever buy from a Chinese business.

Don't order from these people. I just received my order and it's nothing but garbage. I want to return the entire order but I can't get ahold of anyone and I guess I will have to dispute the order with my credit card company.

There is no customer service and I'm sure I won't get a refund. If you could see the low quality garbage that they sell. These people are from China and when you buy from them there is no way to return the item and get a refund. Americans are easy to rip off.

March 14, 2023

Please save your money, they're a rip off. Shady foreign company wanting to steal your money. Cheap crap as far as outdoor garden art that will rust. The return is outrageous!!! They insist you send it back to the Province of China before they will work with you on a return. It will cost over $130.00 to send out to a foreign country if you live in USA. Run... I have no STARS to rate 0...

Return Policy
February 10, 2022

I have been waiting on a refund from shein for over 30 days!  I will never order for them again and would advise anyone else not to purchase from this company!

Do Not Order From Them
February 13, 2019

The goods are substandard quality

the sizes are incorrect

I have an item backordered and they will not send a refund

Good luck if you have questions
January 30, 2019

Having ordered from them 3 times, overall the quality is good and shipping time is reasonable.

Where they fall seriously short is in communication.

I spent about 20 minutes trying to find a customer service phone number.

This really infuriates me. If I buy your product, I want to be able to actually speak to a human when I need to do so.

No goods NO REFUND
March 2, 2018

I placed my first order on the 21st of January. The funds left my account and I was emailed 4days later it was out of stock. I asked for a refund and placed another order from a different card. I am still waiting for my refund from the 25th January, and to make matters worse my second order "was lost in customs"

I am left without £140 and every time I speak to them about my refunds they give me an ARN number and tell me to speak to my bank.

On their website it states up to 30 business for a refund! They are an absolute joke! The worst online retailer I have ever dealt with.

Let you place an order, take your money immediately, then make some excuse why they can't fulfill your order, and never refund you back.

Instead make you waste time and energy emailing them and getting nowhere!

No one should buy from them honestly it's not worth the hassle. Be very wary if you do. They are thieves!

Fraduelent shein company
February 28, 2018

Shein had firstly sent me incomplete product.

Secondly I told them to initiate the refund on shein wallet.

They did not help me in any case.

And now the customer care executives don't reply they are ignoring and avoiding chats. There is no way to contact them. Its a complete harassment for consumers.

Bad quality very bad company
November 9, 2017
Terrible quality of clothing, paid for delivery, then have to pay to return the item, nearly cost as much as the item, so out of pocket with nothing to show for it. Don't use them.

Can't get a refund. Disgraceful customer service
October 28, 2017
This company makes it impossible to get a fund. No address on website. Nobody to talk to post sales, generic responses via their site. I'm so fed up. Do not use this site, they are unscrupulous and shameless in their money grabbing.

Where is my refund?
August 30, 2017

Very poor quality and the sizing is way off. I returned everything and can't seem to get my money back. They are ignoring me. DO NOT PATRONIZE. THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM.

Shein - An online retailer to be AVOID- Most likely a SCAM
August 4, 2017

I had ordered a dress online on Shein's website and even though my credit card was charged, the dress was never delivered.

I called their customer services line several times asking to be refunded or to get my package delivered. I got neither request fulfilled.

I believe this site is a SCAM and I recommend you DO NOT purchase ANYTHIING through SHEIN

Not Recommended
July 27, 2017
I bought several items and was disappointed when they finally arrived. The clothes were not American sizes and they were poorly made. There was no packing slip nor a return slip, so I sent the merchandise back to the return label. I never received a response nor my money. I would tend to think that this company is less than ethical.

maria August 04, 2017

I had the same experience in terms of wanting my money back and never receiving it. Neither was my order delivered, even though my credit card was charged. I recommend we ALL stay away from this retailer.-- IT is a SCAM

Irene Koepke August 30, 2017

My order was returned and delivered but I don't seem to be getting anywhere with the refund to my credit card. This is not a good company to deal with. They are obviously dishonest and don't believe in good customer service. STAY not patronize.

GemmaResnick October 28, 2017

Totally agree.

Very Pleased
June 20, 2017
I was skeptical about ordering from this site because of the shipping problems so many people complained about but decided to take a chance and am so glad I did. They dress I ordered is beautiful, exactly like the picture and the fit is great. I ordered it on June 12th and received it on June 19th, pretty good in my opinion. If the 11th had not been a Sunday, I would have received it a day earlier. No complaints here.

Terrible terrible company and customer service reps
June 5, 2017

Never had such terrible experience!!!! Reps requesting even my driver license, asking why I am buying clothes. After enormous amount of emails, phone conversations I had to cancel the order. Please never use this company

Purchase at your own risk (But not if you're in a time crunch!)
May 23, 2017

I placed an order for 1 item on April 13th. (I intended to wear this item for my birthday the first week of May). After figuring out the shipping option that was included, it was set to arrive in enough time- so I placed my order and paid via PayPal.

I immediately received confirmation from PayPal that my payment had been sent and received by the company and the same day received an email from SheIn with an order number and details regarding estimated processing times. On April 19th, I got an email titled "your deferred order at" basically telling me that my item was delayed but would still be shipped within "3-5 working days".

I expected that everything was still okay. April 23rd, I received another email stating, "We are sorry to inform you that the arrival of the following item(s) you ordered is uncertain due to short supply." It continued and offered that I refund the money I spent to my "SheIn Wallet" and select another item, or refund to this wallet and request that those funds be sent back to my PayPal account. I was fully refunded on May 4th.

This wouldn't have sucked so bad if it had not been 8 days before my birthday, leaving me with no dress and having to figure something else out on short notice. I would not recommend ordering from this site if you need something within a few weeks, because you may not get it at all.

Nancy July 27, 2017

I bought several items. When I received them, none fit and were poorly made. There was NO packing slip or return slip in the boxes, so I had to send them back to the return address. I never received an email or anything in response, including my money refunded. So beware, sizes are not American sizes and you can't get your money back. I'd say this is a very bad company with which to do business.

Stay away from this site
May 23, 2017

worst experience ever. I had to wait for around 6 weeks to get my order and when this arrived the clothes were bad manufactured (broken and disjointed) . They have excuse for everything. If you don't want to waste your money and time, don't buy in SHEIN

Unacceptably slow, no delivery yet
December 26, 2016

I ordered a shirt to be given for Christmas on Dec 17 (order number LXY9840). It was FIVE DAYS before they even gave it to Fed Ex (tracking number 74899992140420852488). It is scheduled to be delivered on December 31, but even if it is actually delivered then,. what good is that? Christmas is over. I will never buy from Shein again.

SheIn February 07, 2017

Hi Gale W. Benson,

Thank you so much for ordering from our website and we are sincerely sorry to keep you waiting.

Hope you can kindly understand normally, the FedEx won't update the logistic information before the package arrived at the sorting center of USA. It seems that your new package has been delivered on Dec 29, hope our clothes can reach to your expectation. You can submit a ticket on your account if you need any help, our customer service will get back to you within 24 hours.

Yours sincerely,

KiranJyot October 31, 2017

you guys are a sham??

Pay wih PayPal and only get highly rated items by other buyers
October 18, 2016

I ordered from SheIn a few weeks ago and received my items 3 weeks later. I was satisfied with the overall items and experience but have been chasing for them to correct their mistake of sending me a SMALL for one of the dresses rather than a MEDIUM which I had a requested. the small was a little tight on me but is still wearable.

Their customer service "leaving a ticket" isn't so easy to deal with as you get different operators that all tell you different things. I complained about the mistake I made and had a few operators tell me they already sent me a Medium and would give me old tracking info, old times dates repeatedly, I kept complaining till one operator said would I like a refund if so I should return the dress, and offered me 5$ coupon of next purchase.

I wasn't satisfied with returning the item as the shipping would cost as much as the dress or half! and wasn't worth it. I even offered to buy the dress again if they would give me free shipping and maybe 50% off coupon if they weren't going to send me another dress but I got an incompetent reply saying the operator couldn't understand what I mean by free shipping and 50% coupon!!!

I then pushed on to open more tickets and opened a dispute by email : [email protected] this was after harassing the pre sales staff because I did not want to wait another 24 hours to get a response. the last response received was that because it was their error (they will send me the correct size) (I really loved the dress) and I found an email saying my dress in medium is now shipped, how long will it take who knows?

I have been lucky that all the items fit and all look fine quality for the price paid! My suggestion is only buy items that have high reviews by other buyers that attach a photo and give advice order up, order down fits small see through etc, crinkly material or too short, etc and pay with Paypal should I not receive my order or item isn't as described I know I will get my money back.

Customer service do give the run around though but I have been persistent in hassling them day and night! as I strongly feel if they made an error I wanted it to be compensated and refused to return the dress back to them. shipping takes a while too as items can sit through processing for up to weeks! and the 40% coupon doesn't work and is a scam as its for items that are not on sale, but on the website everything is on sale anyway!

This was my experience, overall OK.

Kat October 23, 2016

Are you sure the 40% coupon just "doesn't work"? Did you try to apply it and failed? I've just asked some Jack in the Customer Sevice and he said it's deducted from the original (non-discounted) price. He didn't say it's not applicable for the discounted items at all....

RomanQueen October 24, 2016

Kat yes it doesnt work i bought 75$ worth of items when i put 40% off coupon code it changed the price to what they were before sale to then sale price of 75$ back again i complained to their operators he said items were heavily discounted already and it was for non sale items only everything is on sale anyway!!!! Thats why its bogus they should scrap it and say HUGE DISCOUNTS its a ruse to get ppl to sign up! Nice clothes they got though good prices. Im still waiting for that medium size they sent me its taking forever to get to me in mail might have to rehassle them again!!!!

SheIn February 07, 2017

Dear RomanQueen,

Thank you so much for ordering from our website, we are sincerely sorry for the unprofessional behavior of our customer service, and we will offer more professional training to every customer service in the future, so that the same situation won’t happen again.

Now we have new rules about the coupon code, you can get US$3 off for your first order. Meanwhile hope you can kindly note that the sizes of our items correspond to the size description on our site, which are not standard US or UK sizes, thus we have measurements on each product page for your reference, we’re sorry for the hassle and we’re doing everything we can to improve.

Yours sincerely,

SheIn Customer Care

Buyer, beware!
September 22, 2016

This looks long, but please read on. I’m hoping to prevent just one other person from being duped by so here’s my experience:

First, I’ll state I make about 90 percent of my clothing and other purchases online. Like most people, my time is limited. On 4/20/16 I saw a cute dress on Pinterest and went to the SheIn website and subsequently ordered two dresses. The price was great, but, buyer, beware.

The order took over three weeks to arrive. Both dresses were of extremely cheap quality and at least two sizes undersized. I went to their website to return the order – talk about jumping through hoops! First, I learned in order to return an item, I had to complete and email a “ticket” just to get clearance to return my order and wait for SheIn’s email response to me, which, of course, never arrived. Three weeks later, I went online and Googled and Binged “SheIn customer service” in order to find an email address or phone number for customer service. Shockingly, the searches turned up nothing except bad reviews and also the fact that they had changed their name.

I went back to the SheIn website, clicked on “Online Help” which directed me to a “pre-sales chat line” (the only customer service contact option). Miraculously, I had a rep online immediately. She gave me return instructions. I mailed back the items as was instructed to:

SheIn Group Inc 1980 US HIGHWAY 1 BLDG 3B NORTH BRUNSWICK,NJ 08902 USA, Tel:6269408912/6269404973

I tracked the return through my USPS receipt. SheIn did receive the returned items, but I did not receive a refund. I emailed service@shein on 5/18, 7/11 and 7/21 requesting the status of my refund. No response. I went to the SheIn website again and learned that any refund amount is sent to a SheIn “My Wallet” account where it remains forever and ever – I guess they believe one would be foolish enough to make another purchase. This tidbit is omitted from the website return instructions, nor was it mentioned in my “pre-sales chat” regarding the return. After digging, I learned that in order to get the funds, I had to request the amount be returned to my original payment method -- in my case, PayPal. I waited weeks; it never occurred.

I went back one last time to the SheIn site and checked the “My Wallet” account. That showed the account did not exist, never had. Today is 9/22/16 and I’ve yet to hear from SheIn – with the exception of their continued sales promos to my email. I will now send the matter to PayPal for resolution.

Frankly, I’m shocked that I’ve spent the amount of time I have just trying to get back my refund of $32.78 but sometimes it’s just the principle. Shame on them!

Kat October 23, 2016

Hey, thanks for including the return shipping address. Weirdly enough, I found many reviews on other websites complaining about the EXTREME costly return shipping. So I went on to ask for the return address in the Customer Serv. and they told me (I'm in Europe) it's Belgium. Which I don't know how costly it can be from another country but definitely not like 60 USD, as was stated in some other review (presumably written by somebody in the US). I think I'm gonna give it a go and will post my experiences here afterwards.

Also, if you pay with PayPal, you can just cancel a wire, if you sent the item back or didn't receive it...? I think that's part of the PayPal "buyer protection".

RomanQueen October 24, 2016

KAT they will not refund you money back your credit card or bank account it will go as credit to your Shein wallet to use instore! Like you choose some other dress etc Beware alot of buyers hv complained about this!!! Even of u return items back to them

SheIn February 07, 2017

Hi Lisa Thacker ,

Thank you so much for ordering from our website and we are sinrely sorry if our items did not live upto your expectation.

Please kindly note that the sizes of our items correspond to the size description on our site, which are not standard US or UK sizes, thus we have measurements on each product page for your reference, we’re sorry for the hassle and we’re doing everything we can to improve.

if you submit a ticket on your account, do not forget to check the response from our customer service, usually they get back to you within 24 hours.

As for SheIn Wallet, it is a virtual wallet linked to your SheIn account where you will be able to access your refund(s). The Wallet Balance can be used for future purchases or withdrawn at any time. You also can read more details about My Wallet from here:

Hope our answer is help for you and we are deeply apologize again for all the trouble again.

Yours sincerely,

SheIn Customer Care

July 29, 2016

AFTER COMPANY RESPONSE (found below this)

This continues my review of the Shein Co. Be advised, the responder claims Shein and Shein dresses are different.

The response here (and on other sites) still does not recognize the problems and if anything proves some and brings new ones to light.

That we are still communicating back and forth – over something that more than likely could have been handled in one 2 way conversation – once again proves one of the problems. The company only cares to hear what it wants, when it ants and respond as it wants. It confirms that when that is before accepting money – you are available and happy to engage 2 way as the customer may need.

There is no reason to repeat how you apply the discount. I understand. AGAIN - you do not get to make it up after (or define after) and what you are doing is simply NOT the meaning of the words you used on the coupon. As a legal consumer matter you would need to explain what your policy is someplace available to the customer (and best to have them acknowledge it). BEFORE SALE. As a practical matter – you should provide what the coupon states. That is: “SIGN UP FOR 40% OFF YOUR 1ST ORDER”

IT DOES NOT SAY: 40% off the lower of price we will sell it to you for now without coupon, or some amount we may have ever actually had on it (and may or may not have ever sold it for) some other time. IT DOES NOT SAY IT EXCLUDES ANYTHING IN MY 1st ORDER – like items already discounted. IT DOES CLEARLY SAY - it is off my order value. IT DOES NOT SAY APPLIED TO ANY ITEM INDIVDUALLY…Therefore - it must be applied to the full order.

There are any number of problems with your statement.. “Usually we will refund to the customers’ credit card (15-20 business days), Paypal account (3-5 business days) or wallet (1-2 business days) according their requirements. In some special situations, we’ll refund to customers’ wallet (the money of your wallet can be used for shopping and can also be withdraw to your credit card) by default. If you withdraw the money from your wallet, the process of the refund usually takes 15-20 business days.

So what was the "special situation" for my refund to be made a store credit (at best) and put in your wallet (instead of the even unexplainably long direct refund – especially with no specific notification to me there was a problem and that I would have to act to claim my funds? Do not even try to make believe any of it was for my benefit or requirement or even understanding That would be a disrespectful lie. No special circumstances exist. Nothing was done (and when I did ask customer service to do so – they DID NOT ACT).. They told me I had to do more. Delay? Or hope customer doesn't and you get to keep it?

You were deceptive saying a "refund" was made originally – when in fact none was. (The “wallet” is YOURS and you have the money! As proven by you require me to request for it. And then have the audacity to say it takes over 2 weeks for you to “default” provide them. I do make purchases regularly - and refunds/credits do sometimes need to be provided. I cannot recall where it has taken any longer for the company to issue the refund and get it back to my actual account than it took for me to provide it to them.. And in this case: That order and funds was for a purchase agreement we made and YOU failed to be able to fulfill. You never actually had a right to the money originally….and certainly no right to retain it for anything but the briefest of time.

I maintain my request and as promised for my "signing up" – the right to the 40% discount on my 1st ORDER. Nothing less.

I maintain my position to any other review readers that they must be very careful and beware. Apparently this operator makes up his policies and rules as he goes along – sometimes claiming to make actions for made up reasons or that are actually false. While it may be a language or cultural matter he never admits errors or effects corrections, although the further it advances the more it seems that may be an excuse for actual intent. But most importantly – he clearly shows all the signs of financial troubles making him take actions that put your funds at risk. Or maybe it is just an intent to profit anyway possible. Please check other sites and newspaper articles. Please post on your experiences may help me and it may well make company's better too!


Reply from Shein

Published 20 hours ago

Hi dear,

Thank you for ordering from our website. We’re truly sorry for letting you down.

We must declare that the site has no connection with our company. Our website is If you bought things from, please contact them to solve your problem.

We found that our customer service had tried to solve your problem. We provide our customers with online help. If you have any questions before making a purchase, you can contact our pre-sales service. If you have after-sales issues, you can submit tickets to us and our customer service will reply you within one business day. If our customer service did not reply you, please provide us with the ticket number that we can help you solve problems as soon as possible.

Concerning the discount problem, we are sorry for confusing you. The coupon is based on the original price of each item. If the item is on sale and has a larger discount than the coupon discount, then it can’t enjoy the coupon discount any more(the price won’t be lower). The original price and the price after discount both display on our site clearly. Also you can see the retail price and the price after discount on your order summary clearly before you check out.

In regard to stock-out, usually our items are in stock unless the items are in great demand or there’s something wrong with our suppliers. If the items are out of stock, we’ll solve this issue according to our customers’ requirements perfectly. Usually we will refund to the customers’ credit card (15-20 business days), Paypal account (3-5 business days) or wallet (1-2 business days) according their requirements. In some special situations, we’ll refund to customers’ wallet (the money of your wallet can be used for shopping and can also be withdraw to your credit card) by default. If you withdraw the money from your wallet, the process of the refund usually takes 15-20 business days.

We are sorry for letting you down. You are our precious customer and we never want to lose the friendship with you. Please provide us with the ticket number, we’ll check it for you. Wait for your reply.

Kat October 23, 2016

Thanks for writing about the 40% discount on the first order. I was told just the same by the Customer Service (luckily I haven't ordered yet). For anybody who's too lazy to read the above review: the discount is calculated on the ORIGINAL, NON-DISCOUNTED price.

Geoff Kassover October 24, 2016

And as you see, everything on site is discounted off of whatever someone may have called the original price anyway (so coupon/offer is worthless and fake)....and on an item...not the entire order. Most importantly - they have certainly had time to correct that problem in their ads (as they even note to me - "it is confusing" - well not if you actually say what it is upfront!)