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StyleWe is an online boutique that claims to offer customers the latest fashions at bargain prices.  However, not all reviewers are happy with their purchases.  

Here's what you need to know about this fast fashion clothing store.

How Does It Work?

StyleWe promotes the ability to be a part of a fashion community and share style tips as well as clothing recommendations on their platform.

This action drives in customers who want to interact with others who have similar interests and clothing preferences.

A typical pattern among StyleWe, SheIn, and other budget clothing companies is that they take popular styles from throughout the world and create lesser versions with cheaper materials. 

They then sell them as budget-conscious pieces, but many pieces often last only for a few wears.

StyleWe claims to work with independent designers to create special pieces that they can promote through their platform.  These designers also get to be part of the online community for customers and interact with members.

Other claims that StyleWe makes include:

  • High-Quality Production
  • Digital Marketing Capabilities for Designers
  • Pre-Order Guidance
  • Limited Edition Pieces


One of the first issues that we see is that many products on the website do not include information on the materials used in the clothing.

On the company FAQ, StyleWe states that this is due to its extensive variety of products on their website and that they can’t keep up with material lists.

The most crucial step to determine the quality of a clothing item is through the materials used.

Higher-end materials will last longer and give off a different look.  Cheaper materials will have a short lifespan and come off as cheap.

The fact that StyleWe purposely doesn’t include this information leads us to believe that they are using cheap materials and don’t want to disclose that for fear of losing sales.

Is StyleWe Legit?

There are many online clothing boutiques that focus on fashionable styles for cheap prices.  In addition to StyleWe, there is SheIn, RomWe, Zaful, and many others.

Some of the items that StyleWe sells include:

  • Dresses
  • Blouses
  • Shoes
  • Tops
  • Accessories
  • Black Dresses


Located in China, StyleWe reproduces top styles with cheaper materials to make them more affordable to consumers.

For many of the products on their website, they do not disclose the materials that the clothing is made from, in hopes that prospective customers do not immediately realize the low quality of the items.

Additionally, StyleWe has a very strict returns policy.  Some items are unable to be returned at all.  

On the company FAQ, StyleWe says to double check what size you need because if you want a chance at returning the item you have to pay the shipping cost.

However, it is more likely that they know many will be disappointed with their purchases and they want to eliminate all possibilities of having to refund money.

Customer Reviews & Complaints

While a cursory search for online customer reviews reveals many positive ratings and feedback, when you do a bit more probing you learn that the company offers discounts and promotions in order to boost their scores.

Therefore, it's safe to say that many of the reviews aren’t authentic.

Additionally, StyleWe will sometimes offer angry customers a full refund on their purchase with the stipulation that they remove the bad review they wrote from whatever site they placed it on.

There are a few Boho dresses reviews that call the clothing a Mumu instead of a dress due to the drastic difference between what you see and what you get.

While the company provides a sizing guide, many find it isn’t reliable and people end up receiving the wrong size.

The company is not listed with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).


Are StyleWe Clothes Good Quality?

No, StyleWe clothing is made of cheap material and often don't last.


Where Are StyleWe Clothes Made?

StyleWe clothes are manufactured in China.


How Long Does StyleWe Take To Ship?

While this depends on where you live, StyleWe says that you should receive your items within 7-12 days.

However, many customers do not receive their order within this timeframe.


Where Is StyleWe Located?

The company headquarters for StyleWe is located in the United Kingdom. However, all clothing items are manufactured and shipped from China.


Is StyleWe A Safe Site?

There are currently no negative reviews pertaining to a data breach or identity fraud.


Does StyleWe Have Plus Sizes?

Yes, StyleWe has sizes going up to 5X.


Where to Buy?

You can buy the clothing on The items are not available for sale on Amazon or in any retail outlets.

Customer Service

If you would like to get more information on StyleWe you can try contacting the company via their phone number at 0877 277 7209 or through Email: [email protected]

The business address is:

12 Galahad Road, Bromley, England, BR1 5DT


Cost & Price Plans

The cost of the different clothing items that StyleWe offers vary depending on the designer and type of clothing.

The price range is between $1 and $150, depending on the item.

Competitors and Alternatives

One of the most popular online clothing boutiques that has many similarities to StyleWe is SheIn.

Both boutiques have similar sales structures, both are manufactured and produced in China, and both have many poor reviews for low quality items.

The Bottom Line

Many online style boutiques have popped up over the past few years, giving customers access to fashionable clothing without the hefty price tag.

While some of these companies have experienced success, it is typically short-lived due to the low quality of the clothing sold.

These companies, StyleWe included, target teens and young adults through social media. 

With many in this population being susceptible to targeted marketing campaigns, the companies experience initial success before being uncovered for their low-quality clothing.

The materials used are frequently low quality and the clothing you receive often doesn't look like what you ordered from the website. 

Because of this, we recommend foregoing the StyleWe experience and shopping in-store where you can see and touch the items before purchasing.

If you desire to shop online, be sure that the store offers a fair return policy in place in the event that you aren’t happy with your purchase. 

If you have any experience with or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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StyleWe Customer Reviews

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Bad customer service. No return or credit. I did not get my money back. I returned the clothes. Too
March 2, 2024
I placed one order. Another order was duplicated I contacted my bank and the claim was refused. I returned the merchandise with a Stylewe label and included pictures of the merchandise and shipping label. Tracking number:82055901 7534 7700 0473 8381 13. Please advise.

Where are the clothes I ordered?
August 4, 2023

I rate them a big ole ZERO!

I spent $261.24 JUL 5 on several purchases from Stylewe at one time and received NOTHING!!!!!

I want the clothing and products I ordered. It has been 30 days now and they can't even bother responding to me.

So you might be throwing your money out the window with this company because they just don't give a crap. They didn't respond to my 3 emails. They have no phone number and now I see why. Just a flashy catalogue. Kiss your hard earned dollars good-bye with these guys!

Jay Smith

They Owe Me A Refund And Will Not Send It
June 30, 2023

This is a scam company!

cyndywilliams June 30, 2023

Give me my money back mail it to me in money order form

Too Good To Be TRUE!
June 19, 2023
DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY. Material is very cheap looking; do not look nothing like online and when you try to get the address for a return, they completely ignore you. I have been trying to get a return to them for over one week now and is still waiting for an e-mail. Indicate it would take 48 hours to send an e-mail. Absolutely false information

March 10, 2023

I placed several orders and did not receive the merchandise after 2 months. Requested refunds on Paypal and requested dispute with credit cards. Cannot contact and get in touch with merchant. They do not reply to emails.

March 1, 2023

They charge exorbitant shipping fees and if you need to return an item, you lose that shipping cost and are responsible for return shipping costs. In my case, for an item over $40, I would have received an $8 refund after all shipping costs were deducted.

Additionally, they make it extremely difficult and time-consuming to begin the return process. Needed to contact them more than once and send emails. There are more than enough other reputable clothing sites to choose from that treat customers with fairness, do not gauge and are not dismissive. Never once did I hear back from them, even after all my emails. I repeat, STAY AWAY.

Stay Away From This Company: Stressful service, no business values
February 28, 2023

I contacted StyleWe and was troubled to learn that in order to return an item that cost me $13 for shipping, I not only would be responsible for that $13, but for the return shipping.

This would mean that to return the item that cost me $42.69, my actual refund would be $8.00! I wonder if StyleWe thinks this is part of good business practices?

Additionally, the stress of having to contact StyleWe more than once about a return, makes me believe they intentionally make the return process difficult. To my mind, this is not a company with integrity and business values. I will never shop there, again, and will tell all my friends, family and business colleagues to stay away from this company.

Website Images do match actual order.
February 14, 2023

I just made a purchase 2 weeks ago on StyleWe some of the order we delivered. One pair of pants were too small. The other pair the material was not how they were described. I tried to return the pair that were too small, and they are not willing to give me a 100% refund.

They have a weird credit policy. I tried to cancel the other part of the order and that hasn't shipped, and they're try to charge me 15% cancelation fee.

Please read they're policies before you order. This company will never get my money again.

Cheap overpriced clothes with horrible customer service.
February 6, 2023

Cheap Clothes, overpriced shipping, poor customer service. I never received a blouse I had been asking for within 3 weeks. I kept being told it was coming. Last attempt on status I was told I was not getting it because sold out.

I paid $27.99 plus shipping and they only wanted to give me $20 back when I complained they added shipping of $7.99 when I paid $21.99 for three items. When I asked for all my money back the chat lady told me “we don’t owe you anything”

January 19, 2023

Absolutely impossible to return an item - items are not as they portray in images - and poor quality they ask one thing after the other to wear you down - photo of item - then photo of item with measuring stick - then photo of you??? then fill out several forms - then send photo of transaction it is never ending -

Low quality control
December 21, 2022
I ordered a matching skirt and sweater. They took weeks to arrive. The sweater arrived faded and fuzzy, as though it had been through a washing machine, not matching skirt at all. Went to review online and there is no way to leave a bad review on the site. I have to apply to see if I can return instead of just returning. Very disappointing and frustrating.

November 11, 2022

Nice clothes well made but I made the mistake of ordering too large.

JM North Carolina

What you see online...might not look like what you get!
November 10, 2022

I ordered 4 tops and out of 4 none were satisfactory in the way they looked (in real life) versus online. The quality was very poor and the colors were off. Fortunately, I did not spend too much and decided to use them for very casual weekend wear - i.e. like grocery shopping and getting my car washed, etc. Would NEVER order anything from them again.

MaryLangford November 20, 2022

This info was very helpful as it directly answers the questions I had ref doing business with the company & quality of their items for sale. I've read many reviews and the majority - yes not ALL - are in the vein of unsatisfactory. I very much want to avoid this since i was considering it for gifts to younger nieces etc

Happy with the purchase!
October 8, 2022
It took longer to get my purchase than I thought; 3 weeks. The dress is exactly as described. The dress is quite amazing period, saying nothing about the unbelievable price. I'm pleased with my purchase!

NormaAllen October 09, 2022

I find that your assessment of SyleWe is accurate. When I decide to make a purchase, I take in to consideration that the items will more likely than not will be of poor quality. I've gotten a few items that I can keep without having them altered in some way.

MaryLangford November 20, 2022

Although MOST of what I have read in researching the company, BEFORE I order ( gifts) clothes, has been quite negative. It is nice to hear about at least this positive experience.

Never want to give you a refund
August 12, 2022
Absolutely would not order from them again. Products of low quality and it took me one month to get my items. I then returned two items and they are taking a month to send my refund. I actually had to open a dispute with PayPal to help me get my money back and they do not give you the full refund and you pay for shipping. Thumbs down from me!

MaryLangford November 20, 2022

Thank you for sharing this info . It helps me to decide whether to use them at all. I would consider it a nightmare to have to dispute a refund . I want to avoid that at all costs - so exhausting to just get your own $$'s back from a company. NO Thank You! I do not need that hassle...

Onerous Return Policy
June 17, 2022

Bribery didn't work on me when I "asked" to return my order. They offered 20%off, then 50%off. Both Items were said to be out of stock initially, and then delayed shipping. After 2 months, Items still weren't worth it even when I had to jump through hoops to return it. Follow instructions or else. Company Based in UK, sells cheap Chinese products, and return ships to California. I followed instructions to the letter, paid for return shipping, and still only got partial refund. They were nice but, Thumbs down.

Ms.Folk June 18, 2022

If I knew what I know now, I would never have ordered three items from StyleWe! Fake and false advertising and a con to get customers to order items from them. After two months of time I got sick of hearing "Your items are on their way!" They still haven't arrived. I prefer a refund because its taken now two months! I could have gone to any store of my choice snd purchased and NOT had to wait!

MaryLangford November 20, 2022

This is what I want to avoid at all cost! thank you for sharing your experience . ugh ! the thought of having to fight for $ owed to me - makes me sick. I would not back down sooo who needs that poor treatment so I will not even start an order now.