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Mylar bags
October 16, 2022
This is the first time I have purchased harvest right Mylar bags and oxygen observers they are thick and durable u will definitely be ordering again

Longevity of machine uncertain
October 16, 2022

Four months ago I would have given the Harvest Right a 5 star review. I loved my freeze dryer and was using it weekly. Then after having if for 16 months I have started having issues and have spent the past 4 months back and forth with the company trying to figure out what the problem is. They are working with me but had been a long and tedious process.

We still have not fixed the problem and it has been completely unusable for the 2 and 1/2. Of course we are past one year warranty and am concerned where this will end up financially. For such a large investment I would have thought things should have lasted much longer. A little disappointed right now.

We'd Purchase It Again!
October 16, 2022
We purchased our Harvest Right medium size freeze dryer in April of 2021. We’ve freeze-dried about 75 loads of vegetables, meats, fruits, and various other foods. The machine has worked flawlessly from the start. The steel trays have been easy to clean, the silicon mats have worked like a dream, and we simply have no suggestions for improvement. All the food tastes fresh, but the fruit seems to have an intensity of flavor that is even better than fresh! We have freeze-dried soup and other items that were near their expiration date and saved a great deal of money. We love the Harvest Right freeze dryer and don’t know how we got along for so long without it. We contacted Customer Service for a couple of items and they responded promptly with the information we needed. You won’t be disappointed with Harvest Right.

CharlesAnderson October 18, 2022

Totally agree about the fruit. It is a lot like cotton candy after it has been freeze dried; so crunchy and light. And even the more delicate fruits come out with an intense flavor that is so much better. Oh and I can't tell you how good popcorn is when sprinkled with freeze dried cheese that has been powdered in the blender. This just opens a whole new world of possibilities. Freeze dried sour cream and some green onions all powdered up: that is next. Pair that with the 120" screen and LCD projector out on the porch and it is like going to the drive-in theater.

Happy Now
October 16, 2022
We purchased a freeze dryer because of food sensitivities. We wanted control over what is in our food storage. We were disappointed when we had to take our freeze dryer back for repairs when we had owned it for less than one year. So glad it was under warranty. We were treated well by Harvest Right and very delighted that after the repair the machine has run better than it ever has. It is like a new machine. We run several batches weekly and have had no problems.

Great Investment
October 16, 2022
We got our unit 3 months ago and have kept it running 24/7 it seems ever since we got it set up. The results from it is incredible. The unit has worked flawless, and it is so easy. Only thing we hate is that we had not gotten one before now.

Easily preserve wholesome food
October 15, 2022
I have owned my Harvest Right Medium for a few months now. I had a few glitches, but was not disappointed in the quality of their technical support. The machine is working perfectly now, and provides me with the ability to easily preserve wholesome food, direct from my garden. With the moisture removed, the food is light weight, compact, and requires no energy use for long term storage.

Great Investment!
October 15, 2022
We love our Harvest Right. We bought the large and are glad we did! When we’ve needed support help they have been quick and attentive!

Get One If You're Able!
October 15, 2022

Hi there!

I’m a newbie at freeze-drying yet so far, I’ve been very pleased with my large Harvest Right Freeze Drier. We have a world-famous garden. I’m married to Paul Gautschi from “Back To Eden” film! We have wanted one of these for years, we saved and bought it early this year.

I was told that they were out 10 weeks, yet received ours in around five weeks! The delivery went smooth and as long as you follow their instructions you will be pleased. It is all they say it is so you need to be prepared with a cart or shelving that can hold its size and weight.

The only problem I have had has been “consumer error” and this machine has been kindly forgiving and proves to be solid in its recovery. I am so grateful that it guides you through each step of what to do next. It’s also helpful to connect with others that have one. And even if you don’t have access to that, their customer service is right there when you need them.

Yes, their customer service is great and no question seems to be too dumb! This thing really intimidated me when I first received it, because I had no clue what I was getting into and pleasantly it has been surprising how easy it is to use.

And the food? Amazing – how it actually preserves the flavor and even its physical integrity!

Just add water!

Get one if you can!

Carol Gautschi, Classical Midwife, food snob and plant lover!

Great Freeze Dryer
October 15, 2022

Love our Harvest Right freeze dryer, approx. 2 years and still going strong. To start with, Harvest Right customer support is outstanding, very professional staff and knowledgeable tech. support. Product quality: Excellent!

Overall we're very satisfied with our medium size freeze dryer, we've prepared lots of meals at a fraction of what it would cost purchasing those same freeze dried survival meals online. Bottom Line: We highly recommend Harvest Right for your freeze dryer and accessories, Thank You So Much!


Mary P. (New Hampshire)

Love my freeze dryer!
October 14, 2022

No home should be without.

Products come out perfectly and taste is exactly like the fresh.

Stored properly shelf life lasts a loooong time.

Customer service can't be beat.

Super fun
October 14, 2022
I would give this five stars, but I’ve had some issues with the software. It’s been two months harvest right has been working with me but still unsolved. other than that, it’s really fun to play with and make snacks and food for camping hunting.

Easier and more versitile than canning
October 14, 2022

We pretty much just slice stuff up and pop it in the freeze drier. I like making gluten free-dairy free gravy to store. It's not something I can buy. I can freeze dry it an keep it on the shelf, instead of taking up space in the freezer.

If you are not around when the cycle is finished, the machine will keep your food perfectly until you are ready to take it out. If it's not done at the end of a cycle, you just push a button to give it more time.

Fast and efficient
October 14, 2022
Fast and efficient, harvest right tech support was able to solve my issue quick and called back when they said they would which is a rarity today.

Best purchase!!
October 14, 2022
My machine is awesome! It has had some issues but customer service has worked well with me through every issue I’ve encountered. I’ve done hundreds of freeze dried items since purchasing my Harvest Right machine. I got my second machine because I loved the first! Harvest Right had fast shipping and they stand behind their products. Purchasing from Harvest Right was the best decision and I highly suggest purchasing one.

Time Saving Prep
October 14, 2022

We are new to the freeze drying process of preserving food. However, the simplicity of preparation to freeze drying takes less time and such a savings in long term freezer storage.

Our garden excesses can now be kept for us to use instead of going to waste. The winter food prep for soups, stews and sauces will be a great time saver as well. So far that is the extent of my experience with freeze dried foods. Looking forward to freeze drying many different items.

Customer service has been great and very timely responding. Such a new product needs lots of questions answered.

Awesome way to preserve food!!!
October 14, 2022
Love my freeze dryer!! worth every penny!!!

Recommend purchase
October 14, 2022
This machine is really made well. Definitely an investment. Another great way to preserve your food besides canning, freezing and dehydrating. My preferred method for preserving food long term. Company is able to troubleshoot issues.

Must have for everyone
October 14, 2022

Every home needs one. Food products come out amazing

Customer service is very good should you need it.

Love our Harvest Right Freeze Dryer
October 14, 2022
We love our Harvest Right Medium Freeze Dryer. It is wonderful to not waste leftovers and lots of produce from the garden. I am a planner and a preparer so this is perfect. I have freeze dried meals, veggies, fruit, ice cream. I love sharing samples with family and friends and hear them say, "wow that's delicious and amazing".

Customer Service
October 14, 2022
I’ve had great customer care with Harvest Right. I’ve always been able to speak to someone with my questions and got the answers.