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Glasses USA is an online store which aims to offer the highest quality optical products – prescription glasses and sunglasses – at the most affordable prices, in the fastest time possible.

If you are a first time customer at Glasses USA and are interested in signing up for their free newsletter, you can create an account with them and receive a coupon for 50% off your first purchase plus free shipping.

The company also offers what they call a Best Price Guarantee. If you see your frames for a better price elsewhere, the website will match that price and lower it by 10% - that’s the final price you will pay.

The website allows you to search for frames in three different ways. By Frame Features, including gender, color, shape, and materials, by Measurements, to make sure you have the perfect fit, or by Personality, which requires you to take what they call a “fun, short” quiz.

After choosing your frames, they will be quickly processed in the labs of Glasses USA within 3-6 business days, and immediately shipped.

Once your glasses are shipped, the shipping time till range between 2 and 4 business days, depending on what shipping service you choose.

All customers who order frames from Glasses USA will have the ability to make “no questions asked” returns for 30 days. If you have any complaints, you can return your glasses with free shipping for a full refund.

If you have ordered Premium frames, or glasses with specialized features such as Polarization, you will be charged a 20% restocking fee before your refund will be processed.

Since Glasses USA provides eyeglasses at up to 70% off the retail prices you will find in brick and mortar stores, they do not take vision insurance to pay for their products.

If you have any experience with Glasses USA or their product, please leave your reviews below.

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Poor return policy and accountability
March 26, 2023

Very excited upon initially ordering my pair of glasses. Great selection fair price and terrible customer service. The original order came in as directed and in a timely manner. Then the problem begins. Needed to return or exchange the glasses because they were a bit large. It took over 2 months to finally receive the reorder.

Unable to get any resolution through customer service by phone. Multiple times I was required to resubmit my information and reason for the exchange. Too many apologies and not enough accountability. Finally received the glasses that were reordered around March 20th. I would not recommend purchasing from this company. Joe B

February 20, 2023
Months and months to get a glasses return completed. They use a system where each question/issue takes over 3 days to respond. I guess they want to wear you out. I'm stubborn so I let you know when an issue in Dec 2022 is finally solved...

Untrustworthy Criminal Company
February 17, 2023

This company is a complete scam. As detailed in the previous review, I tried to order several boxes of contact lenses. They were quick to initially charge my credit card, but then never intended to ship me anything. I had to call 6 times to try to see what was going on.

Apparently they play games with the customer. I noticed that the price they gave me for the contacts was a low price, so they try to play games with you & not ship them out , when , by law, if they can't verify your prescription with your eye doctor, which they could not, they are then supposed to send out your contacts in a speedy manner & assume that your description of your prescription is accurate.

They never did this!! And the disturbing e-mail they sent 2 times was telling me to pay $15 for an eye exam to determine my prescription. Total scam here. I have already contacted my attorney to see what we can do here. Definitely contacting the attorney general office in new york state where I live & the bbb bureau.

They were quick to say to me they will refund my purchase price, so that tells us that they never had any intention of giving me the contact lenses at the original price they said.

Do not do business with these criminals!! I am going to the extent of what the law will allow here! These people & this company are total dirtbags. Read all the reviews here!!!!! You will see a clear pattern of lying & abusive tactics that will try to screw you over!!!

ALEX February 17, 2023

I never received any refund yet. I will continue to update!

Contact Lens Order - Bad Company
February 12, 2023

Your website sucks. Apparently , I was trying to get on to your website to try to use the live chat. I am still on it for about 1 hour, and nothing connects. Actually the error message says that I was disconnected from the chat.

Then I tried to call your phone 800 # to contact a live person on the phone. Apparently there was no option to hook up with a live agent on the phone, unless I pressed new order. Apparently I got a bad e-mail from you telling me that I needed to give you information about my doctor, for a prescription, that I originally gave in the order when I ordered the 3 boxes of contact lenses.

I finally got through on the phone line speaking to a live agent & that person was totally deficient in properly taking down an order #. I asked her to repeat the # I gave her & she took down the wrong number. Then she wants me to divulge my personal information over the phone, which is an invasion of my privacy. I asked her to give me the information with the order # I gave her & she copped a very bad attitude.

But what is most disturbing is that this is my very 1st order from your apparently sub-par company , which had the initial information about the name & location of my doctor, but your disturbing e-mail shows me there are serious problems with your ordering process.

By law, in case your are not aware, if I provided my doctor's information & location ,which I did in this case originally, you are required to contact my eye doctor to try to verify my prescription. If they do not respond in any way, shape or form to you, then you are to assume that my prescription , that I gave you originally, is accurate. And then in that case, you are supposed to ship out my contacts with no delay.

Rest assured, I am going to pursue litigation against your company for violating this law, since you already were very quick to process my credit card information & actually charge my credit card , without verifying any of the information I originally gave , in the order process.

Your phone rep could not even take down the correct order # , when I called. Then she disconnected my phone conversation.

Either send me the 3 boxes of the contact lenses that I ordered or swiftly refund my money which you already charged against my credit card. If I don't get these contacts, you can rest assured you will be hearing from my attorney for breaking the law

No Service - No Communication!
January 4, 2023

No one answers the phones.

You can not get questions answered online, chat or email.

Horrible customer service.

Why would anyone buy from them?

Waiting on partial refund
December 22, 2022

I ordered 8 boxes of 90 pack contacts and my credit card was charged for the 8 boxes on 12/12/22.

Then on 12/14/22 I received an email that GlassesUSA only had 6 boxes in stock (why did the order process allow me to enter 8 boxes if there were only 6 boxes in stock?). That the 6 boxes would be shipped and the billing department would issue a partial refund. The 6 boxes have been delivered and are in my possession as of 12/20/22. As of this review - 12/22/22 - I haven't received the partial refund.

Buyer beware! The "live" chat is a joke. I called 844-244-1186. This is just recordings. I finally selected the option (there are only 2 options) for placing an order to talk to a live person. The person was of no assistance. So don't expect to interact with someone unless you are placing an order. No true customer service. I have emailed [email protected] several times. With the last email I received an automated reply stating that multiple inquiries will lead to a delay in response time!

I personally think they have had plenty of time to refund my payment for the boxes of contacts I didn't receive. Especially since the email received on 12/14/22 plainly stated that the billing department will process the partial refund. I will not be ordering from Glasses USA again.

JamesFazzini January 10, 2023

They are liars, cheats and not worthy of my business. I orderd a special two for one. Funny I never even received just ONE. You cannot call, you cannot check on your order. Basically you are just screwed. I despise this bogus company. Rotten to the core!!

James Fazzini

Raleigh, NC

They are scammers
December 18, 2022

This site is a scam. I ordered glasses, they were wrong and I was offered a refund or a remake. I ordered a remake due to their promise of a refund guarantee on their website. It more than a month to get the second pair and they were wrong too. This time I was told I could only get a store credit. What use is a store credit if they can't make my prescription properly?

I fought with them and they finally said they could refund my money via PayPal???? I charged the order originally. So, I sent the glasses back. Now I get another email telling me they won't refund my money, I can only get a useless store credit. I'm having my credit card reverse the charge.

Awful Customer Support
December 16, 2022

Terrible customer service. The product initially shipped to me was incorrect. The only customer support available is online and automated.

nightmare alley
November 16, 2022

The 1 star should be 0. Worst customer service and returns. I get glasses that I can neither read or see distances with. Printers down so I can't print and they won't send a return label. Since I'm old and disabled I get out of the house twice a month for groceries and the mail. So, when I tell them I can't print he tells me to go on some goose chase with a smart phone I don't have. Losers!

DO NOT USE Glassesusa
October 26, 2022
I ordered sunglasses in July 2022. I received them a month later and they were not what they advertised as Michael Kors. I returned them for an exchange to Kate Spade. Its Oct 26, 2022 and I am still waiting! website order# says "in production" after several live chats- several empty promises, I asked for a refund. They say sorry can no longer process a refund. The phone is an endless loop that you can't reach anyone and reverts you back to the live chat which I doubt is actually live. It's a scam.

Thin, Narrow field of vision.
October 4, 2022
What they DON'T tell you is that your lenses are made with the Most narrow field of vision. Biggest mistake is giving this place a chance. I can't see through these glasses without spinning my head off. My old glasses I can see everything through a wide field of vision- NOT this Narrow little strip down the center. Waste of time and money, Shop Local you'll be much happier!

Save yourself the headache
September 25, 2022

Ordered glasses 8/19. Got an email stating they shipped on 8\24 with an ETA of 9/2. Waited patiently until 9/19. They did not reply to email, their phone is an endless automated loop, their chat bot is an automated loop. The only way they would reply is through trustpilot after I left a negative reply and now they say they are investigating and this will take a few days. Up there with my all time worst interactions with any company.

Terrible service, bait and switch tactics
September 23, 2022
This company is a joke - I ordered frames that were "in stock" only to be told they were not in stock almost 2 weeks later. Then, upon trying to pick out a replacement frame, I was not able to pick a "premium" frame even though it was listed at the same price. I tried calling the 800 number, but there is no one to speak all. I ended up requesting a refund. Don't deal with this company, there are better options.

Do Not Do Use This Company
September 20, 2022
This company is dishonest and unreliable They take your money for glasses and say it will be 7 days in production. Here it is 14 days later and all they say is "it's in production." No manager is available. No response from customer service. I've called. I've "live chatted." I'm email. No response. Do NOT trust this company. Do NOT do business with these people. You will be as sorry as I am. They take your money and do not provide the agreed upon services or materials.

Totally incompetent
September 1, 2022
I bought a pair of sunglasses 2 years ago that broke, so I asked to do a repeat order. They have sent sunglasses three different times, and each time they got it wrong, asked me to send it back, and then sent another wrong pair. I finally gave up. Even 2 years ago it was an incredible hassle dealing with them. Stay away!

Photochromic lens does not darken.
August 15, 2022
Glasses were OK but I do not like the progressive type. My main beef is that the "photochromic" lenses do not darken at all. They will not allow a return, because I did not find out until after the 14 day period.

Shipping Nightmare
August 10, 2022
This company has a very bad order processing and shipping practice. If you select free shipping, they will ship your item at the cheapest rate, and it will take 12-15 days to receive your glasses. Customer service will not help you process a return. Call your bank and have them charge back Glasses USA as a work around.

DO NOT BUY from GlassesUSA
August 4, 2022

What an awful experience. I feel like I've been ripped off. I returned a pair of glasses and now they won't replace them. DO NOT BUY from this retailer.

Save your money
August 3, 2022

DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY. It's been over a week and my glasses are still in production. I paid extra for expedited service and they keep telling me that it will be 1-2 days before I hear back. Well, still waiting. The communication is awful. They will jerk you around. DON'T DO IT!

JamesFazzini January 10, 2023

Yeah. 48 hours my butt! how about 48 days and still no sign

I've had pretty good luck with them
July 27, 2022

I see there are some pretty terrible reviews on here and granted things go wrong especially when you're ordering something like glasses. But I have to say after having ordered three sets of glasses through them I think I can give you a pretty fair assessment of at least my experience.

The first time I ordered glasses through glasses USA must have been approximately 6 years ago. Everything went fine no particular problems. The hard part is just being patient and waiting to get the glasses but they came and they were okay.

The next set of glasses were okay but there was something about one pair that just never seemed quite right the way I could see out of them. But it was a pretty minor problem everything considered and I kept them.

My most recent glasses which I just received a few days ago well...... That's a different story. I ordered glasses and then promptly got a message back that said the frames I picked were unavailable. Okay so I picked another frame. Then nothing happened. But I called in and the customer service person was nice enough but I ended up canceling those and was a little perturbed.

After a couple weeks or so I got a good offer for buy one get one free so I went back on the site and picked out some glasses and some sunglasses. This time the service was excellent and the speed with which they got the glasses done and shipped was actually ahead of time and I actually received them a day before the scheduled delivery date. So I thought that was fantastic!

So now I have my glasses and they are absolutely all that I had hoped for and maybe a little more. And after reading these really bad reviews I thought I would go ahead and put my two cents worth in here.

All I can say is anytime you order online to begin with you need to look at reviews on several different sites for that same company. Read the good reviews, the indifferent reviews, and the bad reviews. Then you've got to just stop and think about what you read and what makes the most sense. And this is for any company out there.

Glassesusa has been around a while and they've sold a lot of glasses. I originally started buying my glasses online after a Dave Ramsey review of Zenni optical. I didn't really have any problem getting glasses from them it's just that they were cheap in price and of course they were cheap in quality. I think Glassesusa does a pretty good job. So you just have to use your own judgment and give them a shot.

Hopeful November 12, 2022

Just ordered my glasses 11/12/22 and have been reading the comments all of the reviews are terrible except for yours. Do hope my experience resembles yours. signed Hopeful