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Awful and Misleading "Guarantee"
October 31, 2018

If I could leave a "0" star review I would. There is no way to preview what the plan might look like until you pay for it. They don't tell you that the "money-back guarantee" only applies to ONE of the many options offered. I cancelled within the first 24 hours, but I am now being charged for three months. The foods that they recommend are all branded or extremely expensive.


Awkward site, bad billing practices
September 21, 2018
The site promises you the moon but does not deliver. The interface is clunky and incomplete and they make it very difficult for you to cancel once you subscribe. Buyer beware. I put my subscription “on hold” thinking that they wouldn’t bill me (there’s no easy way to cancel on the website) and sure enough, they billed me anyways. I’m now trying to cancel but they say it will only take effect in the next billing cycle, so that’s another month Of a wasted payment.

MariyaRau October 31, 2018

That exact scenario happened to me as well. When I pushed to speak to someone hire up the "food" chain they stopped responding to me.

I followed the plan to the T and I gained 5lbs in the first week. Since i was prepping for my son's wedding this freaked me out so i paused the plan thinking the same thing, that they wouldn't charge me. WRONG....SCAM