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Do not buy
December 16, 2022

I bought this, was charged $190.00 to download an app. can't get passed step 2 on the app. I wrote, they told me they do not give out refunds. DO NOT Buy this plan.

I hope this helps someone
November 2, 2022

I went with the pro plan for $39 and after a few days of playing with it found it to be a waste of time and money for what it offers. I also do not have the time to be making different meals for every meal (I am a leftover for lunch kind of person). I want to cook in bulk and have quick freezer meals.

Anyway, I responded to one of the text messages telling them this was not for me and that if it is a subscription I was not interested. I did not even know of the 30-day money back I just wanted to not have to pay any more for this bs.

I did get charged another $39 the following month and tried to chat with customer service but they were away. They did respond to me in email, and I asked to cancel and be refunded. They said it was past the 30-day money back and nothing could be done for a refund, that is how I found out about the 30-day money back. I asked if this could be escalated and was told that this Sheldon was the person that could help me and that he cannot do anything about it and that I will not be receiving a refund over and over again.

I called them on repeat during my lunch and finally someone picked up on the 5th try. They told me that nothing could be done and that their manager would say the same thing when I asked if there was someone else I could talk with. I then asked if there was someone above their manager that I could talk to and was placed on hold. They asked if they could call me back in 24-48 hours and I had a bad feeling like this could be a scam and was planning to call my credit card company if they would not refund me since the payment was still pending. I said that I really needed to talk to someone right now. I was placed on hold again. They asked if they could call be by the end of the business day and I replied that I did need to speak with someone now about this and that I did not mind waiting on hold. They came back and told me that the charge from that day had been reversed. I then asked about the first payment and if I could also be refunded for that one since I was unhappy with the product within the 30-days. Hold again but they did refund me for that one too.

If you get someone on the phone do not take no for an answer and do not let them call back.

I received emails about the credit and I did check my account and have a pending credit for $39 and the $39 pending charge went away.

September 2, 2022

This might have been a good plan, but it isn't practical for everyone. Even though I wanted this to be a great thing for myself and I wanted to dive into it 100%. I just wasn't able to. I didn't have time to prepare the meals and everything, which is not the problem and isn't the reason I am giving this a 1 star.

The problem is that this company when I went to cancel my account, stated that I had to call and speak to someone about canceling. I figured okay fine, SO I called, and called, and called. I never spoke to someone. I had to have called at least 30 times. AT LEAST, and all I got was their company voicemail??? And yes I did leave plenty of messages. Left my number and everything. Did I get a return phone call? No. I had to cancel my card when I realized that the money for the account WAS STILL BEING TAKEN OUT OF MY BANK ACCOUNT.

I immediately put a stop payment on them and told my bank to send me a new card with new numbers. I was livid, and I tried calling again to see if I could get a refund. I figured that they should know who I am by now, what with the countless voicemails, and what do you NO ONE ANSWERED. again.

I would never recommend this plan to someone. I am still out of my money and the company has yet to contact me about where my money is and why they can't pull anything from the account to keep it active. I gave up on them responding to my voicemails. So please take this as a warning. Think twice before you start with this company I made the mistake and lost my money, let me be your lesson

Kim May 19, 2023

Email them a whole bunch of times and file a complaint to the Better Business Bureau and then you’ll get a response to email.

August 22, 2022

This is the most bull crap thing ever, should be rated negative stars. I signed up through a Facebook add with a $100 off promo. I wanted to look into the app and the meal delivery.

I accepted a plan that was $180 and agreed to pay for $80 with $100 off promo. It also says when you buy that it is 100% refundable in the first 30 days if you decide you do not like it.

I fiddled around with it a couple days already deciding I wanted to cancel and get my $80 back. Then I find on my credit card statement that they had charged me $405!!

I have emailed them all multiple times. This is a huge scam. They said I signed up for all these other subscriptions and crap which I didn’t. They are refusing to refund any of it. I got an emailed recipe which showed I was charged $288, which I did not sign up for.

But even then, if I had agreed to $288 I was still over charged by over $100! When I asked for a list of the charges they keep changing what they are saying and how much everything is. This is the biggest scam ever!

JessicaBorovich August 26, 2022

Same thing happened to me I was charged $380 when I was told it would be $40 and got a receipt sent to my email for $40 once customer service responded through online chat (because it says no representative are available when you call their number) said there was nothing they could do, no refunds allowed and couldn't speak to a manager because they didn't know who their manager was and wasn't allowed to give their info. Bank couldn't do anything either. Had to go as far as to get a new card to prevent them from charging me anymore.

August 20, 2022

I had to give a start to comment. They stole money out of my account. Hung up on me when I called them. I’m praying my bank can handle it. Do not give this company your bank info.

Kayla August 22, 2022

Same happened to me. Charged me over $400 when I only signed up for a plan for $80. Refused to refund anything

This is very close to CONSUMER FRAUD!!
August 10, 2022
Do NOT sign up for this subscription! You cannot cancel the plan no matter how hard you try. You can jump through all these hoops to cancel your plan and then after you have turned down multiple offers to keep the plan they tell you that you will have to call them to get it canceled. Then when you call to cancel it they don't have any reps available to help you.

Beware Total Scam Fraudulent Billing! No Refunds!
August 7, 2022

Minus 10 stars fraud fraud fraud...Beware of this scam, fake billing and no refunds. Run away fast...

Total Scam, And No Customer Service To Help!
August 4, 2022

What a SCAM I only went to purchase the Pro subscription for $29.00. but it kept prompting me to links to buy more of this and that and other services, I kept saying no thanks over and over, then I get charged $269 for a plan I DID NOT BUY OR WANT.

Immediately I called them, no answer, then I emailed them and texted the customer service, even though i say this mistake and contacted them that I did not get or want the $269 program, they said, too bad once you have been charged they can not cancel it, even though it was only 5 minutes from them charging me.

THIS IS A TOTAL SCAM, they only give you a bunch of recipes,, that is all, and a lot of bs, horrible customer service like no one calls you back, I had to write and call a dozen times, to only get a sorry but we can't do anything even though it was THEIR SYSTEM MISTAKE.

Deceptive practices
June 27, 2022

Your website information lists returns/refunds.

I called to get that and was told that there was no return/refund policy in place. Very misleading. I also received pills with no directions. Who would take pills not knowing when and how many to take.

You guys stiffed me. I hope no one else gets sucked in.

RaquelCarreras August 04, 2022

TOTALLY AGREE, they scammed me too, i only got a pro subscription they billed me for another one i called within 5 minutes of seeing the charge and they said sorry can't do anything and no refund,, they scammed me out of $268 for a bunch of nothing, recipes and protein powder,, grrrr

VickiHill August 20, 2022

How do we find out the owners contact info

Fraud charges
June 21, 2022

Do not sign up for this plan. They hide all the charges you will be charged for. I paid $78 for the meals. My account was charged an additional $151 and $98. They say it's non-refundable. I did not agree to any additional charges or a plan. If you click on the free trial apparently that's how they trick you. I've yet to receive an explanation of where these additional charges are pointed out when paying $78. They keep saying you signed up for the x-ccelerate plan that I did not sign up for.

Kitty July 25, 2022

This happened to me also. I only signed up for the $39 plan. I am disputing the charge through my credit card company.

RaquelCarreras August 04, 2022

same, total scam...

June 17, 2022

G plans/Dr. Goglia is a scam. You read through their online BS and when you finally decide you may want a subscription they give you a fee of $27 to purchase.

After that, you will get an email that states you have been charged $288. They refuse to give you a credit, they refuse to give your money back, they refused to cancel.

I finally called my credit card company who took care of the matter. Do not trust this company. You will not get your money back. You will pay $280 without being notified of that first.

VickiHill August 20, 2022

How did you get your credit card company to take care of it? Mines still pending

May 31, 2022

Do not fall for this. Total scam. The website is misleading and you will be out of a lot of money for an application that is useless and supplements you may not receive. Tell your friends to stay away from this.

Scam Beware
May 26, 2022

I would not give it any stars if that was a choice. It is a total scam, when you call customer service there is absolutely no way to contact anyone.

They charge you without telling you and it is not cheap for the service it provides- which is essentially a food log. No macros, no custom food recipes or calorie count. It is a huge scam.

Unauthorized Charges- Total Scam
May 18, 2022

Total scam they will charge you for upgrades that you said no to!!! When I saw they charged my card for $288 I was livid and emailed 7 times only to have someone say sorry no refunds- complete bull this company is a sham.

SheilaSaunders May 24, 2022

This is a scam. I agreed to a monthly payment of $20. 00 and that same day an unauthorized charge of $288.00 lump sum was taken out of my account. I called and emailed to cancel immediately but could not reach a rep nor was I able to make contact by email or online.

I have been repeatedly trying to get my money back by calling multiple times daily only to get a recording that took my name and number. As of today I have not received a contact in any way except 2×s I reached a rep whom both were no help at all.

All they would say is they wouldn't refund my money in a matter-of-fact, uncaring way. Totally unsuccessful solving the matter. On their own admittance the last rep I talked with said she gets call after call with the same complaint.

Bottom line is G Plan took an unauthorized payment out of my bank in the amount of 288 dollars. DON'T LET THEM SCAM YOU!!

RachaelNally May 31, 2022

I got scammed also. VERY misleading. My question is, I purchased a supplement package. When I clicked on the code to get a % off, I will still charged the $98. Does anyone ever get the supplements? I feel so foolish for falling for this.

FrancesG Hess June 17, 2022

Did you call your credit card company?

Bait & Switch!! Stay away!!
May 11, 2022
They are misleading. I thought I was only getting charged $36 for plan & $20 for supplements. I got a $288 bill. I I inquired right away & asked to cancel. They are letting me cancel… next year… forcing me to pay the $288. Beyond disappointed in business practice!!

FrancesG Hess June 17, 2022

Call your credit card company! They should be able to deposit money back into your account and begin the investigation and dispute charges.

Scam ! Rip off !
May 8, 2022
This is a scam charged me over 300.00 that I didnot authorized I only wanted the 39.00 plan and my card was debited for 98.00 plus 151.00 plus 39.00 and they refuse to refund my money and I never recived the products I paid for total rip off !!

G-Plan scam
April 21, 2022
Less than 1 star!! Total scammers! Fraudulently charge you almost $300 and refuse to refund your money. DON'T believe a word they say. You may THINK you are getting a $39 plan, but they charge your credit card $288 and then say "you" signed up for it.

Scammers non refundable
April 19, 2022

I am giving this 0 stars, little did I know they will charge you so much! I have kids and wasn’t expecting to spend this much and they didn’t even give you a chance to review your order. Money is non refundable even though it doesn’t say that at all on the website, such scammers.

Never again for me, I am wanting to sue this company there’s so many people losing money… I’m glad I figured it out right away.

Victoria May 16, 2022


Another victim - PLEASE REPORT THEM
April 8, 2022

Wish I could select 0 stars. Same scam, different victim.

My college age daughter selected the $39 option only to be hit with $400 deducted within 15 minutes. She never saw language that it was chargeable for a year and not refundable.

Same complaint from literally hundreds of others if you look at their reviews, BBB and FTC - so clearly, they are NOT clear and are misleading consumers. Urging the government to take action to shut this scam artist down. victims, report to BBB, FTC, your local Attorney General and the Justice Department. Call your local media.

Seeking justice for my daughter and the literally hundreds, probably thousands, of others injured by their deceptive trade practices.

Mariah April 19, 2022

I really wish I saw this… I wish there was something to do about it, online doesn’t say anything about it being nonrefundable, I am kinda wanting to sue just to get my money back and with the miscommunications

Scam Scam Scam Scam
March 26, 2022

Strongly suggest you do some critical assessment of your web app having 20% of your ratings at the lowest level.

Stop using covert techniques to get people to sign up and pay for services they did not mean to select based on what appear to be a deliberate strategy to do just that.

Not ethical at all but then again we don't really live in a world that has any ethics.....step up and do the right thing.