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The price was competitive
December 19, 2016

Small problem with car rental agent when picking up, she insisted I needed insurance despite having insurance with my policy from home. Was also wanted to use a machine to for the pickup which was not working.

Nice staff, very helpful
December 19, 2016

The Value for 5 days, The economy of the car, Comfortable drive.

Dropped off very efficiently, no hassle checkout. Nice staff.Nice staff, very helpful

Check the refunding policy first
January 27, 2016
I had been booking a car with them in Tenerife. Almost all the booking fee had been debited instantly to the credit card. According to the cancellation policy the booking could be canceled until 48 hours before the rental date. The bad news are in the small print! I had to cancel the booking and I was informed that the amount (minus the cancellation insurance fee of EUR 13.99) WITHIN 45 BUSINESS DAYS!!! This is outrageous. They keep using our money and after 2 months no one will be able to complaint about the card transaction. Better to pay a few euros more and get your money back instantly if you have to cancel your booking. Sending them an e-mail to ask about the refund more than 30 days after the cancellation does not bring any results. No reply at all.

I wish I could run my business like they run theirs.
November 16, 2015
They charged more than double what they said they would and don't respond to multiple attempts to get in touch to resolve the issue.

October 25, 2015

AVOID THESE SCAMMERS - poor service, ignorance, non professionalism

Here is what happened...booked an Audi A3 from Australia, confirmed the car via e-mail with I have the proof email stating that they are guaranteeing the requested car. Of course upon arrival to Budapest Airport in Hungary we were presented with a Skoda Rapid. I showed them the e-mail, they did not care. I called their contact number, an Australian number which connected me to Latvia. I spoke to three different employees, two different men with the same name, the lady even refused to give out her name. They hung up many times so after my fifth attempt one of them told me to cancel the car and write to customer support and get a refund. Oh yes, only if I knew that I am just going to be ignored.

They were lying all around on the phone, stuttered when I asked them whether they record this phone conversation or whether they can look up my email correspondences with them. They were bunch of amateurs. The most upsetting thing is their ignorance through e-mails. I received 2 replies from an actual person to my 10 emails and even that is deflecting, not wanting to deal with the case.

The representatives at the Budapest Airport even gave me a written proof that they don`t have that car in their fleet. So it also falls into a category of false advertising.

I am constantly seeking ways how to report as a scam website, read through the many negative reviews but the next step will be issuing a legal letter to them. It is not about the few hundred dollars but these scammers have to go. The lower price their offer is not much lower at other places and their cars are much worse because you never get what you book anyway. Paying a bit more and going with a reputable company like Sixt, Europcar, Hertz...etc is the way to go. PLEASE AVOID ECONOMYBOOKINGS.COM

EconomyBookings scam
June 26, 2015

They rented me a car in Valencia with drop-off in Barcelona, but when I got to the rental car they told me I must pay double because of different drop-off.

And then they told me that in their system (the rental company was GoldCard) I appear with some financial risk , yet they couldn't tell me what that is (perhaps a lower credit card limit or an unpaid traffic fine).

They charged me the entire amount , although they haven;t gave me any car.

Right now, after about 45 days, EconomyBookings responded to my complaint and told me that it is in their Terms & Conditions that they cannot refund me anything.

So I paid the full amount of the rental fee, although they refused to give me any car and that amount won't be refunded.

EconomyBookings are definitely the biggest scammers I have met to date.