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Unpleasant experience
April 14, 2022

Very bad experience! Never book a vehicle from economybooking company again! Be sure to book a vehicle with the rental car company that owns their own rental car. Cars booked from this company are sub-leased to consumers from other companies. In case of any reason, even if the booking is cancelled more than a month in advance, a lot of advance payment will be withheld.

February 1, 2022
An absolute scam stay away don’t touch

Не рекомендую
December 21, 2021

Never book through economybookings

Booked a car in advance, flew to the airport, the dispatch went to the Hertz company, our flight was delayed. We waited at the front desk for an employee for 40 minutes. A woman came and said that she had no idea what this site and booking was, we had to pay her directly and she would not give us a car. 

I called the police, dealt with the police for another 1.5 hours, the company employee did not introduce himself. As a result, we at a local company took a car in 10 minutes, it cost half the price.

After I asked for a refund for the car reservation, I was also refused, due to the fact that I did not appear and did not take the car. Never book through this site and the Hertz site. Irresponsible companies that waste time, do not provide service, earn not by refunding money.

Terrible company
December 11, 2021

Very long and ridiculous story short I paid them a deposit for a rental I was needing for my son's birthday trip. The day of I got to address of booking and it doesn't exist the car rental shut down over 2 years ago I call them they give me the run around.

Won't help or refund said I have to email cause that department has no phone like what.... in the end of there month long investigation they pull out there a-- I was late or didn't show to pick up car so I don't get refund. I didn't show to business that no longer exist....who did they get this info that i didn't get car in time cause the place was long gone.

I had to play double for a last minute rental was late checking in to Beach House for sons birthday and they didn't care to make anything right, only lie like they talked to someone at a non existent business. A disgusting company that I hope soon get what they dish out steer clear of them

SCAM - Watch out!!!!
December 9, 2021

I tried to rent a car at San Diego for two days. The quoted price came back as $76 total. There was an option to get refund protection for $20 and I added it. When the charge came back to my card, it was for $156.66.

Now they are saying that they will not refund the protection amount which jumped from $20 to $85. This is a SCAM.... I am in the process of reporting this to BBB and all social media I have access to.

Not reliable. Poor communication
December 1, 2021

Their website and prices were good, but you can’t rely on them. I paid in full and was told that I would receive the confirmation by email.

After a few days, I called to get my confirmation email. I was informed that they cancelled the reservation. They blamed it on Thrifty, Thrifty blamed it on them. They offered to let me rebook a smaller car for $102 more.

Since I paid in full with no refund available, I requested an email for my credit card company so I could contest the charge if not refunded. The rep argued with me saying it wasn’t necessary. He finally acquiesced, but of course never sent it. No surprise.

Thrifty wouldn’t honor my reservation either. The also offered a car at a significantly higher price. I booked another rental through Priceline but because of the delay, the cost was significantly higher .

Don't Rent Through Them!
November 10, 2021
Horrible company! I pre-paid for a car and when I arrived they had no cars. They still charged me.

Do Not Trust Travel Companies
October 30, 2021
I did not rent a car for when going to rental place, by the way, a run down tire shop, I was told the car can only go 5o miles radius and will shut off at state line anything over 50 miles will be additional charges up to 1.00 /per mile I need it to go out of state it was fraud under the no disclosure of rental rules. It was stated on Priceline unlimited mileage hard to do that on a very small radius to try

Simply worth less than one star!
October 15, 2021

We were quoted and paid a deposit telephonically on a Group C Opel Corsa for collection at Faro Airport in Portugal, only to be informed, by e-mail the next day, that the particular car was no longer available and that we would have to upgrade, to a more expensive Group D Citroën C3, with an additional deposit, which we then paid, again over the phone, making sure this time that the particular car is available.

When we however arrived in Faro, late at night, we were given a Group C Opel Corsa, the cheaper car we were initially quoted on but at the increased price. We were therefore misled, either mistakingly or by intent.

We have subsequently taken this up with matter with both the sales manager in and customer service team of BookingGroup (the holding company) and although we were told that an investigation would take place and that we should allow 28 working days for that (which has now lapsed), nothing was done about the clear overcharge other than a simple reply saying that local taxes were added, which is far from the truth!

We were clearly misled and overcharged, so best be advised to stay clear of these companies!

October 11, 2021

You need to be a lawyer or legal secretary to sift through the legalese and conditions meant to trip up the consumer.

First, so much negative billing. One has to refuse options or one is trapped/ tricked into paying for unwanted features.

Second, convoluted cancellation/ cancellation insurance policy which has to be read quickly as one's reservation clock winds down.

Third, prices quoted in Canadian dollars but then charged in American.

Fourth, long distance contact phone number. (Riga, Latvia)

Stay away from this third party booking agent.

Dishonest company
August 25, 2021
1 star just because 0 is not possible. Dishonest company. Payment in full of the rental with a debit card accepted by EcomomyBookings and the deposit (a much smaller amount, like 10-15%) refused to be paid with the same debit card, thus the rental denied and no refund. Total loss of $1,340 EUR. Official claim to follow at Consumers Protection offices

Daylight robbery
August 10, 2021

TERRIBLE experience with this awful company. They clearly have ZERO interest in their customers. I wrote to them on the 12th of July about a refused rental and received a reply on the 9th of August... this is UNACCEPTABLE!

Ruined the start of my holiday in Turkey as they took my rental fee (over £400) even though I did not get the car, then I had to find a another car myself which ended up costing almost double the original rental. Over the phone, Economy Bookings were completely unhelpful and unforgiving, showing no sympathy for my situation, even though it was their system which is flawed.


Worst rental company ever
July 13, 2021
I canceled my car reservation juts a couple of hours after and they still charged me $90 off my money. I called and they practically told me to suck it. On top of that they do not have 24 hr customer service. Never using them again and I hope they run out of business soon so that can't scam anyone else.

They are crooks
April 14, 2021

Booking # B41717250. I got there about an hr early and after taking my reservation weeks in advance for 8pm (more than enough time for notice of a time change or closing) they closed/ran out of cars by 8:03 pm. How do you close on standing reservations... You should have the cars, That's the business. The whole thing. "It's not the taking, but the holding...,".

The sign said to "go to hertz" so I did that before being told I'd have to pay their prices in addition to what I paid here. I bounced around to the agencies and Enterprise came through in the clutch , which was an additional almost 280 but it beat avis' 500. These bums had the nerve to say they can't give me a refund because;

I didn't tell them about a cancellation of my reservation (didn't cancel) , or I didn't pick the car up at the arranged time and date (they closed at the arranged time and date) , or I failed to provide adequate documentation or a valid license

Terrible service
April 1, 2021

On vacation with my family. Arrived at Fort Lauderdale airport and took shuttle over to the rental car building. When we get there we find out that Economy Booking is not located at the airport rental car building like listed on the itinerary. By the time my family and i get to the car rental facility 20 minutes down the road they were closed. Went at opening to the car rental building to find out that since we missed our pickup day that our reservation is now voided.

Now we are stuck in Fort Lauderdale without transportation because it is spring break everything is booked. In dealing with Economy Booking over the phone, they transfer you to a voicemail with an email address to list your complaints and will get back to you in 7-10 days.

The second agent was frustrated when I called back to try to actually talk to someone(even though my family and I are the ones stranded without a car now! STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!

Deceitful practices, non-disclosed fees, no final summary page
February 9, 2021
They quoted a car for Dallas for $43.55 a day under it in small letters under it was $431. I barely noticed, but went thru the menu and deselected all of the options including a charge to be able to cancel it (my mistake), assuming if I wanted the full works it could add up to that. No final page with the final amount hit next and it ordered it. I got a request and confirmation email next for $431.16, but it was already done. Cancelled it and it cost me $100.

November 21, 2020
ATTENTION. After 3 months I have not yet been reimbursed for the damage to the rented car for € 950.00 through Full Coverage Insurance B91719717. They offered me a voucher, a ridiculous thing that insurance company wants to refund damage by voucher and not with a true refund. I will report everything to the Italian postal police.

Google is the poblem
October 12, 2020

The actual company I ended up dealing with was great. When I originally did a Google search for a Car Rental Company in my immediate area, was at the top of the list.

It turns out that there are some convoluted insurance problems when dealing with these third party entities as far as insurance goes, as explained to me by a proper car rental company.

It is likely that economybooking's pays Google a lot more money than my local car rental company does. Google sucks even more than I thought it did before.

October 7, 2020

Booked a car and was sent the vouchers to collect car from Bargain Car rentals in Cairns. On attempting to collect the car was informed our booking did not exist, and no cars available. Phoned Economy bookings and was informed our car booking had been cancelled by the company. No notification, left stranded with 3 hungry kids in a remote part of Cairns late at night. Had no choice but to catch a maxi taxi to Port Douglas and pay $250 and had no car hire for the short holiday

Economy bookings just didn't even reply or respond to repeated requests to provide an explanation or compensation. Never ever again..............

Fraud refund
September 18, 2020

In April 2020 I cancelled my trip; flight and car rental with because of COVID19.

When I cancelled my car rental with EconomyBookings I opted to get my money back instead of a voucher. The note on my cancellation said it could take 4-5 months to see the credit on my credit card. I went to check on the refund now that it’s been 6 months. No refund?!! Funny thing when I went back Online there was no mention about my refund despite the fact I paid EXTRA for free cancellation and I only got an option to get a voucher. Hmmmm...very suspicious.

I do not want a voucher and am demanding the cancelled car rental be paid back in full. The email response to my voucher said “Your booking ##### will be cancelled and your compensation voucher will be sent to your email [email protected] within 24 hours.

If you have not received the email, please contact us;

US 1 347 897 9795”

This is a joke. Now that it’s been 10 days and no email with my voucher I don’t want. I tried calling the number provided. It is not a surprise to me but the customer service number IS NOT WORKING.

I paid:

8 Day car rental $459.22


TOTAL $481.22


This is a company doing business out of Latvia. It is an unethical company and a scam.