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October 19, 2022
BEWARE! A SCAM: I booked a rental car 4 months in advance and with a prepaid deposit. When I arrived at the airport, there was no car for me (written confirmation by Enterprise). I spent another 3 hours trying to get a solution. I finally paid double with another rental company. One month, some bad reviews and hundred of mails later, Just got back my 30€ prepayment. I spent more than 260€ on extracosts over my original booking!! I am still complaining...

October 15, 2022

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! They get rich by charging ridiculous cancellation fees. I booked a car rental 2 days ago then got e-mail that the payment didn't go through. went through the entire booking process again just now and got suspicious when they advertised a cheaper rate for the same car but then the total came out the same as in the original booking.

Unfortunately i already had paid for it and then came here to read the reviews. Canceled immediately, not even 15 min later! with not a single mention of cancellation fee other than 24 and 48 hrs prior to start of rental.

Got an email confirming the cancellation and that their cancellation fee was over 90% of the deposit amount I paid. Furious!!!

Another Great Review
October 1, 2022

Total scam!!

I was charged for a booking that was never confirmed on my credit card.

I have a email saying my booking canceled, but no refund was issued.

No one answers, and based on other reviews wouldn't help anyway.

I looked for reviews before trying to book, and only say excellent ones. I didn't see these until too late.

Has anyone contacted BBB or any other agency to investigate?

Hoping the fact they are in another country doesn't matter because


R & JDrake December 30, 2022

Why 3 stars and not 1?

Bad service
September 28, 2022

My sister and dad went to a trip in New York my sister did not have her Have a credit card in her name they refuse to rent to my my sister and father. They had to get another rental from enterprise who had no problem doing so. Also economy charge my dad's card now won't give back money. BIGGEST SCAMMERS NEVER USE

Tip for consumers:

Rent cars my dad had plenty of card they could if used just flat on refused but charged his card a month before

Be wary when reserving with Economy Bookings
September 4, 2022

BE WARY using Economy Booking to rent vehicles. The company’s promotions are misleading. We booked a vehicle five months in advance of our vacation.

Specifically, we rented a 7-seater Ford Expedition for our 9-day trip to Maui. The promotion was for $68.53 CDN per day, which we thought would total to ~$697 CDN.

However, we were charged $1,187 CDN on our credit card. When we called Economy Booking to understand the charged amount, they claimed the promotion was for the first day only and the cost was indicated in the fine print.

Honestly, who reads the fine print??!? The company should have specified the deal was for the first day only. Due to this exorbitant cost, we wanted to cancel our rental; however, there was a $75 EU cancellation fee despite canceling 4 months in advance.

We decided to bite the bullet and absorb the cancellation fee. In the end, we still found a better deal despite the cancellation fee. We found a 7- seater vehicle for 9-days in Maui which costs $748 CDN plus a cancellation fee totaling ~$868 CDN – we still saved $320 CDN!!!

The fact that Economy Booking was not flexible nor understanding about canceling even when we provided ample notice is off-putting. We are living in uncertain times where plans change all the time.

With that said, I suggest customers look elsewhere – a company that is more flexible with cancellations and more transparent in its advertising.

The company was involved in a scam
August 31, 2022

I used that website to rent a car in Orlando and there was scam that happened to me.

Shortly I arrived at the airport around an hour late because of the weather conditions and that’s usually normal even with a few hours late, but I couldn’t find any shuttle to pick me up to the rental office outside of the airport and after contacting them and no answer for more than an hour. They sent me a message saying that the reservation is cancelled and you basically I’ll not get a refund. The company’s name was seven auto.

What I learned about this company is that they do that a lot and they don’t send shuttles to pick up customers and sometimes they even charge more fees (double the rent).

I contacted customer service and after around two weeks they sent me back saying that they will not issue a refund.

Charge from Latvia posted to credit card
August 18, 2022
It was a surprise to learn that the charge for the rental car posted outside of the U.S. My credit card company declined it. I felt uncomfortable that this was not disclosed up front.

Loss Leader Advertising
August 18, 2022

I was searching for a car rental and came upon Economy Bookings. I saw the rate as $18.00 per day. However, when I calculated my total cost, I determined there was a $200.00 difference. When I called, I was informed that although the ad read as $18.00 per day, that is only for the first day. The remaining days are at the regular rate. When I confirmed what the representative was saying, she became rude and unresponsive.

I find their ad total misleading and untruthful.

August 1, 2022
Do yourself a favor and look somewhere else. This company does not honor reservations with horrible customer service. I booked 6 months in advance, paid deposit, showed up with a confirmation email and a voucher issued by them and the reservation could not be found. Go directly to Hertz, Avis or Budget and save yourself an unpleasant experience.

This is not an honest company!
July 25, 2022

I will never use this company, Economy Bookings, again in my life time. I take offense to people taking all my information including my credit card and not actually giving me what I purchased online! I believe this is fraud and in order for you to stay in business you guys need to do the confirmation as soon as you verify and say we have the car.

July 6, 2022

This company will take your money (500$) to pre book and if you don't have a credit card (even if you have the down payment instead of credit card) you are screwed, because they don't allow any changes and they offer no solutions.

June 29, 2022

Warning This Company is a scam I was charged for a Rental car Booking and was stranded at the airport. The rental car company didn't even have a shuttle to pick me Up. They still charged my credit card for services and insurance they never provided.

They should be investigated and shut down by Consumer protective services. I was stranded at the airport for over three hours trying to get an Uber. Sometimes It best to go with a proven company they are cheaper because in the end they will not provide you with the service you paid for. and still charge you. Buyer beware you have been warned

Stay away.
June 27, 2022

I made on online car reservation with in advance of my trip to Cancun.

In order to avoid problems with insurance coverage, I purchased "Full Coverage" insurance at the time of booking. When I arrived at the America Car Rental desk, I was immediately told that they did not recognize the "Full Coverage" policy and that I would need to purchase additional insurance for $600usd for my 14-day rental.

After 2 hours of arguing the point, America Car Rental reduced the price to $325usd. They had me over the barrel. I had to either pay for their insurance or walk away from my rental with no refund and having to find another car from another rental.

I made a complaint to A little over a week later I got an email telling me that there was nothing that they would be willing to do about this. I replied with another email to say that I don't accept their decision and that at a minimum, I expected a refund for the "Full Coverage" insurance I purchased.

I still have received no response, more than a week later. I then called their support line. I was told by the agent that a decision had been made and that if I didn't agree with it, I could write an email.

I insisted that I be transferred to a manager, and that was refused. The agent was totally unwilling to assist me in escalating the case. This is a completely unsatisfactory experience. I encourage anyone who is planning to use this booking system to not do that. Based on this awful experience, I will never use them again. Period.

DD July 01, 2022

Economy is a scam. They charge you , then they denied that you purchased from them , Even when providing the confirmation number they will deny you. Its fake

R & JDrake December 30, 2022

They are a total scam. Class action law suit is.m coming

Do not EVER rent from this company
June 18, 2022

One star is too good for them! I rented from the Orlando location to spend a week one hour away in Cocoa FL. I had a flat tire and was told that there would be a $185 fee to replace the tire, or I could drive two hours at my own time and expense to pick up a different car.

R & JDrake December 30, 2022

Class action law suit

Please Do Not Use This Company to Book Rentals
June 8, 2022

I do NOT recommend using this company to book. (even tho the rental price was very GOOD.) They sold me 'full coverage' for my rental, as well as "Roadside assist" for my U.S. trip. Their "Roadside Assist" is only available business hours in European time, and was a complete farce for U.S. traveling. the "Full coverage" was NOT honored by the rental counter, which added their own taking up my cost.

The customer service person I spoke with was in Europe, and very unhelpful. Please Do Not Use This Company to Book.

Stolen Credit card
June 7, 2022

I’ve been emailing this company about a transaction on my credit card. My credit card was stolen and was used to make a reservation, car was never picked up I don’t no why. I called and emailed this company I even sent them my doctor's paperwork saying I got COVID and I didn’t make the reservation at all.

I rent through enterprise car rental I will never rent thru this company. I’m at home sick fighting thru email to get my money refunded on my card. They wanna give me a voucher, I want my money and I will never go thru this company after what’s happening to me.

They don’t know how to satisfy people and refund after a situation like this. I’m calling my credit card telling them it has been stolen because I'm done with this company...

Rude and hung up the Phone.
June 3, 2022

I made a reservation last night and called this morning to cancel the reservation.

I had questions about the charges. The female on the phone was extremely rude. I asked about a confirmation number related to the cancellation,; She hung up the phone.

I would not recommend any Veteran do business with this Company. I only gave one star because there is none lower.

Extra Charge at
May 12, 2022

I booked a car from last month on 7 April 2022 and to pick up the car from Auckland, new Zealand and in the online recipe asked me for prepayment and I paid mentioning that I should pay the rest at time of collection the car but the car rental company took the total fee. I was double charged and I sent an email to explaining the story to them. They denied what they have mentioned on the receipt and say above $100 prepayment is only booking service fee. I believe that this company lie to customers. I will follow up on this in Consumer NZ.

Avoid doing business with Economy Booking Group.
May 10, 2022

This is the worst scam I've ever had in a car rental. I booked a Kauai rental. It purported to be $63/day from Avis, which I thought reasonable. I declined damage insurance, roadside assistance, etc.

Having a grasp of basic math, I thought this would be $441 for the week. I thought what was in small print - $1182 was with all insurances etc. There was never a chance to check what was to be billed to my credit card.

Well $1182 was the amount billed me. And when I reached Economy Group in Latvia they said that $63 was only for the first day!!! Each additional day must have been $187. To cancel the booking 3 days later cost $75 Euro.

This is fraudulent. And I can't see how to post my review amongst the, no doubt, company written glowing reviews on their web-site.

Scam, they steal your money
May 4, 2022

I booked online a year ago, when I arrived to pick up the car my reservation did not exist. I tried several times to contact them, no support or customer service.

I can't understand how this website is still robbing money from

innocent people. My bank refuses to return my money, they say it's a scam company and I'm still fighting after one year to recover my money!