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Pricing is not what was advertised
January 11, 2023

I booked online and was given a total price for a rental car in February. Opened my Mastercard statement and was charged much more on the credit card than the total price that was identified when I placed the order. I cannot find anywhere a phone number or any contact data to have a talk. Very fishy company.

SCAMMER ALERT! Stay away from this Car Rental
January 3, 2023

Booked a car for 8 days and did not have credit card on the pick up as my account was temporarily blocked due to suspicious activity/hacking. I called their customer service to add my friend’s name on the rental, so we can use her credit card for the deposit as it was FULLY-PAID already but I was told that they cannot do anything to help me but offered to assist for a new booking instead. Like totally disregarding my concern and my fully-paid reservation. I did not get to pick up the car and I refused to book another reservation thru them.

I had emailed them but I was told that I cannot get a refund. This Company has an ODD policy close to being the biggest SCAM and does not offer decent service to Customers.

Complete scam. Do not rent
December 30, 2022

DO NOT USE this company.

We were to arrive at 1pm and pick up a rental from Payless car rental at the Portland airport.

Our plane arrived late and we arrived at the counter at 5pm

Payless counter rep found the reservation and confirmed they had plenty of cars.

However, economybookings had a block on the reservation. We contacted them via phone and they claimed that Payless had denied the booking and they could do nothing. This was said in front of the Payless counter agent. The counter agent, hearing this , asked the economy booking rep to un block the reservation and they would rent us the car. The economy rep hung up on us.

We got a rental car thru Payless and made a complaint to out credit card company. By the way, Payless are mgr continued to try and open the blocked contract through the next 24 hours.

75 days later we got a response from Economy. Their letter to our complaint read "we could not honor the clients rental due to issues beyond our control". Vague and a total lie.

We have re initiated our complaint and are looking at a class action suit for deceptive business practices.

DO NOT book a rental through this off shore sham. We will update here with a copy of their responses and any ideas on how to respond.

We are also making complaints to the consumer protection agency , as well as master card, Bank of America, and will be noticing AAA and The ARP.

We intent to alert every contact we can.

By the way, our contract was for $403.00. Economybookings normal fee is less than 10% on a booking. They didn't pay a dime, instead keeping the whole fee. They are a scam...

R & JDrake December 31, 2022

Thank you for this information

Scam! They still owe me 1500€ after 3.5 months
December 30, 2022

Scam! Don't book with EconomyBookings,3.5months later they still owe me 1500€ from the full car insurance.I sent all the documents for the claim 3.5 months ago, they said in the receipt it would take 10 business days and after emailing them 20times with no reply, calling them 4 times they cant give me any information or phone number of the insurance department.

Don’t recommend!!!!
December 28, 2022
Don’t use this service!!!!!! I’ve booked a prepaid for 18 days!!! and have bought a full coverage insurance. On pick up point in Malta I couldn’t get the car because I had to pay plus 450 € for insurance, because I didn’t have a credit card. I wanted to cancel to refund rather half of payment, but they don’t return any!!! I’ve lose my money and get only message “When you complete the reservation, you have read, understood, and agreed to the Cancellation and Non-refundable Policy disclosed during the process of booking, therefore, you accepted and agreed to the transaction, made the reservation and received confirmation.” But for example bookingeconomy could return half because I didn’t use my order at all. They even didn’t offer me discount of next booking! I totally fractured and angry about this service. I don’t recommend to use it. Better to rent a car directly

Total crap of a company
December 28, 2022

Horrible experience with this co. Refused to refund car rental costs when we were stranded due to the winter storm that’s still messing up travel. All flights in/out of our city were cancelled so we couldn’t get to destination.

Emailed this co the same day to cancel. Responded with no refund and no exception for unforeseen circumstances. Airlines and hotel refunded $$ because it makes sense. Total rip-off.

Economy bookings helps scammers
December 19, 2022
Stole my deposit and left without a rental car in Mexico.

No Customer Service if something goes wrong
December 15, 2022

Our flight was delayed and my husband contacted them that our flight was delayed but they are claiming that they have no record of that contact and they are not responsible for any changes in flight schedule. We arrived at the car rental company after our delayed and they had a car for us, however, EconomyBookings never transferred any of the money we paid them to the car rental company as they can canceled our reservation. The biggest problem is that they have NO customer support. There is a number to call on their website but it is just a front, if you are calling about a post booking request they just tell you to fill out an electronic form. I called 4 times and was not able to talk with a person. They kept our approximately $450 and did not fulfill their end of the deal and pay the rental car company.

Never use them again
December 4, 2022

I hired a car for 1,300euro which I never got...

December 2, 2022

This is a scam website period.

I spent handfuls of dollars purchasing from your website which I can easily ignore or dispute. But, I just let you know that I will file a claim for your company even if I have to spend thousands of dollars. Expect me!

Bait & Switch by Economy Bookings Partner
November 25, 2022
Thought I secured a great rental deal with one of EB's partners, Green Motion, $18.00 per day, at Tampa. Upon arrival, was told that my NYS Insurance, $50K/$100K, was not adequate, they required $500K, yes, a half a million dollars. This additional charge was $30.00 per day. Also, they wouldn't allow me to utilize my personal SunPass, I would have had to pay $19.00 per day for theirs or avoid toll roads. Classic "bait & switch". Neither charge was indicated before arrival at Tampa. Economy Bookings "investigated" and offered no consideration. I would not reserve a car with them again

Bait & Switch
November 17, 2022

Economy Bookings offered us a classic bait & switch scam. If you don’t accept additional coverage (often provided by the credit card used to book the rental) the car rental company's credit card machine will not accept a full deposit amount against damages.

In our case we were obliged to cancel the reservation Economy Bookings made with America Car Rental and take a car with Hertz instead – at less than America could offer us with minimal coverage, but considerably more than the advertised price by Economy Bookings.

Lesson: if it looks too good to be true, it probably isn’t!

Took our money, had no cars, would not issue refund
October 31, 2022

We booked and paid Economybookings in July '22 for a rental car to be picked up in September at Bologna Airport. We arrived at the Goldcar counter - waited an hour for only 4 guests waiting ahead of us - and discovered that they had given all cars away. There was a big event in Verona that weekend and car prices skyrocketed with demand - so no one had cars left in their rental fleets.

We were very upset to learn we could not get a car we had paid for as this threw our plans off considerably! Goldcar apologized and assured us that Economybookings would refund us... 'just contact customer service'. 5 weeks later Economy Booking advise us that 'since we did not show up, no refund would be issued'. WTF? We showed up... we told them we showed up... we waited over an hour after showing up... but yeah, that's their story.

We are now pursuing this through more legal means to recuperate our losses. What a sad situation to have to fight for something we genuinely paid for?!?! BE VERY CAREFUL if you choose to book with this nefarious company!

Throwing away your money
October 31, 2022
Doesn't seem reputable, nor does America Car rentals. When I arrived at America, the price never included the price paid to Economy Booking and with insurance was 11X the Economy Booking rate. In Mexico I know the game with the local insurance, but involving economy is simply throwing away money. I'll also never rent from America Rentals either. Stick with major names.

October 19, 2022
BEWARE! A SCAM: I booked a rental car 4 months in advance and with a prepaid deposit. When I arrived at the airport, there was no car for me (written confirmation by Enterprise). I spent another 3 hours trying to get a solution. I finally paid double with another rental company. One month, some bad reviews and hundred of mails later, Just got back my 30€ prepayment. I spent more than 260€ on extracosts over my original booking!! I am still complaining...

October 15, 2022

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! They get rich by charging ridiculous cancellation fees. I booked a car rental 2 days ago then got e-mail that the payment didn't go through. went through the entire booking process again just now and got suspicious when they advertised a cheaper rate for the same car but then the total came out the same as in the original booking.

Unfortunately i already had paid for it and then came here to read the reviews. Canceled immediately, not even 15 min later! with not a single mention of cancellation fee other than 24 and 48 hrs prior to start of rental.

Got an email confirming the cancellation and that their cancellation fee was over 90% of the deposit amount I paid. Furious!!!

Another Great Review
October 1, 2022

Total scam!!

I was charged for a booking that was never confirmed on my credit card.

I have a email saying my booking canceled, but no refund was issued.

No one answers, and based on other reviews wouldn't help anyway.

I looked for reviews before trying to book, and only say excellent ones. I didn't see these until too late.

Has anyone contacted BBB or any other agency to investigate?

Hoping the fact they are in another country doesn't matter because


R & JDrake December 30, 2022

Why 3 stars and not 1?

Bad service
September 28, 2022

My sister and dad went to a trip in New York my sister did not have her Have a credit card in her name they refuse to rent to my my sister and father. They had to get another rental from enterprise who had no problem doing so. Also economy charge my dad's card now won't give back money. BIGGEST SCAMMERS NEVER USE

Tip for consumers:

Rent cars my dad had plenty of card they could if used just flat on refused but charged his card a month before

Be wary when reserving with Economy Bookings
September 4, 2022

BE WARY using Economy Booking to rent vehicles. The company’s promotions are misleading. We booked a vehicle five months in advance of our vacation.

Specifically, we rented a 7-seater Ford Expedition for our 9-day trip to Maui. The promotion was for $68.53 CDN per day, which we thought would total to ~$697 CDN.

However, we were charged $1,187 CDN on our credit card. When we called Economy Booking to understand the charged amount, they claimed the promotion was for the first day only and the cost was indicated in the fine print.

Honestly, who reads the fine print??!? The company should have specified the deal was for the first day only. Due to this exorbitant cost, we wanted to cancel our rental; however, there was a $75 EU cancellation fee despite canceling 4 months in advance.

We decided to bite the bullet and absorb the cancellation fee. In the end, we still found a better deal despite the cancellation fee. We found a 7- seater vehicle for 9-days in Maui which costs $748 CDN plus a cancellation fee totaling ~$868 CDN – we still saved $320 CDN!!!

The fact that Economy Booking was not flexible nor understanding about canceling even when we provided ample notice is off-putting. We are living in uncertain times where plans change all the time.

With that said, I suggest customers look elsewhere – a company that is more flexible with cancellations and more transparent in its advertising.

The company was involved in a scam
August 31, 2022

I used that website to rent a car in Orlando and there was scam that happened to me.

Shortly I arrived at the airport around an hour late because of the weather conditions and that’s usually normal even with a few hours late, but I couldn’t find any shuttle to pick me up to the rental office outside of the airport and after contacting them and no answer for more than an hour. They sent me a message saying that the reservation is cancelled and you basically I’ll not get a refund. The company’s name was seven auto.

What I learned about this company is that they do that a lot and they don’t send shuttles to pick up customers and sometimes they even charge more fees (double the rent).

I contacted customer service and after around two weeks they sent me back saying that they will not issue a refund.