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Bioskin Youth Complex a Winner for me
April 12, 2023
I feel really good since beginning Bioskin Youth Complex and my skin seems to have improved. I seem to be sleeping better as well!

April 11, 2023
I am new to eliminating lectins in my diet and have defiantly experienced reactions to certain lectin rich foods, which were primarily the main “healthy” foods I was consuming. I just could not understand why all of these vegetables and grains/seeds were causing such a reaction(achy joints, bloating, etc..) I have felt much improved with the dietary adjustments that I have been making and take Lectin shield when I dine out and I know I can’t control the lectin content in the food. The way I know this works is that I did not have it with me prior to a meal the other night, proceeded to order lectin friendly as I could and wham…! more of the old symptoms temporarily returned. This does work and it is a game changer. Thank you Dr. Gundry for figuring all of this out so the rest of us can be on a pathway to health and youthfulness!

No pill can fix a diet high in sugar, and chemicals
April 11, 2023

I purchased 3 bottles Dr. Gundry's Age spot remover. This product does nothing. Age spots are an indicator of insulin resistance (pre-diabetes). What is actually working is changing my diet to low carb, healthy fat as recommended by The Diabetes Code by Dr. Jason Fung.

Our western diet has been altered in the last 40 yrs to contain far more sugar, and carbohydrates. The result has been a global explosion of Type II Diabetes & Obesity across every culture, every age group and every ethnicity.

There is no pill that will make you well. The only thing that does that is improving your diet...getting off ultra-processed foods and sugar, and cutting baked goods, potatoes & rice. Save your money and buy either The Diabetes Code or the Obesity Code by Dr. Fung.

So far, I'm down 14 lbs in 2 months, my energy levels are up, joint pain is down, belly no longer distended, GI tract feels amazing, my rosacea is phenominally improved and my age spots are fading.

Dr. Gundry is another snake oil salesman pushing more products you didn't ask for during checkout and pushing subscriptions. Those 2 tactics are used by the most unscrupulous players online. Tells you exactly who you are dealing with.

ReginaMarina June 03, 2023

Gundry has always said that age spots are due to high insulin and he has always recommended a low sugar diet. I’m not sure where you got confused, but the cream doesn’t work on its own — you have to follow the actual plan.

Charlie June 19, 2023

I'm sure it would be helpful to use his cream in conjunction with some of his other recommended supplements, readily available on his website, and his recommended dietary adjustments.

Health benefits
April 11, 2023
I am enjoying the product! A noticeable difference in my hair, skin and overall health.

Great taste
April 10, 2023
I like the taste of the product & it seems to be helping me with my weight when I use it as a meal replacement. I would recommend this product to anyone wanting a great protein drink.

BioSkin Youth Complex Is working!
April 9, 2023

I decided to order BioSkin Youth Complex after watching Dr. Steven Gundry's presentation clip of this product. Although I am reluctant to jump immediately to order a product after I watch such presentations, this time, I was fully convinced that I must give it a try to this product. What would I lose? And I am very happy that I did it.

Lately, my nails were very frail, breaking very fast. Also, I started to notice that when washing my hair, I started to lose more hair than usual. I started to think that I needed to see a doctor to recommend me something to improve my condition or find a vitamin supplement by myself. Then, I found Dr. Gundry’s presentation.

I ordered 3 bottles of BioSkin Youth Complex, and I started to take them according to the advice written on the label. To my great surprise, at the end of the first bottle, I already noticed good improvements in the condition of my nails. They are stronger and stopped breaking. The hair is not falling that much, but I still want to continue with the second bottle.

I fully recommend this product.

It works in time!
April 7, 2023
It’s been two months since I started taking bio skin youth complex and I’m starting to see a noticeable difference. I would definitely recommend this product.

Luxuriously Smooth and Effective
April 6, 2023
The Youth Complex has smoothed out some of the wrinkles that were forming, and has lifted my skin, especially around my eyes. It is smooth and feels luxurious. I love it!

The fountain of BIOskin!!
April 6, 2023
My skin is absolutely moisturized like never before! The wrinkles around my eyes are less visible. It looks more lush and younger everyday I take BIOSKIN!! I luv it!! I’m so grateful. I’ve tried very cream out there and luv this vitamin!

Seeing changes after only a few months
April 6, 2023
So far, after a only a few months, I've noticed my hair and nails are stronger and are growing quicker than they usually do.

Use for at least one month to see results.
March 29, 2023

After using for a month , I started to get compliments on my skin .

One friend asked what I was using because my skin looked amazing !

I am 61.

You are what you eat.
March 29, 2023

When I first started, I knew I needed to change the way I viewed food, eating healthier. I wanted to start a new way of life for myself.

My stomach was keeping me up at night, I always had an upset stomach. My mom, was my example. We had a lot of the same issues, I was headed that same way.

I had heard about Dr. Gundry and was already buying vital reds and drinking it everyday.

My co-worker, who was a nutriutionist was also drinking vital reds. She knew about Dr. Gundry.

It was March 1st 2019 when I changed my diet. I was spending a lot of time in the kitchen preparing my next meal, and future meals. I try really hard to follow the strict diet, I am not always perfect, but I try.

I make a lot of recipes from Dr. Gundry's cookbooks. The dishes are delicious.

I am hoping I will have quality of life for the rest of my old age.

Lectin Shield helps with inflammation
March 26, 2023
My husband and I are using the Lectin Shield product in conjunction with your Plant Paradox diet. We are following the diet as best as we can and use the Lectin Shield to help when we have lectins in our meal. We are both feeling better in our overall health and feel that our issues with inflammation have gotten better.

BioSkin Youth Complex works like a charm.
March 25, 2023
I noticed that my skin looks much better within a week. My aunt also noticed the change and gave me a compliment about how nice it looks!

Feeling Amazing with MCT Wellness
March 24, 2023

Since I have been using MCT Wellness I feel very healthy,more alive and have lost weight

I can't wait to have it every morning as soon as a wake up

I had trouble with my stomach and bowel but now it's fine using MCT Wellness every day for for just over a month now

Also got lots more energy

Thank you Dr Gundry

Tastes incredible
March 24, 2023
Love the taste of the watermelon lemonade MCT, I add a scoop to my green smoothie and it takes fantastic.

Dr. Gundry is one of the greats!
March 22, 2023

I think Dr. Gundry is great. I have had success listening to him. I love some his food products and buy several of his products in his food store. I love his spaghetti, waffle mix, chocolate bars, olive oil. I can’t afford all of the things I’d like to buy of his but I certainly get what I can because they are great products!

Thank you Dr. Gundry!

MCT Wellness helped me lose weight and have extra energy
March 22, 2023
I originally bought MCT Wellness to speed up my metabolism, because I wanted to lose 12 pounds. I found I had extra energy even on my low calorie diet, so I have continued to use it even after I lost the 12 pounds. I have also gone from drinking two pots of coffee a day to less than half a pot. I will continue to use this product and also recommend it to friends.

Get some energy that you need!!!
March 21, 2023
My wife didn't like that there is a bit of a twang to it, but I don't mind it. When I drink it down, after a bit I can feel the energy to power through my afternoon without the need for my mid-afternoon snack. It's great.

Great product
March 21, 2023
My name is Bianca, 49 years old and I have been taken Vital Reed for about 4 weeks , just got my second order .. overall good improvement on my health