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3 months and happy
November 18, 2016
I like that it gets me to try new cuts of meat that I'm not familiar with. The flank and Denver steaks were great. Love the stir fry cuts and smashed beef sticks. I'm not a big ground beef user but the dog enjoys the extra.

Buyer beware
November 12, 2016
I absolutely loved my first box of all beef and would recommend it to anyone and would have given 5 stars. I received rib eyes, short ribs, thin sliced beef excellent for stroganoff, etc and several other delicious cuts and ground beef. I loved it so much, I ordered double for my 2nd box. BIG disappointment. I got about 14 lbs of beef for $238. No rib eyes or any normal steak but mostly all cheap tough cuts of meat that all require marinating or long cooking, such as eye of round (personally I would never bye eye of round, there is no amount of cooking that doesn't make this dry) flank steak, ranch steak (which is really chuck), hanger steak, ground beef, etc. Several of the packages were marked 10 oz but when I weighed them, they were only 6.7. Several emails to customer service (they don't have phone support) produced no solution thus far. I doubt I will reorder from this company in the future without some conversation.

So far so good!!!!
June 3, 2016
I started small, To try them out and have been pleased. Looking to increase my purchase and see if things continue. Learning to go from purchasing at your local store to trusting an online company is scary. mSo far prefer Butcher Box. Everything we have cooked and consumed has been awesome.

Think twice before giving Butcher Box your credit card info
October 21, 2020

Before you sign up be sure you realize you are their customer for life. They do not let you cancel! We ordered once. It was ok, not special so we cancelled. That was in June. In October we received email saying an order was coming for $149. We called and said we canceled. They said “no you didn’t.” We said cancel now. They said “too late it’s already shipped” (even though tracking Info they had sent says “not yet shipped.”

I emailed. They responded admitting we DID cancel but claims that we “renewed.” It’s a lie. In truth in October they sent an email. We opened the email, not knowing that the MERE FACT of opening the email meant to Butcher Box that we renewed. In response to that email we said “no thank you.” Didn’t matter.

So we have $149 on our credit card and meat is arriving we do not want and did not order. Worse and far more importantly, they blame us for mistake.

Forget Butcher Box. There are lots of struggling butchers in your area who would love to sell you organically grown product from local farms. Shop local and avoid Butcher Box unless you like people having your credit card number and charging whatever and whenever they want.

1st Box
September 23, 2020
I received our first big box 2 weeks ago and have been happy with the mailing/shipping 100%. The packing was great and the meats were still frozen. It's just my and me so I'm going to change to the small box. We've hardly made a dent in the large box! We loved the ribeye's, hamburger, and bone in, skin on chicken thighs and drumsticks! I cooked them on the grill with only salt and pepper and they were delicious. My hubs ate 4 pieces and wanted more! Very happy with their service!

September 21, 2020

Meats are good, probably not worth the price. Some of the packages were torn. Box arrived late and VERY damaged. They gave me a credit for a few torn packages, although I wanted a refund. It has been 2 years and I still haven't ordered again, so my money is just sitting there.

I also learned that a lot of people have had a box delivered to their house, although it wasn't theirs. They call butcherbox and they are told to just keep it. Sounds like a scam to me. Probably trying to market or write off meat they aren't going to sell.

Company not organized
September 20, 2020
Definitely not worth the money. We tried ButcherBox as with Covid19 it was difficult to get meat and such. Not only is it not worth the money in our opinion, but in addition, they screwed up orders and sent us two boxes! At $270. a pop, it sure adds up. Also, they failed to deliver on promotion promised. Going to get our meats at local market.

Not a good value
July 13, 2020

I ordered my 1st Butcher Box a couple of weeks ago. Not knowing what to expect, I ordered the mixed box for $149 in order to sample different items. The box came quickly and was well packaged.

What I received, however, was disappointing. Strip and Ribeye steaks are very small and very thin, had to be very careful not to overcook. Salmon portions are extremely small. Most disappointing were the chicken breasts. Very small, not grass-fed, and not even organic. Same for the uncured bacon. I know that I can get both of these for far less $$.

So I cancelled my subscription and stated VALUE for my reason to cancel. I very quickly received an offer to switch to the "chef's" box for $119, but was not able to find out what that box contained. This box is not available in their regular offer (why not), so clearly a ploy to keep me engaged. I didn't bite. I know I can obtain better quality meat locally, grass-fed and/or organic.

Nothing but Great Experiences
June 23, 2020
I order 6 3-lb chicken tenderloins every 2 months for $149. Every once in a while, they run a special...pay $25 and get 2 lbs of Ground Beef for the rest of your membership. I've done this twice now - once for Ground Beef and once for Bacon. I also add 2 lbs of Ground Beef and/or Ground Pork to my "box" for $15 each. All totaled about $7 per pound of meat for organic, ship to your door service, meat that my 7 year old knows by name...she doesn't each burgers, meatballs, chicken or bacon anymore unless it's butcher box. You can really tell the difference. In all my shipments, I had one issue with defrosted Bacon and did the right thing and sent more. The service is definitely worth it.

Do not get what you order
June 17, 2020

They started off great with our first 2 orders. The last 3 orders

we got have been substitutions. We ordered fillet mignon and got ranch steak we let them know and said they would send it with our next order.

We got the next order and no fillet mignon now we got flank steak.

This month we did not get the 2 fillet mignon they said they would send in addition to our normal box and they did not send us our free bacon we are supposed to get with each order. Maybe they were growing to fast or demand is too high so they do not care. I asked them to send me the 2 missing steaks and the missing bacon but they won't until we order a new box. Waiting 24 hours for a supervisor to call us.

JosephButler August 24, 2020

I have been using Butcher for over a year and have been very satisfied. With that said I have to question your review, I have never ever seen fillet mignon available it has always been Ranch steak. I have always gotten my free bacon, my free wings, and my free drumsticks every month and they have never substituted a single item. So I have arrived at 2 possible conclusions as to why you didn't receive what you think you ordered. First, with COVID running rampant throughout the country, there has been a shortage of beef and the second reason is you have no idea what you ordered again because fillet mingnon has never been an option

Need to Work on Fullfillment
May 30, 2020

Meat - Great, never thawes when i get it.

Packaging - okay, some had minor tears but otherwise fine since it stays frpzen.

Getting what ypu ordered and paid for? Pretty damn awful.

Theyve offered and sent "replacements" of lesser value in follow up boxes however THOSE boxes are short items. Its like a running game of catch-up with no end in sight, no refunds for the extras they don't send you and continued shorting on orders.

Look i get that meat supply chain is messed up due to corona, but just REFUND us if you cant't fill the order or your replacement is of way lesser value than what we originally orderes. Great quality meat but need to learn to set realistic expectations and take low inventory items off their site instead of making empty promises. Disappointed and will cancel if they don't gwt their act together...

Worst Customer Service
May 2, 2020
I was on my second order and asked for a delivery on a certain date. They delivered it two weeks early and I wasn't home to get it. Well $200 worth of meat that could not be used. When I called customer service, I was told tough in so many words. Never again will I ever buy from them again!!!

Packaging issues
April 6, 2020

I made it through 3 boxes before I finally canceled my subscription. Their packaging is TERRIBLE! I defrosted chicken in the fridge and the next day, it leaked all over. When I complained to customer service, they initially gave me a spiel about their “unique packaging” and blah, blah, blah before offering any resolution. Almost none of the meat is properly vacuum-sealed and the packaging itself is made of extremely thin plastic that is not freezer friendly. The packaging stiffens up and cracks when frozen. If I could attached pictures, I would.

I give it 1 star because a meat subscription is a cool and convenient service but what’s the point if the food is compromised?

Rip Off
March 23, 2020
Go to Whole Foods or some other reputable place and get three times as much you pay here. They also give you chix drumsticks instead of chix breast and when you complain they tell you to see the fine print on the contract. C A N C E L L E D !!!

Negative review explained on my experiences
August 1, 2019
I have thought about cancelling many times. The meat is fantastic I get the all beef box. Yes, sometimes the packaging is torn and blood does get everywhere when I defrost, BUT, customer service has been outstanding. They informed me its the fulfillment center that just throws stuff around so they will be changing their packaging. Personally I would hire a different fulfillment center. Every time something was wrong they offered to refund or replace. Even when I received a cut I wasnt happy with and had no packaging or freezer burn issues. They have replaced everything and even more for my inconvenience. My picky cat would only eat the meat from butcher box and not any other grass fed organic grocery store brand, even she could tell the difference. I am not very fond of their salmon tho, I use Wild Alaskan Co. for my fish, but hey I'm real picky when it comes to fish and their salmon is out of this world! I would suggest just sticking to the meat, the pork was pretty decent too.

June 20, 2019

BEWARE! The packing is consistently torn, your meat will be exposed, blood leaks everywhere in the freezer and it is such a hassle to deal with their unprofessional customer service.

The meat is great when it arrives undamaged and not freezer burned by the dry ice it is shipped with. But the consistency of the damages are too common to overlook. The company is fully aware of the problem but continues to ship it anyway.

I would honestly rather pay a local butcher a few more dollars and get fresh, unfrozen meat that comes with no hassles attached. Friends, save your time and money.

These reviews I'm reading make NO SENSE at all.
June 5, 2019

There are many people here complaining and some seem to be making it up as they go along. For instance Cecilia Demaree is saying, "...paid $140 to get rotted meat that sat in a warm fedex truck for 7 days in heat of summer was delivered dripping blood from rotted meat GROSS I ended up with maggots in my trash can from it."

Well, I worked for UPS for years and their is NO CHANCE FedEx had meat on a truck for over 12 hours, let alone 7 days. ALL packages routing is documented. A driver cannot leave work until ALL items are accounted for. So Cecilia claiming a package sat on a truck for 7 days is just a flat out lie.

Also, she's somehow blaming Butcher Box for the late delivery and the maggots in her trash can. The city empties my trash weekly. If Cecilia has maggots, it sound like she needs to pay her deposal bill.

My experience: A rep from Butcher Box CALLED ME after I ordered and suggested I use my introductory FREE selections to get the expensive NY steaks, instead of just hamburger and bacon. And then told me how to better select my custom box to get the most out of my order.

My box was ordered on a Tuesday and was sitting on my doorstep on Thursday, ALL DAY, yet everything was still frozen, even after being in 90 degree heat for 6 hours!

The first thing I tried was the 6 hamburger patties and they were GREAT. It was 80% lean hamburger which is light and fluffy and devoid of those little bits of fat that is usually in grocery store hamburger.

Then I marinated the four 6 oz sirloin steaks and they were better than any New York steak you get in the grocery store today.

I got above and beyond service from the sales people, one of whom, again, called me to tell me how to get the most of my order. My box arrived 48 hrs later and still frozen. And, the meat is very good. I know the difference. With Butcher Box, you're not going to get the same filet mignon type meat you get at The Plaza in downtown San Francisco, but it is much better than what you get in the grocery store.

I'll be ordering again, and if I have any complaints, I'll write again, but for now, the $173 I spent was well worth it.

Watch Your Order Schedule VERY closely
April 13, 2019
The meat is quality. The customer service is HORRIBLE! I had an order on a 6 month hold because I live in 2 different states. I spoke with a customer service rep on the phone in October 2018

Horrible company to deal with
April 12, 2019
I had my account on pause and you would think a courtesy email letting me know it is going to invoice soon would be sent. Nope, just an email at 1:48 am that I have been invoiced and no take backs. I tried customer service and they will not cancel my order. Seems like fraudulent behavior in my opinion. Don't get yourself locked in to this company. Worst customer service!!!!

Joyce Brady April 13, 2019

I had the same problem. I spoke with a customer service rep in October 2018

JessicaMarquez June 20, 2019

Literally delt with the same exact thing. Such a hassle.

Quality and convenience
February 26, 2019
I've been a customer for about a year, and I'm pleased with it so far. I would like to see a wider range of cuts and parts, such as liver, heart, etc.