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The meat quality is OK. Customer Service is poor.
September 30, 2019

The steaks are really just OK. The chicken is good but I can find it locally for about 1/2 the price. The customer service just breaks it, though. I ordered every 2 months. They claimed I changed it to every month. I didn't. A supervisor claimed she was the highest on the food chain below the owner of the company and that she couldn't help me and the owner didn't take customer service calls. Why do I think she was fibbing?????

To top that off, she wouldn't leave me alone. When I cancelled my account, she started a new chat with me and wouldn't stop until I literally had to close the browser window. That's just scary. If I get any cyber harassment in the next few years, I'm afraid she'll be behind it. Shop locally, people. Local farmers appreciate your business. Butcher Box acts like losing customers is no big deal...

Truly wonderful product but way too many quality assurance & shipping issues!!!!!
September 13, 2019

Getting new customers & then having them reorder while telling their friends to order is how you build a business! Operational issues & quality assurance issues will bring a company down. Opened packaging, no dry ice or defrosted dry ice! Why can't BB get it right consistently! Even when we signed up many months ago, we had read the reviews about opened/torn meat packaging, lack of dry ice, etc. Thought those should be easy-fixes.

Why would BB not do everything ensure it doesn't continue to turn off their customers (new or old). Nope! We encountered torn chicken breast packaging on 2 of our shipments. This week after receiving a totally defrosted warm box of meat that required us to immediately throw it all away (evidently FedEx kept it for 2 days before delivering), BB sent an immediate replacement. But the same defrosted disappointment again!

Even though we took it inside right away, they say you can eat it but it's already too untrustworthy given the somewhat cold but not frozen condition. They say it should not arrive defrosted, but it did. Why does our shipment from The Simple Grocer ALWAYS come fully frozen no matter the temps outside? (Note to The Simple Grocer: Please teach BB how to ship successfully!)

We tossed everything in the trash again & actually have to pay extra to have our trash collector make another extra stop to our home because we couldn't wait the 3 more days till our normal collection. All that meat sitting in our outdoor pale in the heat... The flies, the odor!!!

Just canceled our subscription. Shame on you Butcher Box, we loved you & you pushed us away, too!

thawed meat....spoiled?
September 3, 2019

There was no dry ice, etc. in the wet box. It was delivered by a white van w/o a carriers name on it???

This is the first shipment that has arrived this way. We emailed a complaint & have not received a response yet.

We are afraid to eat the meat, since we have no idea how long it had been thawed!!!

Poor Customer Service
August 12, 2019

2nd month in and very problematic. First month everything was “OK” although meat was delivered frozen the dry ice was thawed completely and box was soft. The meat was good so I was telling everyone. 2nd month I ordered over 30lbs of meat, it was to be delivered on Friday by end of day so at 10pm I called the shipping company.

I noticed on the website it read no weekend deliveries. I was concerned (it’s been 113 outside) last month there was no dry ice, now the meat is going to sit in a warehouse for two additional days. OnTrac confirmed this. I contacted Butcher Box which is only available via Chat.

I was informed that I have till the end of day on Friday to receive my box. This is the only response I have received after several attempts to Butcher Box. Apparently the shipping company has destroyed the shipment. The animals have given their lives as waste and I am out of pocket over $300. It’s been nearly 4 days now and still no response from Butcher Box.

Sent with no notification email
July 31, 2019
The food is fine, if expensive, but they bill and send with without alerting, though their FAQ says they will. FAQ: "Several days before your order is processed, we send you a series of reminder emails so that you have enough time to make changes to your order, pause, or cancel." Not. I got an email that a $100 box of meat had been billed and shipped to me the day before it arrived.

No Dry Ice in the summer???
June 16, 2019

A little over a year ago, I ordered from Butcher Box. When it arrived, I wasn't home so it sat on my doorstep. The temps were over 100 degrees and it had been in an standard UPS truck for over 8 hours! The only packaging in the very sturdy box was in inner box with packing peanuts between the outer and inner boxes.

There was absolutely NO sign of dry ice packaging. I contacted them by email and explained the situation. I was told that I could keep the meat or throw it away and they would replace it immediately. The lady seemed surprised that there was no dry ice. When the second box arrived, it was the same thing - no signs that there had ever been any dry ice included. In both cases, most of the meat was thawed. I did keep some of the meat that was still frozen but dumped the rest.

I contacted them and told them that they situation was the same and that I could no longer continue my subscription until they had better packaging. I was reimbursed for my order and I haven't had a problem with them trying to send me an order since. They did send a survey asking why I was cancelling. The only emails I've gotten from them since was asking if I would like to re-subscribe. I haven't.

New packaging/packing.
June 15, 2019
We just got our latest shipment with the new packaging/packing and I can't say enough good stuff about this. Super easy to unpack, really easy to separate the packing from the packages, and soooooo much easier to recycle. This is really a great innovation for your customers. My hat is off to you all for providing this innovation. GO BUTCHER BOX!

Poor quality meat
June 1, 2019
The steaks were simply bad! Tough, greyish in color and very gamey tasting. We thought the first ones might just be a one-off but no. The burgers were ok. We won't order again.

May 25, 2019
I have gotten wonderful beef and great service from this company. Beef has been well packed and arrived frozen - hard. I like the recipes tailored to the cuts they send. Despite an interstate move, they have delivered on time and to the correct address. Glad to have a good source of grass fed beef.

Brown, tough
May 18, 2019

I was happy when it arrived and happy to put it in my freezer. I was impressed that they used dry ice, so it didn't take a lot of extra packaging. I expected it to be fabulous.

It wasn't.

The second steak that I took out had brown spots and streaks all through it. I took a picture of it, threw it away, and wrote an email (with the picture) to the company. I got a reply explaining to me that brown spots are normal on meat.

I was grew up on a farm where we raised our own cattle. We froze meat for many months. It was never brown, it was more tender, and it tasted way better than this.

Most of this meat was just a little tough, and it really wasn't very good. I canceled my subscription after the first box.

April 29, 2019
I chose the fully customizable box option and ordered ONLY what I liked. Received it nice and cold and perfect. One item was substituted without my knowledge and I let the company know. They gave me a full refund on everything that was not to my satisfaction, no questions asked. I customized the bigger box for next month, I love this. Granted you must be a grown up when ordering. Read everything before committing. But if you can read and be responsible for your own money managing, this service is for you!! I love this!!!

You don't control your own order!
April 15, 2019
I had high hopes for this service, but when I learned with my second up-coming order that I could not completely control my own order without contacting customer service, the gig was up. Once you click to receive a "monthly special", you CANNOT remove it from your order without contacting Customer Service! I have NEVER seen a company anywhere where you cannot even see what you ordered, let alone change the order before it ships. They readily cancelled the order AND my subscription -- at least that's what they said, I will be following my cc account carefully to make sure this happens. They claimed that they are "working" on a way to be able to cancel a monthly special and "hope" to be able to do that soon. HUH??? You can change your monthly subscription selections, add and remove add-ons at will, both one-time and recurring, and add OTHER monthly specials, but not all of them? Ridiculous, and the only conclusion that leads one to is that they are looking to get more $$ from their customer than the customer realizes. I don't mind the prices, but I will not relinquish control over my own orders! Buyer Beware!!!

Be closely aware of their automatic delivery schedules, or you lose
April 13, 2019

If your life is perfectly planned without any last minute or unforeseen changes, Butcher Box (BB) might be for you. The meat from Butcher Box is quality & is delivered frozen.

Yes, you can cancel any time. And you have some control over deliveries. I stress the word, "some." In my case not enough!

I live in 2 different states. I spoke with a customer service person on the phone in October 2018 & explained I was leaving the state for approximately 6 months (date of return was not determined @ the time). She put my delivery on hold for 6 months. Suddenly on 4/8/19 I get an email from BB indicating they are processing my order (it wasn't mailed). I immediately wrote back & explained I am still out of state & there is no road access to my summer home. After several emails, I'm told an order in process can't be stopped (even though it wasn't mailed yet). I'm also told I cannot get a refund because my account was on hold (what?). Buyer beware!

dangerous product
April 12, 2019
I receive an order and it arrived unfrozen and the seals on the vacuum packaging were damaged blood all over the packaging . This is not a safe company to use.

It's A Scam
April 5, 2019

I received a 1 month trial as a Christmas gift I ordered and had to give my credit card. I did not realize that I was subscribing to the plan. Initially I got 2 pounds of burgers, 2 pounds of bacon, some flank steak and sausage. It was just ok but I did not want anymore. It was not a good value for the price.

A few weeks later I noticed an e-mail that an order was on the way. I called them and had the rudest C.S. person. She sent me an e-mail the next day and said she could not cancel the order. I told her I would decline it and she said I still had to pay for it. I tried to put it in contest with my bank but they lied and said I authorized it.

I got meat that totaled out at about $15 a pound which is ridiculous.

Avoid this scam like the plague. You will get a much better value at Whole Foods on Organic meats.

The lack of "the customer is always right" Cusotmer Service and the poor poor quality of the meat coupled with the value is oing to insure this place will not be in business very long.

Save your money and save your frustration. A big thumbs down on this one for sure.

Poor Quality of Meat
April 1, 2019
My husband and I had a ranch in Texas before we moved to West Virginia. We were hoping to find quality meat as advertised by Butcher Box. I realize they are just starting out but there is certainly room for improvement in almost every area. The cuts of meat are poor and “fatty”. Almost everything we ordered has been tough and has to be cooked in our slow cooker. The pork roast and ribs contained so much fat that we could not eat it. Our first order was good but not as good as advertised. The bacon had an especially good flavor. To be fair the first time we received our order it was better and the baby back ribs were very good and tender however the second order was extremely disappointing—so much so that we have cancelled all further orders. My husband sold only top quality beef and pork and we were so hoping to find this type of meat at Butcher Box. Please try to improve. We would enjoy eating truly quality meat and also the convenience of home delivery.

Worth the wait
March 30, 2019
We have used butcher box for a year. With the exception of a couple of hiccups,two of which were my fault (orders that I didn't change) and one with shipment which was delayed. my first order was delayed but when it showed up it was great. I am happy I waited and continued to purchased my meat from butcher box. We have quality meat, and are now saving money because when we do go to the store we just buy our fruits and vegetables keeping us out the the isles we don't need. Those who have tried b.box I am sorry you had a bad experience and a lot of it sounds like its a shipping issue not the meat. I wish you would give them another try. There is nothing better the eating quality meat,chicken and pork. Recipes and chef videos are a fun bonus. In closing I would like to give a shout out to the customer support team who have been very nice, sincere and helpful even when I was in the wrong. I love my custom box:) and monthly specials.

Lost my shipment wont resnd or give money back
March 28, 2019
well everyone in December I bought from Butcher Box meat company and they are headquartered in Cambridge, MA. using meat from Virginia in Shenandoah Valley ... not bad kinda small packages and not really for a family but tasted good .stuff wouldn't feed you as long as they advertise but id try it... so i got a package in December then i moved ... i did my best to change address and change delivery date but they still sent it early in March and to the wrong address and left the shipment in the sun in Florida without signature... so once i talked to them they said we will split it with you ...i said so you want me to pay again...so if it gets stolen or left at wrong address to bad for customer... no one does this ... this is not a good practice this is rip off ... so beware

Food Poisoning
March 27, 2019

We purchased $179 of meat from Butcher Box. However, when we received the box and opened it, there was no dry ice in the box. There was insulation material.

My wife ate some ribs, and she incurred Salmonella. She was violently ill for 5 days.

We contacted Butcher Box, and they said they took it very seriously. They asked every question there was to focus blame on other foods and how it was cooked. My wife is on a Carnivore diet. She ate nothing but the ribs.

Since the meat arrived without any dry ice in the packing, we trashed what was left of the $179 worth of meat. Who wants to take any more chances on incurring more Salmonella?

Regardless of what the Keto folks vividly and assertively declare on the internet, we will never purchase from Butcher Box again.

Tough! Tough! Tough!
March 10, 2019
We canceled after 1 order. I am reading the reviews and I am shocked because we thought it was absolutely TERRIBLE! We get much better at the grocery but thought we would give it a try. SAVE YOUR MONEY! They are a meat distributor for MANY different farms, etc. and they are NOT getting the best quality.