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Worst Meat and Poorer VAlue
March 3, 2019

I received an introduction to this service as a Christmas gift. I ordered and was open minded. I did not realize I was subscribing. The sausage was very bland, the hamburger patties very fatty and did not want anymore.

I did not realize they were sending another shipment. It hit my bank for $149. I tried to stop it but way too late. The shipment arrived yesterday. It had 8 pounds of meat, sausage (the bland one), 2 packages of bacon, 8 more greasy burgers and 2 pounds of flat iron steaks. Total of about 8 pounds of meat running $18 per pound. For $149, I could have gone to town at Whole Foods and gotten so much more. I have a tenderloin in my freezer that was not nearly this expensive.

Customer Service was so unhelpful. They will not take it back and I am stuck with this crap.

Steer clear of this one and save yourself some money. go on a $149 spending spree at Whole Foods and marvel at the quantity you got compared to mine.

It’s been fantastic so far, quality is very high.
February 1, 2019

I seem to be one of the lucky reviewers who hasn’t had any problems with my deliveries. I opt for the customizable box and everything I’ve made has been very tasty. The beef is incredible compared to the usual, it has a great distinct flavor from being grass-fed. It reminded me (in a good way) of Venison, probably from being grass fed. But still is distinctly beef - the best I’ve had.

Delivery- so far- I’ve had no problems with. They do use On Trak which isn’t the most advanced technology for the customer. One time delivery date was updated to the following day but everything has been frozen quite nicely. Packaging is great, peanuts dissolve in water and cardboard can be recycled.

If the product arrives melted or questionable they say they will replace it, but I haven’t had that problem.

No customer service, and a possible scam
January 21, 2019

i was given a receipt for Christmas that said I would receive steaks. On-Trak delivery claimed by email they were delivered on 12/28. I did not get the steaks and my video doorbell did not record anything at the time and date On-Trak claimed. I stopped the On-Trak van the next day and the driver showed me his log. He had no record of a delivery to my address on that day. I contacted Butcherbox and Farah sent me this on January 4th:

HI Allyn,

I completely understand this is upsetting for you and I'm happy to make it right by replacing the order or processing a refund to your card on file. Please let me know your preference so I can get this taken care of for you.

We want you to be 100% satisfied with your experience with ButcherBox and I appreciate you letting me know about the delivery and allowing me to make this right for you.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Member Experience Specialist

It is now January 21st and although I have repeatedly contacted Farah I have not had a reasonable reply. There are no steaks, and I wonder how they falsified the shipping documents.

Poor packaging and poor customer service
December 6, 2018
Company uses poor packaging which leaves meat exposed to elements and subject to feeezer burn. Half the meet on my last order had to be thrown out. One hamburger pack was missing the entire backing! I cancelled but two months later I get an email saying my next shipment is on its way! I can’t sign onto the website because I cancelled two months earlier so o have to call customer service to see what’s going on. Customer service proceeds to try and tell me I never cancelled! Then why did you send me two emails / surveys asking why I left? I told them to cancel and they said sure but we are still goi g to charge you for this shipment! What a ripoff. Avoid this company. They will make you pay for their mistakes and send you meat you can’t eat.

Prices out of control!
November 2, 2018

I just paid $156 for 2 small whole chickens, 2 x 10oz bacon, 2 porkchops and 1 package of chicken thighs.

Wow - this is way out of reasonable range, even compared to local high end high quality markets.


Thawed Meat
September 22, 2018
September 22, 2018 , Just received my butcherbox box , which I opened and found my sirloin steaks, ground beef ,sirloinTip kabobs, all thawed out. The ice packs were completely empty. I live in a very warm city require that the packaging you send is able to protect my meat from defrosting before it gets to Nevada. If you cannot package my meat so it gets here frozen, please let me know so I can find someone who can. I will be expecting a reply from you when you receive this. P.S, When you used the bags I did not have this problem.

Food arrived warm and oozing
September 20, 2018
I was excited to open up my Butcher Box goodies, only to find lukewarm, floppy packages and chicken juice covering everything. I have yet to find out if I will be granted a refund for such a mess. I definitely will not be ordering from Butcher Box again.

So far, so good
September 11, 2018
I have received two shipments so far, both during very hot Texas weather, both arrived in great condition. Everything so far has been delicious. I do wish they had more complete nutrition info on their site but am overall very pleased

Best meat, delivered to my door
September 7, 2018

I love the meat that Butcher Box sends me. I love the variety that induces me to try cuts that I have never tried before, thereby trying new recipes and cooking techniques. I love the healthiness and the quality of the meat. I especially love the flavor of the chicken and pork. I love bacon and Butcher Box sends me sugar-free, uncured bacon that is delicious and they charge the same as I pay if I go to the one grocery store that carries it locally.

The customer service has been outstanding. My requests have been to change delivery dates or suspend delivery for a month - never a problem.

The one complaint that I made was that many of the packets arrived with broken seals and would leak when thawed. I made it a habit to thaw the meat in a bowl in the refrigerator. However, I did mention to the company that I found their packaging to be unacceptably insufficient. They thanked me for writing and since then it hasn't been a problem.

September 2, 2018
First shipment was packed good and meat was solidly frozen. Second box was thawed and dripping blood. Had no dry ice in it. I immediately cancelled my subscription. Had to throw out meat because I was afraid to eat it.

August 30, 2018
Placed my first order and it arrived a day late. The box had no dry ice. The meat was warm and smelled horrible. Cancelled my membership and got a refund. I will go back to shopping at local butcher shop. Great concept but disappointing product.

August 18, 2018
II ordered first box being 2 bacon 1 of which was free, 3 lbs chicken thighs,2 boneless pork loins, and 2 breakfast sausage. not much meat for $149.00 less $29 credit for 1st order. Seems a bit expensive..I haven't tasted any of it yet. It better be darn good..I canacelled the subscription effective immediately.

Nothing like spoiled meat- twice
August 13, 2018
This company started out strong. First boxes were great. Great variety and the quality was worth every penny. Past 6 months have seen a huge decline in the boxes and last two deliveries were spoiled. They literally screwed up the delivery and then turned around and screwed up the replacement. Meat left on a FedEx truck thru the weekend is not a pleasant experience. What a waste -twice. They need to get there collective act together. Box was not even marked perishable. Customer service really has nothing to say either.

We'll see
August 11, 2018

Got my first box this morning. I was missing a couple of items and when I called about them the customer service girl offered me the choice of a credit to my account of $20.00 or adding it to my next box.

I did assure her that if it was not included with the next box I would be cancelling. We will see what happens

July 16, 2018
Have you ever received a box of spoiled meat 3 weeks late? Well I have and it's a disgusting smell. They in no way did anything to fix matter except send the shipment in again on the final week of the month.

A Risky Investment
July 10, 2018
I was a member of Butcher Box one year ago and cancelled my membership after 3 deliveries. The first shipment was exactly as promised. Each subsequent shipment declined in quality. After writing 3 emails and calling twice and receiving no response to my concerns, I cancelled. Fast forward one year. I receive an email, “ your next shipment is on its way.” I immediately called and followed up with an email, “I did not place an order. STOP.” No response. I tried again the next day and the next. I finally receive an email response, “ we cannot cancel orders once they have been shipped.” Dude, you are not listening. I did not place an order. I’m no longer a member! Imagine my frustration to realize my credit card had been charged for this “order.” Yep. They had used my card number. Three weeks later and a complaint to the BBB my card is credited. Then I get an email, “ in the future, please note we cannot cancel an order once it has shipped.” I felt like I was dealing with little kids or even scammers. They still didn’t get it. Boy that one order placed over a year ago became a huge thorn in my side.

Customer Service Responded Quickly
June 28, 2018
This review is about the customer service and not the quality of the product because I have yet to sample any of the meats but I can say I received them frozen solid and not thawed. The problem I had was that I ordered chicken thighs with skin on and bone in and received chicken tenders. I contacted support through chat and there was someone there within about a minute and a half. They wanted to see if I would accept the chicken tenders instead of the chicken thighs because they had run short of that product. I explained I was doing keto and really prefer to have the extra fat of the skin on chicken and that tenders would not work for me. They decided that they would give me a refund or credit to my next order. I decided on a refund and the deal was done. I was expecting to not be able to get ahold of anyone based on the reviews but that was not the case. They seem to apparently be doing a better job as far as customer service is concerned and that's why I'm leaving this review. I hope I do not receive any more replacement meats as before or I will probably cancel my subscription. Otherwise, I don't see too many more negatives. I will surely write another review on the quality when I have sampled most of the meats

Terrible packaging
June 26, 2018

The quality of the product is great but the packaging is terrible.

I placed an order in the middle of Winter in February and even then the whatever amount of dried ice was completely gone when the box arrived and thanks to winter temperatures nothing thawed. Then the second box came and that was in March and temperatures started to get hot, the box arrived at 10 AM and thank God that day I didn't work, I opened the box inmediately to find out that again the dried ice was completely none existent and several items have been thawed already, which made me use them inmediately . The company has send emails about a design for a different way of shipping or box design but until someone reassures me that it has happened I am not risking my July order in this hot month and will wait till winter to order again, or might not.

It is a shame that such good quality products lack the right packaging and that the customer service is none exsistent, you call and call and no one answers and right there it really makes you think that the company does not care about their already customers, just getting new ones.

How Old Is It?
June 9, 2018

Cancelled subscription as soon as I received 1st order. Bacon was labeled "Use or freeze by" a date already 6 months old when received. Was told it was still good. When explained I couldn't trust the remainder of box because it was not even labelled when it was frozen I was told whether I ate it or not was up to me. However, they would credit me $7 for the bacon!

Don't trust it. Threw away entire order.

Customer service seems non existant. Not 100% guaranteed.
June 8, 2018
Although costly, I enjoyed the quality of the meat. It was worth the price. My family always knew when I had cooked their meal using meat from butcher box. During my subscription I received the mix of pork, beef and chicken for $129. Since we received a variety of cuts every time it's hard to put a definite price on the meat per pound, but after having received 4 shipments on this final shipment I received about 9 pounds of meat which comes out to about $14.35 per pound. It had always arrived frozen and well packaged, unfortunately this last shipment was all thawed out and some of the packaging had small slits so it was draining as well. There's not much you can do with 9 pounds of meat except cook it ASAP and refreeze the rest losing the original quality that you paid for. I was very disappointed but hopeful that customer service would help out. I tried calling customer service and was quickly sent to a voice mail stating to leave my name, number and email so they could get back to me. I immediately received an automated email that said they would contact me within 24 to 48 hours. It has been past the 48 hours and no one has contacted me. I have since cancelled my subscription because I can't risk receiving another thawed out box of meat knowing that they are difficult to get a hold of when they say their product is 100% guaranteed. I just can't be out another $129.