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Customer Service does not exist!
June 8, 2018

Our first, and last, box arrived yesterday, over 24 hrs. late with completely thawed product. Following THE directions given by Butcher Box, I called immediately. Same response as many other complainers...no one answers, no one returns a call. An automated email response does not count, and it sure seems there is a very consistent pattern of calls staying on hold until they are timed out to the “leave a message” stage. In 26 hrs. I have made 5 attempts to contact this company. It is almost laughable that Heather has written they have hired 12-14 agents to handle calls. Great idea, but will never survive with this customer service practice of IGNORING the customer!

I have seen where a few bloggers of healthy eating practices have recommended this company. I will share my experience with them.

Canceling subscription and pursuing a refund for the $129.00 thawed meat products. Very disappointing.

May 26, 2018

My box just arrived. The box looked like It had been dropped several times along the way. When I opened it, all the dry ice was gone and the tote bag was ripped on the seam and meat was falling out. Several of the packages of meat were split open.

Not a good first experience. Hope the meat is edible.

Excellent Quality Meat
April 14, 2018
We have been more than pleased with the 2 orders from Butcher Box that we received. I do the custom box so I can select the meats that I want for the month. The quality is excellent, the beef, pork, and chicken are very flavorful. I had been purchasing grass fed meat and organic chicken from Whole Foods but sometimes the beef options are limited so I decided to try Butcher Box. I'm glad I did. I like the convenience of selecting my meats online and having it delivered to my home. Excellent!

New Prospective Customer
January 29, 2018
Butcher Box LOOKS like it's quality meat. I have a FB friend who was recommending it AND she would get a kick back if I ordered from them with a prescription So I called them and they WILL NOT give the price per pound. They had this fast talking New Yorker who swam around all my questions. They give vague numbers so that you CAN"T know exactly how much you're getting for the price you're paying. The POWER was definitely in their hands. So with this special offer it (they claimed you would have free bacon with every order) it COULD be 1 piece of free bacon with your purchase of a box they wouldn't say how much. The box hold any where from 18-26 lbs (that's a wide gap).......for this named price. Well go figure. I'm pretty certain as the seller that I'd go with the 18 lbs. Instead of answering my questions he just kept referring back to all his satisfied customers and their PERCEIVED satisfaction. Too back their company isn't transparent. I felt like they were saying just drink the koolaid......you'll like it because other customers have (ESPECIALLY YOUR TRUSTED FRIEND WHO WILL BE BENEFITTING FROM YOUR PURCHASE) One excuse for not telling me the price per pound was because they were a new company and hadn't thought of that yet. If you have MONEY to throw to the wind and don't mind solely placing your trust in total strangers who are making money off of you.....well then have at it!

charged for product never received horrible customer service
January 20, 2018
I made my first order in November and was happy with my delivery. I had ordered pork chops and received pork loin but also received a email letting me know they were out of stock on pork chops and substituted the loin at no charge great I was fine with that. My next scheduled bill date was Mid to late December and received a email from them that due to the holidays they were moving my bill and ship date to dec 18th. I was billed on the 18th, however I never received the box and on dec 26th i emailed and called just to be sent to voicemail. They finally shipped the box dec 27th. It then sat on a fedex truck until Jan 4th. I refused the delivery as I wouldn’t trust meat that spent a week in shipping. I have still not been able to reach butcherbox by phone after sitting on hold for over 10 minutes multiple times. I’ve emailed but received no response and not been able to get credited for my unreceived box. I’ve canceled my subscription and found multiple other sources for grass fed humane meat delivery.

They don’t care about customer service
December 7, 2017
I got two deliveries. I live in a condominium complex. The first was great, delivered right to my door. I have to say the meat was good, even though expensive. I was excited about it and recommended it to friends. The second month they changed carriers and it was dropped at an entry to the complex at the opposite side of the building about 8:30 pm. A neighbor told me it was there the next morning. It had started to thaw. I called customer service to insure future shipments would be delivered “right to my door” as advertised. They said they would just send it via the cheapest carrier. They offered no solution. After the call I emailed them. No response. I’ve cancelled and am rescinding my recomendation to friends. Try someone else who cares about your satisfaction.

best chicken I have tasted in decades,
November 22, 2017
I get a small box every two months, hamburger flavor is so subtle and wonderful, best chicken I have tasted in years. Customer service, by email, most willing to change composition of order - pork in every order, a lovely pork roast of some kind. Yes, perhaps it does average out to $14 a pound - with grass fed hamburger at Whole Foods running at $10.99 a pound... doesn't seem like much compared with wonderful organic steaks, best chicken, etc. I adore this company.

No response from customer service
November 22, 2017
Received shipment- ground beef packages were ripped open. Called customer service twice. Waited on hold for 15 minutes both times- no one answered. Sent emailed- got generic response ' being reviewed by support staff'. Still haven't heard from anyone

Lbs sent vs Cost
November 2, 2017
I opted to go for the big 2mo mixed box. Cost is $238 every two months. I cancelled after 1st box. I only received 17 Lbs of meat. So, that is $14 a lb. That is highly expensive for a mix box when 6 Lbs of it is chicken. Meat is good, but price is way too high, especially for what you get in box. There are others out there selling same quality meats for less. Not disappointed in meat quality, disappointed in being charge so much, for so little. Who pays $14 lb for free range chicken? Use to raise my own chicken, lamb and pork, wish I was still physically able to do so. When this meat runs out, going to check out a ranch I found online with same quality, a mixed box of mostly beef and under $11lb.

Great concept, great product
October 24, 2017

I just received my 2nd box and I am very happy with this company. There response to questions is not the fastest. . . but when you look at how many questions they get on FaceBook alone, they must be swamped. I had an issue with UPS. . . the driver dropped the box over my open gate, in the sun, rather than carrying it to the front door, and my bacon and one package of steaks had started to thaw. Still cold so no damage. I let them know the UPS had messed up, but my meat was still good, because I was watching for it. . . . They gave me an extra bacon, and an extra package of steaks in my 2nd box. . . .

I love the concept that they are making grass-fed and pasture raised meat available to people who may not be able to get it affordably in their local stores. Everything I have gotten has been top quality.

Very happy with ButcherBox.

Good Box
September 14, 2017
I just got my box there is enough meat for a week the choices of cuts i received was worth it. As a treat the box I received was the beef box glad I got that one, having one of the steaks for dinner tonight!

never again
August 8, 2017
No customer service. Meat came and it was warm like it has been sitting out on a truck for days. Can't reach customer service.

The worst company ever!!!!!!
August 2, 2017

Don't waste your time! Because if you do have a problem they will NEVER contact you. I received my first shipment last Friday, The box was ripped open, dry ice packet ripped in half and contents inside rotting. I called customer service immediately, it was automated and they required me to leave my email address, which I did. I have since called back twice and sent 3 emails, no response at all. Do not give them your business, they do not appreciate it. If they treat their customers this way, think about how they treat their vendors and animals.

Pamela Carpenter

Worst customer service Avoid this company
August 2, 2017

I really love the product but it's absolutely not worth because of the ZERO customer service

My box of meat this month somehow got shipped with a bad label. It ended up at a fed ex plant 50 miles from me with instructions that I needed to pick it up. It had been in transit for over 6 days. There is no way to contact butcher box except by email. Got a response they were busy and would get back to me in 48-72 hours. TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE . Then yesterday evening got delivered by fed ex a repackaged box of meat that is totally thawed. Contacted my credit card company and stopping payment.

Still waiting to hear back from butcher box who have BUTCHERED a good client

Beware if you have any problems
July 26, 2017
This company is a nightmare to deal with. No phone customer service.Canned email responses that told me there was a 48 hour wait because they were swamped. No refund although they "claim" they sent one. Posted a review on Better Business Bureau and they responded with lies...they delete,any negative comments on their fb page (mine & another customer same day, same complaint) so all you see are glowing reports.

Very questionable
July 22, 2017
Received my first box today. The two 1 lb. burger bags were already torn open when I opened up the bag, and everything was soaked. I didn't think dry ice would get everything as wet as it was. The cuts of meat look questionable, to be honest. Really expected more for what basically averaged out to $15 a pound. Opened this up at the office, and general consensus was total ripoff. Already cancelled my subscription, don't even care if customer service answers my email. It sounds like I shouldn't hold my breath on that one

Shipping nightmare!
July 20, 2017

We live in CA and although the company says it "can" ship to all 48 states they seem to have issues sending anything to the West Coast. 2 of our 3 orders now have either not shown up or showed up late(sat in a warehouse over the weekend) and all the meat was spoiled.

If you live close to the distribution center maybe you will have better luck but I am not recommending their service to anyone I know on the West Coast.

Additionally, if you have issues with an order getting a hold of any sort of customer service is a nightmare and will take days.

Great Beef
July 6, 2017
When we started the service we bought a mixed box of beef and pork. But we have switched to all beef after receiving too many pork packages that were more fat and gristle than meat. We also don't care for the gamey taste of the Duroc pork. But the quality of the beef is very good and it tastes delicious. The service has been excellent with shipping and delivery done when promised and I am happy with the response time when I have emailed questions or requests.

Going on 9Months
June 21, 2017
We have used this service for 9 months now and love it! At first we were monthly subscribers, but now we're every other month. This enables us to still take advantage of the organic meat bogo offers at our local grocery. The quality and service is simply amazing. If you have a passion for food and enjoy cooking delicious meals, you can see and taste the difference in quality. The packaging is great, sometimes we're the last on the delivery route and sometimes we're the first. Once or twice we weren't home til late and it was still frozen solid - keep in mind we're a corner lot and the FL sun is beaming on our front door all day. We take the reusable bags to the grocery store or the kids use it for outings. We had a mishap once with a torn steak package that went bad during shipping and no ice, but Customer Service apologized and asked if we needed a new one sent right away but we just opted to add it to the next shipment. We were impressed that they kept their word and called them back to tell them that everything arrived properly. Another instance, our kids tore one while loading the freezer but we just resealed it in a freezer bag. We actually cooked the ribeyes last night. We love trying the healthy recipes that are included (Paleo/Whole30/21Day)! Probably 9 out of 10 are keepers for us. We'll continue purchasing and supporting our local US farms through BBox!

November 26, 2016
Just wanted you guys at Butcher Box to know I have given you a VERY much deserved rave review on Yelp. The meat is fantastic and the customer service couldn't be better. Plans and choices are varied and all delivered frozen and packaged beautifully. You won't be sorry and your body will thank you for healthy choices.