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Butcher Box got its start with founder Mike Salguero when he was amazed by the pure, natural taste of a 100% grass-fed cow. But not everyone eats such amazing beef simply because not everyone has access to it. That’s why Butcher Box is seeking to make grass-fed meat more accessible.

The company started up in just cafes around Cambridge, until they were finally able to get a shop in Harvard Square. Over the years, they’ve grown rapidly, serving 10,000 families a Butcher Box in their homes for dinner. They’re working tirelessly to provide everyone with a friendly neighborhood butcher that’s always open online.

Butcher Box Products

Butcher Box is committed to finding everyone high-quality meat that’s healthy, which is why everything is tested before it goes into your box. They’ve searched far and wide for a collection of producers who are trustworthy, including family-run farms and companies who keep animal welfare in mind.

Choose from any one of their meats, including beef, chicken and pork. Beef is 100% grass-fed without any antibiotics or hormones, while all cattle are raised humanely. Chickens spend their entire lives in the field too, so that they’re leaner and healthier. The same goes for pork, so rest assured that they’re never given dangerous hormones.

How Does Butcher Box Work?

When you order from Butcher Box, you must first choose your box. Pick from a mix of beef, chicken, or pork, or customize what you’d like. The box will then be delivered right to your doorstep in an insulated box with everything frozen and packaged well. From there, all you have to do is get cooking.

Cost and Price Plans

When you get started, Butcher Box can pick out a balanced assortment of easy items for you, or more interesting cuts and you get to choose from a range of 12 add-ons for your box.

The base price begins at only US$129 a month for 8-11 pounds of meat that will let you eat a total of 24 meals. When considering the Butcher Box vs Moink box, the base price is certainly cheaper.

If you’re cooking for more people though, try the Big Box, which costs more at US$238 a month, but with double the meat. With this box, you’ll receive 16-22 pounds, or 48 individual meals.

Choose your own meats or let Butcher Box give you a little bit of a surprise when you receive your box. When it comes to Butcher Box vs Omaha Steaks you definitely have many more options.

Customer Service:

Butcher Box will deliver right to your door and will not require a signature, since the meat is perishable. Track your package when it ships, or give specific delivery instructions for when it arrives.

Everything should arrive frozen and packaged well, although if you ever do have any issues and want to cancel your subscription, you are able to do so at any time prior to your invoice date. Just log in and scroll down to the bottom of your page.

If you have any issues, be sure to reach out for support at [email protected] for answers to all basic questions, or refer to their FAQ page. That said, they’ll ship to anywhere in 48 states with free shipping.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

People so far love Butcher Box, in part because the price is so affordable for the amount of high-quality meat you receive. You are also able to get a huge variety of meats and different products that you wouldn’t normally buy at the store. 

Moreover, you will be able to make your meals more delicious with new cuts that really are high quality.

Not everyone is a huge fan, though and while they love the quality of the meat and the packaging, the service itself has some problems.

People have gotten packages shipped on the incorrect date, or have found their boxes sometimes thawed. Not everyone loves the price either, since local producers may be less expensive.

Competitors and Alternatives:

If you like Butcher Box but maybe want to try a different company, there are a few competitors and alternatives available to you. Try Grassland Beef if you’re looking specifically for beef, with their chefs making everything fresh and full of nutrients.

There’s also Tendergrass Farms, who also provides all sorts of meats for you to choose from, if you want to spice up your diet. Farmer Girl similarly ships out all sorts of meats that are all high-quality, fresh and with incredible flavor. You certainly have other options if Butcher Box is not to your liking.

Where to Buy?

For your own Butcher Box, look on their website to order right away. Also check in other websites like Groupon for daily deals on your box when you purchase, or for another form of ordering if you feel more comfortable with their website.

If you have any experience with Butcher Box or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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Butcher Box Customer Reviews

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Quality does not match price.
May 23, 2022
Most impressive thing about the delivery was the box. Lots of insulation and sturdy. Bacon was too salty and only 10 oz. Shrimp was small with little flavor. Chicken breast package was a month past its 'Use by' date. I knew it was per pound expensive but I wanted to see if they'd impress me with quality. Didn't happen. Cancelled membership.

No meat & no customer service
February 23, 2022

This has been the worst experience with a company ever. I watch people give positive after positive reviews about this company. A co worker pointed me to this company because we are trying to eat healthier.

Our order began on Feb 8th and it was headed our way, so we thought, but come valentine days nothing arrived. There was an email saying something about a delay. Emailed back and forth, and checking on the website, and our order had been delayed and no info about when it will arrive.

Days went by and the order went back and was Considered damaged goods. It took me contacting to question what was happening, and then getting another order processed for delivery.

As of today, I tried to cancel and was told that the new order was already in process. That has been four days ago. I've heard nothing about my order until I emailed this customer service rep. that I was in contact with.

I could find no details as to when my order would be shipped via email. I also checked the website before sending this email and nothing. It still shows my old order. I finally received a response saying it has been shipped.

Today marks 14 days without any real help other than getting emails that lacked any type of customer service help. During these conversation and there are many I was given a $10.00 discount.

I really do not want this order now, as we have had to buy meat almost daily anticipating this order. I had planned on doing my own video review before this big disappointment. Canceling my account immediately.

Buyer beware. Watch the charges!
February 4, 2022

I ordered for the first time early December and kept noticing that my order hadn’t been processed yet in January.

Then in February, I went online to cancel and I emailed them to ask where my box is that I paid $140 for was? The reply was. We are showing a P.O. Box on file and don’t deliver to P.O. Box. Back and forth with when would I have been notified of this?

Why didn’t anyone reach out to me for 2 months etc. I was refunded BUT then she got sarcastic with me and never once answered my questions professionally. She told me she would be HAPPY TO CHARGE MY CARD ON FILE and send a new box out!!!? How???

She doesn’t have my correct address to ship it! Even though I did have a physical address along with the P.O. Box. Had I not monitored this… I would be out the $140! BUYER BEWARE!

The concept is great, the customer service terrible.
September 17, 2021
I truly wanted to love Butcher Box. On the recommendation of Thomas DeLauer I subscribed. But my package arrived with the meat all cut up. Looked like an employee used a box cutter. These meats were slashed. I documented the whole thing, but Butcher Box chose not to correct the issue, leaving me well over $150 out of pocket. Shameful customer service.

Poor Meat Quality
December 15, 2020
I welcomed the possibility of cutting down on trips to the grocery store but the quality and taste of the meat were not good for the price. I cooked two cuts of beef, the chicken breasts, and the pork chops. The pork was okay but both the beef and the chicken were tough. I just canceled tonight and feel I wasted my money.

Total disappointment
November 15, 2020

This is the second time I attempted a subscription with Butcher Box. I was a long time customer initially but cancelled when I continued to get products that the packaging would crack open during shipping and would ultimately spoil and I was throwing away hundreds of dollars in meat because the mailing process was inadequate for California heat.

We’ve moved to TX and this time the customer service was terrible. Charged me and never delivered the box. Had to contact customer service multiple times trying to get the box replaced which they said would be sent out. Never arrived. Only to call again and find out that I was in a no-ship list. I finally had to ask for a refund but that left me without the products I had needed for my large and busy family. What a waste of time and efforts. Very disappointed and won’t be going back.

A consumer should NOT have to try so hard...
August 9, 2020

A consumer should NOT have to try so hard to find out WHERE their meats are sourced! Do you all realize that grass-fed beef could be a water buffalo eating stalks in a rice paddy in China? My point is NOWHERE do they make it easy to know what country their meats come from.

I would eat a grain-fed over something raised in Indonesia any day! What about the fish? Wild-caught WHERE? I am done searching they will not get our business because of deceptive practices of the country of origin games.

Not Good
August 2, 2020
The meat I ordered arrived mostly thawed. Not packed well at all. Half the meat was completely thawed; the other half was partially thawed. The box was barely cool inside and it felt dangerous to even eat the meat. I certainly didn't re-freeze it! I never got a response to my complaint so I canceled my subscription and will not order from ButcherBox again.

Do not get what you order.
June 17, 2020

They started off great with our first 2 orders. The last 3 orders we got have been substitutions. We ordered fillet mignon and got ranch steak we let them know and said they would send it with our next order. We got the next order and no fillet mignon now we got flank steak.

This month we did not get the 2 fillet mignon they said they would send in addition to our normal box and they did not send us our free bacon we are supposed to get with each order. Maybe they were growing to fast or demand is too high so they do not care. I asked them to send me the 2 missing steaks and the missing bacon but they won't until we order a new box. Waiting 24 hours for a supervisor to call us.

Food poisoning, open, leaking packages, and rude employees Oh My!
March 4, 2020

AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE!!! 0 Stars. My husband got food poisoning from the hamburger meat. All packages have holes and are not sealed properly, an issue they clearly know full well and furthermore do not care about. I proceeded to cancel and decided to inform them about the situation. The "customer service" representative told me they would need photographic evidence of the ripped packaging. (I had since thrown it away because that is gross!)

Talk about rude, snarky and horrible. I told her the meat was gross. What I meant by gross is because it is exposed to everything and everything to it, not gross meaning taste. (Taste is mediocre by the way, nothing to write home about.) Her reply was "Well, taste is subjective." REALLY! Way to retain customers lady. NOT! Did not even care or make an effort to correct the situation. Horrible, just horrible.

Not what I ordered!
February 6, 2020

I ordered a full order box of sirloin steaks. Packaged, they all looked like sirloin steaks. When I opened each of the two (they come in two attached) 5 out of 10 were New York strips and the other 5 sirloin steaks!

When I first contacted them on my first package, I said, Let it slide, do better next time!

But when package after package revealed that someone was not paying attention and I felt I was purposely being cheated (they were packaged to look like sirloin, all bunched up and pretty and fat looking) I began to ask for a refund ~ they refunded me 2 of the 5~

Not going to order meat from them again So, my next order was a box full of Salmon steaks (12) ~ definitely different sizes don't know if total weight was what they promised or not ~

So first package of two salmon steaks, not scaled.

Second package one scaled and the other not

Third package both scaled.

fourth package half scaled . . .

So my point is ~ there is much need for quality control on their packaging.

The sirloin was great and the salmon was great! BUT, I won't be ordering from them again as I don't know what I will get (and unlikely I will get a refund for all the miss-packaged product) and if I will need to be scaling my salmon (I like to eat the skin) or not!

January 12, 2020

Summer of 2019 ordered and received a Six Star box of assorted beef, pork and chicken. Fabulous! Put a hold on

Subscription. Ordered a box of beef and pork (free salmon

Included) in late December. Box arrived containing two pounds each of hamburger, beef stew, pork ribs, two rib eye steaks and a 6.52# bone in pork butt! ( My kids at birth didn’t weigh that much). At $129.00 that makes these 9 packages Approximately $16.33 a piece!

Customer service told me the assortment came from what was available in the locker. She told me to cut the pork butt in half (really, frozen). I was given $20.00 off my Next

order. My suggestion: don’t order or if you do, not at the end of December when the lockers are full of bone in pork butts!

Poor Quality Meat and Bad web site
November 2, 2019

Meat quality is no better than my local grocers and probably not as good in some items. Was really excited until i got the first box. What a disappointment that was.

Move order out to give the wife and I time to use the meat and that didn't work out to well.

Web site is persistent in keeping you on a schedule come hell or high water.

Finally chatted with a "customer service" rep and got the plan cancelled. Funny thing on the way to the chat room is that I had twice previously cancelled the service and the damn thing kept coming back. Now I have to $129.00 of meat I don't want or need.

I had used a Mac once and then I used my secure Windows machine and that didn't work either. Both times i got the typical why are you leaving.

They must have figured I didn't know what I was talking about and kept my account alive.

When I asked that the account be wiped they politely, (sic) refused. I know Service desk are notoriously un-responsive to customer but this type of canned crap has to stop.

People need to be more assertive with companies that ignore them after the initial contact which is all peaches and cream until you find the cream curdled on delivery and peaches were ground pick up from last month.

Not a happy camper.

JimL September 17, 2021

You can request a DSARs for all information on you, and request they delete. By law they have to comply.

The meat quality is OK. Customer Service is poor.
September 30, 2019

The steaks are really just OK. The chicken is good but I can find it locally for about 1/2 the price. The customer service just breaks it, though. I ordered every 2 months. They claimed I changed it to every month. I didn't. A supervisor claimed she was the highest on the food chain below the owner of the company and that she couldn't help me and the owner didn't take customer service calls. Why do I think she was fibbing?????

To top that off, she wouldn't leave me alone. When I cancelled my account, she started a new chat with me and wouldn't stop until I literally had to close the browser window. That's just scary. If I get any cyber harassment in the next few years, I'm afraid she'll be behind it. Shop locally, people. Local farmers appreciate your business. Butcher Box acts like losing customers is no big deal...

Truly wonderful product but way too many quality assurance & shipping issues!!!!!
September 13, 2019

Getting new customers & then having them reorder while telling their friends to order is how you build a business! Operational issues & quality assurance issues will bring a company down. Opened packaging, no dry ice or defrosted dry ice! Why can't BB get it right consistently! Even when we signed up many months ago, we had read the reviews about opened/torn meat packaging, lack of dry ice, etc. Thought those should be easy-fixes.

Why would BB not do everything ensure it doesn't continue to turn off their customers (new or old). Nope! We encountered torn chicken breast packaging on 2 of our shipments. This week after receiving a totally defrosted warm box of meat that required us to immediately throw it all away (evidently FedEx kept it for 2 days before delivering), BB sent an immediate replacement. But the same defrosted disappointment again!

Even though we took it inside right away, they say you can eat it but it's already too untrustworthy given the somewhat cold but not frozen condition. They say it should not arrive defrosted, but it did. Why does our shipment from The Simple Grocer ALWAYS come fully frozen no matter the temps outside? (Note to The Simple Grocer: Please teach BB how to ship successfully!)

We tossed everything in the trash again & actually have to pay extra to have our trash collector make another extra stop to our home because we couldn't wait the 3 more days till our normal collection. All that meat sitting in our outdoor pale in the heat... The flies, the odor!!!

Just canceled our subscription. Shame on you Butcher Box, we loved you & you pushed us away, too!

thawed meat....spoiled?
September 3, 2019

There was no dry ice, etc. in the wet box. It was delivered by a white van w/o a carriers name on it???

This is the first shipment that has arrived this way. We emailed a complaint & have not received a response yet.

We are afraid to eat the meat, since we have no idea how long it had been thawed!!!

Poor Customer Service
August 12, 2019

2nd month in and very problematic. First month everything was “OK” although meat was delivered frozen the dry ice was thawed completely and box was soft. The meat was good so I was telling everyone. 2nd month I ordered over 30lbs of meat, it was to be delivered on Friday by end of day so at 10pm I called the shipping company.

I noticed on the website it read no weekend deliveries. I was concerned (it’s been 113 outside) last month there was no dry ice, now the meat is going to sit in a warehouse for two additional days. OnTrac confirmed this. I contacted Butcher Box which is only available via Chat.

I was informed that I have till the end of day on Friday to receive my box. This is the only response I have received after several attempts to Butcher Box. Apparently the shipping company has destroyed the shipment. The animals have given their lives as waste and I am out of pocket over $300. It’s been nearly 4 days now and still no response from Butcher Box.

Sent with no notification email
July 31, 2019
The food is fine, if expensive, but they bill and send with without alerting, though their FAQ says they will. FAQ: "Several days before your order is processed, we send you a series of reminder emails so that you have enough time to make changes to your order, pause, or cancel." Not. I got an email that a $100 box of meat had been billed and shipped to me the day before it arrived.

No Dry Ice in the summer???
June 16, 2019

A little over a year ago, I ordered from Butcher Box. When it arrived, I wasn't home so it sat on my doorstep. The temps were over 100 degrees and it had been in an standard UPS truck for over 8 hours! The only packaging in the very sturdy box was in inner box with packing peanuts between the outer and inner boxes.

There was absolutely NO sign of dry ice packaging. I contacted them by email and explained the situation. I was told that I could keep the meat or throw it away and they would replace it immediately. The lady seemed surprised that there was no dry ice. When the second box arrived, it was the same thing - no signs that there had ever been any dry ice included. In both cases, most of the meat was thawed. I did keep some of the meat that was still frozen but dumped the rest.

I contacted them and told them that they situation was the same and that I could no longer continue my subscription until they had better packaging. I was reimbursed for my order and I haven't had a problem with them trying to send me an order since. They did send a survey asking why I was cancelling. The only emails I've gotten from them since was asking if I would like to re-subscribe. I haven't.

New packaging/packing.
June 15, 2019
We just got our latest shipment with the new packaging/packing and I can't say enough good stuff about this. Super easy to unpack, really easy to separate the packing from the packages, and soooooo much easier to recycle. This is really a great innovation for your customers. My hat is off to you all for providing this innovation. GO BUTCHER BOX!