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Blissy Pillowcase Review: Worth the Price?

Reviewopedia staff  -  Updated:  August 10, 2023
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Blissy is a bedding company marketing a brand of silk pillowcases, sleep and face masks, and hair accessories made from 100% pure mulberry hypoallergenic silk.

Why Silk Bedding?

For a lot of people, cheap pillowcases can be a contributing cause to poor sleep, skin issues, and hair appearance because cotton and other cheaper bedding materials can absorb beneficial oils from the skin and hair during sleep.  

Additionally, the moisture captured by cotton bedding can rob the body of its natural oils, leading to dryer and frizzier hair, and creating a breeding ground for bacteria which can lead to skin breakouts.

Cotton pillowcases also create more friction with your skin and hair, which can lead to irritated skin, and the constant pulling on your hair can result in tangles and breakages.  A high quality silk pillowcase can mitigate a lot of these issues.  

When it comes to bedhead and wrinkles, studies show that silk pillowcases are effective.  They can help provide you with the much-needed smooth surface for you to sleep on while also reducing frizz and creases.

Blissy makes a lot of claims in regard to the many different ways that their pillowcase can improve your sleep when compared to other leading brands.

They company claims that Blissy pillowcases are:

  • Naturally breathable
  • Moisture wicking
  • Temperature regulating
  • Bug resistant
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Oeko-Tex certified (non-toxic/eco-friendly)

What Material Does Blissy Use?

Blissy pillowcases are advertised as being 6A-22 Momme 100% Mulberry Silk Mean.  

6A is a top of the line designation for silk and 22 Momme refers to the weight and density of the material, similar to thread count for sheets.

Since silk is so fine a material it’s not measured per thread.  

While 22 Momme is not the highest density silk available, according to Blissy and other bedding manufacturers, it's a sweet spot for silk pillowcases when taking into account comfort and cost.

The 100% Mulberry is also an important designation as it means that the raw material comes from silkworms that feed on mulberry leaves, and it isn't diluted with cheaper silk materials.  

There are many knock-off brands that claim to use Mulberry silk, but still blend their materials with other thread. 

The downside that comes with using premium 100% Mulberry Silk is the high price tag.

Customer Service

Blissy has a pretty transparent customer service policy. You can reach customer service by e-mail at [email protected] by phone at (888) 590-9670.

Blissy also has active Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest pages.

The company offers a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee, giving you ample time to find out if these pillowcases are right for you. 

Returns can be sent back to the company’s mailing address in Burbank, CA.

Although all orders must be returned in their original packaging, you don’t have to pay return shipping if the return is due to a reason that is the company’s own fault.

For any other returns, you must pay return shipping.


Where can you buy Blissy pillowcases?

At this time you can only buy Blissy directly from their website.

Are Blissy pillowcases machine washable?

Yes, but it's important to follow the instructions carefully, and you may want to also use a garment bag in the washing machine for extra protection.

How much do Blissy pillowcases cost?

Blissy pillowcases are priced as a premium bedding product.  Most options start at prices no lower than $69.95 - with king pillowcases costing even more.

Shipping is often free or discounted, however, and there is an email newsletter that you can join to be eligible for special deals.

Customer Reviews & Complaints

Online customer reviews of Blissy pillowcases are overwhelmingly positive, with reviewers on their own website stating that there is no pillowcase quite as comfortable, and that they have been sleeping better since using Blissy.

Interestingly, this is one of the few companies we have reviewed that actually includes some constructive criticism in the reviews they post on their website.

One reviewer stated that you have to be careful the first few times you clean your Blissy pillowcase because it can leach dye if left in the water for too long.

You'll find some negative customer reviews online as well, with most of the complaints focusing on some element of a customer service failure. 

Some customers claimed to have been charged for more pillows than intended to purchase, or that they had issues with advertised promotional pricing not being applied to their orders.

A handful of reviewers also mentioned that they didn’t experience the thermogenic effects of the pillow, nor the promised improvements to their hair.

With that being said, the bulk of reviewers were ultimately happy with their purchases.  Many reviews note the importance of following the pillowcase care instructions to avoid damaging the product.

Blissy pillowcases are an "Amazon's Choice" product, where they receive a high rating of 4.5 / 5 stars from over  800 customer ratings.

The company does offer incentives for customers to write online reviews (presumably positive ones) through their Blissy VIP loyalty program.

The company is not BBB accredited and does have some complaints on that platform.  However, it appears that their customer service team makes an attempt to resolve those issues via refunds.

Competitors and Alternatives

There are plenty of alternatives to Blissy pillowcases, some of which cost more or less, depending on where you choose to buy them.  Many of these are available on Amazon.

One of these options is the One-Sided Silk Pillowcase by MYK.  This pillowcase helps you save money because only one side of the pillow is silk.

This makes sense since you only sleep on one side of a pillow.  The other side of this pillow is cotton and the pillowcase is thinner than a Blissy pillowcase, but it’s also less expensive.

Another premium brand offering a similar Mulberry silk pillowcase is Slip, one of the closest products to Blissy on the market. 

They also sell a 100% Pure 22 Momme Mulberry Silk Pillowcase that has good customer reviews.

If you’re hesitant about spending so much money on a pillowcase you can explore some of the other cheaper options, or try a satin pillowcase first.

Satin provides some of the same benefits as silk but at a fraction of the cost.  This can be a good way to experiment with different types of bedding options before committing to a pricier high end brand.

A satin pillowcase from Kitsch can be a good place to start, the company is an 'Amazon's Choice' selection and has a high rating of 4.5 / 5 stars from 80+ customer ratings.

Is Blissy Worth it?

If you’re trying to upgrade your bedding, investing in a premium pillowcase may be worth it.  

According to many beauty magazines and dermatologists, switching to silk, satin, or even copper pillowcases can have marked improvement on your skin and hair health.

The added cool of silk sheets can be a relief if you run hot during sleep and find your current bedding stifling, which can improve the quality of sleep.

The downside to these premium products is the upfront cost and the more involved care required.  Even though these materials are less prone to bacteria they still need to be laundered regularly.

Blissy pillow cases may be worth it if you're in the market for a high-end luxury product.  The company offers a 60-day money back guarantee, and has fairly positive customer reviews.

If you have any experience with the Blissy Pillowcase or their other products, please leave your reviews below.

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Blissy Pillowcase Customer Reviews

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Doesn't last
February 20, 2024
I've had my Blissy pillowcase about 18 months. It's OK, I really don't get the hype, my hair is the same as before. My biggest problem is even after following all the washing instructions, the pillowcase is falling apart. I my opinion not worth the money.

Complete ripoff, awful customer service!
December 11, 2023

I certainly hope lots of people heed this negative review! First I never found it to be special especially for my hair, and the price at 55% off

One of the cases tore open at the zipper. I called fully expecting a replacement and was told, I didn't purchase a warranty, therefore they "sincerely" apologized but would not replace item. (who purchases a warranty for a pillow case)!!

I sent a photo and it was under a year before this happened. I asked to speak to the manager and was told by e-mail the manager said no!

I spent too much time arguing and chalk this up to a deceptive, bad experience... One I plan to share as much as possible. Complete ripoff!!!

JulieannPickering December 12, 2023

Gosh! I wish I had read this nightmare before ordering on December 6th. How embarrassing to give as gift and then have them fall completely apart!!!! Folks dont forget to purchase your pillowcase warranty!! How absurd!!

Pillowcases shredded
September 7, 2023

This company refused to acknowledge that their pillowcases came apart, despite excellent care by the customer. The pillowcases were markedly inferior to others I purchased from another manufacturer.

My complaint was largely dismissed, with an offer of a discount on replacements. Why would I want more of the same shoddy product? Poor business practices!

Totally disappointed, not worth the price.
June 2, 2023
I ordered two, one as a Christmas gift. I followed care instructions and within a few months the zipper literally fell out. I continued to use it open and in less than a year the end seam fell apart. The gifted one had similar problems so she was only able to use it less than year. Totally disappointed with what should have been a nice gift and definitely not worth the price I paid.

Gentle on hair and skin
May 4, 2023
Love my Blissy silk pillowcase. My sister was kind enough to purchase my first one for me. I’m in my 60’s and the pillowcase seems to keep my hair cleaner and smoother. The pillowcase always has a cool side or a spot that will cool my face, since I tend to get hot during the night. I love these products so much that I purchased two more pillowcases, a set of scrunchies, two sleep masks, and 3 wash bags and bra wash bags. I started originally washing my cases by hand, but I now wash them along with my face masks and scrunchies in the special wash bags and wash them on a gentle cold cycle in my washing machine. I hang the wet items on dryer racks and they have been wonderful. I just ordered the detergent and look forward to using it. I would highly recommend these products. I’m wishing they would make a nightgown in the future.

Very dissatisfied
January 20, 2023

My silk pillowcases are tearing at the zipper, very wrinkled and dissatisfied with the product.

Pat'sunhappy January 23, 2023

I am having the same problem.

Dilys February 11, 2023

I have purchased these for all my family. I don't know about the other recipients, But mine has also split along the seam. From the other adverse comments, it appears bliss gives you a hassle rather than hastening to apologize and replace. I would be only too happy to send a photo--or even the original--of the damaged pillowcase.

Not worth the money, even at 55% off!
December 31, 2022
I would not rate this as even the 1 star, but since that is my only choice, here it is. I ordered 8 pillowcases for Christmas gifts. After receiving them, I decided to try one out. I was super disappointed! Very hot, and my hair was a mess just like my old cotton pillowcases. I am a senior that lives on a very tight budget, but wanted to do something nice for my kids and grandkids. I thought these pillowcases sounded wonderful, and thinking that this might be my last Christmas, I wanted to do something special for Christmas. I was so disappointed that I returned all but the one I had slept on, and received some of my money back. Couldn't believe they charged me $79.95 for the one I kept. The only reason I kept it was because their refund policy would not take it back since it was considered used. These pillowcases are definitely not as advertised, and are not worth $79.95 for just one. They are way overpriced!

Marilyn Monroe Blissy case could possibly be A fine Polyester
December 26, 2022

I received 2 Blissy Pillowcases

The Marilyn Monroe case is not labled Silk

The box it came in is not labeled silk

The other case is labeled Silk

And its box is labeled Silk

JulieannPickering December 12, 2023

I am waiting on my order to be delivered...based on what Im reading here I do NOT want these products in my home. The way she handled my questions was outrageous!! POOR Customer Service!! I honestly would be embarrassed to give this product as a gift. Im returning the 4 pillow cases as soon as they are delivered!!!!!!!!

I also inquired about the warranty! Here the worst...folks Listen Up!!! You must purchase a warranty to get a replacement pillowcase!!!! I told her ma'am...people are trying to keep food on the table and their bills paid...warranties are purchased for cars, homes, & appliances, etc. not fricking pillowcases!!!

This is NOT a reputable company...Do not use their products!!!

Overpriced and not delivered on time
December 25, 2022
Ordered two pillowcases as a Christmas gift. Website guaranteed delivery by Christmas. They did not arrive in time. In fact, they hadn't even shipped yet on Dec. 24th. I immediately cancelled my order. Waiting and hoping that my money is credited back to my account. Buyer beware!! Silk bedding is available at much lower prices from other companies.

Unreliable company
December 9, 2022

This company is a joke and a scam! I purchased several items, including their detergent, bottle and mesh bags.

The detergent, bottle and website both say that it’s OK to use the dryer at the lowest setting. I did just that with no other items in the wash, and no other items in the dryer or added detergent. When my items came out, I finished air drying them, and then they had a white film on it! This was not supposed to happen as I followed the instructions.

Then I get an email from their customer support saying, it’s best to wash them by hand. Don’t say that it’s best to wash them by hand when your detergent says it’s OK to use the dryer at a lower setting. Also, your website says that it’s OK to use the dryer for convenience.

This was no fault of mine as I followed the instructions per their website and per their instructions on the bottle , this company was pushing the blame on me saying that it was my error or possibly my machines. I

f this is something that could happen, then there needs to be some kind of disclaimer or it should only say hand wash only and not sell mesh bags to the consumer! Buyer beware!

Slow shipping
December 1, 2022
If you need your purchases in a reasonable amount of time, do not order from this company. I have never had to wait so long for an order. I received a tracking number days ago and each time I look at it all it says is enroute. I realize that it is a holiday season but, I'm really starting to wonder if it has even been shipped.

They suck!
November 28, 2022

What a sickening commercial BLISS throws out there to the public, the audacity of claiming ones pillow holds 1lb. of skin shred ! people make me sick !

I would never buy such a piece of fabric like this.....they had man made silk before most of you were born.....I am sick of these commercials popping up every where.....which by the have money to flaunt all stations with this bs.....really says you are full of it !

JulieannPickering December 12, 2023

Same here...excessively slow shipping! This company is 100% NOT reputable!!

Has turned into a deceptive business
November 23, 2022
I purchased from Blissy in 2021 & they were fabulous. I just put through another order 1 week ago & no dispatch, no shipping & zero customer service!! They reply with a generic response of shipping 1-3 days every day. I guess no human is replying but rather a bot automated system replying to emails. PATHETIC! It's been a week & nothing. Looks like I have to dispute this with my bank for deceptive practice & misconduct. Buyer beware. Their cases were great but service has gone downhill. Horrid! BLISSY AT LEAST HAVE THE DECENCY TO REPLY TO CUSTOMERS! Update: an email received stating sorry order cant be shipped for another 15-20 days!! BEYOND CRIMINAL. OFFICIAL DISPUTE LODGED WITH BANK CITING BREACH OF AUSTRALIAN CONSUMER LAW.

Buyer Beware!
October 27, 2022
I ordered a king size pillow case and washed it according to the directions. There are two faded lines all the way down the pillow case. I contacted customer service within a few days of purchase and provided a picture. They refused to refund me and did not respond to my request for an exchange.

Fools and their $ is soon parted
September 14, 2022

Blissy is how blissey the company acts..that is they act as if they are blissfully unaware that their clients are not receiving over-rated pillow cases. Hey they got ppl believing in them somehow. Though i sure regret sending them my 100. bucks wow what a dummy I was thinking a pillow case is worth that kind of dough. It ain't.

LOinAZ October 14, 2022

I was finding it hard to believe that people would pay that much for pillow cases.

SC November 23, 2022

I purchased pillow cases in 2021 & everything was grand. Beautiful pillow cases still going strong. HOWEVER I just put through an order & wow have they gone downhill fast! No customer service, no dispatch for at least 15-20 days yet nothing in their pre sale communications. Im also seeing poor quality product comments. So sad they used to be great. I've lodged dispute against them with my bank. They are pathetic.

September 7, 2022
I just want others to know how uncomfortable the jumbo size scrunchie is. I bought it thinking that it would expand a lot given the increased size, but instead it's just a ton of fabric flopping around everywhere and super tight and not comfortable at all in the hair. I do not recommend this product AT ALL.

Horrible Customer Service & Warranty
August 3, 2022
I’ve purchased 4 pillowcases for myself and several for friends. The zipper has broken off of one that I’ve had for 2 years. I called customer service & the best Blissy can do is give me a 35% off coupon?!! This is the same offer they run on holidays. These pillowcases are ridiculously expensive—when you pay that much, you expect it to be a quality product. Needless to say I will never purchase again. Horrible customer service for a someone who used to be a loyal customer. I will find a company who stands behind their products.

DavidLightfoot October 12, 2022

I had the same experience. All 4 failed. Customer service agents don't even use their own names. Clearly this is a poor quality product with manufacturing issues.

SC November 23, 2022

Same late 2022 seems they've gone downhill. Early 2021 experience with them was great. Now absolute rubbish!

Poorly constructed, came apart from the zipper. Over priced!
July 31, 2022
I bought 2 Queen size Blissy pillow cases in 2021 for a cost of $120. Following washing instructions, one of them came apart at the zipper. They are very poorly constructed. In a quality product that is made with a fabric that ravels easily, there should be at least a half inch seam on the inside that is finished off to prevent raveling. There is almost no seam on the inside and so explains why it pulled apart from the zipper. These pillow cases are so overpriced for the quality and construction. A complete rip off. They will not stand up over time. Don’t believe the fancy advertising. Not a quality product. Buyer beware!

LisaDreibelbis Kline November 30, 2022

I got mine as a gift and really liked it but like you just said it ripped at the zipper and dry cleaner can’t repair it sadly. I always washed it in a mesh bag too I tried to contact them and no response. Too bad.

Pat'sunhappy January 23, 2023

Agree totally. My experience exactly..

Terrible Experience
June 30, 2022

I am so disappointed with the customer service I received. The pillowcase is okay, but doesn't warrant the high cost. I purchased it for my daughter, and ended up returning it after a short time.

First I was told that the pillowcase needed to be returned unused and with the original packaging. This is quite different from what I previously read online. I had to call customer service multiple times, and each time, the person who answered started out nice, but then when I said the pillowcase would be returned, the representative became uninterested in helping me, and answering my questions about the refund. I cannot recommend this company after my experience.

On the website, I looked at many reviews, and they were all given 5 stars. That is very hard to believe. I looked for my review on, and could not find it. I don't think they include any negative reviews, which is wrong.

TK June 30, 2022

I wrote a couple reviews earlier this month on different sites, and didn't realize I already did one on reviewopedia. I didn't mean to duplicate a review.

GaryMeyer July 19, 2022

There are a few negative reviews but they have five stars so maybe their computers approve based on stars.

MicheleHart November 05, 2022

can not get an email to go through after they asked for it, scam alert, out almost 200 dollars

It fell apart
June 12, 2022
Love it but it ripped right along the zipper despite washing it exactly how the instructions state. Disappointed I spent so much money on a pillowcase only to have it fall apart. Hoping customer service comes through for me.

LisaDreibelbis Kline November 30, 2022

Mine too!!!

Pat'sunhappy January 23, 2023

Mine also.