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Blissy is a scam
August 3, 2020
Avoid at all costs. Reviews are FAKE and if you want to return product they don’t let you if it is “used”

Jill R Gilbert August 11, 2020

my review is not fake.... Love my silky pillow.

Blissy pillow cases
July 11, 2020
Ordered 4 pillow cases 31/5/2020 still not received apparently being held at depot for duty already bought new king size pillows and pillow protectors no apologies no contact to what’s going to happen no refund no compensation for inconvenience give this company a wide berth

Torn zipper
July 9, 2020

After several washings the zipper tore away from

The pillowcase and Customer service will NOT answer or return my Calls. So maddening!!’

Why is it so hard to see pricing?
May 24, 2020
I casually stumbled upon this product and am open to learn about it and ultimately purchase. I have followed at least three different links through the website and still not reached a page with pricing. Now I see that they want name and email address first? This is when I just closed the browser. Why such an aggravating process?

LindaGleaton July 28, 2020

I bought one Queen size Navy pillowcase. i received a standard pillowcase. This pillowcase costs $10.00 less than the Queen pillowcase.

Yes, I got scammed. I will tell as many friends, fellow teachers, parents about your so called super product!!!

January 23, 2020
Safe your money. After I sent out the order I check the product in Amazon and the prices are much lower. I cancelled the order. They sent me an email with note that the money was refunded but never showed on my credit card. THIS IS SCAM. They do not have phone number to call either.

Judymann April 22, 2020

I have purchased 3 Blissy pillow cases.One was returned for different size and I have called the company 3 times to

inquire regarding my pillowcase. I paid for it but cannot get another exchange. the other two pillow cases have torn up around the zipper. I like the pillowcase but the quality of the stitching around the zipper is terrible. I would like to get the pillowcase I ordered and returned for different size. Judy Mann tulsa oklahoma

January 14, 2020
Pillow case does not work as advertised. Also does not support money back guarantee UNLESS you kept the original packaging. Spent $200 on cases that don't work and they will not refund my money. Customer service was also very rude. Horrible company and do not recommend wasting money.

Blissy Pillow cases
January 14, 2020
I don’t know if I have the real product, perhaps you could tell me. Should the pillow cases have the Blissy Mark in the one corner. I also received them from Germany and not America and had to pay customs on it as I live in Scotland. I want to return them but don’t want to throw good money after bad waiting for refund and the cost of sending directly to America