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High quality pillowcase!
November 26, 2020
This is the best pillowcase I've ever had. It is smooth, comfortable, and cool to the touch, too. When I get hot, I just turn the pillow over, and my face is cool again. I highly recommend Blissy pillowcases.

Outstanding Product! Excellent Value! Enjoy a great night's sleep!
November 25, 2020
Outstanding fabric and highest quality craftsmanship. I love my Blissy pillowcases. I've machine washed and machine dryed my cases many times and they still look brand new. Don't hesitate. They are even better than described and a true value. The cases have helped both my hair and my skin.

Great Pillow Case
November 25, 2020
This is by far the best silk pillow case I’ve owned. I’ve bought at least 4 others in past years and they do not compare. I’ve given them to my daughters and my sisters and good friends.

Silk pillow cases
November 25, 2020
I love these silk pillow cases. For many years I thought it was strange that I would loose hair , on my pillow case, my hair would be in tangles in the morning. But not anymore. No more hair on the pillow case and it’s not a mess. Silk is the best thing ever. I will definitely recommend this company and their products.

Blissy Pampers Me!
November 25, 2020
I bought my Blissy pillowcase because my hair was tangled in the morning. The Blissy pillowcase keeps my hair tangle free. I like to feel of the mulberry silk so much, I even bought face masks from Blissy. Now, when I have to put on a face mask I look forward to how it makes my face feel.

I’m in Love with Blissy!
November 25, 2020
I’m in love with Blissy! The pillowcases are sooooo soft! I was losing hair on my pillow every morning and now I don’t! No tangles either. My face even feels smoother...and I got the softest lightest face mask. It’s great too. Gotta Love Blissy!

Blissy pillowcases
November 24, 2020
I got 2 Blissy pillowcases and really love the silky feeling. Also bought 2 for my daughter who loves them very much.

I do love my Blissy pillowcase!
November 24, 2020
I do love it! Very pretty (the blue and pink cloud design) just right for my room, and wonderful to sleep on. easy to wash, hair does not tangle (mine is long) and easy to iron (though that is not really necessary) and the zip gives a nice neat fit. It comes beautifully packed and I will be giving myself another for Christmas!

Divine quality
November 24, 2020
I can happily recommend the Blissy pillowcases. They are divine to sleep on, kind to skin and hair, wash up beautifully and have a concealed zip. I have given several as gifts. The company is professional and the pillowcases arrive beautifully packaged. Do yourself a will not regret your purchase.

Soft, cool and luxurious
November 24, 2020

Here's one thing you can do to enjoy a smooth skin and less frizz in your hair get a Blissy pillow case. I love the fact that it's cool, if you tend to get hot in the night just flip your pillow over, et voila!

Blissy comes beautifully packaged looking very luxurious and a great gift.

I've bought 6 white for us, but I also bought the new tie die colour for our daughter and it's lovely.

Love my Blissy Pillowcase
November 24, 2020
I love my Blissy pillowcase! I have 2 and my daughter has one!! I love it so much that I travel with one .. all of the time!! I especially love that I don’t wake up with creases on my face!!!

Blissy pillowcase
November 24, 2020
I will never again use any other pillow case. I love my blissy. My hair, which has always given me trouble, is now so easy to control cause it barely changes style as I sleep. No tangles and my skin is beautiful. Thank you Blissy girls for this wonderful product. ...

November 24, 2020
I have mad hair. Used to get up and wash it so I didn’t frighten the neighbours..... not any more. This pillowcase really works for me. No more bad hair days. Thank you Blissy❤️

Dreamy sleep
November 24, 2020

I can’t believe that I didn’t learn about Blissy until I was 71. .. I give the pillowcases as gifts now to share the comfort and silky dreamy sleep

I love my Blissy

Blissy pillow case
November 24, 2020

This pillow case is so great my hair is nice and soft. It still looks great when I wake up in the morning. I have a skin condition and this pillow case is so fantastic I don’t wake in the middle of the night with a sweaty neck and head which get very itchy. Great with asthma makes breathing so much better. Go and get one you will not look back.


Blissy pillowcases are amazing.
November 24, 2020
I bought Blissy pillowcases to give it a try. I wanted to see if it really did wonders for your hair and skin. While I’m not sure if I get a better sleep, it sure does make a huge difference on my hair and skin. Firstly, my hair is much softer and has WAY more shine! Secondly, my skin is not dry/dull in the morning. It’s hard to believe a pillow case can do this! Do your research like I did! Lots of people are selling “silk” pillow cases that are not real silk. If you are going to buy a silk pillowcase, your better off buying form a reputable company that is known to sell real silk, rather than gambling on third party sellers on websites. Silk pillow cases are not cheap and there’s a reason for it. I’ll defiantly be buying more.

Best Choice Ever Blissy!
November 24, 2020

Can’t think of ever going back to cotton pillow cases. Both my skin and hair are in better condition since I changed to Blissy pillowcases.

They are easy to care for as well. I just wash and hang to dry.

Luxurious Silk Pillowcase
November 24, 2020
I'm in love with the silk pillowcase that I ordered. It is quality material and feels great, so soft and cool. It is so comfortable, it stays cool all night. My hair is not messy when I wake up and my skin feels great. I've ordered several for gifts. It makes a special gift , the packaging looks so rich and classy. I can't wait to get the sleep mask I just ordered. Great customer service, I was informed about shipping and received them right away. No delays

These are amazing pillowcases!
November 24, 2020
We've been enjoying our Blissy pillowcases for over a year and they're the best! They are super comfortable and perfect for snuggling down for a restful night. This year we bought them as Christmas gifts for the rest of our family and can't wait for them to open their gifts and start enjoying the benefits that Blissy brings! Great products!

Great for long hair
November 24, 2020
I first purchased the silk face mask in silver and fell in love with it, so I ordered another in black and decided to buy the silk hair ties because I have long hair. I absolutely love them and will be purchasing more.