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Waste of Money
June 1, 2022

I purchased a pillowcase and paid their high price thinking that I will receive a durable lasting pillowcase. What I found is their product can't withstand normal care with washing it on gentle and drying it hung on a hanger. I had 2 pillowcases and the both tore/ripped where the zipper pulled away from the material.

If this product cost $5.00 or $10.00 I would say buy it and give it a try, but at their price I wouldn't recommend it. The material is funky, does nothing for your hair and it get hot. On my second pillowcase I never used the zipper out of fear that it would rip like the other one and it did.

After about 4 months they end in the rag pile. The fabric isn't as nice as they describe either.

Customer service lacks customer satisfaction and care
May 4, 2022

I ordered 4 King size pillow cases and love them! But their customer service lacks true customer service care. I received what was suppose to be a special offer from my order I state above, so proceeded to order more pillow cases and the offer I understood I was getting was in fact the same price as my earlier order?

I called and talked to customer service not getting the buy 3 pillowcases and get 1 free-she said that is what it comes down to and instead of trying to make it right she coldly asked " Do you want to cancel your order" with that I just went ahead and said yes. No customer service with understanding at all. Very disappointed with that having just bought 4 king size pillow cases and was obviously willing to buy more ref: order # 2858119340

Do Not Buy
March 24, 2022

Do not buy these pillowcases. they are not what they are advertised for. I will be returning.

Pat'sunhappy January 23, 2023

Mine was a gift and didn't last 9 months. Total sham.

False Advertising
March 22, 2022

False Advertising: Blissy emailed me an advertisement promo with 3 Year Anniversary Sale discount and special coupon pricing with free shipping. I tried to buy 2 Queen Blissy Champagne Dream Sets. The price shown on the website after adding them to my cart was $66.58 per set.

BUT when I tried to check out the price increased to $84.47 per set - an overcharge of $17.89 per set ($35.78 total). This ad/promo pricing was live all weekend.

I emailed support and submitted a website Chat Request on 3/19/22 asking Blissy to honor the advertised pricing. All replies from Support were irrelevant to the problem even though I tried to re-clarify 3 times on 3/20/22 and twice 3/21/2022 replying to support emails. I even received replies with no text, only including a new advertisement with higher pricing.

I asked for my problem to be escalated to a manager and noted that it's illegal to fail to honor advertised prices, there was no reply. Ultimately on 3/21/22 I called Blissy support. The first 3 calls were transferred with only silence when picked up. A 4th call with my number blocked was answered by a female.

I started to explain the problem. She interrupted me, sounding like she knew who I was and why I was calling, to explain the advertised price was a mistake that went out and was active all weekend when they don't work, and they returned to the office today to the big mess! She said the advertised prices were an error and Blissy would NOT be honoring them - no apology.

I wonder how many consumers didn't notice they were over charged? There are many other mulberry silk options that appear to be better quality. Imo this business business is unethical and engages in bad business practices.

Not worth the price
December 27, 2021
Got one for a gift. Am embarrassed to tell the giver what I really think of it. Looks puckered, warms up quickly when in use, does nothing for my hair except maybe it sticks up more in the morning, my hands catch on the fabric and sometimes even the skin on my face does, it does nothing that a good cotton case will do but costs a fortune. I would never buy one.

Love This Pillow Case
October 20, 2021
I have had my pillow case for a year and I love it. My hair isn't all over the place or tangled when I wake up. My bangs comb down like the day before. You can't go wrong with this purchase.

Customer service complaint
September 1, 2021

Ordered 2 pillow cases in King. Also ordered a standard by mistake. I called immediately to cancel the standard and the staff member looked up my order, cancelled the standard and sent an email confirmation. Received my order and sure enough the standard case was shipped.

Called support today and was greeted by a staff member that clearly hates her job. She advised that I have to pack up the pillowcase, take to shipping depot, pay shipping costs and then email them the receipt and they will credit me. I asked why did I have to do all the leg work when the error was clearly not mine.

She said you can keep the pillow case and pay for it. She then said very sarcastically that she can not drive to my home and pick up the case. She said this is not her fault but someone else's fault. The whole conversation could have been a positive one if only she had had an attitude adjustment. Did not get her name but I am sure I am not the only person to complain about this extremely rude employee.

Horrible Customer Service
August 10, 2021

I ordered 4 pillow cases for $49.99, their special, and It charged me $179.88. Reading through the reviews this happens a lot :(

I contacted customer service immediately to cancel the order. They replied with a couple of questions and I answered them right away. 2 days later I got a confirmation of shipment.

I emailed again and was told I could just return them and get my money back. I asked them to provide a shipping label and was told Blissy does not provide return labels.

So now I have to pay to send the pillow cases back when they should have never been shipped to begin with. Horrible customer service. I have never written a bad review for any company. Such a SCAM!

April 2, 2021

This is the hottest pillow case. Do not wash it! It wrinkles!

You will not be able to return these if you hate them, WATCH if you wash them. I washed mine before use like most people would you don't know where there were lying in a mice infested warehouse or if someone had the covid who packed them. Terrible company!

I am out $119.90!
March 23, 2021

Shortly after ordering I received two blissy pillow cases, I have never received the pillows, when I tried calling the phone number all I got was a recording of Amazing Grace repeated over and over. AMAZING SCAM.

Yuma Penny

The prices are not true. BEWARE!
March 4, 2021
I ordered today and was told it would be $49.99 for 4 pillow cases. It charged me $197.00. When i tried to call customer service, the message says the business is closed. I will be canceling the order with my credit card company asap! Mad at myself for being taken advantage of. Everything is a scam now. Ridiculous!

Gretchen E Huttick April 02, 2021

They sent me 3, I ordered 2 and charged me.

RENA August 10, 2021

This is exactly what happened to me. I contacted customer service immediately and asked them to cancel my order. I received an email back asking a couple of questions for verification and I emailed back right away. 2 days later I got a confirmation of shipment. I wrote back and asked why it was sent and they had no comment other than you can return the pillow cases and get a refund.....I then asked for a return label so I didn't have to pay to send it back and they responded with, they do not provide return labels. Horrible customer service. Now I have to pay to send the pillow cases back even though it was an error on their end? Crazy!

My comparison of Blissy pillowcases to other brands
February 17, 2021

I am a silk pillowcase connoisseur! I have tried multiple brands and what I look for quality, thickness and durability after washing. Blissy pillowcases are ranked low on my list. They are very thin and they do not hold up after washing. I doubt they are the 22-momme that they claim to be nor do I believe their reviews to be legitimate.

If you want a better quality pillowcase for around the same price, I would suggest Brooklinen, Fisher's Finery or Tafts (look for the 27-momme Tafts on These are all thicker, silky pillowcases that hold up well. Even the 22-momme pillowcase from is better quality and cheaper than Blissy.

TrineceBandy March 04, 2021

I ordered today and they said it would be $49.99. They charged me $197.00. When i try the phone number it says the business is currently closed. I will be fighting the charges with my credit card company asap! Mad at myself for being duped!!

Textile Maven March 23, 2021

With yarns as fine as 22 and 27 momme the "thickness" of a fabric is very much influenced by the density (number of yarns per inch/cm in the warp *vertical* direction by the number of yarns in the weft *horizontal* direction) and the weave construction of the fabric. Would you say that the fabric used in the Blissy pillow cases is "thinner" due to a noticeably lower density? This would definitely make for a weaker fabric.

Super soft, worth every penny!
February 12, 2021
I love the Blissy pillowcase! It is so soft and gentle on my sensitive skin and hair. I like it so much, I even brought it on vacation with me so I didn't have to suffer with generic hotel pillowcases. I will never go back to normal cotton pillowcase.

Never received after 2 months
February 8, 2021
Never received after 2 months. Failed deliveries after they didn't address the package as was written in the purchase order. They don't want to own up to responsibility for their error.

Gretchen E Huttick April 02, 2021

Terrible company. Will not honor return policy if you wash before you use. Why would you not wash it! Gross...

I Love my Blissy Pillowcase
February 2, 2021
I bought Blissy pillowcases for myself and for Christmas gifts. I found sleeping on this pillowcase is very comfortable and stays smooth and cool. In the morning, my hair was not frizzy with the typical 'bed head'. To clean, I put the pillowcase in a laundry bag, use Extra Gentle laundry detergent and wash using the Delicate Setting... hang over a rack to dry - takes only an hour or so to dry and looks like new. I love it and highly recommend for yourself and as a welcomed gift.

Buyer Beware!!!
January 4, 2021

Sadly, I can not comment on the quality of the pillowcase, but am beyond dissatisfied with this company's management. The Blissy shipping department sent my $225 order to the wrong address. Even though I have a receipt as proof that the correct address was given at time of purchase, they will not honor their mistake or send me replacement pillowcases.


CarrolPickering February 06, 2021

I don't approve of the way that this company fills in the application for me to only one colour and the deal of 4 already filled in for me.(I only wanted 2) I have cancelled. my application. I think this is all a bit shady. I will shop around for a better deal. There are plenty more silk pillow cases and all a lot cheaper. Plus, if It's turns out to be unsatisfactory, I would have to post all 4! back to the USA at my expense. The only guarantee is a costly one. What has happened to the customer's rights? Isn't there a sale of goods act? BUYER BEWARE.

GavinFisher February 08, 2021

I had the same issue. They didn't fill out the address details correctly and have two failed deliveries over almost 2 months

They keep our heads nice and cool at night
December 6, 2020
I bought 2 Blissy pillowcases earlier this year. We have found these pillowcases very silky, so they feel really nice; they also keep our heads nice and cool at night. I have washed them several times and they hold up really well. Thank you Blissy for a great product!

CarrolPickering February 06, 2021

There was no choice of colours so I got the white defaulted for me. Then I only wanted 2 but the default was for four. I abandoned the effort to buy my choice and won't accept the default of 4. Cancel my order and delete my details.

December 4, 2020

I bought a set of Blissy , liked it so much that I gave myself a gift and bought another set . I love the feel of the silk on my face , it feels very luxurious. I hand wash them as I want to keep them as long as I can . THey are easy to wash and dry in no time at all.Love my pillowcases not sleep on anything else...

Customer service is excellent and comfortable!
December 3, 2020
My husband and I bought Blissy pillowcases. They are making our sleep experience so much more comfortable and restful! Kudos, Blissy!!

You Can't Go Wrong With Blissy
December 2, 2020
I'm very pleased with my numerous purchases from Blissy. Excellent customer service