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Best Pillowcase EVER
November 23, 2020
This is the best pillow case I've ever owned. It has really helped the condition of my hair (reduced split ends) and the queen size fits my odd shaped memory foam pillow perfectly! I'll never own another pillow case other than Blissy!

Cool fabric! Well made!
November 23, 2020

I have 2 Blissy pillow cases and I absolutely love them. I love the feel of them and I really love how cool the fabric is when I need a cool touch to my face while sleeping. I have given four as gifts and every person loves them.

I wash mine in lingerie bags and lay flat on drying rack. They are perfect.

I ordered one to be sent out of state as a gift. I noticed my promo code or coupon had not been used at checkout. I sent an email to customer service. They apologized for the oversight and credited my account. Great customer service. If anyone is giving negative reviews, I would mark those as false....Scams!

Love love love Blissy products ❤️
November 23, 2020
I have purchased from this company on 3 separate occasions. Each time I have received amazing product and great service. I purchased after a recommendation and I would pass on that recommendation to anyone. I am very sad to think some reviews here are not from genuine customers. I have 4 silk pillow cases, 2 eye masks abs a face mask and I love them all. I will no doubt be back to purchase again.

Great product that lives up to their promises.
November 23, 2020
I have had my Blissy pillow case for 2 years. I love it so much I bought 5 more for Christmas gifts last year. My daughter and 2 granddaughters are crazy about them. I also gave them to two close friends. .Everyone is singing their praises. Better hair, better skin and they stay so nice and cool at night! I got one for my husband for his birthday last year and he loves the cool factor. Can't say enough great things about these pillow cases. They wash up beautifully, I just toss them in with the sheets when I change them. You can't go wrong with BLISSY!

Love my Blissy pillowcase
November 23, 2020
I have several pillowcases from Blissy and I have nothing but wonderful things to say about them. I was paying over $100 for silk pillowcases from places like Nieman Marcus and Bloomingdales and still my hair was tangled in the morning and I had creases in my face when I woke up. This does not happen with my Blissy pillowcases and I love that they zip on an off - it keeps them more securely on the pillow!!!

November 18, 2020
Buyer beware they are a SCAM they doctor out negative comments.

cassiewilliams November 23, 2020

Absolutely NOT A SCAM. I've purchased three at different times and they are fabulous.

LizzyB November 23, 2020


RenaeSmith November 23, 2020

Hmmm! That doesn't seem true since yours is still here!

VeneiseBame November 23, 2020

Not true! Read their reviews from Google !

Beverly Sullivan November 23, 2020

Blissy is NOT a scam! It's really unfortunate that some people living in other countries have been charged Customs

NancyMorris November 23, 2020

Love my blissy pillowcases. They are silky smooth, and love the coolness on my face. Wash them alone on gentle and they come out great. Just purchased a pink one after two white ones in queen. Will buy later when I need more.

KarenLong November 23, 2020

You are a troll....I bet....

PashanBassett November 24, 2020

Blissy is truly a product of very high quality and I felt was priced appropriately. I am not a wealthy person but am willing for a product such as Blissy to pay what it is worth.

PashanBassett November 24, 2020

Can't believe some of these reviews. Something wrong. for this is a product that is EXACTLY as declared. And the company is also of high quality. But today the truth has a hard time coming out!!!!!!

MarleneLittle November 24, 2020

I disagree wholeheartedly. Blissy pillowcase is superb. I love the coolness, the luxurious feel but most of all its uniqueness. Have purchased several for family members.

SarahGray November 24, 2020

Your comments are blatantly wrong. I own four of these pillow cases, and I assure you I sleep soundly during the night. This was not true before I purchase these pillow cases. I sleep soundly and my hair is not mussed up as it is when I sleep on regular cotton/polyester or whatever material that the pillow cases are made from.


Sarah Gray

Alli November 24, 2020

I agree! My Blissy pillow cases worked wonders for my hair and skin, AND on my daughters hair/skin. My sister also agrees with me about "real" silk pillowcases being so beneficial. Here's the reality.......if you are considering buying silk pillow cases to see if they hold up to the hype, BUY FROM A REPUTABLE SITE, so you can truly judge the difference. There are may sites that sell "silk" pillow cases that are fake!! These fakes do nothing for your hair or skin. Spend the money on the real thing. Do your research!

Washing. Blissy pillowcase
November 13, 2020
Loved the packaging, and how soft and silky the pillowcase was, but it got dirty very quickly and I mean turned brown and I wash my hair often..but then it was hard to get the dirt out. It never looks the same as when it arrived.

DeniseTruelove November 23, 2020

I have the ivory color cases and only wash my hair ever other day and have not had any issue like this at all.

Beverly Sullivan November 23, 2020

Do you even know what Silk is? How often do you bathe? Your Review is nonsense!

SueStaker November 24, 2020

Buy better detergent!

LynnBrott November 24, 2020

What colour did you get, have you tried using a wee bit of whiting product

Forgot to mention
October 11, 2020
Well I haven’t received my order of 4 pillow cases yet .but I am furious after gettin an e mail to pay an extra £15 for shipping which was Not mentioned in ad as it said free delivery .I have no choice but to pay .but I will NOT be buying from them again I wish I had read the bad reviews first .I’m dreading seeing what these pillow cases are like

LarryBishop November 23, 2020

You will love them

Horrible customer service
September 30, 2020
It is hard to review a product without delivery for the product. The customer service is terrible. I spent hours trying to get satisfaction for 2 large orders with no resolve. I will need to contact the credit card company. Not sure if the promotions are a scam???

ChristineDonaldson October 11, 2020

I have ordered 4 pillow cases and I am furious after stating free delivery service . I've just had e mail to pay another £15 for shipping cost which was not mentioned in their ad I will NOTbe buying from them again can't wait to see what pillow cases are like .Christine Donaldson Torquay /Devon

PatriceGoldenburg November 23, 2020

Love my Blissy pillowcase! Best one I have tried! 6 stars!!!

Buyer Beware!
September 29, 2020

"Do not purchase!!!! I had seen the blissy ads and gone on the website and what I saw was not what I got!!! I purchase a pair of king size pillowcases and the very first time I washed them, they were destroyed. I contacted customer service as was interrogated by the representative.

He accused me of washing them improperly, next he demanded that I send pictures of the pillowcases to prove myself.

After waiting quite a bit of time, I was contacted by blissy only to be told that my pillowcases were being used by someone wearing hair dye!!!!! Which we do not.

It took another month of back and forth before blissy offered to do anything about the situation. And when they did- they told me that they would send a replacement, for only one pillowcase!!!!

Well, the one pillowcase came yesterday. And as I was replacing one of my two blissy pillowcases, I found a tear down the seam of the other!!!!! Blissy has the absolute worst customer service I have ever dealt with.

You can do much better and for much less $$$ and aggravation. Go elsewhere!!!"

RunningOwl November 23, 2020

who are you quoting here?

RunningOwl November 23, 2020

who are you quoting here?

Don’t do it, you will regret it!
September 18, 2020

You will be sorry if you purchase from Blissy, especially if you have an issue (which you will) with the product! If I could have scored them no stars, I would have.

I had a Blissy pillowcase for 4 months, it ripped in several places along the zipper seam. After calling 13 times and leaving 5 voice messages, I resorted to email and requested a return phone call.

Breana A. finally called days later. She was completely useless and beyond rude! Would not let me finish my sentences to understand the concern, then HUNG UP ON ME!!!

I emailed customer service again with detailed information and even included several photos. They always had to get back with me and each time a different agent would step in, and I’d have to explain the entire situation again and again. I felt like a mouse on a wheel!

Finally, I requested customer service to call me again. Guess who called? Yep, Breana A.! She made ridiculous accusations, kept cutting me off, then said she couldn’t find the name in the computer and she wouldn’t replace the torn/defective. Deservingly, I let her know what I thought about her and hung up on her this time!

Moral of the story, Don’t waste you hard earn money on garbage that will fall apart in a few months.

THEY ARE NOT DURABLE! Buy a Slip Pure Silk and many of you large chain department stores and save yourself the frustration...I did and love my Slip pillowcases!!!

Beverly Sullivan November 23, 2020

You're a liar! I have no idea who you're talking about but it certainly is NOT Blissy! I've ordered close to 1k in merchandise

Poor website and no customer service
September 17, 2020

On 7/27 2020 at 6;23 I saw the ad on Facebook for Blissy.

There was a special for a set of 4-silver king-size pillowcases, so I placed an order. One the first page I placed an order for the set of 4-king size pillowcases. then other pages popped up asking if I would like more pillowcases.

In the process of trying to get to the bottom of the page to say no thanks, I ended up ordering a total of 4 sets of 4 pillowcases for $217.88. Most reputable online companies let you review your order to see if lit is correct. This did not happen with Blissy.

I have tried to call numerous times. On hold, left messages sent an email (which I have copies of ), and never received a call or response. Initially, I went to my bank to only charge me for the $59.00 and credit me for the error of $158.88

They contacted my bank and told them I ordered 4-sets of 4 pillow cases.

My order number 549837CDB3 as of today 9/17/2020 I not received anything!


Donna C

Poor quality and customer service
September 15, 2020

I purchased two pillow cases for $159.00 and almost exactly 13 months later the seams by the zipper ripped completely open, at the same time.

When I contacted the company I was told it was past the 60 day return or exchange date. Very disappointed.

I LOVE MY Blissy Pillowcases
August 23, 2020
There is nothing more decadent than sleeping on a beautiful silk pillowcase. I have ordered many of these as gifts also. I also have the hair scrunchies which I use to pull my hair up at night. Simply wonderful. I highly recommend!

Lindausctrojan November 23, 2020

I also love my Blissy silk pillowcases, excellent customer service and quality product! I love luxury, my pillows are down (sleep with 3 pillows every night) also sheets with high thread count, if your skin is sensitive, these pillowcases are soft and cool against your skin.

I don’t know how other people wash their delicates, but I washed my pillowcases inside out delicate cycle, in a nylon net lingerie bag, fluff dry briefly. They look beautiful and new. 5*!

A scam run by grossly misleading company
August 21, 2020

This is a scam run by grossly misleading company

The advertising is aggressive and their ads appear everywhere, i saw ads on the Guardian and the Independent newspaper websites and yet BLISSY’s website is grossly misleading and deceptive. At the checkout I was told price was £35 but I was billed £136.

I sent several emails to BLISSY and no response at all.


Debbie Barton September 04, 2020

Same thing happened to me. Did you get your money back?

M.JHyland September 05, 2020

Yes. I got my money back by writing to Blissy by email, threatening legal action, and notified my bank re potently fraud and told Blissy I'd done the latter.

How about you? Good luck and be firm with them.

If you have a presence on social media, use this presence to create negative but fair publicity about Blissy if they'd don't refund your money.


Pure silk
August 15, 2020

I purchased 2 Bliss cases for gifts. My daughters loved them! I went on to purchase a few for myself and I love them! They are soft and silky and I use them every night. I wash one and have one for my awaiting pillow.

I highly recommend them; will buy more for gifts.

Best pillowcase ever
August 14, 2020
I have been using this pillowcase all year I have bought it for my family and friends it is definitely going to be my number one gift for this coming up Christmas season my husband loves it! keep that in mind for the men as well I know you will love it

Special Purchase With amazing comfort
August 11, 2020
I purchased my Blissy Pillowcase and it is true luxury. My hair

Great cases
August 11, 2020
I keep buying more for my family. Everyone loves them.

Blissy is the best !!!!
August 11, 2020

It takes about a week to get used to the silk cover but after that you notice sleeping better. Its a great product to have, I’m honestly happy with it, great

quality overall, very durable as well. Great gift idea as well!!!!!! Highly recommended blissy 1000000%