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NOT reviewing products - Terrible website experience
November 19, 2013

First, I'm not reviewing the products as I've not tried them, I'm reviewing the website. I would have preferred to not click on any of the stars, but it's a required field so I had no choice.

The website looks like all the scam websites that are out there for weight loss products. Now, I'm not saying this is a scam, or a scam website, I'm saying it looks like the scam sites.

Why? Because of the terrible user experience. First you have to sit through a video and the user has no option to go anywhere else to read about the product. Secondly, the video gives no indication of how long it will run for and you can't pause it. the user is left wondering if they should bother or not, because, as it wanders and doesn't get to the point for screen after screen after screen, it continues to look like a scam site.

Eventually when you get fed up and click out, you get one of the other favourites of the scam sites, a pop up and a new page trying to get you to stay, and finally, you are able to read.

By now, you've lost my interest because you made me stay on your site too long with no indication of length or way out, and now, you're behaving like the scam sites. This makes me think that your products are going to be like all the other no-use products that are out there.

So, what do I do next? I don't give up just yet, I google your products and your presenters. Then it seems, that you might be genuine, but I'm still not convinced because a lot of the review sites don't seem like genuine reviews. I want real user reviews so I continue to search. Eventually I find this site and I'm still not sure.

So, my advice to you. If this is a genuine product that works, and you (the company) believe in it, put some of that money into a proper website. One that answers the questions people have, one that removes all the advertising, because, if your product is good, people will buy without being forced to sit though seemingly endless videos and banner and box ads.

And, give the user the ability to not have to 'star grade' in the review. That way, you will allow the users who've not tried the product, or who want to reserve judgement until they've tried it, to rate fairly.

The website deserves only one star. The products I don't know. But, people do judge a book by its cover, so don't be surprised.


Tim, B November 19, 2013

Hi Lori,

Please visit, as it sounds like you have not yet done so. There, you can read about each our premium, all-natural products. You can watch a short video presentation about each product, or you can read about it. There are full scientific references there as well to substantiate all claims.

In addition, you may consider visiting our free Online Coaching Community at There, you can interact with real users, get free coaching help, and much, much more.

Lastly, this website is has nothing to do with our company. It is an independently-run review site.

If you have any additional questions, you are more than welcome to contact me directly at [email protected].

Thank you,


Lauralee November 20, 2013

I agree, Lori! I was interested in finding out what they had to say until the "short" video went into the second half hour. Then I too bailed and started searching elsewhere for reviews on the product. My jury is still out as well, and I wasted so much time on the dumb video, I don't know when I will be able to revisit my research into the product.

Tim, B November 21, 2013

Hi lauralee,

First of all, thank you very much for your interest in our premium, all-natural, scientifically-backed products. We are very confident that you'll be extremely pleased with the results they help you achieve.

As a matter of fact, you are completely protected with our industry-best one-year money-back guarantee!

Please visit to learn more about each of our products. While there are longer videos available, the product pages on our website have much shorter (5 - 7 minutes) videos, which you can pause, rewind, etc. What's more, you can simply read the copy that goes along with the video if you'd prefer that over watching the presentation.

For example, if you'd like to learn more about LeptiBurn, our fat loss all-star supplement, simply visit the link below:

Also, I highly encourage you to visit our free Online Coaching Community. There, you can ask questions, get free coaching help, give and get support, and much, much more. You can access it directly by visiting the following webpage:

Of course, you're also more than welcome to contact me directly: [email protected]. We are here to help and happy to do so.



IBScustomer November 22, 2013

Hi Lori, I totally agree. I am a user of BioTrust, and I actually have found Pro X10 to be the only probiotic on the market that has helped me. So I am not here to trash the company, rather I have a vested interest in them staying around. However, I feel they do themselves a HUGE disservice with the way their marketing is set up. BioTrust, it is such a turn off for people - I wish you would start listening to this stuff- Lori said it perfectly. It cheapens your whole product line to have the hard sell marketing campaign that is comparable to every other quick trick diet company out there!! As an aside, I have tried some of their other supplements as well, but the jury is still out on those. Pro X10 is absolutely amazing though.

Web S December 04, 2013

I actually sat through the whole video. Toward the bottom of the screen under the video was the statement that this was a short video. It was the longest sales pitch I have ever had to sit through. To the owners of the product I will say this. You had me early, but your completely over the top pitch , combined with the length of time it took to view combined with the dire warnings a couple of minutes before the end made it feel like a cheap dirty little scam. I was very mistrustful... hence me now looking for evidence you are scammers. If you are legit then you need to review your sales techniques.

Thaine M December 06, 2013

I agree I don't have time for the longgggg pitches.

newuser January 26, 2014

Thanks for the review. My wife and I recently started using Bio-trust. We liked what we heard regarding healthier products because we are busy and a couple of scoops of protein powder are a lot easier than precooking a lot of chicken and fish.

The company claims to not be like everyone else, but the website has a very high pressure feel and made me feel very skeptical. (that is why I am reading reviews)

No pill is going to take the place of regular exercise and healthy eating, Companies need say this up front not after holding me captive for an hour. Then to offer volume discounts and add products at the end. I kept waiting for "and if you order in the next 30 seconds we'll send you......

The jury is still out on BT

Marcia Dula February 21, 2015

I can't help but agree with the disappointment at your fit the template,high pressure websites! And I, too, hate those videos. You can wallow through pages of just how wonderful your product is and find one shred of actual info. Like...what is in it?I would like to know if it will interact with my prescription drugs BEFORE I buy it!


Haven't lost weight
November 16, 2013

I bought this product (powder, Leptiburn and IC-5) approx 6 weeks ago with the hope of losing stubborn weight - to no avail.

It would seem that years of yo-yo dieting and starvation diets I have really stuffed my metabolism. I work out anywhere between 3-5 times a week, with brisk walking and Les Mills Body Bump classes.

I have not lost any weight, not cm's - NOTHING!

I carry the majority of my weight around my mid section and was hoping that the above products would assist with this.

I will say the protein powder tastes good and since taking the Leptiburn my appetite is stable and it has given me energy levels to get through my busy busy schedule.

I plan on staying on them for a bit longer before I send them back for the 12mths refund as I did buy quite a large shipment. I'm glad people have success with this product as I'm impressed with the naturalness of their products.

Unfortunately it just hasn't worked for me

Tim, B November 19, 2013

Hi Roz,

Have you registered for our free Online Coaching Community? I highly encourage you to do so. There, you can ask questions, get free coaching help, and much, much more.

We'll be happy to help you to make sure that you're using the products as recommended. Also, we'll help you with your nutrition and exercise to make sure that your efforts are being optimized.

Please head over to at your convenience, Roz. We're here to help and happy to do so!



Incredible results
November 11, 2013

I have been using some of the BioTrust products for over 6 weeks now with complete satisfaction. I started using the Low Carb Protein to make smoothies using one of their recommended regimens call Intermittent Fasting. I break my fast from dinner the night before around noon the next day with a protein smoothie as my first meal. I have another around 3 pm and then a nice lean meat for dinner with some kind of greens salad or green vegetable and a slow release starch like sweet potato, quinoa, gluten-free pasta, etc. I chose this routine because it fits perfectly with my work schedule and it is easy to prepare the high quality protein shakes. They taste fantastic too.

After a week of good results, they gained my trust to try their supplements Leptiburn and IC-5. Every family funeral I’ve ever attended was due to heart attacks, strokes, or diabetes. My older brother has had all ten toes amputated due to diabetes. I did not want to follow in his shoes (bad pun unintended). I have been battling hypertension, border line blood sugar levels and high triglyceride levels for over 20 years.

After starting the Leptiburn and IC-5 my carb cravings disappeared and the weight started coming off. I lost 10 pounds on the scale while adding muscle with workouts. As I have added strength and endurance I have been able to increase the intensity of the workouts and have just this past week lost a pound a day for 6 days straight. Saturday was my cheat day so Sunday showed two pounds up for water weight but today, Monday, right back down where I was before.

The best news is yet to come. I had my semi-annual checkup today after having blood drawn a week ago. For the first time in my adult life all my blood levels were in the normal range. WooHoo! And even better yet, my blood pressure was 110/74. I told my doctor that I thought my blood pressure meds were holding me back at this point. I still plan to lose at least another ten pounds and asked if I could stop taking it. He said, “Today was your last day to take it. You can stop taking it."

Keep in mind I did not change my lab results in 6 months since the last reading. I did it 6 weeks. There is never any single magic bullet but without BioTrust I could not have succeeded to that level at that rate. I have tried many times before and failed. The 'Bio' part of their name is based on the solid bio-science behind their selection of natural sources of ingredients that have been proven in independent trials to produce results. It is not magic, they simply combine many of those ingredients in capsule form in the dosages that were proven effective in the research. And, they only use the best quality sources.

'Trust' is the other part of their name. Surrounding their sales pitches (lengthy as they are) is lots of information that I was not familiar with but did my own research before buying and found it all to be cited by many others. I had some success with the Protein Power and Atkins several years ago but could not sustain those plans. So, I was somewhat familiar with how insulin works. It takes a while to get your head wrapped around it and now with Leptin being discovered it can be even more confusing. But I kept reading and everything they were saying turned out to be true. And it was all saying to “eat clean”. A concept and practice that I had never really taken seriously before. They never suggest you put anything in your mouth that is artificial, overly processed or not organic and clean. They have gained my trust many times over in a few short weeks by obtaining the incredibly successful results that I have and the way that I feel great.

Sharon C November 12, 2013

I ordered 3 bottles of the IC-5. I think it may have worked for me, but it upset my stomach so bad I had to quit taking it. I'm not saying it will do this to everyone who uses it, but I was chewing an anti-acid several times a day while trying this. I wrote to Bio-Trust's customer service to find out where to send the product back to. They replied with a return number and stated that they wanted to give me a 125% credit to try their other products! I have sent them another e-mail that I did not want to try other products that may not work for me and that I wanted my money refunded as the guarantee stated. I just sent the last e-mail a little while ago so I do not know how my story will end. Hopefully with me getting my money back!

Tim, B November 13, 2013

Hi Sharon,

I am terribly sorry to hear that you experienced stomach issues. I'd have to ask some additional questions to help you with this issue.

I sincerely appreciate you sharing your full name. I will be reaching out to you immediately to personally assist you and to make sure that you are completely taken care of.



Wendy S. August 26, 2014

This is a staged comment from the company...I don't care how happy you are with a product, you never post something like an advertisement for the company unless they are paying you to write it. "Trust" is the other part of their name....someone get me an airsickness bag.

Let's see the evidence
November 9, 2013

I don't love it, yet. The only reason I gave IC-5 five stars is that I have not tried the product and I don't want to be accused that my suggestion is unreasonable. I'm also willing to give the product the benefit of the doubt. However, I will try the product only when I see the following: A double blind study done at a major university that is preferably not financed by BioTrust. The results of the research must be published in a peer reviewed professional journal by the leading professional organization that focuses on diabetes. The researchers must have no affiliation with BioTrust. Financing the research may be difficult. So, if BioTrust funds the research, the funds must be given with no strings attached and for no more than the cost of the research. The researchers must attest in the research article that they have no affiliation with BioTrust and we're not influenced in any way by BioTrust.

This should resolve any issues about the efficacy of IC-5.

Wendy S. August 26, 2014

Great suggestion of August 2014, not done!

Pro-X10 is AMAZING!
November 6, 2013

I have had problems going regularly for the past six years or so. I either am constipated or have diarrhea all the time. I also am frequently bloated. My doctor has continually told me to take fiber pills, eat more fiber and drink more water. Well I have tried all of that with no changes whatsoever.

In less than one week of starting Pro-x10, I am finally going regularly! I have also had no bloating. I am feeling so much better and it’s not even been a week! I am very happy the product is living up to its claims and was hesitant to buy it because it does cost a ton, but I think you get what you pay for with this product! I will continue to use this for the rest of my life and recommend it to anyone similar problems.

It works well for me
November 4, 2013

I wanted to post my own experience with BioTrust products because I know it's hard to distinguish the good weight loss products from the scams.

Since starting my weight loss journey, I've lost 24 pounds. And, I credit BioTrust for helping me do that.

I currently use two of their products:

* Low Carb protein shakes (chocolate and vanilla)

* LeptiBurn

I've bought many different shake products over the years and BioTrust is now my favorite. The flavor feels more like dessert than a diet drink and it's the perfect consistency -- not grainy, chalky, or gooey.

The two flavors give me great variety for any recipe, whatever I'm in the mood for.

I'm following a modified Intermittent Fasting diet, where I skip breakfast and lunch, have a shake mid afternoon, and then eat a large and satisfying (low carb) dinner. I often have a second shake between dinner and bedtime.

The shakes help me avoid the compulsion to snack. And I never feel deprived because I get to eat a big dinner and the shakes feel like dessert.

I've lost a lot of weight over the years. Sadly, it's always the same 10 pounds over and over again!

This time, I was able to shoot past my 10 pound barrier, and I believe LeptiBurn is the reason. It seems the body tends to adjust to low calorie diets and so I stall out at around 10 pounds. LB claims to counter that adjustment by keeping my body sensitive to Leptin (which seems to be one of the big culprits) so I was able to continue losing weight past my normal 10 pound block.

I still have another 25 pounds to lose and I'm glad I've got the shakes and LeptiBurn to help.

There are a few other products I intend to add as I get close to my goals to move me along.

So, that's my experience. I was dubious at the claims, but the products have worked for me.

PS. They have a very supportive forum full of people having success with their products. They've offered me encouragement, recipes, and tips for getting through the hard parts of losing weight and sticking with it.

The company has a couple of people assigned to participate, too, and their expertise has also been a great help.

Geo November 08, 2013

I lost 25 pounds in 4 months with Intermittent Fasting, then hit a plateau for several months. Decided to try LeptiBurn and see if I could break thru the plateau. I was eating less than 1200 calories per day, logging everything I ate, but NOT losing any weight, exercising 20-30 minutes, 3-4 times per week. So, I should have been losing 2 pounds per week due to calorie deficit, but that wa NOT happening. Tried LeptiBurn, and had bad side-effects, and no benefit. What next?

Dontdothat November 10, 2013

you should never eat less than 1200 calories per day. if your body goes into starvation mode it will be so much harder to lose weight. this from a nutritionist! these products, or any products, can only help you if you diet in a smart way! your body needs enough nutrition to run smoothly.

MyLady November 18, 2013

I lowered calories to 1500 & 1200 exercised twice a day for 45 min. each time on my Total gym 100. Never lost/ Went down to 800 calories & lost a little. Went down to 500 calories & lost more. 8 months later I had lost 34lbs.. I was 49 yrs. old. I could probably maintain at800 calories & one 45 minute workout a day. My family had people weighing 300 lbs on both sides. Both my parents were average weight, though. They did have cancer, diabetes, heart attack, stroke, brain tumor, emphysema, though.

Nancy November 29, 2013

With all due respect, as I see you stated that you've always plateaued before, but anyone would lose weight restricting their calories so much without using any product, at least in the short term. Possibly the reason you hit a plateau so early is because you are actually starving your body, and not giving it what it needs to recover from all the exercise you are doing. It is never healthy to eat so little, unless you are morbidly obese and in danger of death at any time due to your weight and the stress is places on your body. So far, those you have added details to their review about their success, include restricting their calories so much, that it makes me afraid for them, and others if that is what is recommended.

Wendy S. August 26, 2014

So this what this company is endorsing? intermittent starvation? exercise and a sensible diet people...stop trying to shortcut it.

Honest Company, Amazing Products & Support
November 4, 2013

I've had serious constipation problems since I was a teenager. Over the years, I had to rely upon the Chinese herbal medicine prescribed by my Chinese physician. After I moved to the UK, this became a problem as I couldn't always ensure that I receive timely and sufficient supply of my herbal medicine. Then BioTrust's Pro-X10 came to rescue. Now I have completely got off the chinese herbal medicine and simply take 2 capsules of Pro-X10 daily - it works like a miracle and completely solved my constipation problem for more than 10 years! I was skeptical at how effective Pro-X10 will be at first, and now I am just glad that I gave it a try as it's absolutely working wonders.

Aside from Pro-X10, I am also using BioTrust's Low Carb, which tastes amazing! I'd used Gold Standard's whey protein before, only to find out that they contain deadly artificial sweeteners, sucralose and Acesulfame Potassium - which are also found in the majority of whey protein powders on the market. BioTrust's Low Carb protein powder doesn't contain any of the harmful ingredients, is all natural, and uses the most advanced technology to ensure the manufacturing process doesn't in any way destroy the health benefits of their products. Better yet, the tasty flavours definitely satiate my occasional cravings for ice cream and chocolate~but when I chunk down the Low Carb, I feel as if I were eating ice cream/ chocolate while knowing it will do nothing but superb goodness to my body.

Best of all, BioTrust offers amazing support for every query you have and every challenge you are going through. I constantly have a lot of questions regarding nutrition, diet and workout routine, their response was always prompt and whatever you are going through, the team is there to support you!

I would recommend anyone to give it a try, as you would never know what the result might be before you even ventured to try. At the end of the day, if you are for any reason unhappy with the products, know that BioTrust offers one-year guarantee. What have you got to lose?

My comments are posted here purely for the purpose of sharing my personal experience of BioTrust products. Nowadays one can hardly find any completely honest company willing to invest so much to boost the clients' health and always have the clients' health at heart. I hope my reviews would encourage more people to give BioTrust a try.

Graham November 09, 2013

Hi Sandra what about shipping costs to the UK? can you purchase Pro-x10 in the UK? I have ordered abroad in the past and had shipping costs more than the product or customs have put on a levy.

Can you let me know of your experiences as I assume your ordering from the States.

Thank you

Jonatan May 30, 2014

No, you can´t. Buy in bulk if you want to save in on customs.

Only thing thats worked for IBS
November 3, 2013
I've had stomach problems for about 3 years now, marked by frequent diarrhea and abdominal discomfort. Been through the ringer with the GI for testing, and all results always came back normal. Only thing that helped, for short periods of time was Xifaxan, an antibiotic given to IBS patients where bacterial overgrowth is suspected. However, I would take it, see improvements, and over time revert back to my original problems. Docs believed that my bad bacteria kept growing back, and no probiotic I tried seemed to resolve the problem. So when I came across the ads for pro X10, despite the hard sell marketing language, which I consider a turn off, I decided to try it. I am now 1 month in and just ordered more. I am having normal poop consistently for the first time in 3 years. I have not made any other changes. I hope this company stays in business!!

Good company, great products, amazing support!
October 31, 2013

I'll start with what i don't like.:

The Website: Not a fan of the videos, doesn't mean they're not good, but there is no way to skip them and get to articles.

Processing and shipping is a bit slow, but they're a small company, so I can live with that. I do wish i would see more of them in a retail environment, but at the same time, that takes away from the boutique feel of this company.

Okay, on to the good stuff!

First, the great products. Try Pro-X10 and AbsorbMax, and you will notice changes within a week of use! The BCAA, Leptiburn, and IC-5 won't be immediately noticeable, but if you put the work in, they work for you.

My personal favorite is the Low Carb Protein, delicious, time released protein keeps you fuller longer, so you can control your cravings easier. They also make some surprisingly delicious cookies and bars to help you remain healthy on the go.

Now, I will warn you, and we all should know, quality doesn't come cheap.

Saving the best for last:

I can't say enough about the amazing customer support! The forum is filled with enthusiastic members and experts (coaches) dedicated to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals, even if you might need a bit of an incentive, they're there for you. You really do get the vibe that they want to see you succeed as much as possible.

Kay S November 17, 2013

Somehow as I read these, all seem to have been written by the company, not by real consumers. Nice try though.

Kim L November 22, 2013

I totally agree!

Tami November 23, 2013

I thought the same thing when reading all of these!!

Cpt D November 24, 2013

I'm with you. I haven't been able to find a review site without their ads or video.

That does not make me want to rush right out and buy their product...

Nancy November 29, 2013

Again a raving review with nothing more than "these products are great", how were they great? What information can you provide that isn't comparable to the sales pitch offered by the company. You say "The BCAA, Leptiburn, and IC-5 won't be immediately noticeable, but if you put the work in, they work for you", yet you offer no evidence that it has even worked for you. DId you lose weight with it, what other things did you do, exercise, calorie intake, etc?? Did the IC-5 lower your sugar insulin, what evidence do you have of this, a blood test, subsiding of symptoms, etc? Most of the raving reviews offer no substantial testimony, and yet the negative ones come from people who have never tried the products...frustrating.

October 31, 2013

I have been using a variety of Bio Trust products for a little over 6 weeks and have been absolutely impressed with them. My main goal presently is fat loss so I have been using four products to help with that.

Low Carb Protein Powder - Tastes like heaven! Easily the best protein powder I've tried as far as taste goes. Furthermore, with other powders I've had digestive problems, which I no longer have taking the low carb.

Protein Bars - You can tell you're eating something that has nothing but natural and organic ingredients. Incredibly delicious and good for a quick snack. Tastes like a candy bar. Has a strong date flavor which may be a turn off to some, but not this guy.

I have also been taking the IC-5 for carb management and BCAA Matrix to help with muscle maintenance. Both products have been helping my regime and I've noticed absolutely no negative side effects to taking them.

Finally, the best part of this company is the transparency and "realness" of them. Everyone in the BioTrust community embraces their customers and offer top class customer service. There is someone to answer questions and the response time is incredibly quick "within minutes". It doesn't matter what your goal is, but they make sure that you are taking the supplements in the best way to maximize your results!

Nancy November 29, 2013

I didn't find this review helpful because this reveiwer gives 5 stars, but mentions nothing of how the product has actually helped them reach any specific goals, but only that they have tried the products . It is good to know that the protein supplements taste good, but so do a lot of other food stuffs, what people want to know is if it has helped people meet the stated goals of the products and if so, what goals were they, how long did it take, etc.

does it help with heartburn???
October 30, 2013

not really :-( sorry. It sounds like a smart company and good product. it honestly would be a coin flip on whether or not the product works. obviously they do a lot of paid marketing, and it looks like a click bank item. so rainwater may be an independent person trying to make a living or mabey rainwater is just passionit about biotrust .... personally i want to hire rainwater to do some good reviews for my company and i would pay much better than odesk or freelancer.c@m would yet how could i talk to the person behind rainwater ???? great black hat tactics tho followed by the book u r a pro

Tim, B October 31, 2013

Hi rick,

I must say, this is interesting. Please don't take this the wrong way, but you've left a one-star review without ever using one of our products?

As simple as it seems to surmise that someone who has used our products, is very happy with the results, and rates them with five stars is paid by our company, then the conclusion could be drawn here that this negative comment comes from a competitor of ours who is out to slander our good name because they couldn’t compete with the quality and customer service of BioTrust. They don’t even use our products or shop with us so giving us a bad review isn’t ethical. We are taking action with this web site to try and block this person and will use their IP address so we can take action to protect our good name.

Again, we have a 4-star rating from this web site, hundreds of thousands of happy customers around the world, and if you Google BioTrust you will see that there are any very positive comments about our company all over the web. What’s more, there are not negative comments about our company outside of this web site where our competitors camp out and try to hurt our great image. We also offer an industry leading, 1-year money back guarantee on all of our products so you can shop with confidence.

What’s more, we offer a free health and fitness coaching forum where you interact with all of our real customers and see the positive changes we are striving to make in people’s lives. Just visit and visit the forum section at the top of the page.

Please don’t let one bad apple (our resentful competitors) spoil your opinion of this great company. The positive, unpaid testimonials on this web site and all over the web are proof positive that we are a company who loves our customers and will do whatever it takes to make them happy.

Bill Leach February 06, 2014

Yes, it does seem unreasonable to allow "low star rating" from anyone that does not at least say that they used the product.


So far, so good.....
October 28, 2013

I decided to purchase the protein powder and go on the diet plan. I skip breakfast, have a shake at noon and 3pm and then have a nice healthy dinner. I started week 2 today. I lost 3 pounds the first week. This is not a lot, but I am in menopause and for me, it is great. I love the shakes. Yes, I get hungry around 9ish, but at noon when I drink my first shake and there are 53 different recipe options, they are really good and so filling. Then at 3pm, I am not really hungry, but have my next shake anyway, one with a little less carbs and that holds me until dinner and at that point, I am hungry. I have a protein (meat), a complex carb and all the veggies I want and I make sure I have a lot of them, because you can't eat again until the next day at noon. Night time is normally my snack time, but I have resisted. You also get one day a week to eat however you want. This is really great, although I felt guilty doing it, it was nice.

What I do notice the biggest difference is all the energy after 3 days that I have and the clarity and my ability to focus is amazing! I am so thankful. I sure hope it keeps up. I just placed my 2nd order, this time, I order 3 jars! I LOVE IT.

Kay S November 17, 2013

I don't eat like these individuals that are writing these comments. I am 65 years old and work full time. I eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner and 2 or three snacks a day. I am super-sensitive to whey (severe nausea) and drink Vegan Lean 1. Now that one is really great tasting but has a little powdery taste. Most of my smoothies come from Smoothie King (their quality is fantastic). I have tried Raspberry ketones, green coffee and garcinia cambogia, none of which have done a thing except make my pocketbook flatter. I haven't figured out what these people do for a living (Do they work?) I can't go without food and function except when I was on the HCG diet. I was on 500 calories a day and injections and lost a pound a day. Then on day 16, it stopped working but 15# was great. It has been 20 months and I've put 7# back on and I don't want to gain those other 7 back so I'm searching. I eliminated High fructose corn syrup 2 years ago.

not sure
October 27, 2013

i am not sure if i should order pro-x10 from reading the reviews...

Tim, B October 31, 2013

Hi debra smith,

Thank you so much for your interest in our revolutionary, all-natural, microencapsulated probiotic formula Pro-X10. I completely understand your hesitation, but as you read through the "reviews" that concern you—very, very few of which actually review a product—you'll find that there is nary a negative mention of Pro-X10.

On the contrary, we have hundreds of thousands of happy customers all around the globe. If you want to find out more from real customers, I invite you to head over to our free Online Coaching Forums where you interact with all of our real customers and see the positive changes we are striving to make in people’s lives. Just visit and visit the forum section at the top of the page.

Please keep us posted with your feedback and results!



Just starting
October 27, 2013
I am 53 and frustrated with trying to lose weight. I feel exhausted most of the time and hope that I can lose weight and gain energy with these products to support me. I will join the forum and see what happens. Will post result at the end of the month...took first capsules today. Using IC-5 and Leptiburn. Wish me luck!

Hay J November 05, 2013

If you haven't started yet then why enter a 3 star rate!!

Jan October 18, 2014

Indeed. A lot of people here enter a low-star rating without even trying tge products. How dumb can one get?

Keep in mind
October 26, 2013

All Medications and natural pills will work for some and not for others!

These people at bio trust say that they care more about their customers than making money...This is BS! I haven't bought anything from them, nor will I EVER!

I believe it is a scam due to the price of each bottle.

Tim, B October 31, 2013

This is another intriguing "review." Please don't take this the wrong way, but you've left a one-star review without ever using one of our products?

Where and how you spend your money is entirely up to you. I respect that. However, slamming a company and its products and that you've never tried and throwing out slanderous words like "scam" is completely unethical.

Again, we have a 4-star rating from this web site, hundreds of thousands of happy customers around the world, and if you Google BioTrust you will see that there are any very positive comments about our company all over the web. What’s more, there are not negative comments about our company outside of this web site where our competitors camp out and try to hurt our great image. We also offer an industry leading, 1-year money back guarantee on all of our products so you can shop with confidence.

What’s more, we offer a free health and fitness coaching forum where you interact with all of our real customers and see the positive changes we are striving to make in people’s lives. Just visit and visit the forum section at the top of the page.

Grace December 06, 2014

Did you copy and paste your speech "Tim". I've been reading comments and reviews for about an hour and the responses are the same. Maybe automatic computer responses aren't the best ways to win over skeptical, potential customers. It's kind of impossible for you to reply to all of these reviews especially with you having such an important job and all so stop with the computer responses or hired assistants who type up phony replies and tag your name or Tim's name or whatever onto it.

have just started leptiburn...payment, shipping was ok to europe
October 26, 2013
ive just started taking leptiburn this week altho i purchased it over a year ago...i planned on taking it a year ago but came down with a terrible bug whilst travelling so put all supplements on hold until i felt better...totally forgot i had this in the cupboard until this week! i didn't have any problems with purchasing this product nor was i set up for any repeat automatic payment options. i also use marine d3 from biotrust which i have also never experienced any problems with payment nor have i been set up for any automatic repeat orders....just thought id share my experience on payment side and will resubmit a review in a few months with how I'm getting on with the leptiburn product. also, i know other reviewers are slating the marketing on these products but seriously marketing is everywhere these days....i always check out a products contents and do my own reviews based on the underlying ingredients before as some reviewers have pointed out we cld purchase the underlying ingreds but i loathe taking tablets so an all in one is best for me anyway enough waffling!

October 26, 2013

i saw a link on a Washington Post newsletter online and decided to see what it said. The presentation was amazing in quality but looking for authoritative reviews, hard to find, and I don't recognize most of the organizations named in their presentation.. How about American Diabetic Association? Without any research or endorsement of positive results by a major diabetes organization or recognized research institute or university, the actual reported results have to be taken with skepticism. There are no easy fixes - if there were they would be promoted by doctors with passion.

Some of the marketing tactics reported are really the worst kind of practices one can imagine. The defense responses by this organization seem rather feeble compared to the slick marketing. I watched the presentation and gained a lot from it in terms of how to improve my own presentations though this kind of whiteboard animation must cost a fortune to produce.

I would advise anyone who has Type II Diabetes to first ask their physician about these supplements.. The cost is pretty high and may only make them rich and not help you much at all. In the absence of real reputable science, that is not improbable.

Tim, B October 31, 2013

Again, this negative comment is not an actual review of a product. That's fine if you don't want to use the products, if you don't like whiteboard presentations, or if you don't even like the colors on our packaging. But, slandering a company and sharing a one-star "review" (of nothing) isn’t ethical.

Again, we have a 4-star rating from this web site, hundreds of thousands of happy customers around the world, and if you Google BioTrust you will see that there are any very positive comments about our company all over the web. What’s more, there are not negative comments about our company outside of this web site where our competitors camp out and try to hurt our great image. We also offer an industry leading, 1-year money back guarantee on all of our products so you can shop with confidence.

What’s more, we offer a free health and fitness coaching forum where you interact with all of our real customers and see the positive changes we are striving to make in people’s lives. Just visit and visit the forum section at the top of the page.

Further, if you are indeed a customer who is searching for reputable science, we have that available for you, as all of our all-natural products are backed by real research. In the case of IC-5 you can find that research here:

There are no claims made whatsoever that any of our all-natural, scientifically-backed products are intended to cure a disease like diabetes. While the active ingredients in IC-5 have been clinically shown to increase insulin sensitivity and lower blood sugar in response to a carbohydrate meal, IC-5 does not treat, cure, or prevent any disease, such as diabetes. If you are on medication, you should continue to take your medication under the direction of your physician and must consult with your physician before using IC-5.

Please don’t let one bad apple (our resentful competitors) spoil your opinion of this great company. The positive, unpaid testimonials on this web site and all over the web are proof positive that we are a company who loves our customers and will do whatever it takes to make them happy.

Nini November 01, 2013

I find it a bit hilarious that people are "reviewing" and "slamming" a product they never tried! ? Really? Maybe you need a review on Webster's definition of what a review is? ;) I haven't used the product myself, as I'm on this site to get feedback from others who have...but this makes me laugh. Good responses by the company. Respectful and informative.

LindainCO November 29, 2013

I agree, and I am surprised that someone would offer their opinion when they haven't tried the product.

I tried the protein powder and it is great!

My son warned me about Whey products, because of the Hgh and other chemicals in dairy: they are NOT in BioTrust powder. It is very good. I wanted to find reviews about the cookies, but it doesn't really matter with the 1 year guarantee, and I trust anything that Joel Marion sells.

Bill Leach February 06, 2014

I have recently developed medical problems. I have been using BIoTrust products for some months now and will provide a review. However, I find it amazing that people will parrot statements by others about products like BioTrust without having ANY personal experience with them. If you bother to do a little of your own research you will find, as I have, that there is a significant segment of the nutrition and health publishing industry that highly recommends BioTrust.

I dig this stuff.
October 23, 2013

Wow. This is a controversial forum.

I've been using BioTRUST products for about 5 months now and I really like them. I did their 3 week diet over the summer and lost weight and rebooted my crappy metabolism for the first time in years. I did yoga a couple times a week but not much else in the exercise arena. I was recovering from a broken ankle and I'm still adjusting to that. I've been much looser with my diet and not really exercising much since school/work started back up (you guessed it, I'm a teacher) but have been steadily losing weight since then, just not very rapidly, which is okay with me.

I've lost 24 pounds since May and I still have a ways to go but I feel great.

I absolutely love the protein powder and the Leptiburn goes a long way in curbing my appetite. The BCAA Matrix pills (or whatever they're called) tasted kind of weird and on my "fasting" days I was supposed to take a gazillion of them. It totally grossed me out and I've kind of ignored them since then.

I'm a total convert and have even gotten my teenage daughter to drink the organic/healthy/real-food cool-aid. Obesity and diabetes runs in my family so I'm glad I headed down this path.

It seems as though BioTrust spends more time and money on forum campers than their product
October 17, 2013

I Currently use the BioTrust Low Carb shake daily. I honestly have no complaints about this product. It seems to work well for my high protein and low carb diet I've been on for a while. Though honestly, it is hard to NOT see any difference when you're replacing a meal with something that is low calorie, low carb regardless of whether it does the rest of what it says or not. Especially when you're exercising 6 days a week and dieting like myself. The shake was referred to me by someone I trust when it comes to supplements.

HOWEVER, the reason I'm rating my review 2 stars isn't because of the shake. Recently I've been doing some research on the LeptiBurn supplement. While the ingredients and the "logic/science" behind it seem to all be sound, I'm no expert. It seems though that everywhere, and I do mean EVERYWHERE, I look all I see is obvious payed testimonials for the product.

Who is BioTrust trying to fool here? The amount of paid testimonials and reviews I have seen for BioTrust is absolutely unreal. Way more than any other company I've seen yet. Personally, this makes me feel very un-easy about the products and the company. Even if the products DO WORK, then it seems that the company shouldn't have to do all of these false reviews on just about every website known to google. Truly good products sell themselves, I'm a graphic designer and I know a little about what sells products and what doesn't.

Just on this website alone an obvious paid commenter, whom will undoubtedly comment on this review as well, represented as "rainwater" has spent months it seems making sure he defends the company on just about every review under 4 stars. Even if it is just a review asking a questions he/she HAS to put SOMETHING.

Maybe BioTrust should put a little more money into their products and TRUE advertising instead of all of these paid forum campers.

Again I have nothing bad to say about the BioTrust shake I am currently taking....yet... But all of these false testimonies and reviews have directed me away from investing any further into BioTrust products in the future.

Kathy S October 18, 2013

Nothing false about my testimony and I was not PAID for it! Can't understand how someone can say they have no problem with the BioTrust product they are using, but in the next breath they are saying that there are people being paid to say "good things" about the products. Is this person a moron? He had nothing bad to say about the shake, yet he faults other people, rainwater included, for speaking their beliefs? Calls these people "forum campers?" Well I personally take offense by that! I am not a forum camper, I visit the forums for nutritional advice and exercise advice. I stand behind what BioTrust supplements have done for me. I have lost 68 pounds in 6 months time that I could not lose by other diets, supplements, or exercise alone. I have learned what good nutrition is all about by the expert advice of two extremely knowledgeable nutrition and exercise coaches and on their advice have learned how to exercise properly for maximum fat loss. What is wrong with that? Why can't people just accept the fact: There are plenty of people out there that are using BioTrust products and they are either losing weight, controlling their blood sugars, or are having their intestinal problems cleared up. End of story!

S.St October 18, 2013

Well, I knew someone would come to defend the lines sooner or later.

I supposed I'm not going to argue the opinion of me being a moron or not. Though honestly you'd have to be a moron yourself to not recognize a paid testimony when you see one. The fact that you're "offended" by my accusation of them existing is a bit silly, grow up. I said nothing about your testimony specifically did I? And I also never said that ALL of these testimonies were false, I was simply stating that it is un-nerving to see that there are so many of them on so many websites for this specific company.

I congratulate you on your 68 pound loss, that is quite a feat to accomplish that many don't have the gumption to see through. I am also at a 62 pound loss myself in about 8 months with no supplements. I also use forums for tips and ideas. I just recently as of 2 weeks ago started on the BioTrust low carb shake in hopes to help me get the rest of the way. So, is it hard to believe that people go to forums to voice their beliefs? No, not at all. But I doubt that even you would spend 4 months straight on a reviews forum making sure to comment on that many posts like Rainwater has.

I realize there are a lot of people out there that use BioTrust Products. I don't even doubt that some of it works. I'll restate this again; really good products sell themselves. They don't need this many paid testimonies, they don't need an over the top marketing stunts to boost sales, and they don't need people to defend the products.

Tim, B October 21, 2013

Dear S. St,

This is Tim Skwiat from BioTrust Customer Service. I have to admit that I’m confused. You’re giving us a two star out of five even though you love our BioTrust LowCarb protein product, you were satisfied with our customer service, but you assume (without any facts) that we pay our loyal customers to post positive comments on web sites like this?

Honestly, that is a very unethical thing to do on your part. We absolutely, positively DO NOT pay any customers to post positive things about our company online. I am the only BioTrust employee on this web site, and my job is to make sure the truth is known and that our customers have a truly outstanding all-around experience. We have an A rating with the Better Business Bureau (only two complaints out of over 1 million products shipped), we have a 4-star review rating on this web site, and our Facebook fan page is full of positive comments. Our customers LOVE US and are very enthusiastic to protect our brand. And we love them, too.

Unfortunately, we could make a similar assumption that you may be one of our competitors trying to make potential customers question the ethics of our company. If you are truly a customer, please contact me directly with your real name so I can review your order history. My email is [email protected] and I will do whatever it takes to make things right and earn your trust.



Trish October 23, 2013

This is a pretty unprofessional response to a customer. Perhaps brushing up on responding to negative comments on a social media forum is in order. October 23, 2013

I just watched your sales video and was performing a quick search on the internet just in case there were negative reviews of the product I should know about. I was overwhelmed with "reviews" that have "Order NOW" following them. I was going to order your product, but like S. ST, I am unnerved at how difficult it is to get unbiased reviews. Again, the "hard sell" is a red flag. If your product is great, hold back some of the marketing labeled, "reviews" and let us speak for you.

And, yes, trying to turn the tables and accuse the costumer of being the competitions is immature. If that were true, they simply would have stated the PRODUCT was poor. This is constructive advise from a consumer. Use it or not...up to you.

H, F October 26, 2013

You are right to be suspicious. Josh claims to have started the company in 2011 because he discovered that natural supplements were unregulated. That's pretty funny considering that he was fined for "free-to-pay conversion” marketing of unregulated natural supplements, his company making about $40 million in sales in 2009 alone. Just google "Josh Bezoni Fined Colorado".

And he does spend an awful lot of energy making sure the first couple of google page returns are loaded with his praises.

But what can you do, people are stupid.

Tim, B October 31, 2013

Mr. Bezoni, not only has he donated over $1 million to various charities over his business career, but he strives daily to make BioTrust the best company it can be and customer service is our #1 priority. In regards to 2009, he has done national presentations and conferences on how growing a company too quickly can cause operational issues. As with most people in life, we all learn lessons with experience that make us grow and become better. What’s more, this incident has nothing to do with unregulated supplements and has everything to do with managing a fast-growing company years ago.

Again, we have a 4-star rating from this web site, hundreds of thousands of happy customers around the world, and if you Google BioTrust you will see that there are any very positive comments about our company all over the web. What’s more, there are not negative comments about our company outside of this web site where our competitors camp out and try to hurt our great image. We also offer an industry leading, 1-year money back guarantee on all of our products so you can shop with confidence.

What’s more, we offer a free health and fitness coaching forum where you interact with all of our real customers and see the positive changes we are striving to make in people’s lives. Just visit and visit the forum section at the top of the page.

Please don’t let one bad apple spoil your opinion of this great company. The positive, unpaid testimonials on this web site and all over the web are proof positive that we are a company who loves our customers and will do whatever it takes to make them happy.

Kate November 01, 2013

I've noticed that "Tim, at BioTrust Customer Service", responds the same way accept for the first paragraph. Thanks S. ST, for your observations! I'm interested to hear about how easy it is to return and get a refund on the products, from an actual customer. It says it's easy and hassle free, but really?

Tim, B November 06, 2013

Hi Kate,

We provide our customer a one-year money-back guarantee. Please feel free to visit this page on our website for additional details:

My name is Tim Skwiat, and I'll be happy to personally assist you with any questions that you may have. You're more than welcome to e-mail me directly at [email protected].

Martyn, C November 09, 2013

I start out sceptical when these slick presentations, amazingly all very similar in format and structure, tell you that you must spend 15 minutes watching and LISTENING to their verbose commentaries and watching their tedious art-shows. For me the 'North American' way of marketing and Selling these products is a massive Turn-Off and I rarely Buy. Their very own (slick) presentational methods seem to get in the way of the simple message "give our Product a Try, it will likely work but if it doesn't whizz it back and we'll willingly make a Full Refund". Personally I prefer my own hybrid way of dealing with Type 2 Diabetes, recommended and monitored by my trusted physicians, the usual prescribed meds plus a careful Mediterranean diet containing some of the recommendations tips and techniques given in the Type 2 Diabetes Diet Book, (Erin & Kowalski) that several of my Type-2 friends also find useful. None of us have yet succumbed to slick presentations by BioTrust and others. For many of us Europeans it's the North American Hype that seriously 'turns us off'. It might be considered 'Clever' but in the end the sheer length and repetitiveness of their 'presentations' just 'Turn Us Off'.

Esme E November 10, 2013

I agree here. It's kind of dumb how people just sell things that might not work and get money off of it. America is made out of fake supplements and products that usually don't work, but in defense for Biotrust it is good to keep an open mind about things you have not tried yet. Maybe you could phone a friend about it :P

Jan October 18, 2014

Completely on the contrary, Trish: Tim (from BioTrust) gave a very professional and rational reply to the (dumb) posting by S. St.

October 13, 2013
I am very new to Bio-Trust products. Having been a diabetic for 25+ years I was very interested to learn more about IC-5.I am very skeptical person. Having watched a video online I decided to try IC-5. I have been on insulin for more than a year, using a injection pen to deliver 30-45 units at a time. Even so my blood sugars ran in the 200-300 range. Daily dosage levels of insulin ran 100-135 units. Anyone who is on insulin can tell you how difficult it is to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. I ordered three bottles of IC-5 and began taking as recommended (two capsules before breakfast and two before dinner). From the VERY FIRST DAY of taking IC-5 I began to see a change in my blood sugar readings. I test an average of 4-5 times a day as per Drs. orders. I immediately was able to reduce my insulin intake to 50-60 units a day but the BIGGEST fact is that my 2 week average (A1C) has dropped to 125. I have not had a blood sugar reading over 173 in 2 weeks now. I have also lost 19 lbs. during this time period (mostly water weight) as I am on a diuretic. I would like to say to anyone that wants to improve their blood sugars to give this a try. After all, the company does offer a money back guarantee. Also, I have NOT been paid by Bio-Trust to indorse this product, but am no longer a skepict

KJ M October 15, 2013

I'm skeptical of the legitimacy of this review. Any diabetic. or healthcare worker, knows that the A1C is a 2-3 month average. According to the American Medical Association, "The A1C in the blood provides an overview of your average blood glucose control for the past three months." Since A1C is a long term average, there cannot be a significant change in A1C in just 2 weeks.

Carl October 15, 2013

I wouldn't brag about an A1C of 125. Mine was 7.5. You SHOULD be DEAD

Becca October 18, 2013

why would you be dead your blood sugar should range from 90-102

Trish October 23, 2013

I agree with KJ M.

To explain what an A1c is, think in simple terms. Sugar sticks, and when it's around for a long time, it's harder to get it off. In the body, sugar sticks too, particularly to proteins. The red blood cells that circulate in the body live for about three months before they die. When sugar sticks to these cells, it gives us an idea of how much sugar has been around for the preceding three months. In most labs, the normal range is 4-5.9 %. In poorly controlled diabetes, its 8.0% or above, and in well controlled patients it's less than 7.0%. The benefits of measuring A1c is that is gives a more reasonable view of what's happening over the course of time (3 months), and the value does not bounce as much as finger stick blood sugar measurements.

This being said I believe the original post stating anA1C of 125 is actually something under 6 %.

The American Diabetes Association currently recommends an A1c goal of less than 7.0%, while other groups such as the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists recommend a goal of less than 6.5%.

Of interest, studies have shown that there is a 10% decrease in relative risk for every 1% eduction in A1c. So, if a patients starts off with an A1c of 10.7 and drops to 8.2, though there are not yet at goal, they have managed to decrease their risk of microvascular complications by about 20%. The closer to normal the A1c, the lower the absolute risk for microvascular complications.

Barb P October 26, 2013

Thank you for this info. I've been wondering what the Norm was but couldn't get

any Medical people to tell me.

Bob C October 27, 2013

I am a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist with an additional Master's in Education from a very prestigious Eastern School. I have looked into many of thee so called "miracle" cures for Type II diabetes or Metabolic Syndrome that a great amount of US people, I said people-not adults- have. Our obesity is totally out of control. My biggest concern with IC-5 is that they do, is a very small way, tell you to speak to your physician. They are marketing people and absolutely know Americans are so lazy that I bet over 80% who order this never tell their Doc until AFTER ordering it.

f it worked so well, and as fast as some on this board claim, our Emergencies Departments would see a large spike in hypoglycemic patients- not happening!! First day- come on, the only thing that works that fast is an injection of insulin, not a bunch of herbs!

Most of these so-called quick claims coming from Middle Eastern patients- they are obviously the money people behind this product. Another scam where Moheed becomes "HI, my name is Joseph."

Please people, do not spend your hard earned money on half-truths!

Julie October 30, 2013

My point exactly--if this product was so good - I being a gastro- nightmare and seeing so many drs for conditions these "wonder pills" are supposed to be for--why hasn't -any- of my many doctors mentioned them--and these are not just regular old gps--for example the head of gastroenterological surgery at memorial Sloane Kettering in NYC? We discussed many ways to help my conditions after my surgery--This Doctor told me to stay away from this company and others like them as they would likely hurt more than help---these "miracle" drug companies have been around forever--I remember when I was 10 reading this article about an "amazing weight loss breakthrough" thinking wow how great for people who had dieted all their lives like my dad--who with his own hi-fiber -hi volume diet is now 150 and 5' 10" but anyway that article was in '79 - now still same old problems--guess the breakthrough didn't work as--sorry to say--neither will this.

Valerie November 03, 2013

Of course doctors steer you away from products like this! BioTrust isn't sending them on luxury cruises and 2-week conferences in exotic locations! There is no money to be made by the "health care" industry when we become healthy. My mom's been on metformin for a couple years, knowing it will ultimately destroy her liver. Her digestion is about shot, her BP is high, and yet she persists. When she tried a natural solution, it worked. Her doctor told her to discontinue it immediately and stay only on the metformin. Go figure.

Bill Leach February 06, 2014

Valerie Please! tell your mother to take vitamin B12. Metformin does NOT damage the liver is sufficient B12 is present. She will probably have to either take subligual or injection.