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Waste of time.
March 17, 2014
I listened to your way too long video and decided to give you guys a try, as although too long it was well done. I tried to order and it seems that for some unknown reason you don't ship to Hawaii. Whats up with that? Priority mail is cheep. Tim

Tim March 18, 2014

Hi Tim,

My name is Tim Skwiat, and I am the Senior Nutrition and Exercise Coach with BioTrust Nutrition. Seeing as how we're both named Tim, I think that's a great start to the conversation. :)

BioTrust is a US-based company and they don't ship to Hawaii? "What's up with that?" is exactly right, my friend. We do indeed ship to Hawaii.

In the "Select shipping country" drop-down menu at checkout, you'll see two US options: 1. United States (Continental); and 2. United States (Alaska or Hawaii). You, my lucky island friend, will want to choose the latter.

If you have any additional questions, I highly recommend that you contact our Customer Service Team directly. [This is an independent review site over which we have no input.] One of our Customer Care Specialists will gladly assist you:

(800) 766 - 5086 (M - F 7a - 8p CST)

[email protected]

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me directly: [email protected].

We sincerely appreciate your interest in our premium, scientifically-backed supplements, and we most certainly look forward to getting your feedback. We're confident that you will be very pleased with the results they help you achieve.


Tim Skwiat

Lindy March 29, 2014

I sat through the presentation and was keen to order, but was very disappointed to find that South Africa wasn't listed on your shipping list. Please let me know if there is any way to order your product from South Africa.

Many thanks


Brian Newmark May 14, 2014

I hate reviews which hurt a company when the client never tried the product

tanuja July 31, 2014

wow that's a long video. after two minutes I gave up and came back later to find the video going on still and some guy called Brett Hall talking about weird stuff. Sorry I am a scientist that studies metabolism and aging .... we get trained to give talks (short and long). The point is to get the audience to understand what you are trying to say in a short time without taking so much time. I give thumbs down for the waste of time and I will never try this. You should try to do this shorter and busy hard working people who probably could afford to buy this product might pay some attention to you.

Kristen crawford October 02, 2014

I would have to agree. 33 percent of the video is all about telling me what you are going to tell me. Horrendous waste of time. Get to the point. Additionally, all emails have a "bait" word or sentence....with a link. The link takes you to a page asking for your email. The email contains yet another link to a long video and you trying to sell me something else.

who is Brett Hall ???
March 13, 2014
In the video that you cannot pause or rewind, they mnetion a lot on the credibility of the second speaker "Brett Hall". Google that and you find no credit except from BioTrust :-D

Tim March 13, 2014


Who is Brett Hall? Glad you asked!

Here is an excerpt from Brett's bio featured on (

"Brett Hall, RD is a Registered Dietitian—a nutritionist licensed to work in the medical field. He is recognized as one of the world’s leading experts in the field of performance nutrition and nutritional supplement science, and has spent the last 23 years researching how all-natural foods and supplements can be used to help people improve their bodies.

Brett’s past experience includes:

* Senior Research Interventionist at the University of St. Louis Medical School.

* 15 years as a nationally published writer on nutrition and supplementation topics.

* Research and Development Director for Experimental and Applied Sciences, Inc. (better known as “EAS”).

* President and Founder of Inergy, Inc., a Colorado-based nutritional consultation practice.

* Vice President of R&D for Eating for Life Foods.

* Chief Science Officer for Nutrition53.

* President of Pure Health Group, Inc.

* Chief Nutrition Officer for Superior Hockey Nutrition.

* Personal Nutritionist to a variety of professional athletes."

While there is a laundry list of credible references above, the one with which you may be most familiar is EAS, founded by Bill Phillips. Brett was the Director of R & D for EAS for 7 years. You are also welcome to view Brett's LinkedIn profile:

While it's unfortunate that this got approved as a one-star "review," it is a great opportunity to help shed light on Brett's extensive career in the industry and unquestionable credibility.


Tim Skwiat

Senior Nutrition and Exercise Coach

Quasar March 13, 2014

So you are confirming my statement that his credibility is only on biotrust?! Or do you not know to read?!

Lori Newell-Lahti March 15, 2014

Quasar…I haven't placed my order yet as I am in the middle of doing my 'due diligence' and background research on BioTrust. By simply doing a search for Brett Hall I easily found plenty of background information on his professional history. Now that I have read Tim's response to you, my search and my concerns satisfied.

Comments on website, not product, not tried it yet
February 14, 2014

I give it a 3 star rating only because the web infomercial was intelligent though too long and like another reviewer, wrote, he gave the web site a 1 star because "no star" was not possible and had yet to try the products. Just get to the point I say!

These questions are directed at Tim from Bio-Trust...

Personal history: 41 yo white male, was 220-225 lbs with 30% BMI, current weight is 211-212 lbs, history of smoking (quit 2-3 weeks ago--occasional cigar--4/month), no major cardio, diabetic, obesity, cancer issues in family. Had gall bladder removed in 2005 and have had difficulty processing fats appropriately and have incredibly loose bowels ever since. Last lab values (11/2013) had LDL @ 197, HDL @ 40, and TG @ 239. History of hypertension and controlled with Propranolol for HBP and to control essential tremors. Gained 25-30 lbs in past 18 months from being sedentary due to many factors. Have made radical changes to eliminate bad fats and sugars with fair success. Currently portioning food and watchful of calories, fat, and sugar levels. Going to gym 5x/week doing 2-3 days moderate intensity cardio (65% max HR) for 35-45 minutes and 2-3 days of weight training for 50 minutes plus stretching and core strengthening. Have allergies to most grown plants/trees locally, controlled with local raw, unfiltered honey and some OTC Claritin.

I am looking into another stomach parasitic cleanse from Dr. Hulda Clark which incorporates Black Walnuit Green Hulls, Wormwood, and Common Cloves and Ornithine as needed. Also she has a liver cleanse consisting of primarily virgin olive oil, fresh grapefruit juice, Ornithine and Black Walnut tincture.

I am currently consuming 10-20 oz of cold Guyabano/Soursoup tea daily to improve digestion which is working and is fortified with Q10-Co-Enzyme and has anti-cancer properties. I drink Bragg's apple cider vinegar (2 TBSP with Cholestyramine Oral 4mg 2x daily), I take 400 mg of Twin Labs Magnesium and Betaine Hcl (648 mg betaine Hcl/130 mg Pepsin) daily, NOW Omega 3 (2000 mg daily) and Esterified Fatty Acid Complex (EFAC) from Hope Science (double dosing the first 2 weeks, half way done) which is for joint health and reduce systemic inflammation. I take Max GXL Glutathione Accelerator (750mg) which helps with left hand/finger AM stiffness. Also taking Loratab 10/500 and Soma 350 as needed for muscle pain in low back and lower neck, I also take 5mg melatonin or 10mg Ambien to help sleep (as needed) and diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea. My liver ALT (SGPT) is 86 IU/L which norms are 9-46. My fasting glucose is 96.

My question is how is BioTrust different than what I am doing now? Honestly, I'm tired of taking a bunch of things and wonder if there are duplicating effects of BioTrust plus other benefits that would allow less supplements/day and possibly a lower cost/day. ProSlim 1000 seems to have high reviews too.

Please explain the pros/cons of what I am doing based on the info provided as well as how BioTrust COULD be beneficial and eliminate a lot of the other stuff I am taking. I have worked hard to loose 10 pounds in about a month and have 20 more to go.

Not sure how you can contact me as I don't want to post my email or phone number for all to see. Can check back but not sure how to filter/search for our response.


"B" in Las Vegas

Tim February 14, 2014


First of all, congratulations on quitting smoking and all of the excellent healthy habits (e.g., removing processed foods, exercising regularly, etc.) that you've begun to incorporate in your daily life. That's fantastic!

With regard to the presentation that you viewed, we offer a free download of the entire transcript. For those that prefer to read and learn better by doing so, that would be an alternative recommendation. I've outlined that process over at our Online Community Forums:!!!

Speaking of which, that would be an excellent platform for you (and others) to post questions like these. This specific website is independently owned and operated. My goal here is to make sure that our customers are completely satisfied and taken care of.

With regard to what makes BioTrust different, I'd encourage you to read the following pages on our website:

With regard to detoxes and cleanses, I'd highly encourage you to take a moment to read the following article authored by Ryan Andrews (Precision Nutrition). It's an excellent overall review and provides very valuable insight:

Even with the bolus of information shared here—thank you for the time and energy spent in providing it—there would still be many questions to ask to help you dial in your approach. For example, we'd certainly want a more clear overall picture of your goals, details on your nutritional intake, and specific exercise program.

That said, supplements like Pro-X10, AbsorbMax, and our Omega-3 supplements (e.g., Omega Dessert and OmegaKrill 5X) would certainly bear consideration.

Probiotics (i.e., the good bacteria that resides in your gut) provide the foundation for gut health. Your gut (i.e., large intestine) is home to 80% of your immune system, is colloquially termed your "second brain," and is the most metabolically active organ in the body. Populating the gut with adequate probiotics is key to optimal overall and digestive health, immune system function, mental well being, metabolism, and much, much more. Taking a probiotic (e.g., Pro-X10) every day is considered by scientists to be more important for overall health than taking a daily multivitamin.

Whereas probiotics form the foundation for gut health, digestive enzymes are the body's front line of defense. They are charged with the responsibility of breaking down the foods we eat into their constituent nutrients. That is, while we eat foods, the body needs the macro and micronutrients, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, etc., that are contained within foods. Digestive enzymes are the "keys" that unlock food's potential. In the absence of adequate digestive enzymes, food goes undigested. This means missing out on important nutrients, but perhaps more importantly means chronic inflammation, gas, bloating, etc.

You clearly understand the importance of supplemental Omega-3 fatty acids, as you are currently supplementing with them and seemed to have viewed the Inflammation Solution video as well. The question becomes, are you actually getting what you're paying for? And, is the product you have the best one for your goals?

Questions like these are answered in detail in the Inflammation Solution video. You can also find some answers in the article by Dr. Spiess featured over at our Forums, as well as myriad other posts I have shared there:

I hope this is helpful. Again, I highly encourage you to use our Forums for additional questions. You will get a much more timely response.



A great product
February 6, 2014
I have been using biotrust products for 3 months and with the help of the proper diet (mostly the 1 day diet) and some exercise I have lost 30 lbs so far. It's a great company with great all natural products that blows the competition out of the water

Timothy P Stokesbary March 17, 2014

What product are you using?

Amazing customer service
February 3, 2014

I live in London, England. A few weeks ago I ordered 3 tubs of Bio Carb, for some unknown reason, it did not agree with me. I contacted the customer service who were amazing. They offered me several very generous options to compensate for my inconvenience - which was not their fault.

I have never encountered this kind of service in England. Based on my positive experience, I would actively encourage anyone to buy from Biotrust and I am looking forward to try more products.

Kind regards

Gisele Verlaine

London, England

Louis Wein February 20, 2014

Purchased BioTrust's Omega 3 product. To early to confirm J$J's promises, however, the Customer Support was, as we Marines say "outstanding" Am looking forward to purchasing other products and spreading them to my six children. Colonel (S) L. P. Wein, USMC (Disabled)

Ordering issue
January 26, 2014

I just tried to order 3 bottles of the annoyed for several reasons: (1) in the video it shows the picture of the milkshake recipe book but as you listen to the LONG presentation, it is only a download (2) when I tried to order, put in my credit card information, I did not get a total and I was sent immediately to yet ANOTHER deal. I could not get to check out. So, I have no idea where the status of the order is. I do not like the high pressure sales pitch.

At the beginning of the video it is misleading because it says you will get a free milkshake recipe book....only if you order the product and that is not said. So, having said that, I wonder if any of it is true.

Tim January 27, 2014

Hi Mary Ellen,

My name is Tim, and I am with BioTrust Nutrition's Customer Service team. I am terribly sorry to hear that you are annoyed, and I also remiss to know that you felt that you were under high pressure.

Personally, one of the things I enjoy most about purchasing goods online is that you don't have to deal with any pushy sales representatives. :)

That being said, I'd like to make sure that you are completely taken care of. Please feel free to contact me directly at [email protected]. Alternatively, you may also contact our Customer Service team, and one of our Customer Care Specialists will gladly assist you:

(800) 766 - 5086 (M - F 7a - 8p CST)

While you should have received an order confirmation e-mail shortly after placing your order (if you did indeed submit your order), we can verify that your order was placed for the items that you intended to purchase. What's more, we'll make sure that you get your copy of the 53 Fat Burning Smoothies and Milshakes eBook as well as the One Day Diet manual.

Thanks, Mary Ellen. We look forward to helping you and to ensuring that you have a completely positive experience.



adri arrington July 09, 2014

Hi, I can not read 'books' online and was wondering if there is an 'actual book' I could purchase?


January 17, 2014

Awesome products, the best customer service and an all around great company :) This is gonna sound like an infomercial but for me Biotrust is by far the best company in the supplement industry.

Quick opinion on the different products....

Low Carb Protein:

It tastes really great, Also works well for cooking. As for all the science and ingredients behind it - check out the website ;) Noticed a considerable positive change (workouts, etc.).

Protein Bars:

Taste great as well. Usually use them after a workout. It's like it doesn't even taste like a protein bar but like a super deicious chocolate bar.

Omega Dessert:

Really deserves it's name. Yeah, it tastes that great. You won't believe it till you try it.

Leptiburn / IC-5 / BCAAs are a part of my daiily routine and a cornerstone of my fitness success.

I don't use the cookies but they did send me a sample once and they are really good as well.

As for customer service:

The forums are great - you get fast and intelligent answers. I'm constantly emailing with a coach and it does not feel like a support guy emailing me. It's like he's a buddy of mine (I actually consider him a buddy haha). I can't stress it enough: It's by far the best customer service I have ever experienced anywhere. Quick example: They sent me IC-5 instead of Leptiburn by accident (I've ordered a lot and this is the only thing that ever went "wrong")... so what do they do? I can keep all the IC-5 and I get a reship of the original Leptiburn - cost free.

So well - what else can I say. I love those guys. So happy to have found them.

Kimberly Owen
January 11, 2014
BioTrust is a WONDERFUL product!! I have tried lots of products and their line definitely contributed to my weight loss and total body transformation !! I have lost 26 pounds and went from a size 10 to a 4/6!! I will continue to use their products and will continue to recommend them to my family and friends!! I am proud to support a company who cares about its clients and gives back to organizations like. " make a wish "!!

Elaine August 26, 2014

Kimberly, which products did you use? I'm about to start Belly trimxp. Your review was encouraging. Nothing has worked and I work out and eat so well. Here's hoping it works.

trying to find the right schedule and mix
January 11, 2014
I'm just starting with these products and want to be sure I'm using them in a way that will give me the best effect. I purchased Leptiburn, Prox10 and Absorbmax. I'm female, 55 and work out 3 - 4 times a week but have found that I'm starting to see lbs creep on. My metabolism seems to have hit a wall. I'm taking 2 Leptiburm upon waking and wait 30 mins before eating breakfast. Then 1 each of the other two with my meal. I have found it hard to remember to take the Absorbmax before every meal and sometimes have taken it right after eating. Two more Leptiburn in mid afternoon, and 1 each of the other two right before dinner. It's a lot to manage really and requires you to think ahead and have plenty of little pill jars in your purse! So far (1 week) I have not seen much benefit from the probiotic (still irregular) but I can tell the Leptiburn has some appetite suppressant qualities. No clue if the Absorbmax is doing anything. Advice?

JMD Rutherford January 12, 2014

I became a customer in 2013. Every product has worked for me. But, it does take a couple weeks for each to kick in. In December 2012 I weighed 232 LBS, I'm male, 5'9". I take Pro X, Leptiburn, IC-5, Absorb Max, BCAA and Belly Trim with great success! I have lost 50 pounds, 44 waist to 32 waist, reduced BP medicine, my cholesterol and thyroid scores improved significantly and all this occurred in 1 year. People call me crazy for swallowing all these capsules while I lose weight and gain muscle and watch them get fatter every day. Both my family doctor and 2 oncologists are amazed at my progress. I'm soon to be 53, fighting Cancer, losing weight and gaining muscle, eating organic and am a life long BioTrust customer. I highly recommend you stick with it, get your body moving (even walking 15 minutes every day or more), and hydration.

Timing is a problem for me personally
January 5, 2014
I bought the IC-5 and I need to send it back and cancel my subscription. The problem I having is not with the product but with my own timing. You are supposed to take the IC-5 15 minutes before eating. I eat first thing when I get up and I teach so I'm busy right up until it's time to eat lunch. I just cannot make it work!

Tim January 07, 2014

Hi Torrey,

My name is Tim, and I am with BioTrust Nutrition's Customer Service. I'd like to refer you to a of thread over at our Online Coaching Forums where I discuss the timing of IC-5 in more depth.

Specifically, I talk about the rationale behind taking IC-5 (and herbal supplements in general) on an empty stomach. I also address the half-life of each of the ingredients.

That being said, even if you could wait 5 - 10 minutes after taking IC-5 to eat, I think it would still be of significant benefit. Then, if you could follow the same practice prior to lunch, you should be in good shape.

That being said, if you are interested in canceling your subscription, please call our Customer Service team at your earliest convenience, and one of our Customer Care Specialists will gladly assist you:

(800) 766 - 5086 (M - F 7a - 8p CST)

Thank you, Torrey!



Ken January 09, 2014


Why not simply awaken 15 minutes sooner and take your herbal supplement immediately. Then eat at your former waking time ?

Ordering Pro-X10
December 30, 2013
I wanted to order the probiotic product, but it doesnt give me a total before i put it through on my credit card....(sorry everyone, i know this is for reviews....) Is this truly legit? I need help with bloating and gas pains....ASAP! And no, its not IBS or gluten allergies etc etc...i have been through all that.

Tim January 02, 2014

Hi Anne,

My name is Tim, and I am with BioTrust Nutrition's Customer Service. You should be able to see your subtotal in your shopping cart when you choose your shipping country and method. As long as you don't add anything else to your order during the checkout process, then that will be your final total.

You'll also receive an order confirmation e-mail shortly after placing your order. If you have any questions about it, you can contact Customer Service, or you can contact me directly ([email protected]).

If you are hesitant to place your order online, then please feel free to call in your order. One of our Customer Care Specialists will gladly assist you:

(800) 766 - 5086 (M - F 7a - 8p CST)

We are extremely confident that you will be very pleased with your investment in Pro-X10. As a matter of fact, we look forward to you posting another review in the near future sharing your great experiences!



Dr. Minoo Dumasia January 06, 2014

Well Tim, Read this

Dear Lenia Woods,

Thank you for your mail. What I was trying to say was that I had not placed any order, either for 6 or 12 or even 1 bottle. Yes, I had filled up the order form and the details of my credit card. But then I changed my mind. I did not want to purchase anything from your company. So I clicked on the internet page and shut it down. I thought, I had not placed any order at all.

You say " After reading your email I was confused by your statement that you were surprised to receive a receipt from us for $294. I assume that you are making sure that your order was not doubled."

Well that certainly not the case. I thought that I had not placed any order at all with your company. It was then that I realised that I had been robbed of my money $294 by your company.

Normal and right practice for any internet sale is for the purchaser to be offered a final chance by the seller to say "Please confirm your order". Only then does the seller take the money from the purchasers account. In my case this did not happen.

So I have now been lumbered with something I did not want to purchase and been robbed by BioTrust of $294 of £180. In fact anyone can be robbed by your company from anywhere in the world because they are NOT OFFERED the final choice of CONFIRMING THEIR purchase. Instead of loading the page for 12 bottles at £468 you should have loaded the page "Please confirm and pay for your order". I am not a stupid person. I purchase goods from the internet regularly and been purchasing it for years. Nothing like this has ever happened to me.

I am just simply requesting you to refund my money and NOT TO SEND any IC-5 tablets.

Since I had only viewed your video late night here in UK, I did not expect you had packed and posted the order to me. It will cost you nothing to cancel that order and refund my Money.

I also refer you to your Big Brazen Advert of 1 year MONEY BACK Guarantee.

See this link

Consider that I am not satisfied with your product and Refund my money PLEASE. It will cost you nothing to do so and I will feel that you are a trustworthy company once I receive my refund from you.

Yours Sincerely,

M. C. Dumasia, MSc, MRCVS, PhD, MCB, MIBiol, FRSC, CChem, FAORC.

Tim January 07, 2014

Hi Dr. Dumasia,

We cannot process any order without you first submitting your credit card details. That being said, it sounds like you have been in communication with one of our Customer Care Specialists in an effort to resolve this.

I will also be reaching out to you via e-mail to offer additional assistance.



December 10, 2013
I lost 15 lbs and my max for bench has increased by 20 lbs just by switching from gold standard to biotrust low carb

December 6, 2013

I'll start by saying that I have tried many weight loss products on the market. When I stumbled on to BioTrust I was truly curious..

I am in my 50's and have found it harder to lose weight..

When I started reading about Leptin I thought maybe thats what I need and with their ONE YEAR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE I thought what have I got to lose other than 20 pounds. So I gave it a try..I also purchased IC-5 as well...

Here I am 22 pounds lighter!!! IT WORKED!!! FINALLY I have found something that actually worked!!!

I feel like a new woman..I am wearing clothes that I haven't worn in 2 years!!!

My friends at work have been inspired by me and of course they wanted to know how I lost the weight. I shared with them the products I got from BioTrust and they have already ordered theirs.

Their website is easy to navigate and their customer service is AMAZING!!!

Bio-Trust is the real deal and with their Guarantee you have nothing to lose other than the weight!!!

I love these products and I love this company..I am going to get the Protein Powder on my next order.

So give it a try and make your own decision on the products..

I am very happy and I LOVE BIOTRUST!!!!!

Thank you for these products that actually WORK!!!

Losing the Fat, weight & Feeling so Healthy
December 4, 2013

I've been using BioTrust products a few at a time to see which ones work best for me. For over 20 years I haven't been able to lose ANY weight, and slowly my weight kept creeping upward no matter what I did, until I found BioTrust Nutritional products. With the assistance of their wonderful staff I've been able to lose fat, weight, and best of all just feel so much better health wise. Sept 2013 - present I've lost 22 pounds and a lot of inches. I haven't had to change my eating habits because I've never eaten anything bad for me. I just needed to make the adjustment of when I ate along with the right assistance from 1. BioTrust low carb, 2. Pro X10 3. IC5, 4. Leptiburn, 5. Protein bars or cookies - best for when I get hungry & I'm not at home

The best was when a neighbor who hadn't seen me in a long time asked me if I'm losing weight, and how great I look. Talk about incentive to keep on going since I have 150 + lbs to lose, more importantly improve my overall health problems related to my obesity, such as: High Blood pressure, cholesterol, over all inflammation just to name a few.

BioTrust products are the best if you are looking to get healthy and feel like you did when you were in your 20's. I'm 56, and I can tell you I don't look it, and certainly don't feel like it. BioTrust is a name You can trust as I have.

BioTrust employees truly care about their customers and it shows whenever you contact them for any information. I receive information from them daily to keep me up to date on the best way to stay healthy

You should too

LeptiBurn Rocks & The BEST protein powder IMO & down over 20lbs
December 3, 2013

I have been a Biotrust customer since early spring of 2013. I will start out saying that their customer service is some of the best I've worked with. I expected a sales-y, preachy approach when I called (trying to upsale me the "latest and greatest" products, etc). Instead I have been treated with courtesy. I don't feel "sold" or "scammed" at the end of the transaction. It all seems very up and up. I'm on the auto-ship program and have never had a problem switching products and there haven't been any "random" charges to my account.

I started with the Low Carb protein powder. I became weird about food since I moved to Oregon, (I think it's the water lol) and tried to find a non-processed protein powder (oxymoron anyone?!?!) . HOW can you possibly eat protein shakes and not have it processed?!?! I'm not remotely scientific but I liked what I read on the label, comparing to other brands, etc. I really like that it has no rBgh or rBst. I switched to organic milk may years ago to avoid those nasty hormones. I LOVE that it's low carb so I can add all my own carbs to it. I personally prefer it with coconut milk or coconut water. It blends down great and doesn't leave a chalky, nasty residue, even when using a shaker bottle. I'm lactose sensitive and typically protein shakes will make me bloated and gassy. I haven't had that problem with the Low Carb protein powder.

In September I became serious about dropping the 20 or so pounds that I had packed on. I decided to try the LeptiBurn. I have lost 22 pounds and 26" in the past 11 weeks and I fully believe that LepitBurn has been a major contributor to my success. This was combined with regular exercise and a clean diet. I've used fat burners before and this one doesn't make me jittery plus it has that whole Leptin thing going for it, again I'm not scientific but it sounds legit AND the proof is (not) in the pudding so to speak.

I've just started taking IC-5 but can't speak to it's effectiveness yet since it's only been a short time. No digestive issues or anything - really no side effects at all.

As far as side effects and supplements go: Typically when I start a new "diet" I also start taking supplements. Well I always feel like crap the 1st three weeks of any diet, especially one where I've cut all processed foods and sugar out not to mention things like coffee, soda and caffeine and BREAD. I also eat WAY more veggies. A couple of things happen 1) I get MAJOR headaches and 2) I have tummy issues usually due to the increase in fiber. I have always blamed the supplement instead of realizing that it was my bodies reaction to a new stimulus or lack of. The first time I ordered LeptiBurn I returned it for a full refund after about 1.5 weeks because of migraine like headaches, I assumed it was the product. I then started eating crappy again and had to detox again, this time without any supplements and I STILL got migraines (shaking my head). When I introduced the Leptiburn again there was no problem at all - and yes I did return the bottle for the refund but that seemed reasonable.

Before you all attack me please remember this is MY success story with the product. It was no miracle pill or super "Dr. Oz" supplement that caused me to loss weight. This required hard work, a lot of sweat, sore muscles and making good food choicesand harder yet was declining food choices ;-(. The protein powder made the food choices easier, especially the lazy days and the LeptiBurn kept me at a steady fat loss of 2 pounds per week with no plateau. For ELEVEN weeks. And I'm 43. And have had 3 kids. And work full time. And... You get the point, I'm a busy gal just like any other normal person ;-) Enjoy in good health!

IC5 Useless
December 3, 2013

My husband and I both used this product for 2 months with ZERO positive results.The only evidence we saw was that both of us were constipated the entire time we used the product.

I only placed the order because of the "no questions 100% money back guarantee."

BEWARE If you ask for a refund, you must return the empty bottles. So, if you place an order for a 6 month supply, keep all 6 bottles or you will only receive a refund for the bottles you can return. So much for a 100% money back.

I wish I had never wasted my money!!

Tim, B December 03, 2013

Hi D B,

I am sorry to hear that you did not experience the results that you had hoped for while using IC-5. I would be interested to know how you used the product and how you measured results, as well as what your expectations were (e.g., improved fasting blood sugar and insulin, fat loss, etc.).

More importantly, I would like for you to contact me directly at [email protected] so that we can work this out for you to your complete satisfaction.

For reference, our refund/exchange policy is outlined on our website:

I will be looking forward to hearing from you, and we will do everything we can to take care of you.



November 29, 2013


PLEASE do not get taken to the cleaners by this or any similar internet "miracle cures" that cost a lot of money. They all prey on your insecurities and desire for easy health fixes but these guys are especially good at it. It's an elaborate, well thought out scam (with a steady mix of good reviews and a few bad ones sprinkled in) and designed to get you on board and take your money. I think of my parents who are 74, otherwise intelligent, but easily reeled in by unscrupulous shysters like these guys. They, like you, are trusting and they WANT to believe. DO NOT TRUST BIOTRUST OR OTHERS LIKE THEM UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Close the browser. Now. You're welcome.

Tim, B December 02, 2013

This is another intriguing "review." You've left a one-star review without ever using one of our products?

Where and how you spend your money is entirely up to you. However, slamming a company and its products and that you've never tried and throwing out slanderous words like "scam" is completely unethical.

Calling folks that you've never met "unscrupulous shysters" is completely unfair as well. Not only do we have hundreds of thousands of completely satisfied customers around the world, a significant portion of every dollar earned goes to helping those less fortunate and in need:

Again, we have a 4-star rating from this web site, hundreds of thousands of happy customers around the world, and if you Google BioTrust you will see that there are any very positive comments about our company all over the web. What’s more, there are not negative comments about our company outside of this web site where our competitors camp out and try to hurt our great image. We also offer an industry leading, 1-year money back guarantee on all of our products so you can shop with confidence.

What’s more, we offer a free health and fitness coaching forum where you interact with all of our real customers and see the positive changes we are striving to make in people’s lives. Just visit and visit the forum section at the top of the page.

Perhaps you've had a bad experience in the past with another company, but that doesn't give you the right to slander an honest, trustworthy company like BioTrust. Please don’t let one bad apple (our resentful competitors) spoil your opinion of this great company.

Ericka December 03, 2013

agree. i myself love the Tim guy that pops up and says " look at all our other good reviews!" when theres a negative lmao. i was deterred from the second i watched the video. it just oozes scam....reminds me of Dr, Oz. but doctors cant be liars...... guess what... they will for a price! that 69 bucks in your wallet! i myself am overweight at the moment but I am REALLY doing something about it. No more McRibs..... no more McKinley Macs... just getting off my ass, working out and reducing to a 1200 calorie diet. eating more veggies then anything else. how i lost 80 lbs back in 07. stick to what you know will work people. CARDIO...... as much as you can do! gl!

Tim, B December 03, 2013

Hi Ericka,

Thank you for calling me a "guy" and not an "unscrupulous shyster." I view that as an improvement, and I'll take what I can get here. The point that was made is that this is not a review, and that calling a company a "scam" without any basis is slanderous.

That being said, I applaud you for making lifestyle changes to support your health and fitness goals. You've done it before, and I'm certain that you can do it again. We do offer a free Online Coaching Forum, and I would highly encourage you to visit for free coaching help.

As far as exercise goes, did you know that there are certain types of exercise that give you more bang for your buck? That is, there may be specific types of exercise that yield greater fat loss and boost the metabolism versus others. As a matter of fact, we talk about them in the following article:

If there's anything that we can do to help along the way, please let us know. Good luck!

Joan L December 04, 2013

It's really amazing that you think this considering the amount of money you would pay for surgery, your gym fee's as well as food. And no cardio and 1200 calories is not all it takes. I worked out for years, and have always eaten healthy and the scale never budged. BioTrust products ARE Worth it

You'll be back when the gym and 1200 calories no longer work for you

I have a question
November 29, 2013
Are these supplements safe for those who have had weight loss surgery? Many of these folks cannot use timed release products due to the malabsorption.

Tim, B December 02, 2013

Hi BypassBabe,

The 100% vegetarian capsules we use in all of our pill products will dissolve within 3 - 4 minutes of ingestion.

If this is still of concern to you, then you may empty the contents of any of our pill products into food or liquid for administration.

I hope this helps! Please feel free to visit our free Online Coaching Forum for any additional questions you may have. There, you can ask questions, get free coaching help, give and get support, and much, much more.



My mother's metabolic syndrome and the Biotrust low carb protein powder
November 25, 2013
After using the free 1 Day Diet Plan from Biotrust, in conjunction with the low carb protein powder for my mother, the results have been impressive to say the least. She is a diabetic, with central obesity and high blood pressure. Within 1 week her BP went from stroke levels to normal, her fasting blood sugars dropped to pre-diabetic levels and she shed over 4 kilos! This is not an exaggeration and I will be forever grateful to the nutritionists at this company, who have also provided ongoing support. Initially I was concerned about the sodium content of the protein powder but this has not been an issue, especially since there is also potassium in the formulation. Having shakes has also created an easy, achievable weight loss plan that has made my Mum stick to her diet, without feeling overwhelmed about what foods to eat within her calorie restriction. She loves the taste. So does my husband, a vegetarian, who now has this everyday as a breakfast shake. It's helped him to shed his 'bread belly' and I no longer have to worry about turning him into a girl with other powders that typically contain soy. I really like the fact that this has slow release amino acids. I'm sure this is what has helped to keep my Mum's blood sugars stable. I also don't think this product is expensive; I would easily pay this and more for protein powders in Australia. Plus you get discounts which make it very reasonably priced, if you want to include a good, regular source of protein in your diet. I'd highly recommend this product. It's made a big difference to the 2 people whom I am closest to, so I intend to keep ordering this to keep my family healthy.

I found a product I can trust
November 19, 2013
I was basically a couch potato research genius for 6 entire months while recovering from spinal fusion. I've been in education for 21 years and I like to be educated so I looked at numerous supplement companies and their products and here's what I discovered.The first place to look when considering nutrition supplements is; who is providing the product. BioTrust has medical doctors, registered dietitians, PhD's, individuals with CSCS certification, etc. working for them. They are GMP certified company which basically means they run a tight and clean ship. All natural ingredients, 3rd party lab testing, etc. are some other things BioTrust has going for them. I'm not here to knock other companies because that's a petty thing to do. I've tried other companies and this is the one that works for me. The videos and readings are there for those like me that want to research what I am going to put inside my body. I don't like to just order a product and gobble it and wait and see. What I can tell you is during my recovery, BioTrust has helped me change my body dramatically! The LeptiBurn rocks, I had some sample protein cookies which were actually quite good. I just ate a chocolate chip organic protein bar for a healthy "snack" and I enjoy those as well. The best product for me is the vanilla protein powder. When compared side by side to other proteins, well, do the research. I think you owe it to yourself to know what you are putting into your body. I will tell you that the taste is fantastic.