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LeptiBurn and Protein Powder
March 19, 2013
I purchased the Leptiburn and Vanilla Creme protein power and I love them both. The Leptiburn has helped lean me out when used in combination with physical activity and clean diet. It gives a gentle and focused "lift" and a mild appetite suppressant without any jitters. The protein powder tastes good and stays with me for a while. I can also have it at night without keeping me up. It has no aftertaste nor chemical vitamin taste. I recommend these products.

Eileen March 20, 2013

I am using these products and I feel like they are helping me.

Gossrc March 20, 2013

I agree, I really like this product. The shake lasts the whole morning, I have to remind myself to eat my snack!

Maggi March 20, 2013

I agree completely. They and their products are great!

Credit card charged but nothing received.
March 18, 2013

I was told my shipment was sent on March 5th via Canada Priority Post, and was given a tracking number. Have still not received my supplements, and the tracking number does not exist with Canada Post. Somewhat concerned that I have been scammed is an understatement. Have sent an e-mail to BioTrust support - will be interested to see what, if any, response I get.

Shannon B March 19, 2013

Okay, time to eat some crow. My supplements arrived in the mail today. Sorry BiOTrust :(

Bruce March 20, 2013

I have ordered supplements from a company in the USA and it has taken over 1 month to get here. I've heard that Canada customs is being a major pain in the ass.

Unfortunately, I was given a tracking number as well but as soon as it gets to the border it's no longer traceable.

Vicky March 20, 2013

shipping outside of the US does take a long time, I've had the same experience, waiting 3-4 weeks for delivery, and that is because they use postal services instead of DHL or UPS. But you'll see it will be worth the wait!

Mark K March 20, 2013

I live in Sweden and have had this same problem occur several times. I've contacted Bio-Trust support and they will do everything possible to locate your package and they've told me if it can't be located they'd ship me another one. As it turned out my packages were being held up by the Swedish customs, because of import taxes. Bio-Trust is not a fly by night organization. You can believe in their Trust and their products are amazing. I've been with them a little over 6 months and have lost over 30 lbs, where I couldn't lose anything with other dietary supplements.

Gossrc March 20, 2013

My product was received within 3 days!! Have had good product support every day via email, and lovin' the product!

Muhammad B March 21, 2013

Same here. They said they have shipped my Leptiburn on the 13th March, but until today I have yet to receive it. Currently in Portland, Oregon. I don't know why it took so long for the shipment to arrive.

Duane M March 28, 2013

hi all i live in the UK , my order came througt ok, and i am using it as i write, ive been using it for 3 weeks and lost 3.8 kg so far, and lost 11 inches of fat, im sure it will get sorted just hang in there boy,s and girls.

ear bleed
March 16, 2013
I just finished watching your half hour video on Pro-X10. This was a classic hard sell repeating over and over the same things. I heard five times how qualified the nutritionists are, many times how 'bugs' are a danger to my health, a few times of how I need to order now before the product runs out or the price goes up. At the end of the video I was sure I was going to die unless I bought the product. At the end I was only offered to option to buy three months worth. I pressed on to see how to order only one bottle when the Video started all over again. Now I see reviews of auto ordering and refund problems. It all points to a classic scam. I was interested enough to see the whole video and research it. Glad I did. Avoid the eyes strain and ear bleed. Skip the video.

Edward A March 22, 2013

So you did order the product in the end? Scam? I think it's a little too early to call it that if you haven't gone through the process of ordering, dealt with customer service, or tried the product.

Maybe the video wasn't the best approach, but they are trying to spread the positives about their supplement through a medium other than written word.

Cindy A March 26, 2013

Just because the video started again doesn't mean it is a scam. Where did that idea come from? You must have pressed th back button or something else.

Puhlease June 30, 2013

The back button eh? How about the fact they say NO AUTO SHIP then from what I've read you MUST read THOROUGHLY to NOT get the auto-ship. Tell me that isn't false advertisement? I'm with Tom on here. The video does do a bang up job of making you WANT the product though. Good marketing strategy, UNTIL you get to the REVIEW section, lol

Best Probiotic Supplement
March 13, 2013
BioTrust probiotics are the best on the market, hands down !! I have tried many and my search has ended! Thank you !!!

Maggi March 20, 2013

BioTrust is A #1

Duane m March 28, 2013

I second that.

Still pondering
March 13, 2013

I will say, the CEO responding to problems via email is fine, maybe even commendable. Threatening legal action against the review site if they don't post his response?

Ridiculous, at best. Josh, take a PR course. I will never purchase from a company that attempts to bully media, small websites, or forums. I hope the product doesn't work, because your ham-handed handling of billing problems and the prerogatives of independent websites guarantees that I'll never use it.

Marilyn March 15, 2013

I noticed his comment was posted.

Faye March 20, 2013

Imagine that...threat of legal action may work after all.

Mark March 20, 2013

Your loss, Harry!

Edward A March 22, 2013

Yes, the CEO could have handled it better. I think he was very frustrated with some of the reviews/comments that seemed fake, in the negative direction. If you will not even try the product, too bad for you.

P.S. Hoping the product doesn't work and Biotrust failing as a company speaks volumes about you Harry Buttons.

Great Products!
March 13, 2013
A little about myself, I got to college up in Boone. I got caught up in the freshman 15, or like 50, weight gain. In the beginning of this year, I heard of Biotrust and I thought I might as well give them a try. Turns out, after a month in with diet and exercise, I lost 25 lbs in three weeks. I have made a good choice. (LeptinBurn, IC 5, low carb protein)

Oscar R March 13, 2013

Your CommentFor the people bashing on the products and auto shipping deal, here's a thought. One, for the people who say they don't work etc. I'd like to question your validity on your own individual diet and exercise routine. Although these are great products, they are not "magic" pills that will do everything without some individual time and effort. For the people bashing the auto service, things that are automated tend to screw up from time to time. No reason to off a company.

Only down fall is the price, as a college student it was really painstaking to come up and use it on supplements, but hey, you get what you paid for!

Faye March 20, 2013

Excellent, top quality products are worth the cost. Who can put a price tag on good health?

Edward A March 22, 2013

Well said Faye. These are of course, "supplements". People always have the choice to do things the old-fashioned know, eat quality, nutrient-dense food, exercise, etc.

Edward i June 30, 2013

Who can put a price tag on good health? hmm, not a college student or the other woman who was almost billed over 700.00. These, like most supplements are NOT PROVEN by FDA ! yup, sometimes you don't get what u pay for. Edward, give yourself a rest man, seriously, u getting paid for these or what?

Biotrust supplements
March 7, 2013
This is such a scam. I too was charged $149.95 on my bank account today with no authorization from me for this charge. I called the company (furious) and they told me there was some kind of "ship and save" on the order after it is completed. I had no knowledge of this. Plus they automatically sent the next shipment so I cannot get a refund until I receive the shipment on the 14th, only after I send it back to them will I get a credit. I am sending back the first shipment as well, they want empty containers, that's what they are going to get and I expect my refund that they fully guarantee for a year. Please do not buy this stuff, it is such a scam!

CEO o March 11, 2013

Jane this is Josh the CEO of I am so sorry to hear of your problems and want you to immediately email [email protected] and we will take care of you 100% and refund your money. I apologize for this experience and we will take care of you. I doubt this review site will post this reply from me, but if not we will have to take legal action.

Jane March 12, 2013

I did contact your customer support and she told me I would not be refunded until I send back the order I have and then send back the order that was sent that I did not order with an RMA number. This could take 2 weeks or more. I'm out of that $149.95 now.

Lani F March 19, 2013

Sorry Jane but I did not have this experience at all using the web site. I wonder if perhaps this was just user error. These things happen.

Maggi March 20, 2013

Hope you got yourself in gear and took the first steps neccessary to begin the process! It is no different than returning an item to a store in person.

1. You purchase

2. You return

3. You receive refund as soon as possible.

Faye March 20, 2013

Be careful who you call a crook, my dear...Karma is not very nice. Bio Trust is an excellent company with even better products. I'm sure there are many scams out there but from personal experience this company is truly ethical. There are many reasons why you may have had a problem....get all the facts before you judge...just sayin'

Edward A March 22, 2013

I've ordered 3 times and I have made sure to not check "auto-fill/auto-ship" orders...and voila, no unexpected charges.

Pssst - June 30, 2013

ED, it is CLEAR you WORK for this FIRM ! I am sick of seeing you comment to EVERYTHING!!! This woman was Trusted the Company, from the looks of it they are trying to resolve it. The Problem is this Mr. Josh, we are told over and over there is NO AUTO SHIP...!!!!...this is where the LIE begins...! Never are we told to make sure we check the darned box to NOT auto-ship. FIX THE PROBLEM and the reviews will clear up!!! We trust what you say "No auto-ship", it's that simple. So simplify it even more, EXPLAIN TO US dummies *sarcasim intended* to make sure we do not get auto-ship by READING the pages thoroughly. Cuz it's obvious we can't trust what is said to begin with.

March 5, 2013
Hi , am interested in getting this product but need to find out about shipping it here, just moved here for work but originally based in the uk any help please.

Edward A March 22, 2013

This isn't a Biotrust website. Try direct contact through their website or on Facebook.

Inconsiderate Customer Care
February 28, 2013

Hello Friends at BioTrust:

I was contacted by my credit union on this morning (February 28, 2013) regarding a $118.00 debit that came from my checking account. I was TOTALLY caught off guard by this! If this is some type of rule of yours, please cancel such debits from my account at once. My LIFE INSURANCE policy was due to come out of my account, but now that BIO-TRUST has debited my account, my life insurance policy debit has not cleared and cost me a $27.00 returned check fee.As I recall, when you sent me my FIRST order of BIOTRUST, you sent me a courtesy email to inform me that my "ORDER HAS SHIPPED". I received no such notification this time and therefore I was not ( nor AM not) prepared for this debit. In fact, my credit union has informed me that as of this morning, because of the $118.00 debit, there are other fees accumulating. I fear that before the day is over, my checking account will be in total shambles! In addition to this matter, you originaly shipped my order on 12/28/12 but for February, you shipped it on February 27th. Technically, that is ONE DAY too early. Nevertheless, if the order has shipped, I will promptly return it. And if it has not shipped, please cancel the shipment (and any others) as I haven't witnessed any results in the product on my physical body. I have been taking the Lepti-burn capsules faithfully each day and as of this writing, I have not witnessed any change or difference. But I did order 3 (three) bottles, so I intend to go the distance with what I already have before I make a decision as to whether the product works for me or not. That being said, I would like to know if there is any way that I can get my $118.00 back? I do not want my life policy to go into cancellation status as it is VERY important to me. If you need to speak with someone of official status at my credit union, I will be happy to supply contact information.

Please help me with this situation as it is dire and I am stressing out!

My thanks for your time and attention to this matter,


Janice Hayes

4039 Whites Creek Pike

Whites Creek, TN 37189-9120

615-747-3725 (work)

615-491-6692 (cell)

Jay March 04, 2013

you shouldn't be ordering supplements if you can't afford them

Anne March 05, 2013

Wow, what a hostile response to your customer. I just ordered your products..perhaps I should have read these reviews first. Even if your products and the science behind them are sound, customer service should be at least sympathetic.

Leah March 06, 2013

I've been caught out before with this sort of thing. You buy a product with your credit card and then they send you more without your authorisation and charge it to your card. It seems to be a common new practice out there. The supplements are very expensive. But when they take money out when you are not expecting it, it is a very rude shock. Maybe purchase these products from these companies with a Debit Visa or Mastercard and only keep enough funds in there to cover what you ordered. Then when they go back to take more money, they won't get any. I actually got my bank to recover funds for me as I couldn't easily get in touch with the company and they were overseas.

Janice March 11, 2013

Janice this is Josh the CEO of This web site is not ours so please don't post your personal information on it. I am so sorry to hear of your problems and want you to immediately email [email protected] and we will take care of you 100% and refund your money. I apologize for this experience and we will take care of you. I doubt this review site will post this reply from me, but if not we will have to take legal action.

Dan March 11, 2013

Yep! I see the scam now. As much as I was hoping this would be legitimate program they seem to follow the "Auto Re-order" scam that uses your card and continues to charge and renew your subscription even though you really never authorized it (or saw it in the fine print). I have seen this too many times and think there should be legal action that can be taken against this type if theft and/or fraud but their written agreement I'm sure is written in such a way it baffles the customers and squeaks past the laws. What a shame. Very sad.

From C March 12, 2013

We do not do forced auto-reorder at our company. So, Dan, that statement is inaccurate.

C D April 29, 2013

This was not her issue. Most of these company replies seems to pick out one word or line that can be used to rebuff the comments without actually addressing the true content.

To D June 30, 2013

Yep Dan, I SO agree! Look at the so-called CEO posting as other people,( like Janice) then having the unmitigated gall to threaten someone legally!? The real issue is the Auto Re-order. This is due to the fact that they say "There is NO Auto-Ship, which is UNTRUE ! Of course they then blame the Customer for not checking the ''box'', yet why would a customer check so closely when they give their word in the first place it is NOT Auto-Shipped? smh. This is why The CEO sends his reply to you, he got ''around'' it by saying "We do not do FORCED auto-reorder!! LIAR ! I call it as I see it Mr. CEO. Straightening out the problem seems to be the REAL problem, for YOU at least. Something that SIMPLE could be avoided, yet you choose NOT TO? Why is that? Well, it appears that Dan is correct. IT is a SCAM and WILL CONTINUE to be, until YOU, MR CEO fix the darned wording, or at the VERY BEST DELETE THE AUTO SHIPPING PERIOD. People do NOT need to be/feel ripped off ! It's really very simple. But, as with any other comment, you will just blast me or say I'm a Competitor. I can assure you I am NOT the competition. I WAS a person who WAS going to purchase your product, until i had the good mind to NOT fill in the credit card number and instead began to research the validity of your claims. YOUR LOSS MR CEO, not mine :)

Suspicious o July 20, 2013

I am truly suspicious of this scathing review. For starters, this isn’t even the Bio Trust website. If you have ordered with them, then you have the proper contact information. Did you even try them first?

Don’t think that Josh’s reply was hostile at all. Just the opposite. In fact, I think Josh has been more than diligent at finding and responding to negative reviews and publicly seeing to it that their unsatisfied customers are seen to. Scammers don’t do that.

And seriously folks: you always read the fine print on any type of contract (and yes, a purchase agreement is a contract) that’s just common sense!

I am not a customer, I am not staff of Bio Trust; I’m just doing some research on the products and have been receiving their newsletter for some time.

Keep reading the reviews and you’ll see why I posted without even being involved with them , aside from newsletters.

Billy G October 26, 2013

I have just sent an email to BIOTrust for the same reason... as my wife just alerted me a new debit by BIOTrust for $58.00 ... I see on the BBB webpage that there were 4 billing complaints issued in October though I specific reasons are not known. I order online all the time... and usually it is clearly spelt out in the ordering process about "Automatic" debits....

Shipping to South Africa
February 20, 2013

I would like to try Leptiburn but when I want to enter my payment

there is not a place to enter South Africa and the transaction stops

there. Why do you advertise per internet in South Africa if we cannot

buy your products here.

[email protected]

Do y June 30, 2013

RESEARCH ! LOOK closely at the fine print, review the reviews and THEN make up your mind. Too many negatives for this old man.

Feeling great!
February 18, 2013
Really happy with the results. Coupled with my work out routine and healthy food choices, I am seeing lbs drop off. Thank you!!

Jose G February 20, 2013

I start last week taking bio trust , can sombary

Let me know if this product really work ?

Jay March 04, 2013

Yes it works but it's not a replacement for healthy diet and excercise

Leah March 06, 2013

Jay, do you work for BioTrust?

Sam March 20, 2013

Leah, do you work for a competitor?

Leptiburn & Low Carb
February 15, 2013
Have been useing Leptiburn for 3 weeks now and the difference for me is I don't feel hungry between meals, follow directions tho otherwise it doesnt work to the fullest of its potential, as for the Low Carb was looking for the best product (as I always do)and I believe this is it, no problems with foam. or taste just benefits. Its pricey but you get what u pay for here unlike other products l've tried. Thanx Boi TRUST

Cathy, P March 12, 2013

My husband and I also ordered Leptiburn and started taking it 3 days ago. We both have increased energy, barely any food cravings and I dropped 1.8 pounds in a 48 hour period. Prior to this my weight was either stagnant or increasing. We don't feel the need to consume as much food as we did prior to taking Leptiburn and neither of us has had any negative side effects. I am cautiously excited about what this will do for us! Thank you BioTrust! A Very Happy customer.....

LeptiBURN works!
February 11, 2013

My husband and I began taking LeptiBURN in November just before the holidays so the timing I thought wouldn't be great with all the holiday eating we tend to do and we weren't really "watching our food intake" per se; but within 3-4 weeks people were commenting about my "weight loss". Although I wasn't really that aware of it, the inches were dropping off.

Biggest revelation - I am trimmer and leaner! My husband has lost 14 pounds and he isn't quite as diligent about taking it twice a day - he always takes it at least once a day which to me speaks about the product being helpful even at 50-60% of the time taken. He has commented that he needs to take it as directed and he would see the kind of results I have. Although neither of us exercise like we should because of our schedules LeptiBURN is still effective!

Taking LeptiBURN is easy and affordable. As well, neither of us now desire to snack in the late evenings and/or consume sweets (no P&J sandwiches/cookie/ice cream desires). I've also noticed my desire for "fried foods" is gone - in fact, tried to eat a chicken tender meal recently and just didn't enjoy it....I mention this because we'd tried a similar product several years ago and we had been instructed not to eat after 8p in the evening, however our desire wasn't curbed as it is with LeptiBURN. While taking LeptiBURN I don't have to consciously say "I am not going to eat that" - I just don't have the desire or think about food late at night anymore.

Big FAN of the product! (and, by the way for you that are skeptical, I'm not a marketer/or member of BioTrust) team. Just a consumer. :)

Carmen February 18, 2013

well all I can say is that I've ordered but not received so I presume that although money doesn't have a problem getting to America for some reason America has a problem delivering. This is the second time I've had problems with companies from the U.S.A the first one turned out to be a scam, I'm yet to find out if BioTrust is aswell.

Selena f February 21, 2013

i'm in Ireland and am considering the product. i would be interested in how long it takes for you to receive the product and what you think about it

Brad February 23, 2013

How can you say its affordable? $140 a month per person - crazy. Would like to try it but can't justify that cost

Jay March 04, 2013

One month supply is $49 or less if you order more at once ... Bio Trust works it's a solid company! If you haven't received your international order don't automatically blame the company it could be UK Customs, your post man, or your neighbor who snatched the parcel...

not good
February 10, 2013
The stuff is like 140$ and it doesnt work at all. I tried it for 30 days, and it did nothing but gave me diarrhea. All the reviews saying it is good are fake reviews by the company itself. its a sham!

Ash February 15, 2013

did you ask for a refund as they 1 year money back guarantee?...

Jay March 04, 2013

Exactly BioTrust will refund your money up to a year even if you used the entire bottle ... also did you exercise at all? what have you been eating? BioTrust sells quality SUPPLEMENTS not magic pills for lazy couch potatoes...just sayin'

Jdenny41 March 06, 2013

The writer did not mention the product gave him/her diarrhea. Was it the Leptiburn???

Sam March 20, 2013

Hogwash! I don't believe this for one minute. Wonder which compeitor you work for?

Tim March 20, 2013

used the low carb protein powder for 6 weeks no change. had a strong after taste. I did the one day diet plan no weight lose at all. Just another company promising the world with no results. Have been hitting the gym 5 days a week as well.lifting and cardio as well. Have hit a plateau and just can not break threw it.Was the main reason for trying there product they guaranty results.

Edward A March 22, 2013

Tim, did you change anything else? I've heard losing fat is 80% diet. I've become lazier when it comes to working out. I do mostly body weight exercises at home now and it's easier to maintain my shape than when I was lifting and doing cardio at the gym. Look into PACE, turbulent training, and youtube 50 best bodyweight exercises. Long duration, low/medium intensity cardio isn't helping the masses and there's Harvard research out there to prove intervals are best. External free weights and machines are not quite functional and can cause muscle imbalances and lead to injury. BTW, this is only from what I have read. I'm not a personal trainer or anything.

ProX10, Absorbmax, LowCarb
February 8, 2013

I first heard of this company through my brother, who is a nutritionist, when it first started up. Of their first product launch I tried Low Carb, their protein powder. I mean theres no doubt that its the best out there, you get what you pay for. For God's sake they have a graphic that illustrates why it's better than other options, and the if it doesn't work, THEY GIVE YOU YOUR MONEY BACK. I must say that I live a very busy professional life, so I have don't have the time to be a full time fitness/health freak. I am a young professional and their products give me exactly what I'm looking for.

I'm convinced Abrorbmax is the best digestive supplement out there. I even recommended it to a friend who is lactose intolerant, and when she started taking the supplement at its recommended dosage before eating lactose, the effects of the disorder were relieved. As a guy who eats very healthy, I take it to make sure my body is getting every possible nutrient in the foods I eat, Eating healthy ain't cheap, so this supplement really helps maximize the benefits of eating healthy,

Pro-X10 is one of their newest gems. Probiotics are a fad in the health world right now. Usually fads fade, but I will never stop taking this probiotic. Its awesome. I would say if you're going to use one of their products, this is the one. You don't need to even be into fitness, its just something that will really improve your quality of life.

I heard about the company at its birth and, to be honest, I was a little skeptical about their prices. About 8 months in, ITS THE REAL DEAL. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR FOLKS.

I like it.
February 5, 2013
My husband is always researching the best supplements there are on the market and I just shrug my shoulders and move on when his packages come in the mail. But one morning I was running late and I tried the vanilla cream powder with some almond milk and water shaken with ice. I was PLEASANTLY surprised. It is good tasting considering it isn't full of added sugars and well "crap". I liked it so much I started using it most mornings. Personally, I am not trying to lose weight...nor is my husband. We are both runners and in good shape; however, no girl is going to say no to something that is quick and easy to mix up, keeps you full for 4 hours, and that only has 150 calories. A much better option than other things on the market which I can attest to because I have recently gotten my doctorate of pharmacy and stay away from most supplements because of their hidden ingredient list. I hope you all have the same good experience!

Products are great
February 5, 2013

I have tried all products for a few months. My friends are personal trainers and sponsored by supplement companies so I get the advantage of trying all sorts of potions when they are new to the market.

The Bio trust protein powder is the best I have tasted and works a treat. I do mostly weighted work outs and train for triathlons and bikini comps so training twice a day isn't unusual.

I find the protein powder gives me the needed protein and recovery I need to build muscle and work out the next day. I like the taste despite comments left here. I always go for chocolate as I find the vanilla's awful no matter who makes them.

The BAAC's are great at keeping the muscle on when dieting hard.

I have used Lepti burn as I work away, and the diet fails a bit while I am at work as I'm not spoilt for choice. It takes a while to start to see results, like three weeks. Then it kicks in.

I find these products the most natural, with few ingredients, as the rest I have seen are a long list of chemicals I can't even pronounce and are of un-natural colours like blue, super sweet and stink like red-bull.

I just can't see that as being any way good for you in the long run. I prefer the spices and natural ingredients as an investment instead of chemicals your body can't recognise and just excrete, what a waste of money.

I went through all of the ingredients with my Naturopath and she was surprised how good they are.

I also started signs of arthritis in my hands, after three days of taking IC-5 the high content of turmeric, an anti inflammatory. No more soreness. I put it down to that as I changed nothing else in my diet or exercise.

This is only based on my experience alone and until I find something better I will stick with this product.

Ordering from Oz it takes a while to arrive. 2 weeks average so far.

I've been taking it for 10 months.

I hope this helps anyone out there looking for a good product.

OBs February 12, 2013

noob product

Ghyl February 27, 2013

Have you tried the Pro-X 10?

Sandra M March 11, 2013

Visi products are 100% Natural and they work.. Google my name and product.. I can help you out.

Jac March 20, 2013

I have just started taking 2 of the products (but not the protein powder - can't stomach those no matter who makes them) and waiting on LeptiBurn to arrive (I'm from Oz too but my original order only took about a week but I'm closer to the USA than you as I'm on the east coast of Oz). I also use some of Isagenix products and Neways and hoping I like Bio Trust's just as much.

Yo S June 30, 2013

TY for the site :) I'll be there shortly

Biotrust Low Carb Chocolate Protein Powder
January 30, 2013

Initial review:

Taste: Better than most low carb protein powders.

comparison to sugar/carb ladden powders isn't fair.

I add some groud up nuts for texture and fat*

I'm not ravenous for food 1 or 2 hours after consuming, unlike most protein powders. This has got to be a good thing.

seems good so far. i'll post a follow up review in 30 days.

Some good some bad
January 22, 2013
First of all I want to ask Ted, Who is paying you to bash on bio trust? Have you ever even tried their products? I, like many of you, got hooked by the advertising video but I do specifically remember it giving you the option to have the auto refill every month. I started out with the Lepti-burn and not sure if it helped or not. I discontinued use of lepti-burn and started to use their powder. I have never had a problem with foam with the powder and there is definitely better tasting protein powders out there. Thats probably due to the amount of sugars that most powders have. I did find however if you add a little less water and some ice cubes it helps out the taste tremendously. I think the benefits out weigh the negatives and I am going to continue using their protein powder. The shake recipes that they give you are fantastic and I have been using their one day diet that they outline ( two shakes a day then a well balanced dinner) and I have lost ten pounds and my abs are starting to come in nicely.

Jennie January 29, 2013

Some of us have actually tried biotrust-- yes, I tried the shake for a full thirty days, and I can assure you that I followed the preparation instructions to the letter and drank it immediately after mixing. Still tastes like powdered poop. The only way I could stomach it was by drinking it through a straw-- very fast, so it wouldn't touch my tongue. EEEWWWWW!

Vix February 07, 2013

Wow Jennie, I found it to be the yummiest tasting shake ever and have referred other ppl to it. Even my teenage son loves it.The vanilla with added frozen mixed berries and almond milk is the best. So sorry you found it tasted like poop.

Sam March 20, 2013

Jennie, I don't believe this for a minute. Evidently you have NOT tried Bio Trust because it beats all the other protein powders hands down. Each to his own however, don't drink it,....go ahead and suffer with all the medical issues you will have, if you don't already. Your choice....just don't lie about it.

Poo o April 03, 2013

Sam, you're talking out your *ss. I use some of Biotrust's other products but if this is how they treat their customers (you are clearly an employee of biotrust) I will take my money elsewhere. Poo on you!

Devon June 05, 2013

Biotrust protein shakes are delicious!!!!!!! My bf and I can't get enough. Can't even taste the protein. Mmmmmmmm

Yummy June 30, 2013

and good for the tummy, right Sam?

I was charged and the Products never shipped
January 22, 2013
Warning. These people at bio-trust charged my credit card $140.00 and I have yet to receive the products I ordered. I contacted them and they told me some story about my address which they said had been worked out and I haven't heard from them since. I call their customer service line and can't get an answer. I send emails daily and haven't gotten any additional response or the products

Joe January 27, 2013

I ordered the products, they came very fast. Sorry to hear of your problem.

Michael February 06, 2013

Call there customers service, they are very helpful or email their support team from their web site.

Vix February 07, 2013

I orderded my products and they were shipped to Australia within 3 weeks. Sorry you had a problem but i'd say it was legit. Contact them again.

Sarah February 11, 2013

Sorry you had a problem, I received mine in Canada in about 2 weeks. In between that time, I had been conversing with Customer Service and didn't have a problem receiving a response. Keep trying.

Monica February 12, 2013

I also had a delayed arrival for my product order, after talking by email they appologised and sent me another order free. About three weeks after I recived my replacement order the original package arrived.....blame the posage system!

Jay March 04, 2013

maybe your neighbor or the post man stole your package...

Zeno March 08, 2013

Are you a troll for bio trust sent to make disparaging remarks on people who have legitimate concerns that don't line up with your personal beliefs??

From J March 11, 2013

Helga, This is Josh the CEO of I am so sorry to hear of your problems and want you to immediately email [email protected] or call 1-800-766-5086 and we will take care of you 100% and refund your money and make it right for you. I apologize for this experience and we will take care of you as best we can.

We are a fast-growing company and are experiencing some growing pains. We will do everything possible to take care of you and we love our customers. We thousands of customers who love our brand because we are 100% all-natural and support many charities with profits from our company.

Thank you so much!

I doubt this review site will post this reply from me, but if not we will have to take legal action.

B-Con March 20, 2013

Legal action? Seriously? That's a douche bag comment.

He's a June 30, 2013

Josh, why don't YOU call these ppl personally? Why must they go through your email or call your cruddy 800 number? growing pains? your a pain. Legal action threatened in a lot of posts. You need a PR lesson or some xanex.