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BioTrust Review: A Detailed Look

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BioTRUST is a company specializing in manufacturing health supplements that they state improve areas of physical and mental functioning and boost overall health and wellbeing.

Products & Ingredients

BioTrust states their products are tested or safety, producing minimal side effects, and that they contain naturally honest, organic, and healthy ingredients, making them effective for weight loss, health, and muscle development.

BioTRUST products contain several key ingredients:

  • BioPerine®  -  This patented black pepper extract contains a high concentration of Piperine, a natural bioavailability enhancer that helps increase the body’s absorption of fat-soluble nutrients.

  • Vitamin D3  -  Believed to help reduce the amount of the hunger-producing hormone ghrelin in your body.

  • Coral trace minerals  -  Believed to help cleanse your digestive system of any toxins. This can improve your body’s digestive functioning, as can ginger, which calms and soothes the intestinal tract.

  • Digestive enzymes  -  Makes it easier for your body to process food.

Is BioTRUST a Reputable Company?

This company has been around since 2001 and has established a large customer base.  On Reviewopedia, BioTRUST has generally positive customer reviews.

While the company has an A+ rating with the BBB, it also has mixed reviews from customers there.

Some customers state they have negative experiences during the ordering process, arguing that the company does too much upselling at the time of checkout.

Other customers however appreciate that the company has a wide selection of products that are all affordably priced.

BioTRUST also offers bundle packages and Stock Up options that provide a greater discount on the price of their products, as well as a monthly shipment option which includes a discount and free shipping on the chosen product(s) each month.  

More recently there has been an issue that customers are concerned about BioTRUST invoice scam, where they have received an incorrect email invoice from the company for a large amount of money.  

BioTRUST has released a statement that this invoice was a glitch in their system and was sent by mistake.  The company has asked customers to ignore it.

Customer Service

If you have questions about your BioTRUST product or need to get ahold of customer service you can create an account on to view all of your information for fast recording and tracking.

You can also contact the company via email any time of the day or week at [email protected].

Alternatively, you can reach them through their phone number a 1-800-766-5086 if you live in the United States or Canada.

The BioTRUST return/exchange policy includes a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. 

To initiate a return, contact the company and you will receive a pre-printed label so you can return your product.


Where Can I Buy BioTRUST?

You can purchase BioTRUST from the manufacturer itself via or through Amazon.


Cost and Price Plans

The average cost of BioTRUST products varies depending on the exact type of product you select. Most bottles average between $49 and $69 per bottle.

Orders ship at a flat rate of $6.95 regardless of the order value. All international orders ship with a country-specific shipping price.

The Bottom Line

While you’ll want to do the appropriate research to determine whether BioTRUST is the right product for you, most users agree that these products are well worth the price.

Weight loss can be challenging, and while proper diet and nutrition can help you make the most of your journey, it can’t hurt to have a little help along the way from BioTRUST.

Of course, you’ll want to consult a doctor before beginning any new supplement regimen. 

You'll also want to read the instructions or select the Q&A for the product on the website before you purchase.

If you have any experience with BioTrust or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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One month 30 servings...Not.
February 9, 2024
Here's what troubles me... Look at the servings per bag of the protein and collagen supplements. Notice that none are 30 servings, all are less, 14- 20 servings. Auto order offers every 4 weeks so if you want to order 1 bag auto-order you're not going to have enough servings for the month which automatically means if you want to get thru the month, you'll have to order 2 bags. What this means is a months supply is very expensive and not a good deal. I called CS about this; was told they get asked this a lot. For me...No thanks

It Does Have a Taste and After Taste
December 29, 2023

The problem I had with the product is I could not stand to drink it no matter what I put it in so can not vouch for how it works in the long run. It is advertised as tasteless which I did not believe because everything has a taste, even water. It was the after taste that got me. I drank it and then ICK! I had to drink something else or even gargle to get the taste out of my mouth. So if you are sensitive to taste, I don't advise spending the money.

Bio Trust has been wonderful!
May 16, 2022

I was very upset two days ago with Bio Trust, over a misunderstanding with my order. The sub total didn’t show before my debit card was charged and I didn’t realize the amount was as expensive. The order was late on Friday so the office was closed.

Several emails later, someone in Customer Service read my email (on the weekend) and took care of my dilemma! It’s now Sunday evening at 11:30 pm and my money has been refunded. That’s amazing. They told me to keep the product when it returns!

Of course, I cannot do that, but what a very nice company. It truly was my mistake! So please overlook my one star, snarky review! I do hope this makes up for it!

Great Products and Service
March 10, 2022

I have ordered multiple products from Biotrust, they have been great! In December the couriers had miss placed my order, Biotrust refunded my shipping and sent out my products right away. I think their a great company and their customer service is excellent. Thank You Biotrust

Ordering no problem
June 16, 2021

I really don't understand a lot of the complaints. I have been ordering for 6 months and never had any unwanted charges. I use the Ageless Collagen. I find it dissolves quite easily and has no real discernable taste. I use it in my coffee and it is pretty simple to use.

My only comment would be that after 4 months I really do not see any benefit. I am a 64 year old male in relatively good health but thought I would try the collagen to try and slow down Father time.

It is really hard to quantify whether it has helped. I'm going to give it a few more months and see if I look or feel any different. As far as the process of ordering it is pretty cut and dry. I have always received exactly as I ordered.

Illegal unsolicited advertising
April 19, 2021

Any company that chooses to breach European GDRP laws regarding unsolicited advertising in the form of spam has no integrity, having received numerous marketing emails from this company and contacting them directly without a zero response rate, I can only assume they do not care about legal issues, so long as the overpriced fairground tonics and tablets sell to the nutritionally uneducated.

Don't waste your money, the same thing can be bought at any chemist/pharmacy/apothecary for a fraction of the cost, just learn about nutrition, Just an overpriced and faked review scam.

Pyllis Massey
June 7, 2019
I don't want it! Do not send me any more I will send back the pkg that came today you are scammers I was promised that there would be no more send to me unless you had my permission. Do not charge my credit card if you do I will file a fraud charge on you!!

Tim June 14, 2019

Hi Phyllis,

I hope this finds you in the best of health. My name is Tim Skwiat, and I am the Director of Community and Coaching with BioTRUST Nutrition.

It's our goal to provide our customers with both world-class products and service, and anything less than that is, quite frankly, unacceptable. While we're deeply remiss to read your feedback, I assure you that we take all customer feedback very seriously.

Along those lines, our Customer Service Team has reviewed your account, and we have confirmed that you are not enrolled in any monthly shipment programs. The package you refused was your first and only order in our system.

Since this was a free trial offer and there was no charge for the product, we have refunded the shipping cost back to your original form of payment. Of course, there will be no additional charges to your account associated with this transaction.

With all that being said, if you have any further questions, concerns, or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us directly. You can find all our Customer Service contact information on our website (, and you are also welcome to reach out to me directly at [email protected].

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you,

Tim Skwiat

QuinnLibbey January 05, 2020


QuinnLibbey January 05, 2020


Happy Customer
May 7, 2019

I’m in Australia and I received my product today, less than 3 weeks after ordering on line. After ordering, I was immediately emailed a shipping number and received constant updates on the progress of my order. I was initially worried that I had no insurance to cover my $100 order if it was ‘lost in transit’ but I’m happy to say I’ll definitely be ordering more products. Very satisfied... it’s in the name... trust!

Thank you BioTrust

Marisse Anderson

PhyllisMassey June 07, 2019

You must pay them for GREAT Reviews? This was no more than drinking a glass of water, which I did 30 min. with before dinner. I consumed smaller portions and did not lose an lb.

Please refund my money. and I have returned this pkg. today as a return to sender unopened...

They are liars
March 2, 2018
They offer free reports that they have no intention of sending. Kreeps

Tim March 08, 2018

Hi Walter,

My name is Tim Skwiat, and I'm with BioTrust Nutrition. I am remiss to hear that you did not receive your free report(s). Generally speaking, you will receive an email (to the email address you supplied) with a link to download the requested free report within several hours (if not minutes). Sometimes these emails go to 'junk', 'promotion', or similar folders instead of directly to the main inbox.

Having said that, please contact me directly at [email protected], and I will personally send you any/all free reports you request. I will make sure you're completely taken care of.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you, Walter.

My best,


RobinKemmerer August 02, 2023

I accidentally deleted my free reports. How can I get them again?

BioTrust LIED TO ME about 360-day MBG...Buyer Beware
November 8, 2017

In June 2017 I purchased Pro-X10 from BioTrust for $204. Before the package arrived, BioTrust put the product on sale. I could have waited to see back the product when it arrived and gotten a full refund, and then purchased at the discounted price, but called them and explained to them the situation.

They applied the price difference to my purchasing a different product, IC-5, and charged me for the difference.

I was told over the phone I would receive 100% MBG if the products did not do for me what the labels said they would do.

Today I telephoned them and said I wanted a full MBG of the $243 they charged my credit card. Neither of their products improved either my gut health or insulin levels, etc.

They told me that due to their applying the difference between purchase price of first item and the sale price (before my package arrived), that constituted a refund of the item and therefore that negated their 100% MBG! They told me that info was also on their website in print.

I spoke to a manager and was advised that even though I was told over the phone that I’d receive a full MBG if their products did not work (AND THEY DID NOT WORK AS SAID ON THE LABEL), they were not bound to refund me the $243 net I paid for their products that did not improve insulin levels or GI health.

I will never do business again with a company that lies to customers over the phone and then rests on the small print on their website - when business was transacted over the phone.

These guys are liars, dishonest, and I hope word gets out that they cannot be trusted.

In my opinion, they stole $243 from me...and their products didn’t improve anything!

Tim November 14, 2017

Hi David,

My name is Tim Skwiat, and I am with BioTrust Nutrition. Thank you for giving BioTrust Nutrition the opportunity to address your concerns. I sincerely apologize that you are not satisfied with the recent service that you’ve received. We are committed to making sure that we provide a satisfactory resolution to your issue.

Along those lines, I have spoken with our Director of Customer Service, and it is my understanding that we have provided a full refund of the amount you paid for BioTrust products. In addition, we are happy to have you keep the products you have received and continue using them.

Our mission is to help customers improve their health and wellness and give back to the communities we serve. In keeping with that mission, our sincerest interest is in helping you be the best that you can be. We hope that your continued use of our products will yield the results you expect and that you will become a life-long partner with BioTrust.

Please let me know if you need anything else. You can reach me directly at [email protected].

My best,

Tim Skwiat

Long-time Loyal Metabo379 User
August 7, 2017

I love both these products and order them in 6-month supplies at this point. I am 5'3'' and was weighing 166 lbs in July of 2013. Metabo379 helped me lose 20 lbs and keep it off. I've been consistently 146 lbs since 2014. Now I use it to maintain my metabolism. I do follow the dieting advise tightly when I notice I'm getting a little bloated and gaining weight. But, in general I am a healthy eater I avoid excess refined carbs, processed foods, and sweets (but I do love an occasional potato chip).

Also, losing the weight has helped me want to exercise. My morning routine includes walking a 3.2 mile loop. It takes me about 1 hour and its a great way to start the morning and have some me time. So literally, eating healthy in general by sticking to their dieting principles, taking metabo379 and walking=20 lbs off. Wonderful. I am an curvy strong person so the 146 looks really good. I'm down from a tight size 10 to a loose size 8 in pants. Definitely would recommend.

JaLaDi August 07, 2017

Sorry, I use both Metabo379 and Prox10 probiotic. I love both of these products and buy them both in 6 month quantities. *** typpo

Products 5 star, delivery sucks
December 31, 2016

I order a lot of products from you as being based in France I cannot get any products locally unless I am willing to pay €550 a bottle (no that is not a joke - look at Amazon France). I can get small packages delivered but if I try to order in bulk it does not arrive. It gets lost somewhere. You have just refunded me nearly $400 on an order that no one knows where it is.

Even the tracking system has no idea except it left the US fine. I know this is not really your fault but I am having to find alternatives locally (which will be nowhere as good) because a large box of Carb drinks etc never get here.

Your smaller items will continue to be 5 star in my estimation, Probiotics delivered monthly and 2 or three other products delivered for daily use. It costs me more in postage but they seem to get here. I gather from talking to your support staff that this is not rare. ***** for your products.

Tim January 02, 2017

Hi Diane,

I hope that this finds you doing well. My name is Tim Skwiat, and I am the Director of Nutrition and Exercise as well as a member of the BioTrust Science Team. I am very sorry to learn that you are not completely satisfied, and I want to do everything I possibly can to take care of you and earn your trust as a customer.

With the limited information provided, I'm not able to accurately locate a customer record in our system. Having said that, would it be possible for you to contact me directly at [email protected]? I want to ensure that we leave no stone unturned in reviewing your case and make sure that you're completely taken care of.

It sounds like you've had very positive experiences with our products prior to this, and it's unfortunate to learn that this experience has left a sour taste in your mouth. It also sounds like our Customer Support team has done everything in its power to make this right for you (e.g., providing a refund).

Having said that, I do hope that you follow up with me so that we can investigate this further and take additional steps to make you a very happy BioTrust customer. We consider it a privilege to join you in your journey to improving your health and wellness. Please contact me at [email protected] at your convenience.

Thank you!

My best,


ElizabethBelcher Davis March 18, 2018

As someone who works for the Postal Service, I know that most people do not realize that once mail leaving the United States reaches another country, it is out of our hands. In addition, quite a few packages get held up in customs and may not be released for weeks. Supposedly, the customs department picks random packages to inspect but who is to say how many per day are put to the side and how many people are doing the inspecting?

The ability to get packages to a foreign address is not the fault of BioTrust and it really isn’t fair to give them a low rating because of it. You should address your local delivery service about the issue.

E. Davis, Postal Clerk

Good product; impossible to buy through the website
July 9, 2016
I actually loved the Bellytrim product, but when I tried to order more online I entered a horrible maze of extra offers and aggressive attempts to upswell me followed by consistent (I tried several times) rejections of my credit cards. They don't seem interested in selling to interested buyers. Strange.

Cristina Powell July 11, 2016

Good morning, Jhe.

My name is Cristina Powell, and I am a Nutrition and Exercise Coach with BioTRUST Nutrition.

Thank you for taking the time to provide us with honest feedback with regards to your experience attempting to place an order through our secure website. We want you to know that we take all of our customer's input, criticisms, etc. into consideration to improve our products and service(s). Since I am unable to pull up your account without a full name or email address, I cannot research your account or troubleshoot why you were unable to place an order.

I am thrilled to hear that you are achieving great results as a result of including our Belly Trim XP supplement in your healthy diet, and we would love for you to be able to continue to enjoy positive improvements to your health, body composition and performance.

I would like to provide you with our Customer Care toll free number, so that you may speak directly with one of our agents who will be able to not only place an order for you, but can help you get set up with our Ship and Save program. This program not only allows you to lock in a special discounted price of 15% off our regular prices, but we will ship your products to you on the same date each month for FREE.

This will save you the time and hassle of having to reorder each month, and you may cancel at any time.

Our Customer Care team is available 7 days per week, and can be reached at 1-800-766-5086.

In addition, I would also like to make myself available to you now, and in the future, should you need any further assistance with these concerns, or if you would like to take advantage of our free nutrition and exercise coaching.

For your convenience, we have set up a free Community Forum, which you may register for by visiting Or you may contact me directly at [email protected].

Again, I am sorry for any frustrations you have been caused, and we hope you will allow us the opportunity to complete your order to your satisfaction.

Have an enjoyable week, Jhe.

Kindest regards,

Cristina Powell

Sam B: couldn't use the website to purchase
June 24, 2016

I went through the video and wanted to buy the product offered, as the claims concurred with all the latest medical research. Subsequently, I ordered the 6 bottles of Belly Trim XP, adding the additional 6 bottles offered. However, when I tried to order, the site kept saying my information was incorrect.

I double and triple checked, then even tried a different credit card (NB both cards I tried I use regularly to purchase online products; they are nowhere near their limit and one's even in credit.) I tried to call the number listed, and couldn't get through. Unfortunately Bio trust, you just missed out on a nearly $400 purchase - and I obviously just miss out.

Cristina Powell July 01, 2016

Good afternoon, Samantha. I hope this finds you well. My name is Cristina Powell, and I am a Nutrition and Exercise Coach with BioTRUST Nutrition.

I am sorry to hear that you were unable to place your order via a link provided through one of our video presentations. It would be my privilege to help make sure that you have a completely positive experience and achieve successful outcomes using our premium, scientifically-backed supplements.

I have reached out to our Customer Care department to verify if there was an attempted or pending order from Samantha Baker, however they were unable to verify this information.

Some troubleshooting recommendations I would suggest are to verify that the zip code matches that of the credit or debit card. One other suggestion would be to verify that you reside in a country that we support shipping to.

Our Customer Care department is available 7 days a week and can be reached through any of the following channels: (Support Tab)

[email protected]

(800) 766 - 5086

We want to be sure you are able to experience the BioTRUST difference, and enjoy the benefits of including Belly Trim XP in your healthy diet.

If you would like to contact me directly, I will ensure that we get your order placed, and that we honor any promotions you were originally offered.

I want to make myself available to you now, and in the future, and can be reached directly at [email protected].

Again, I apologize for any frustrations you have been caused, and we hope you will allow us the opportunity to serve your health and fitness needs.

Thank you,

Cristina Powell

Very Satisfied
May 18, 2016

You do not state with your 100% 1 year money back guarantee that if you do not keep your empty bottles you will not refund the full amount. You know I bought 3 bottles. That is what you billed me for a product that did nothing. No where on my receipt does it say keep your empty bottles in case you want to return. On your website you state 5.Returns must be received in our offices within 1 year from billing date. All charges (excluding shipping and handling fees) are fully refundable 1 year from the billing date.

Exchange requests must be received by our offices within 1 year from the billing date. You never state if you don't have your empty bottle no refund. I feel this is false advertising. The law states what constitutes false advertising? Advertisements that contain representations that are false, misleading, or deceptive are an unfair trade practice and illegal under state and federal laws. To be found guilty of false advertising, it must be shown that the advertisement was deceptive in nature. Proof that the ad actually harmed anyone is not important.

Moreover, the intentions of the advertiser are irrelevant, including if the false or deceptive advertisement was a mistake. - your guarantee is as good as your product. I hope you stand by it and return my hard earned money.

====== ====== ======

My complaint was handled very timely and I want to up my stars for biotrust!

Tim May 20, 2016

Hello Ms. Andreassi,

I hope this finds you in the best of health. My name is Tim Skwiat, and I am the Director of Nutrition and Exercise with BioTrust Nutrition. I am very sorry to read your review and to learn that you are not completely satisfied. As part of our commitment to World-Class Customer Service, my teammates and I are going to do everything we possibly can to make sure that you're taken care of.

First off, I'm so sorry to hear that our product did not exceed your expectations. Each of our products, including the one you used, is based on extensive scientific research (i.e., double-blind, placebo-controlled trials) published in peer-reviewed journals demonstrating both effectiveness and safety.

For instance, the primary ingredient (i.e., conjugated linoleic acid, CLA) in BellyTrim XP has been shown time and again to reduce body fat and spare/increase calorie-burning lean body mass when taken as directed. It may be worth noting that studies investigating the effectiveness of CLA that don't involve behavioral/lifestyle changes (e.g., reduced calorie-diet) often result in decreased body fat independent of a change in body weight. In other words, it's completely possible to reduce body fat without noticing a change in scale weight.

That's neither here nor there, and it's also important to point out that as individuals vary so too do results. And the most important thing to us is that you are completely satisfied.

That said, with regard to your claims about false advertising, I must respectfully disagree, Ms. Andreassi, as this is stated numerous times on our website. For instance, this page that details our Return/Exchange Policy ( states:

"Simply return the empty and unused portion of your BioTRUST product order within 1 year of your billing date for a full refund of the product price."

"Return the empty and unused portion of your product, the original invoice and your RMA# or EMA# to ensure proper handling."

With that being said, I understand your frustration, and we're going to do everything we can to work with you to ensure your complete satisfaction. It's my understanding that you have already been in contact with our Customer Service Team, and we have issued a RMA# for your return, and what's more, we have honored your request for a full refund as one-time courtesy.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me directly at [email protected]. Also, Ms. Andreassi, we know that you chose BioTrust for a reason, and we will be here for you every step of your journey to provide you guidance, support, accountability, and encouragement. Like they say, it takes a village, and we're to provide you the social support and expert guidance you need to succeed. Please let me know how I can help.

My best,

Coach Tim


I want everyone to know Biotrust went above and beyond to make sure I was 100% satisfied with their handling of my complaint. They are now working on making sure their customers are aware they must keep their empty bottles upfront, on your receipt, receive the money back guarantee. They handled this better than I could of hoped. THEY DO STAND BY THEIR GUARANTEE!!!

***100% Money Back Guarantee is a 100% LIE***
May 2, 2016

Just this last weekend I ordered some products from this company (sold on what I was thinking was a Reputable and Honest Company).


SECOND- The buyer Does NOT get the opportunity to review the order before it is charged to your account. If customer service is unavailable (not in business hours when I ordered) your only recourse is to email them. I noticed an incorrect item was added on my order when the confirmation page showed after I was charged and I literally called and emailed them with 5 minutes of placing the order, asking that they remove the product and refund the amount of the product onto my card.

THIRD-They are quick to reply, which was nice. HOWEVER they answer just stating that they ship through a 3rd party company and cannot cancel or change and order once placed.

FOURTH-The options offered for compensation ARE NOT A 100% refund.

These were the choices given which to Biotrust constitute a 100% Money Back Guarantee

1. Either an immediate 25% credit of your total order can be credited back to your card (So why can't the full amount be credited back?)

2. A 50% credit of the total order amount (ie... if bill was $120-they would credit YOU $60) TO YOUR ACCOUNT WITH THEM FOR FUTURE PRODUCT PURCHASES FROM THEM)

3. An exchange of products for up to the amount of the product incorrectly added to the order. (This is the option I chose as I am praying the products are better than their customer service and still want to try the products).

None of this actually gave me what I or 99% of America would consider a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

I sent an email response to customer service to let them know how unhappy I was and how DISHONEST this made Biotrust look and how Leary this made me of Biotrust all before I have even received a product. Again I did quickly receive an email from them stating they were sorry for the confusion. It stated that the Shipping was from a 3rd party company and unable to be changed or canceled and they confirmed they would be resending the product I wanted.

From the details in their email, they also made it sound like it Was Supposed to be a great convenience to Me, that they were not going to charge me another shipping fee and from the wording made it sound as if I would normally have to PAY A RETURN SHIPPING CHARGE for any items actually returned to the company.

SO FAR, they seem Very Unethical and Dishonest in Biotrusts practices.

I will update my review on the Actual Products after I get them and have the chance to use them.

Lastly, You will get what seems like a million and one emails from them once you order something. The nice little books they show and will "send" you are NOT Actual Hard Copy type books (they are ebooks) you have to download. So if you prefer hard copied books or don't have a printer you’re just out of luck.

So far I a very unimpressed with biotrust.

************so*******beware*****when ordering*****be extremely careful as they are very good at the upsale of products and not making things clear and it is easy (which works to their monetary advantage) to mess up your order and not know till after your money is basicly stolen(in my opinion)***********

I will state now, that I will be leaving this review on other sites as well to warn the masses before they get ripped off by the billing and selling practices of biotrust. I am a real consumer and not a bot. I am on face book and you can find me by name and message me if you have any other questions.

Tim May 09, 2016

Hi Wendy,

I hope this finds you in the best of spirits, and I hope that you have enjoyed a nice week. My name is Tim Skwiat, and I am the Director of Nutrition and Exercise with BioTrust Nutrition, as well as a member of the BioTrust Science Team and Fitness Team.

I am remiss to read your review, and I’m terribly sorry to learn of your disappointment. My hope is that you allow me the opportunity to do everything I can to take care of you and ensure a completely positive all-around experience.

Before proceeding, I do want thank you and commend you on leaving such an elaborate review of your experiences. We graciously accept customer feedback with open arms, and while the majority of that is positive, we invite constructive criticism as well. After all, who better to tell us how we can improve than our customers. Our goal is to provide you not only with the highest quality, most efficacious products but also world-class customer service.

To speak to the theme of your review (i.e., money-back guarantee), we most certainly stand behind our products 100%, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are unhappy with the products, we will promptly and cheerfully issue you a refund even on empty bottles. You can find the details of our return/exchange policy on our website; simply select the Return/Exchange Policy link from the bottom of any page on our site.

As noted there, in order to get said refund, we do require that empty and unused bottles be returned within 1 year accompanied by a return merchandise authorization number, RMA, which will allows our distribution center to associate the returned package with your account. If you decide to return the products immediately after receiving your order, you are more than welcome to do so. Just give our customer service team a call or e-mail, and one of our customer care specialists will cheerfully assist you.

That said, we know that you came to BioTrust for a reason, and I do hope that you allow us and our products the privilege of accompanying you on your journey to improved health and fitness. After all, you are protected by the one-year money back guarantee, and we will refund even empty bottles; so, it’s worth giving the scientifically-backed products a shot. I would like to make myself available to you as your own personal nutrition and exercise coach. I would consider it an honor to provide you guidance, support, accountability, and encouragement as you progress toward your goals. Please feel free to contact me directly at [email protected] at your convenience.

Speaking to your concern about the e-mails, I’m very sorry to hear that you don’t find our daily health and nutrition tips to be beneficial to you. The overwhelming majority of our customers look forward to reading our newsletters, learning about the most recent research, and gathering advice on how they can improve their health and fitness. If you would like to unsubscribe, however, you are more than welcome to do so at any time. You can do so by accessing our Support portal on our website, or you can simply scroll to the bottom of any e-mail newsletter and select Manage Email Subscriptions to your preference.

With regard to our free reports, I’m sorry to learn about your disappointment. We spend an enormous amount of time and resources in creating these free resources for our customers. We do provide them in electronic format (i.e., eBook), as our customers have informed us that this is their preferred format. This also allows us to provide our customers with the information sooner, and it also allows us the opportunity to create more of these valuable resources faster.

With all of that being said, Wendy, I invite you to contact me at your convenience. We’re here for you, and our ultimate goal is to help you achieve yours. I look forward to the opportunity to make this right for you and turn your 2-star review into a 5-star experience!

My best,

Coach Tim


YOU DO NOT STATE WITH YOUR 100% 1 YEAR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE THAT IF YOU DO NOT KEEP YOUR EMPTY BOTTLES YOU WILL NOT REFUND THE FULL AMOUNT. YOU KNOW I BOUGHT 3 BOTTLES. THAT IS WHAT YOU BILLED ME FOR A PRODUCT THAT DID NOTHING. NO WHERE ON MY RECEIPT DOES IT SAY KEEP YOUR EMPTY BOTTLES IN CASE YOU WANT TO RETURN. ON YOUR WEBSITE YOU STATE 5.Returns must be received in our offices within 1 year from billing date. All charges (excluding shipping and handling fees) are fully refundable 1 year from the billing date. Exchange requests must be received by our offices within 1 year from the billing date. YOU NEVER STATE IF YOU DON'T HAVE YOUR EMPTY BOTTLE NO REFUND. I FEEL THIS IS FALSE ADVERTISING. THE LAW STATES What Constitutes False Advertising? Advertisements that contain representations that are false, misleading, or deceptive are an unfair trade practice and illegal under state and federal laws. To be found guilty of false advertising, it must be shown that the advertisement was deceptive in nature. Proof that the ad actually harmed anyone is not important. Moreover, the intentions of the advertiser are irrelevant, including if the false or deceptive advertisement was a mistake. - YOUR GUARANTEE IS AS GOOD AS YOUR PRODUCT. I HOPE YOU STAND BY IT AND RETURN MY HARD EARNED MONEY.


I want everyone to know Biotrust went above and beyond to make sure I was 100% satisfied with their handling of my complaint. They are now working on making sure their customers are aware they must keep their empty bottles upfront, on your receipt, receive the money back guarantee. They handled this better than I could of hoped. THEY DO STAND BY THEIR GUARANTEE!!!

I really want to trust these guys.
March 17, 2016

I recently ordered one of their products from through a promotion because they said in the e-mail that they are giving away protein powder to "earn my trust". To be honest, I really want to trust these guys, and they also said specifically in the e-mail that NO FUTURE CHARGES WILL BE MADE. But then again, I'm a little bit skeptical on whether they will make future charges and if I am able to avoid them without waiting for the error to occur first.

But even if it turns out to be a scam and I do end up being autoshipped, I can always dispute the charges, maybe even cancel my credit card.

Tim March 19, 2016

Hi Kaelin,

I hope this finds you doing well! My name is Tim Skwiat, and I am the Director of Nutrition and Exercise with BioTrust Nutrition. I'm also here to be your personal nutrition and exercise coach and to make sure that your experience with BioTrust is completely positive and enjoyable. Please feel free to e-mail me at any time at [email protected].

Thank you very much for your recent order! We are confident that you are going to enjoy BioTrust Low Carb, which we strongly believe is the best-tasting, highest-quality protein supplement on the planet. I'm looking forward to hearing your feedback.

With regard to your concerns, auto-shipments/subscriptions are not required. With that said, we do offer our customers the opportunity to choose this option—which provides significant per order savings and free shipping on future orders—during the checkout process; however, customers can decline this option.

I had our Customer Service Department check our order history records, and we were able to locate one customer named "Kaelin V." I just want to confirm that you did NOT select the auto-shipment/subscription option during checkout, so you should not see any future charges or shipments.

Thanks again for your order, Kaelin. Please keep us posted with your feedback, and if there's anything that I can do to help you achieve your health and fitness goals, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Thank you,

Tim Skwiat

Auto Billing For A Product That Does Nothing.
March 7, 2016

I bought a bottle of BrainBright on a promotion for $5. Fine. I took the whole bottle, didn't notice any changes or feel any different. OK, it's just another un-needed supplement.

My problem is the automatic recurred billing. It was to be a one time $5 charge on my card. I made certain of that. So regardless, They've been trying to re-bill me $39 for 3 months now. Fortunately, I put the initial order in with a Visa gift card that only had 6 dollars and change left on it. I'm extremely cautious when buying from these marketing companies that offer something for close to nothing in exchange for a credit card number. So it was no accident that I gave them an empty gift card.

My suspicions were right on 2 counts. First the product doesn't do anything, and second, they were going to keep billing me. It's also no accident that they auto bill and auto ship. People get this stuff in the mail, and never get around to sending it back. By the time the get around to contacting customer service, they're already in for a couple months. Then have to go through a hassle to return the stuff.

Just go to GNC or even the supplement isle of your local CVS. They have what you really need, and it's a reputable corporation taking your money.

Tim March 19, 2016

Hi Screanam,

I hope this finds you doing well. My name is Tim Skwiat, and I am the Director of Nutrition and Exercise with BioTrust Nutrition.

First off, please accept our apologies for the tardiness in responding to your review. We greatly appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback about your personal experiences; however, we are very sorry to learn that it has been anything short of superb and did not match our intention of providing you the best products and experience.

At BioTrust, we strive for excellence in all that we do, and it’s our goal to create a culture built on integrity, trust, and compassion. We truly appreciate our loyal and outstanding customers like yourself, and it’s our goal to provide a completely positive all-around experience for you. Along those lines, we value all feedback and welcome it with open arms, and while the overwhelming majority of that is positive, we accept constructive criticism just the same. Who better to tell us how we’re doing than our customers.

With that being said, it's important to note that BioTrust does not require auto-shipments/subscriptions nor does BioTrust charge customers for anything that was not selected by the customer during the checkout process. During the checkout process, we do provide customers the option of a monthly subscription—which involves significantly per order savings and free shipping—but that is completely optional, and the customer is more than welcome to decline that option. What's more, customers can cancel/reschedule their subscription at any time by contacting our Customer Service Department: (Support Tab)

[email protected]

(800) 766 - 5086

With that in mind, if you do believe that you were wrongfully charged, I want to make this right for you, and I want to make sure that we refund you completely. Please contact me at [email protected] so that I can make sure that you're completely taken care of.

With regard to the product itself, I'm very sorry to learn that it did not meet your expectations. There is an extensive body of peer-reviewed research demonstrating the safety and efficacy of the ingredients in the Brain Bright formula, and they are provided in efficacious doses.

In addition to the robust research on each of the ingredients demonstrating their efficacy and safety, we have also conducted a collection of randomized, crossover studies on the finished product itself. Researchers from the University of Tampa found that after supplementation with Brain Bright (for just one week), participants improved concentration and accuracy on tests for short-term memory by 240% (compared to placebo). What’s more, supplementation with Brain Bright also significantly improved performance on tests for reaction time, processing speed, and attention.

With that said, as individuals vary, so too do results. Along those lines, we do recommend that folks experiment with taking 1 - 2 tablets at a time to see what works best for him/her. Personally, I use 2 tablets at once on a daily basis to garner both the acute (e.g., focus, attention) and long-term (e.g., cognitive health) benefits.

Lastly, I do think it's important to point out that products at major retailers (including those mentioned) may not be pure and potent. In a recent study led by the New York Attorney General's Office, it was found that 79% of the products tested (from major retailers) did not meet label claims. Admittedly, the testing methodology used may be questionable; however, the point is that I do warrant caution with regard to the statement that you made in this regard.

BioTrust, on the other hand, is committed to the highest levels of Quality Control possible. We do extensive research and testing on each of the individual ingredients as well as the finished products. What's on the label is truly in the bottle; nothing more, nothing less. We conduct thorough microbiological testing to ensure purity and potency and to make sure that our products are free from contaminants.

With all of that said, I am very sorry to hear that you're not completely satisfied, and I want to do everything I can to assist you. Please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected] so that I can help make this right for you.

Thank you,

Tim Skwiat

Help phone
December 19, 2015
I noticed several reviews that said they didn't receive any help when contacted by phone. I've been taking their products for about 3 months and have called them twice. I received immediate help and was kept on the phone until completely satisfied. Also,I messaged them on facebook with a problem and someone from Biotrust called me the next day. I don't have any complaints been one of the better company's that I have dealt with online

September 22, 2015
Been using several of their products for a few months and no change. As a matter of fact! I feel worse than I ever have.

Tim October 05, 2015

Hi Christy,

I hope this finds you doing well! My name is Tim Skwiat, and I am the Director of Nutrition and Exercise with BioTRUST Nutrition. I am remiss to read your review, and I want you to know that I'll leave no stone unturned in helping you and making sure that you are completely taken care of swiftly and to your satisfaction.

Our ultimate goal is to help you achieve yours, and I want you to know that I'll be here to guide and support you every step of the way. While all of our products are designed to work and are based on extensive amounts of peer-reviewed research, I do want to remind you that you’re always protected by our industry best 1-YEAR Money Back Guarantee, which entitles you to a refund or exchange. If you are interested, please contact our Customer Care Team at your earliest convenience:

(800) 766 - 5086

[email protected]

I'm concerned to hear that you mentioned that you're not feeling so great. Because individual responses to dietary supplements may be as unique as one's fingerprints, it is very important to us that we document any type of response that you deem unfavorable. With that in mind, I do encourage you to contact our Customer Service team at your earliest convenience to report how you've been feeling, as we take these matters very seriously.

Also, I'd like to make myself available to you for additional coaching support. You mentioned that you've noticed no change since you started using our products, and I'd like to explore this in a bit more depth with you. I'd like to get a better sense of what you're striving to accomplish (i.e., goals), as well as what products you're using.

Along those lines, I'd like to provide you with guidance in the areas of nutrition, exercise, stress management, sleep quality, etc., which may all have a significant impact on your overall health, body composition, and performance. If you would be so kind as to e-mail me at [email protected] at your earliest convenience, I would greatly appreciate it.

I look forward to hearing from you soon, Christy, and to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals.

My best,

Coach Tim