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Not worth the pain and discomfort
April 11, 2013

I ordered leptiburn on 2/22/13, received it about a week later and began taking the recommended amount twice a day on an empty stomach, as directed. Shortly after beginning the regimen I started having stomach pains and being nauseated. I thought I might get used to it and the discomfort and pain would subside. NOT SO! I began dreading taking it.

I continued with no decrease in the discomfort and nausea. I finally quit taking it and called the help line. When I explained my pain and nausea to the representative, he intimated this was not unusual and stated some people found it helpful to eat a little before taking it. I felt nothing can be good for you if it causes such problems. I asked for instructions for returning the product. I was sent an email with a return number and also info on another of their products. The second email concerning the other product looked as though it might be a confirmation of an order, so I called back and talked with a different rep. who said she checked and no additional order had been placed. She even said she checked with the 1st rep. with whom I talked. There was suppose to be a refund within 5 days of their receipt of my returned product. I mailed the leptiburn with tracking on March 28. On April 10, I received a package from BioTrust. I immediately called. Did not open the package. It seems the 1st rep. I talked with went ahead and transferred my payment for the leptiburn to the other product instead of refunding my money. Supposedly, my refund is in the works now. I have sent this new shipment back "Return to Sender". We shall see if the refund has truly been issued. I certainly do not recommend leptiburn or the company.

From J April 12, 2013

Hi Winifred,

This is Josh the CEO of I am so sorry to hear of your problems. If this has not yet been resolved to your satisfaction, I want you to immediately email [email protected] or call 1-800-766-5086 and we will take care of you 100% and refund your money and make it right for you. I apologize for this experience and we will take care of you as best we can.

If you would like additional coaching help, as I'm sure that you invested in LeptiBurn because you wanted to make a body transformation, we have members of our team that are nutrition and fitness experts that will gladly assist you with achieving your health and fitness goals.

I am going to have one of our team members contact you immediately to follow up with you to ensure that we have done everything we can to make this right for you.

Just let us know what we can do to help you, Winifred.

Thank you so much!

Malisia April 25, 2013

Hi Josh,

I've been researching weight loss and nutrition products lately. I've also been researching MLM opportunities in the the wellness niche.I've been trying to find a quality product driven MLM with a comp plan which rewards retail sales as much as recruiting and has a product that truly lives up to it's claim, so much so that reorders or continuing auto-ship is a relatively small problem. Since you do a great deal of internet marketing in-house, would you be at a point where you would consider using an MLM structure to boost sales? If not, what about an affiliate program?



[email protected]

Great Results!
April 11, 2013

When I realized I weighed more than when I was pregnant, I knew I had to DO something. I began to work out and watch what I ate. Not a diet, as I really wanted to change. That was in July 2012, and in August I came across Biotrust and began using Leptiburn, IC-5, and BCAA Matrix.

My husband already had a protein drink, so I didn’t get Low Carb right then. But after more research and getting him involved…we ordered Low Carb shortly after. And, we both love it and use it to this day! I lost 20 lbs in 5 months and have kept it off! In addition to the weight loss, I know that I replaced the fat with muscle and can tell a huge difference in my body.

Our order did not come with the smoothie/shake recipe book, so I contacted their Customer Service department, and they sent it to me immediately. Great service! I couldn't be happier with my investment or my results!

Great Products and a Company that Cares
April 10, 2013

I am 46 years old. I quit smoking for the 2nd time on April 26, 2012; I am just a few weeks away from my 1 year anniversary of quitting. The first time I quit smoking for 10 years but put on a lot of weight; at my high I was 220 lbs. I started smoking again 8 years ago and then as I mentioned quit for a 2nd time just about a year ago. Through diet and exercise I have been able to get down to 147 lbs (impressive, how much I weighed when I graduated high school). I am determined not to let myself go again but something was missing in my nutrition program and I started researching protein supplements to include in my morning after workout smoothies. After almost a month of doing research on protein supplements I decided on BioTrust Low Carb and could not be happier, BioTrust may be a bit more costly that other proteins but the results and quality speak for themselves, you cannot put a price tag on your health. I have never felt or looked better.

The order process was simple and they offer great bonus for quantity orders. My original order was buy 2 get 1 free, I got 2 Vanilla Cream and 1 Milk Chocolate, the flavor and taste of both are fantastic, it really adds a great flavor to my smoothies. I received my order 3 days after ordering. Packaging was fantastic. BioTrust as a company clearly cares about taking care of their customers and provides not only the best products on the market but the best customer service to back them up.

Thanks for a fabulous product.and great service.

Best. Protein. EVER.
April 10, 2013

Bio-trust is a one of a kind protein powder. For years, we have loved drinking smoothies. The only problem we had was we could never find the right protein powder to add to our favorite recipes. We tried several different whey protein powders, but they caused mucosal response due to the cheap dairy protein used in their ingredients. Then, we tried soy protein, but soy causes stomach bloating and I even developed a thyroid condition.

Then we were introduced to Bio-trust. It was love at first taste! We’ve been together ever since. If you are looking for a great protein powder and you want to lose weight, Bio-trust is your answer. You may have just met the love of your life!

Amazing Products + Outstanding Customer Service = A+
April 9, 2013

I have been quite happy with the BioTRUST products, and I am truly impressed with the premium placed on customer satisfaction. All of my contact with your Customer Service personnel has been unfailingly positive.

The protein tastes incredible and mixes so well. My favorite shakes so far are the Bananna Split shake, the Berry Bomber shake, and the Peach smoothie.

Protein Powders *too* sweet
April 9, 2013
The protein powders are good, but their sweetness is too overpowering. I want to taste the fruits I put in my shakes. The amount of berries I would have to put into the shake when using Vanilla, for instance, in order to taste the berries would not fit in an individual blender cup.

Edward A April 09, 2013

I found the same issue. I only use 1 scoop and add 3 raw eggs to make up the protein.

1 scoop low carb protein

3/4 cup of frozen fruit

up to 1 cup of juice (oj or cranberry)

3 raw, organic, free-range eggs

tablespoon of greens powder

NASB April 11, 2013

Thank you for this alternative recipe! Could I possibly use fresh greens in place of the greens powder? Would that work well with the raw eggs? (Is it safe to consume raw eggs???)



Review of integrity of company
April 7, 2013

I purchased the Pro-X10, the first batch took around 3 weeks to arrive in the UK. I have just started taking the supplements, so can't comment on them yet.

There is no 'forced' auto-ship, people are given the choice to pay regular price or get a discount to join the autoship.

I think their sales process is great, international delivery slow and the fact they reply on here, a genuine company.

Shake, Leptiburn, ProX10
April 3, 2013

The Good: The shake does fill me up for a good 5 hours and is low in sugar and carbs.

The Bad: The ProX-10, Leptiburn and Absorbmax have not addressed my GI issues like the Biotrust company promised. Very disappointed. The shake, which I do use, tastes pretty awful and I have to drink it very quickly through a straw.

The Ugly: I'm out about $300.00

Edward A April 03, 2013

Have you tried to use the 1-year money back guarantee? If they did not hold true to their promise on that I would try other avenues.

By the way, Leptiburn is not for GI issues.

Also, at the bottom of the website:

"The information provided on this site is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician..."

"You should not use the information on this site for diagnosis or treatment of any health problem or for prescription of any medication or other treatment. You should consult with a healthcare professional before starting any diet, exercise or supplementation program..."

"Results featured on this web site are atypical. As individuals differ, so will results. BioTrust distributes an all natural product line with ingredients that are proven safe and effective by science. Check with your doctor for risks associated with dietary supplements and your specific health conditions and/or allergies."

BioTrust C April 03, 2013

Hi Jennie,

Thank you for sharing your input. As far as the taste of BioTrust Low Carb, please remember that it is not designed to be pre-mixed. We recommend drinking within 10 - 15 minutes of mixing because of the Prohydrolase enzyme, which ensures that you digest and absorb all of the valuable nutrition.

Remember also that you are entitled to a 1-year money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied. Please e-mail or call our Customer Support team as soon as possible, as one of our team members will gladly assist you in refunding you 100% and making things right.

[email protected]

(800) 766 - 5086

Marcia G April 03, 2013

Try Shakology. It's the best & tastes great!

Allegra April 23, 2013

Omg $300!!! I know their prices are insane!

Suzanne April 25, 2013

I seem to recall that returning the product is a full 100% refund for a return what isn't working. Nothing is a magic bullet, any GI doctor will tell you this, even BioTrust. Not everyone has the same results, why, because your body is unique to you. Hope you find what does work :))

April 2, 2013

Funny how the vast majority of the reviews in here are more than positive but then it didn't do anything for me. I have to wonder how many people in here place fake posts.

It just doesn't work people and to make it worse, just try to get your money back and see what happens.

Good luck!

From J April 02, 2013

Hi Mike,

This is Josh the CEO of I am so sorry to hear of your problems and want you to immediately email [email protected] or call 1-800-766-5086 and we will take care of you 100% and refund your money and make it right for you. I apologize for this experience and we will take care of you as best we can.

If you would like additional coaching help, as I'm sure that you invested in LeptiBurn because you wanted to make a body transformation, we have members of our team that are nutrition and fitness experts.

Just let us know what we can do to help you, Mike.

Thank you so much!

Edward A April 03, 2013

Sorry it didn't work for you. I hope you were able to get your money back. It worked for me. If they do not uphold their 1 year guarantee that would be upsetting.

You see a lot of positive reviews because Biotrust asked real customers on their Facebook page to post their experiences on this site. They are slowly growing as a company and have over 6500 "likes"

Good luck..

David May 12, 2013

Sorry it wasn't effective for you. I can't say enough about what I feel it's done for me. 270 to 225 in less than 90 days using BioTrust products and their suggested workouts.

Danny Georgevich February 04, 2015

Been great for me too, started the program Jan 2, 15 2 shakes a day protein diner with vege's. Snacks nuts fruit. Excercise every day cardio day then weight day. Intense interval training for both which shorten work out duration. Weighed in on Feb 2, 15 went from 282.5 lbs to 261.2 lbs in a month. Working just fine could not be happier.

Is this true??
March 31, 2013
This is not so much a review as a query re the integrity of the reviews. ALL of these reviews are good. No-one has a problem. Experience tells me that if something sounds too good to be true it generally is. So - here is the plan. IF my review appears for LeptiBurn, then I will proceed with purchase and trial. If it doesn't perhaps I should find some other forum to check the integrity of the product (rather than be bluffed by a site full of advertising being paraded as reviews).

Brian G March 31, 2013

Ok - just realised there is more than 1 page of reviews. Still no sign of anyone not believing in the product - only talk of mysterious (and unexpected) charges on credit charges. I am still deciding whether to take the plunge but will update if I do

Edward A April 02, 2013

Brian, the reason there are a lot of positive reviews is because the Biotrust Facebook fan page asked customers to share their experiences. Biotrust explained that there were negative reviewers (possibly competitors trying to trash Biotrust) and they wanted to make sure true reviews were also posted. They have over 6600 fans on Facebook so that has to mean something.

Edward A April 02, 2013

Also, I've been using the products (Leptiburn, Low Carb Protein Powder, and Protein Cookies) and have noticed positive results. It is hard to find natural, evidenced-based supplements. Just started Absorbmax and Pro-X10 due to my GI issues. Seems most of the negative reviews were either because 1) people did not uncheck auto-ship on their first purchase or live abroad and experience shipping problems.

Suzanne April 25, 2013

There are no magic bullets. What works for some may not work for others, its the beauty of having a body that is uniquely yours. There is so much more to the effectiveness of supplements than simply taking them an expecting a miracle. I have always taken all natural supplements, why, because I believe nature gets it right over a chemical soup every time. I do thorough research on the ingredients to be sure what they are, what they do, and what side effects they might have before ever taking them. A healthy nutrition plan is key, it constitutes 80% of the battle to lose/maintain a healthy lifestyle/weight...the other is 20% physical activity which included strength training and cardio. Supplements are just a boost to the body to perform in peak condition...its not the solution.

Many people don't take the time to review purchases they perhaps its not that there aren't any negative reviews, but rather a lack of people reviewing them. No product or company is perfect, you do the research and take a chance that it works for you. If it doesn't you learn from it and try something new. You do however need to allow your body time to adapt to any supplement program, at least 30 days. If you don't, you will never get any accurate results by which to judge. Track daily how you feel, what you eat, what you do, and then see what happens from day 1 to day 30. :)) Best of luck to you!

Passing B June 30, 2013

Edward SAYS:

Brian, the reason there are a lot of positive reviews is because the Biotrust Facebook fan page asked customers to share their experiences. Biotrust explained that there were negative reviewers (possibly competitors trying to trash Biotrust) and they wanted to make sure true reviews were also posted. They have over 6600 fans on Facebook so that has to mean something.

Dearest Edward: I've seen you say this 2x now. Do you not realize that anyone can (those who have computer experience) boost their likes on Facebook? Furthermore, I'm over hearing Biotrusts rant about competitor's giving them negative reviews. I can guarantee you I am certainly not a competitor. I am a human being who simply logged on to check my email when I saw this disgusting ad about bugs in my gut and checked it out along with my grandgirls. The old saying still holds true today : If anything sounds to good to be true, it is. Too many complaints on here about billing problems, I was going to order this product until I read the reviews. Somehow I don't really think Biotrust cares though.

Recommend to everyone
March 29, 2013
I have been using all of the BioTrust products, and am completely satisfied with the quality, taste and action! These guys are great, thank you for what you do and for doing it well!

Take it to the next level program!!
March 28, 2013

Me: Mom of 1.5yr old twins, stuck in a size 10 when prepregnancy I was a size 4. Total bummer!! I exercise like a fiend, and have cut, cut, cut out so much junk out of my diet but the scale did not move UNTIL I tried Bio-trust. I kid you not, this is the real stuff. I have researched this product up and down and it is solid.

I have been using these products (leptiburn, pro x-10, and Low Carb protein powder) for 3 weeks and I am down to a size 7 and am starting to feel like the old me IS in here. I just need to keep going. I have tried different diet pills (eq. quick trim, raspberry keytones) and nothing but money and time lost.

Thank you Josh and Joel!!

Your product is helping me be the yummy mummy I deserve to be.

Dynielle Kent

Diane f April 14, 2013

Are you doing the 1 day diet plan? What are you doing to loose weight?

Best Protein on the market
March 28, 2013

I use all of the products from BioTrust . First,I did the 7 Day Diet and followed it to a T and lost 9.6 # and after a few months I am still down! What has been a God send to me is the IC-5 and AbsorbMax. I have a lot of food sensitivities especially wheat. When taking these products and ingesting a wheat product (minimal amount), I do not have the bloating, cramping or diarrhea. what a relief !

I have been into fitness for about 12 years and BioTrust LoCarb protein powder is Fantastic! I just do the vanilla, not a chocolate girl! I think I have tried about all the protein products on the market and none compare to BioTrust!!!!

Service has always been a positive plus for me....thanks guys!

Pro-X Probiotics
March 28, 2013

I just recently bought the probiotic supplements. Even though I have been taking these for a short time, I have noticed an amazing difference in my digestion. I can't wait to see where I will be at in a couple of months!

Before I bought anything from Biotrust, I signed up for the company news letter and did my homework. I wanted to know did Josh and Joel know what they were talking about? Could they be trusted? And what did I find?

I found that they are committed to providing great quality products. I really like the fact that Biotrust cares and wants to help people become more healthy.

My next purchase with this company will be the protein supplement. I can't wait to try it!

Great product and great service!!
March 28, 2013
My fiance and I bought about a dozen containers of their protein supplement-due to the better pricing on it that way. (It isn't an inexpensive product-that is the only reason we won't be able to buy more). But I have searched and searched for a protein powder like theirs, with stevia instead of sweeteners and sugars, the ability to help the body process so much more of it etc. This is an amazing product, tastes great too! And their customer service is always wonderful to deal with. So if you're contemplating on this product, I highly endorse it. I'd buy it permanently if we could afford it. No doubt! I will be sad to not see it in our pantry anymore-that's for sure! Really an awesome product and company!

Jeff March 28, 2013

I can honestly say, the low carb protein mixture is the best protein powder I have ever used. It tastes great (both chocolate and vanilla) and mixes easily. The customer service is second to none. Whenever I've had a question or problem they always respond within a day. I had to change my credit card information but I live in S.Korea. They phoned me long distance at a time that was convenient for me, great service indeed. I haven't tried any of the other products but I'm sure they are also of high quality.

amazing supplements, great taste
March 28, 2013
I've been using bio-trust supplements for about 6 months. I have to say that the low-carb protein powder is one of the most delicious ones i have tasted! no gross artificial flavourings and totoally natural. A lot of people are jumping on the 'clean-eating' train and then pumping themselves full of 'super maz' or 'detonate' to blast away the fat.....totally unclean! what's the point of eating/living clean to fill youself up with processed garbage?! Bio-trust has filled a gap in the market. I also have IBS, wheat and lactose intolerance and Bio trust offer Absorb-max and Pro-X10 which give me everything i need to combat any negative effects and sickness while allowing me to still eat a little bit of dairy when i'm in a social situation where its hard to refuse certain foods. I've successfully lots several kilos and am easily maintaining it now with just a few minutes a day of squats and crunches. I can't tell you how good Bio trust's products and services are, even if you have any queries, they responde right away. awesome, awesome brand.

Len August 16, 2013

Is there anywhere we can see before and after pictures of these claims, why don't they put their money where their mouth is. I would try to use these products and if they worked become a spokes person, as i am 70lbs. over weight. My guess is it would never happen because i am a real person with a real problem.I use to work out 5 days a week and had a tough time with my weight. My guess, sugar level problems. At lest address us to some before and after pictures. Waiting to see before i buy.

Absolute Best Protien Powder
March 28, 2013
I've been using the BioTrust protein powder and following the diet plan for about 2 and a half months now and have lost 22 pounds. It is by far the best protein powder out there. The vanilla powder smells like cake batter and taste just as good without added or hidden sugars. All anyone needs to do is peel or print off a Bio Trust label and take it to your local heath store or smoothie shop and start comparing the ingredients with other powders. There is NO comparison as the other powders are nothing but hidden rice sugars and starches, processed carbohydrates, high sodium, and low protein counts. My only challenge with Bio Trust is that you cannot get it locally and need to time the orders and seemingly slow delivery process so that you do not run out. Now I stay at least 1 month ahead and have had no issues. The 53 smoothie recipes that you get when you order the powder are INCREDIBLE. I do not ever eat whole fruit, but when blended with the protein powder, I am now getting my full daily values. It has helped me to change my normally poor eating habits into a well balanced daily routine that leaves me very full and satisfied.

Robyn April 09, 2013

Have you tried IdealShape? It is loaded with so many more vitamins/minerials, cheaper and tastes great. It has less protein in it though.....was curious if anyone could compare the two.

Great products, great service
March 28, 2013

I just love my Biotrust shake and look forward to it twice a day.

Love the flavour and texture and I mix with skim milk. Yum

Although I am in Australia the delivery time was reasonable and items

arrived well packed and in good condition. Thank you Biotrust

BioTrust Products are Quality
March 28, 2013

I use BioTrust Low Carb Protein powder, and LeptiBurn, and they deliver results as promised. Also the products are backed by a 1 year guarantee.

I am a personal trainer and I have put these products through my own testing, and BioTrust Nutrition is the real deal - Best protein powder that I have ever tasted or used! - Coach Tim

Protein Powder
March 28, 2013

After months of debating whether to buy it, I bought 3 containers with the discount after the Super Bowl. Ordering was fairly easy and straightforward. It was clear as I was checking out that the auto delivery was optional and could be accepted or declined. I have not had any problems with being over charged or recurrent charges to my credit card.

Regarding the protein powder. It really blends well and has a pleasant and smooth taste. I have the chocolate flavor. The only negative I would say is that I wish it had a stronger chocolate flavor. But overall, I like it and will continue to use this product.

Maggi April 09, 2013

Try adding a small amount (perhaps 1T) of unsweetened cocoa powder to increase the chocolate flavor. An average chocolate cake recipe calls for about 1/2c.