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Real professional Counselors!
February 11, 2018
BetterHelp is a fantastic way to get help! They matched me with a very professional counselor Kimberly Patterson. She knew exactly how to help me and thanks to her guidance I was able to resolve the situation I was into in less than 3 weeks. She also gave me tools I use every day. I highly recommend BetterHelp!

Better Help helps
February 7, 2018

It works great! I was matched with a Dr. who understands, coaches, cares, and listens! Dr. Claude is nothing short of AMAZING!

this is my first month but I will continue my membership.

Scam – you can't cancel your subscription
February 4, 2018

The counselling was good - but when I came to cancel the system told me you couldn't do this on your own.

Your counsellor needs to send you a link to cancel the subscription and until they do that, and you have completed it, you are considered to still be subscribed.

I've never come across any firm where I can't cancel my own subscription, this is definitely dodgy and a scam.

If you are unsure as to whether I am telling the truth, search the site for the details about the cancellation process – you will find absolutely nothing, no details at all ……………

Also, they quote you a weekly charge, but don't mention they will charge you a full month in advance.

Essentially, they are crooks.

BetterHelp is a PRICELESS resource
February 4, 2018
I came to BetterHelp with a lot of past trauma, scars, loss and had developed behaviors and anxieties as a result and had a hard time being present and enjoying my life and relationships. I was matched with an AMAZING counselor and the ability to write at any time - from my home, computer, phone, etc - was so beneficial - in expressing my emotions and thoughts in real time. My counselor - Dr Terri Lechnyr - would always respond within 24 hours. She was responsive, compassionate, skilled and also strong! She helped give to me the skills I needed to find my own power and take it back! She taught me how to find my own peace and joy - even in the midst of tough times. BetterHelp is a priceless resource! I would use them again and again and highly recommend them!

January 31, 2018
I was skeptical about online counselling but once I registered, I felt it was quite helpful. The counsellor replied to me within the same day I messaged. They have different options like a live chat, video or audio calls. I think those are great options. It definitely helped me navigate through a difficult time.

Incredibly good and affordable service.
December 30, 2017
Incredibly good and affordable service. Constant, great quality help whenever you need it.

December 29, 2017
Ad says you are paying a membership of life coaching for US$65 a week that you can cancel anytime. I thought I would give it a try for a week, but I realised my credit card had already been billed for the whole month (US$260). When I tried to cancel, my account was blocked, I reported the fraud on PayPal.

NancyGurish February 03, 2018

HI - thank you for leavint this review.

I'm sorry you experienced - one of the

pangs' of life, that hurts in the pocket book.

I'm grateful you have left the info!

God Bless you as you go forward in life! ~~~Nancy Gurish

Trustworthy and great customer service.
December 28, 2017

Trustworthy and great customer service.

I signed up thinking the charge was monthly but was in fact the price per week. It is a great price for this, but I just couldn’t afford it at Christmas time!

I contacted betterhelp and they have refunded the full amount promptly with no issues.

As soon as I can I will be back to sign up again.

Thank you :)

Love this way of connecting
December 24, 2017
I had looked at a few different online app-based counseling sites. The more I looked, the more I liked BetterHelp. I have had in-office counseling in the past and found it very difficult to get appointments, as well as very expensive. The fact that I can hear from my counselor on a daily basis helps me tremendously. I love the fact that when I’m having a bad, horrible, and hectic time I can message my counselor. I would definitely recommend BetterHelp to others.

Dropped for being "in crisis".
December 23, 2017

Great for neurotypicals with basic problems. Any possibility of ever experiencing a crisis situation? Look elsewhere.

(I would like to note an error in the business summary above before I continue -- both counselors I was paired with were LMHCs, not PhDs or Masters Degree holders by any stretch. A majority of the counselors are just that -- counselors. Not psychologists, as erroneously claimed by this page.)

I thought things were going well. My first counselor was sketchy and useless, but my second one was fairly competent, giving me lots of advice and very successfully supporting me as I worked through the rough patch I was going through.

While I understood that BetterHelp does not help with crisis situations specifically, what I didn't know is that they will not tolerate clients experiencing any form of crisis. As a matter of fact, they outright abandon them. My counselor suggested that she may not be a good fit because she was having trouble finding time to communicate with me due to the holiday schedule, which is understandable. I asked who to contact and what to ask in order to get a more qualified counselor due to my diagnoses, but she never specified. Instead, after I admitted once again to struggles with suicidal ideation, going into detail about some of the delusions I had been having, I tried to log in the next day only for the website to claim that I did not have a valid account. In my email account, I find that the money was refunded on my PayPal account as well. Finally, after discovering my account was gone AND having the money refunded, someone bothered to contact me, determined that "online counseling may not be the best resource for you," and sent me a link to PsychologyToday so I could "consider scheduling an intake with a licensed counselor who can provide [me] with in-person counseling in [my] area".

I don't understand why their counselors are not trained to hold the hand of their clients through making an appointment with a proper counselor. I do not understand why the crisis situation that I was in meant that the best course of action was "cut and run," though I can see the presumed liability involved. However, due to the fact that people with any kind of mental illness can reach a crisis situation, that makes this business incredibly unsafe for anyone who might need their services. Every single client currently enrolled in their services may one day experience the feeling of wanting to end their life and, if they risk sharing it with their BetterHelp counselor, they may find themselves with even more reason to back the idea that no one cares if they do it.

If it were not for this, the service was remarkable, simply because it was the idea of having someone around who would listen to your at any time. They may not be able to reply instantly, but they would still read it at some point. However, the people who benefit from that kind of comfort are also those who would be the most severely damaged by their carelessness.

I am disgusted by the lack of compassion from a company that claims to help the mentally ill. I do not see how dropping clientelle entirely will somehow "wipe the blood from their hands" if the client does decide to end their life. All I see is the potential for them to destroy the lives of thousands of people because they will not support them at their worst. A company that plays into the stigma surrounding suicide in a way that is not only careless, but outright dangerous.

MeganTweeds February 25, 2018

I am so sorry that that happened to you. That is absolutely disgusting behavior on their part. I was considering using this company, but absolutely will not after reading how poorly you were treated. For what it's worth, from one depressed stranger to another, I care what happens to you. I don't know you, but I care. Best of luck and I truly do hope that you feel better soon.

Excellent Service!
December 13, 2017
I have been using Better Help for awhile now. My counselor is supportive, respectful, challenging and extremely responsive. I was a bit skeptical at first regarding the online format. However, I have found this platform to exceed my expectations in many ways.

Best choice of my life
November 26, 2017
I’ve been counseling through BetterHelp for four month now on several challenges in my life rooted mostly in my past. This was my first time experience ever with any type of mental health therapy. I had my initial reservations as this would typically be the last resort I’d chose to seek solutions for my problems. But I've got matched with absolutely amazing therapist who'd been able to convert me - the initial "detractor" into the biggest "promoter"! BetterHelp online counseling concept made it accessible for me to get help for my life challenges, which I normally won't be able to do due to very busy life style of full time working mother of 2 year old son with very demanding job. I'd absolutely recommend it everyone! It offers very highly competent and certified professionals who are standing ready for you at any time you need them at the comfort of your home no matter where in the world you are! Everybody deserves this great cushion and gentle hand holding when going trough their life challenges. BetterHelp offers exactly that and it's highly flexible and affordable too! So Don't wait! Subscribe now! You won't regret that!

Over Charged?
November 12, 2017
I signed up for BetterHelp on Nov. 8th, hoping to get some help with depression. I am signed up for the 45/week plan. The counselor I was given was nice enough and we have been talking for about 4 days. Except that when I went to check my bank account I noticed that my councilor charged me $180 on my second day of counseling! If I am on the weekly plan, which is what my account says, why did I get charged $180 on my second day?? Complaint filed, hoping to hear back from them soon and get a refund of my money. I don't think I will be continuing this service.

MarjorieAnctil December 08, 2017

Mmmm sounds like you just didn't read the fine prints properly. 45$ a week x 4 weeks = 180$. Even though they present ir per week, you are paying once monthly. Don't complain or bash for your mistake...

MarjorieAnctil December 08, 2017

180$ is just your charge per month... they charge monthly, you only had to read the fine prints... they did nothing wrong.

Liz December 09, 2017

UPDATE: BetterHelp's customer service was great, they responded to my issue within a day and had fixed my payment plan to what I originally signed up for. Along with a refund on how much I was over charged for. I am now on week to week payment plan, instead of being charged for a full month at the beginning of every month.

Since then, I have been talking with my councilor and find it very freeing and helpful to discuss personal issues. My councilor is attentive and seems to genuinely cares for my well being.

Im not sure how to change my first rating and review, but as of right know I would rate Better Help 5/5 Stars. Not only do their councilors want to help you achieve mental happiness, their customer service want to make sure that you are able to achieve that if you have an issue of any sort.

Awesome online Service ~ Betterhelp
November 9, 2017
Betterhelp is one of the best thing i have ever done for my life. I have tried many of other online therapies , and Betterhelp succeed in all my question and help I needed. They help someone who is on a set income with financial aid. For someone who will need counselling for the rest of her life. This is the best option. I have the greatest counselor and I been telling a lot of people to try Betterhelp.

November 6, 2017
It is great to know that you can communicate with your counselor anytime you need to. If you are having an issue you can tell your counselor right then and not have to wait for a scheduled meeting. It may take your counselor time to view your message but it is still better than having to wait up to a week. It is also great that the give so many options for communication

Great service
November 6, 2017
It is great to know that you can communicate with your counselor anytime you need to. If you are having an issue you can tell your counselor right then and not have to wait for a scheduled meeting. It may take your counselor time to view your message but it is still better than having to wait up to a week. It is also great that the give so many options for communication

Really Helped me!
November 4, 2017
I am a military veteran and a survivor of crime and trauma. BetterHelp is an amazing tool for people needing help at any time. The chat room like feel allow me to write my thoughts and also have a record of my doctor's thoughts I can go back to. My councilor has helped me in so many areas of my life and work. I am not sure where I would be at this time without his ideas and time!

Found my therapist at a stage agent site
November 3, 2017
So I signed up for better help but was reluctant so they offered a one week free trial which I am available. My therapist has been talking to me regularly since the past 3 days now. I searched her name and found her listed as an actress available to work. Same picture, same name. What is UP with that?

LoriSitzabee December 13, 2017

So, the fact that your therapist might also be interested in acting somehow makes her less of a therapist? You do know that the vast majority of actors need to find work elsewhere, right? Are you finding her services helpful? That is really the question regarding the service on BetterHelp. Therapists do have lives, you know.

JoAnn Marcoly December 24, 2017

Why does what she does in her personal life have a bearing of her coinciding skills. This is a bit judgemental.

AtkAtk December 27, 2017

Update! guys, I was concerned it was a scam because I found the therapist as an actor too. However she helped me a lot and Better help also cleared the issue

Highly recommended
October 22, 2017
I found Betterhelp invaluable in helping me through a difficult patch in my relationship and would highly recommend it to anyone

September 10, 2017

I have both paid and non-paid accounts.

I've decided to get help from betterhelp.

On the paid account, I've just tried to switch counselor because I've been registered the paid acount like a month ago and decided to give it a try. But It took hours and still I have no match with a counselor, this made me thinking, and I've opened another account to just give this feature a try.

On my new non-paid account, answered the questions same, I've matched with counselors in max 15 minutes, gave it couple of spins, five times!

BE AWARE that there's code written intentionally running behind to drain your SUBSCRIPTION. And you know that too BETTERHELP! Don't write me that you're sorry. Feel sorry for your shame! SHAME ON YOU. I hope you all of these intentionally made software will make you eternal burn in hell !