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Better Help is Better!
June 15, 2019
Thank you for so carefully identifying the problem of mental health access and providing a solution that I find easy and effective to work with. Access to a counselor that has the same faith as me is number 1, the journaling is my second favorite part so far.

Very helpful!
March 6, 2019

A brilliant, supportive service. I like being able to write a message at a time that suits (when the kids are in bed or playing quietly) rather than having to leave the house to drive to an appointment and plan childcare.

Also fantastic customer service that makes you feel like they care about you!

Mary December 11, 2019

so true

Feeling fantastic
March 1, 2019
I was matched with someone I'm excited to work with, ended my free trial after one session, and successfully got 40% knocked off the costs. I have a fantastic feeling about this.

I've tried a lot of therapy, and this is the best.
March 1, 2019

I come from an abusive childhood, and over the years I've had a lot of therapy. I have tried lots of different kinds, and this is the most effective. I was matched up, out of thousands in the system, with an excellent therapist in my time zone who knows what she's doing. Also, the format is great for getting work done. I write down my thoughts in a chat-style interface, and then when my therapist has the opportunity, usually three or four times a day, I hear back from her. Because I can write as much and as often as I like, I get my thoughts written down. Furthermore, I get a considered response within hours.

This is a lot better than spending an hour driving to and from a therapist's office, to spend an hour trying to remember what I had been thinking and what I wanted to talk about. This format gives me an ample opportunity to set down my thoughts and feelings as they occur, and then get prompt feedback. It really works for me. I feel like I get about ten times the "bang for the buck" over regular therapy. And it costs fewer bucks, too, than regular therapy.

Mary December 11, 2019

I agree I have the same feelings about the format the security and prompt feedback

Has helped me alot
February 11, 2019
Everything is wonderful as far as the site. My therapist and I were able to maintain contact via the site if I was not doing well. We have been working on steps I need to take. I really am glad I signed up and I appreciate that they offer financial aid. Its keeping me on track and I feel better knowing I have the access to a therapist despite not being able to see mine

Awesome service
February 6, 2019
My counselor Ryan has been a huge help and I can't wait to see my self in a healthy positive state of mind.

Thank god
December 31, 2018
Saved my life, no joke.

Has helped me in countless ways
December 21, 2018

How could I even begin to review Dr. Faith from BetterHelp? After working with her for a year, I can truly say she has changed my life and I don't know what kind of person I would be without her. She has helped me through a very difficult divorce, 2 moves, a career change, relationship and family turmoil, and self-esteem issues, over a very short period of time. She is endlessly positive, friendly, and encouraging, and always has a unique perspective on things, so that I feel confident in the next steps to take. I have never felt judged or pressured by her in any way. She celebrates the "ups" with me and helps me get through the "downs" with a fresh outlook and unique suggestions.

I speak with her on the phone every week and message with her frequently and feel this has worked very well to get me on the right path.

I had session with my therapist in my PJ
December 9, 2018
I love how this service makes it super easy for you to connect with professional. I am very introvert and I can't really express myself when talking on phone or video call. I used their text live chat which was very unique but I felt really comfortable sharing my worries and thoughts. I can't express how much this service helped me. I am so thankful for this great service. Thank you Better Help! More power to you guys!

dEfInItElY nOt A cOmPlEtE sCaM
October 11, 2018

Firstly, read the Terms and Conditions. They state in there that they are not to be held accountable for the quality of the therapist and a lot of other stuff about not being responsible for how good the therapists are.

This results in the fact that lots of "therapists" can and will not be adequate. On numerous accounts therapists haven't turned up to meetings.

People have also had +£200 taken out of their bank account even though they signed up to a free trial.

In addition, most of the reviews are from sites where you can pay to get rid of bad reviews

I recommend
October 10, 2018

Very competent people, open-minded and easy to talk to. Help is available at all time, and the website is designed so that you can have the most suitable person to help you.

October 10, 2018
I've used betterhelp on two separate occasions with two different counselors. Both times, they were outstanding individuals who helped me through so much hardship. I'm in a much better place mentally, and plan to keep talking to my counselor so that I can stay that way. I love this platform because I can be myself, talk as much as I need to, and get personalized attention from my counselor through sessions, goal setting, worksheets, etc. Its so nice just to have this person here for me to talk to whenever I need. I would recommend this to everyone, regardless of your situation. Its honestly just such a wonderful place to work through problems.

Invaluable and convenient service
September 28, 2018
Not only is being able to have counseling on your couch largely convenient, I have full confidence in my counselor. She's qualified, compassionate, and helps me with the big and little things. Also, if you are not matched on the first try with someone you connect with, it's easy to request a new counselor. I got my match on the second try. They've really helped my life.

BetterHelp Support Team October 01, 2018

Hi Vanessa!

Thanks so much fro your review. We're glad to hear that your counselor was a great match! We understand that matches may not be perfect, but it looks like your patience paid off!

useful to have a therapist available online
September 24, 2018
Is comfortable and useful to have a therapist available online. It should be more openly available at work and academic, gradually is happening. Thanks.

BetterHelp Support Team September 27, 2018

Hi Juan!

Thanks so much for your review! We appreciate your honesty and we hope that everyone in school or working can have access to a counselor if they need any extra assistance!

Thankful For BetterHelp
September 18, 2018
It's been a wonderful experience working with my therapist from BetterHelp. The process to sign up was simple and I seek council while maintaining my busy lifestyle. I have recommended and will continue to do so. My Therapist asks me questions and I feel as if I am being heard, provided great feedback and given insight on how to think of things more positively for myself and my partner.

BetterHelp Support Team October 01, 2018

Thanks, Elle! We're so happy to hear that the convenience of the platform is easy for your busy lifestyle, and that your counselor is helping you with your relationship with your partner! Thanks, again!

Poor counseling experience
September 13, 2018

I am writing this review based on the one counselor I had. I have no doubt she is a good counselor in the "brick and mortar" setting, so to speak, but she did a poor job at counseling me in the online setting. At first, she gave me several handouts and worksheets that were pertinent to my situation. She also gave 2-3 decent chat therapy sessions where she interacted. However, our other online sessions were poor. I am unsure if she struggled with the online platform or if she had difficulty with the online interaction. (However, I do know I am not her only client.) Additionally, the information I would leave in our private "room" would go untouched. She would rarely leave comments, insights, or questions. It was especially stinging to be in an online chat session where I would post thoughts, details of my days, etc and receive nothing in return. Again, I don't know if she had technical difficulties or what. But I was not growing. Instead, I was gaining back problems because I had to re-stew in situations waiting for my counselor to respond.

She gave me some tools, but not further advice on how to use them or with whom to use them. When you give someone a hammer, everything you see is a nail! That is not a healthy way to restart a portion of your life!

Reading other users made me see that they had more interactions with their counselors, so my expectations were not unusual. Paying approximately $260 a month and receiving very little is disappointing, frustrating, irritating, etc.

The reason I give my experience two starts is that she gave me some FREE handouts, so I don't have to buy books. :) And I was able to switch counselors, so let's see how that goes!

BetterHelp Support Team September 27, 2018

Hi GJ! Thanks for your review. We do see that you've since changed counselors, but were you ever able to let this counselor know about your feelings and experience? We find that letting your counselor know and being upfront helps you both get on the same page! Hope you're able to do this with your new counselor.

August 29, 2018

I signed up back in March intending to do the free trial, to talk to someone about some pretty minor stuff like life decisions and anxiety. I saw that I was charged for a month of service before the end of the trial and then discovered that they intentionally make it very difficult for you to cancel your account.

Bad customer service, and very shoddy unprofessional support from therapists who gave overgeneralized responses and no real psychological advice of substance. It became obvious that they will just say anything to keep you using the site for as long as possible.

Don't believe all the fake 5 star reviews. Notice how there are no 3 star reviews or 4 star reviews? Only GLOWING, AMAZED 5 star reviews and 1 star truth bombs? That's because the legitimate reviews are the 1 star ones, and as others have said, this company is purposely squashing negative reviews and paying people to give fake reviews all over the internet. IT IS A SCAM.

Frederika September 13, 2018

Thank you for pointing out the truth! I am giving it a second round with a new counselor. My first counselor started out promising. She gave free handouts pertinent to my situation. Then she started leaving online chats as in STOPPED responding as I was spilling my guts. Sorry, but this is supposed to be a professional company providing counseling.

BetterHelp Support Team September 27, 2018

Hi E.J. Thanks for your review. If you previously received a free trial, you will be charged on your subscription plan when you return to the service. All members can cancel their subscription plan at any time, and you can also see your next charge date at any time in your Billing Settings. We apologize for the confusion!

Frederika- We hope you were able to leave detailed feedback fro your first counselor and we're sorry to hear that.

AlonaSkipper October 13, 2018

ikr and all the 5 star reviews are written so professionally and said like a perfect ad

AlonaSkipper October 13, 2018

ikr and all the 5 star reviews are written so professionally like a perfect ad

Don't bother
August 23, 2018
I have had two counselors on this site who give general, vague advice upon hearing what my problem is without asking any questions. One spoke only in inspirational quote via email, and the next one spoke to me for 10min on the phone and sent me a sheet to fill out repeating all of the things I had already said on the phone. I really don't think they read our letters well. They introduce themselves and thank you for your letter, but don't comment much about what you wrote in the letter. I didn't get the feeling either of my counselors cared about me at all. My second counselor stood me up for our phone appointment. I am about to withdraw from the site. I'm on my third counselor in three weeks. One last shot.

Frederika September 13, 2018

They sure love their sheets. I thought my counselor was being helpful by sending them to me. Maybe it's part of their repertoire! And they LOVE standing people up. for me it was in the online chat sessions. Very poor indeed! I'm trying again though, got a new counselor.

BetterHelp Support Team September 27, 2018

Hi Jill- thanks for your review. I'm sorry to hear about your experience. Were you able to get in touch with our Support Team? They can help you find a new counselor!

A strong, supportive, accessible counseling program
July 22, 2018
I stumbled on to an advertisement for Betterhelp on Facebook. My husband had a terminal illness and we lived overseas where counseling in my language is limited. I signed up and was instantly grateful for the program. The concept that at any time I felt a need to talk, unload and cry, I could access my counselor; middle of the night, weekend. That is the big plus of the program as well as the genuine professional support I received from my counselor. She was very responsive, supportive and could help me focus on my needs. I have continued for four months and know my grief process would have been more overwhelming without this program.

BetterHelp Support Team September 27, 2018

Hi Pamela, thanks for your review of BetterHelp! We're so glad to hear that you like the convenience of the platform and that you can utilize your counseling room 24/7.

My counselor Karen is awesome!
July 20, 2018

She responds promptly and is a good listener.

Thank you BetterHelp.

BetterHelp Support Team October 01, 2018

We're so glad to hear that Karen is a great counselor for you, Shadia! We hope things continue to go well for you, and wish you all the best!