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Taking Advantage of People In Need / False Advertising
May 9, 2014

I signed up for a trial at BetterHelp and gave my credit card information (was required).

Their website indicates that they bill weekly and that I had 1 week to try the service for free. I was contacted by a Counselor 1x who introduced herself and her background.

After my 7 day trial period I was billed $150.00 on my credit card. I tried to call the phone number listed on their website but all I got was a recording stating that I should 911 if I was having an emergency OR use their contact email to get in touch with them.

The service is not legitimate. The counselors don't make any meaningful contact to give you a chance to get to know them and are, apparently, just waiting to get paid.

The website clearly states the fee is 35.00 per week and nowhere does it state that they will bill $150.00 in advance. I have filed a complaint with the BBB.

Don't use them!!!!!!!!!!

BetterHelp Team May 18, 2014

This is BetterHelp customer support response:

We offer several payment plans: a weekly plan which is $45 per week charged every week, a discounted monthly plan which is $35 per week charged monthly, and a further discounted plan which is $29 per week charged quarterly.

The user enrolled into the monthly plan when she signed up to the service. The plan was clearly described on the sign up page as well as in our FAQ ( Also, users can select to switch or cancel plans online with a click of a button - there's no hassle.

The user was charged $150 per month ($35 per week for a month of service) when her 7 day free trial ended. She has used the service during the trial, didn't cancel it or contacted us on any issue.

The user first contacted us by email on May 9 7:25am PST and got a response at 7:33am PST (8 minutes later). She asked to cancel her account and get a refund because apparently she misunderstood (or forgot) that she signed up to the monthly plan. Per her request, we closed her account and processed a full refund at 7:44am PST (19 minutes after she contacted us).

The fact that she didn't get hold of someone on the phone when she called before 8am PST isn't surprising (we are located in California - Pacific Time Zone). Our email support is 24x7 and she has got the issue resolved within less than 20 minutes.

We believe we have provided an excellent and remarkable customer support, and that we attended to the her needs as much as possible.

The user wrote above that "The counselors don't make any meaningful contact to give you a chance to get to know them and are". For privacy reasons we can't go into detail about this specific user experience or interactions. We can say, though, that thousands of people used BetterHelp and its counselors to face various life challenges and the raving testimonials we receive on a daily basis speak for themselves.