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THank you !
July 18, 2018
I found Betterhelp via facebook at a moment I really needed someone to talk to without having to wait 6 months to get an appointment ! I have been in contact with Jennifer and I am really happy about her assitance, help and listening .... I would recommend Betterhelp !!

BetterHelp Support Team October 01, 2018

Thanks, Lut! We understand that wait times can be pretty extreme for an in-person appointment, so we do our best to make that match as easy as we can for our members. We're so happy to hear your feedback, and thank you for taking the time!

Betterhelp is great
July 9, 2018
Betterhelp has definitely improved my mental wellbeing. I appreciate having someone to message at all hours of the day, and having unlimited video and phone sessions. I feel validated, respected, and cared for. My counsellor match has been perfect for me. I am so grateful.

BetterHelp Support Team October 01, 2018

Thanks, Emily! We want to let you know that you are valued and respected as a member of BetterHelp, and are glad to hear that your counselor validates you and cares about you! We are grateful for members like you!

Best ever
July 8, 2018

My experience with trying better help was something I wasnt expecting. They have trained licensed counselors. There support to contact betterhelp, always replys back as fast as possible.

I woukd recommend betterhelo to anyone who is in need of someone to talk to at a fair price.

Im glad I did deceided to do the 7 day trail, since I was unsure.

My counselor I had she was amazing and very welcoming from the start.

Try it you wont regret it.

BetterHelp Support Team October 01, 2018

Thanks, Kitty! We're so glad that you were able to get connected with your counselor here. All of the counselors are licensed in their respective states! Thanks again!

Oh you wanted to meet?
July 1, 2018
I've had a pretty miserable time actually meeting with counselors. I had a counselor that several times had agreed to meet but then would change the time or would simply not show. Finally, I changed counselors to give betterhelp another chance but this happened again. The counselor agreed to meet at 1pm Saturday, Asked to change the time to 8am Sunday and then did not show for the 8am appointment. Thanks betterhelp for wasting my time and taking my money.

BetterHelp Support Team October 01, 2018

Hi Across, we're sorry to hear that. Hopefully you've been able to get in touch with our Support Team- they can help you with a refund or to help you change counselors or hand pick the right counselor for you if needed. Again, we apologize for your experience.

Aross October 02, 2018

Hello BetterHelp Support Team - I actually have already contacted you. I was refunded two weeks and I have switched counselors. However, this issue is still occuring. The new counselor always switches the day/time we meet last minute to another time. We were supposed to meet this last Saturday 8pm. Then she kept offering to change the time when it worked perfectly with my schedule. She canceled and rescheduled on me anyway to Sunday 8pm (yesterday). Then when it came time she never showed for her appointment. At 8:05pm I messaged her, "hey are we still meeting today?". And she replied asking to reschedule for another day. Seems none of your counselors can keep a commitment.

Aross October 02, 2018

Hello BetterHelp Support team, yes I have already been in contact with you. I have already switched counselors and unfortunately, my counselor continues to cancel, no show or change times that we are meeting on me. This is really discouraging and frustrating to use your service. Wish I could give 0 stars.

If you're considering, Just DO it and don't procrastinate like I did
June 14, 2018
BetterHelp is an amazing service I wish I started sooner. My counselor, Heather, has been instrumental in teaching new coping techniques and making me focus on self care and reframing how I think about things. I am turning things around and cannot thank her or BetterHelp enough. The support is amazing

So Happy I Found BetterHelp
June 4, 2018
I found BetterHelp through an Instagram ad. At the time, I was currently on my 3rd session with a therapist that I had at the time, but was not happy with. The ease of signing up was so great. Within 5 minutes of signing up, I was matched with a therapist who immediately reached out to me. It wasn't just a generic message-- It was a message that was tailored to my initial questionnaire. I had my first video session with my therapist that day, and within the first 10 minutes, I knew she was going to be the right fit for me. She was attentive and knowledgable about my issues. She even followed up after my first session to "recap" and share documents/homework with me. My second session with her was even better. She demonstrated that she really studied her notes from our first session, because she knew everything that I had talked about. I couldn't be happier with my new therapist and with this service! For $65/mo, I am getting unlimited service through my therapist. I am able to message, call, or video at any time. I'm so thankful for BetterHelp and I would recommend it to anyone who is struggling financially to find a therapist, or struggling on timing, or at all! BetterHelp obviously has competent employees that care about their clients. And the best part is that I don't have to change out of my pajamas!

Great therapist and great value
April 30, 2018
I have been to therapy in the past, but at this stage in my life scheduling a time to drive to an appointment is not realistic. Better Help has been great, I was matched with a wonderful counselor. It also seems super easy to switch counselors if you are not happy. A 30 minute session with her only takes 30 minutes, there is no commute so it is easier to fit in to a busy week. We also message at least once during the week. The value is very good, I would pay 3x the price to have contact 2x a week with a local therapist in office. It is definitely worth it to try, the company really seems like they care and would be easy to work with to help find the right therapist.

Betterhelp has been a godsend for me
April 26, 2018

Betterhelp has been a godsend for me. I have been struggling with anxiety, panic, depression, and agoraphobia for quite some time. It felt like a Catch-22, because getting help meant having to get out of the house, which is exactly what I needed help doing!

Betterhelp matched me up with a counselor who really jibes with me, who understands my problems, and who has been teaching me great tools to deal with those problems and get better. I am so much better off now than I was when I signed up, and I plan to continue using Betterhelp for years to come.

April 19, 2018

I was recently dropped by my counselor, Donna Keehn. Her explanation was it was in my "best interests" to "work with someone else". I worked with this counselor for 19 months, and during that time she got to know me very well.

In my opinion, she knew exactly which buttons to push to trigger me as a result of my childhood trauma, then didn't like what I had to say about it. She then just dumps me and expects me to "start over" with someone else, (continuing to pay betterhelp, of course). I would have to say, despite some good times, working with her was an exercise is strategic communication. If I wanted any sort of useful advise or assistance, or legitimate, well reasoned responses to my comments and concerns, I knew not to criticize her in any way. She obviously has huge issues with criticism, and brings them to the table in her "counseling" work.

She was definitely over-sensitive about her violation of the "unlimited messages and replies" guarantee made by Betterhelp.

Many times, by the time she replied to me, I had either already resolved the issues myself, or I had already suffered the consequences of not having the issues addressed.

The counselor I worked with was a "marriage and family" therapist, not someone who knows how to deal with complex psychological issues. She indicated she had "some experience" with Trauma, yet had me read a book "with her", (over about 12 weeks), that made it clear she was teaching herself about trauma as she was trying to help me mitigate the effects of a lifetime of it. I believe I could counsel someone with trauma related issues better than she could, at this point.

She kept stringing me on for months and months, despite the fact she didn't have the expertise in what I really needed. So, I spent over $5,000 with this service only to be worse off, in many ways, than I was before due to their unethical practices.

She showed absolutely no concern for how this cold and heartless abandonment would affect my life. A;; she could say was "I wish you all the best". I mean, here I am, obsessing over this and writing a review and it's all I can do to feel better. It's quite sad for me, really.

Betterhelp is dangerous and is a scam. It may as well be "Adult Friend Finder".

DerikWilson June 12, 2018

I was dropped as well after 6 months. I don't think they are consistent and I would never recommend these people to anyone.

So Grateful
April 13, 2018

Mental health awareness truly should be discussed more regularly.

We live in a society where either people victimize themselves or they internalize their issues; both of which are not a solution in dealing with things.

You can have gone through some really horrible things in your life and still have the same opportunity as everyone else to be a decent human being.

You can be the funny person who always has a smile on their face, but you are allowed moments of weakness to deal with your struggles.

Life is actually pretty tough and there is nothing wrong in acknowledging that.

Counselling is not wallowing in your misery, it’s setting a foundation to build yourself up to handle life’s everyday hurdles whether they be big or small.

Having an unbiased perspective can truly help you see things differently and not feel hopeless or alone.

I truly am a massive advocate for Better Health.

The business itself is an amazing platform. Affordable pricing, 24/7 access, and exceptional counsellors.

My personal journey has been a testament in itself.

For so long I like many people put the need for counselling on the back burner, as a result my life really began to unravel and I felt like I was suffocating from the weight of it.

I am not someone who sinks into misery, I am a fighter, but I lost sight of that girl.

I was paired with Rob Beckett as my Counsellor.

I had some pretty heavy stuff to deal with, even things I had never disclosed with anyone, I didn’t know if a counsellor could handle me to be honest.

I could not have been paired better. Rob has truly been such a support system. He responds within a timely manner, we can discuss anything and everything, and he is a true professional.

Not to mention he also is extremely down to earth, very relatable, and gives realistic feedback. In your hardest moments he can provide compassion, but he also can keep you from wallowing with his humour.

This Company being available, the people it employees, the benefits it provides, has all made an impact on my life. Is everyday easy now? No and that will never be the case, but every day is a easier now in knowing I have an incredible support system.

Amazing service so far! So helpful!
April 12, 2018
I’ve been using BetterHelp for about a week and I couldn’t be happier with it. I’ve never done therapy of any kind before so it was a big step for me to try this. My counselor answers me promptly and is really giving me excellent advice so far. I’m excited to continue with this service to help get better control over certain areas of my life. Give it a try! Definitely worth the money.

I like it
April 7, 2018
Idk I like it. I thought it was a bit sus at first did some checks once I signed up. Before giving my cc info I looked up my therapist and as it turns out she lives near me. Did a vid chat with her just to verify identity and she was exactly who I expected to see, even found her on my states list of providers.

BetterHelp is great.
March 26, 2018
BetterHelp is great, i can afford the payments that I wouldn’t be able to afford even with my insurance through work, my assigned therapist responds quickly and is really helpful. I’ve had nothing but positive experience with BetterHelp and have even recommended it to others.

mia April 01, 2018

TOTAL SCAM SERVICE: DO NOT USE! Have now sent the same email to every single email address I could find on Betterhelp's website. I have been kicked out of my account which I just created after signing up for a monthly subscription as a test, as it says you can cancel at any time. Now got charged for a whole 260 dollars instead of 65, and the customer serve is nowhere to be seen.

I started digging in your reviews and found a ton of similar cases like mine. It is really a total scam or you need to start listening to your customers, it's UNBELIEVABLE they have not been reported by now!! I have reported them as scam on Facebook, but funnily enough they keep deleting my feedback - it’s really terrible how they target vulnerable people by stealing money like this.

Extremely angry with the way they handle their customers! I will continue posting this until I get a proper response. I have also contacted Paypal

and my bank and they are processing my request right now. Again, really disappointed, you have created a perfect scam for luring vulnerable people into a trap. Really disappointed

Anon April 07, 2018

This is an april fools joke right?

Betterhelp review
March 22, 2018
Im using Betterhelp services for the past few months and it has been great. This platform came to me right at the moment I needed it, I got matched to the best counselor I could ask for, and I think even if I would look for a different counselor around not on this platform it would never be the same match.

Glad I found it!☺
March 16, 2018
Great expirence, wonderful place to come for some guidance and healing. Would recommend, and found the pairing with my therapist a great and insightful one. After looking everywhere, it was a relief to find the right kind of help.

Sarah Veliz
March 1, 2018
Sarah Veliz with Better Help saves me for a horribly sad place. After fighting back grief for a year alone, she gave me great comfort and coping skills. I now feel I have the tools to realize the beauty in my life and move forward. She responded promptly each day & was a true pleasure to have as my counselor.

Kelley my counselor
February 24, 2018

I am so grateful for Betterhelp having counseling online and easily accessible and very inexpensive. I needed someone to talk to that listen and give me options on how to handle something I was and am going through. I did the free week and I am doing the next week with a discount and probably well keep talking with my counselor for another month. If it wasn't for Betterhelp prices I would not be able to afford counseling. They matched me with the perfect counselor.

Thank you


I really like BetterHelp
February 22, 2018
I enjoy this platform a lot. It connected me to a counselor in the same state as me and I don't have to talk about my personal struggles or my past face to face with someone. Sometimes the shame we feel runs so deep that its hard to talk to anyone about anything, but having this sort of system where you can message your counselor, it makes it so much easier to open up and really talk it out. I also love my counselor. She's so easy to talk to and she makes me feel safe, like I wont be judged for telling her anything about how I feel. Overall, I really love this service and I hope to continue using it for a while.

Scam company
February 20, 2018

This company promises on demand therapy services. They offer you a trial period however they charged me $162 immediately upon signing up! How is that a trial period?? I was unhappy and cancelled less than 12 hrs later and yet they refused to refund my money. They stated I could use their services until 3/19. I don’t want their services I want a refund. Awful customer service. You can only reach them through email. Wait 1 business day. The phone number they have is a guy that takes your information and forwards it to those same people. Useless. My bank said it was a billing complaint so they couldn’t help me short of replacing my card to prevent them from rebilling me. I filed a complaint with the BBB.

Crazy! Do not use this service!

Betterhelp is better for your health!
February 18, 2018

I came across Betterhelp while searching the web for online counselling, and it's the best decision i have ever made!

Their services are easy, affordable and suited to your needs.

I didn't think that Betterhelp would meet my high standards, but i was so wrong. I have already recommended Betterhelp to my friends and family.

5/5 from me. It's a no brainer.