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Online dating has become increasingly popular for singles to connect; it has flourished into a number of sites that are now individually geared toward a specific demographic market. OurTime.com is an online dating service dedicated to connecting singles that are at least 50 years of age. The site was built on the idea that older people are looking for companionship with others who share the same life experiences.

It is free to become a member of OurTime.com and browse for singles in your local area. As a non-paying member you are unable to communicate with other singles. You must “upgrade” your account to a paid member status to use all of the features within their site. A one month membership costs $19.99, three months cost $54.00 and six months cost $72.00.

To cancel your subscription, you may do so through your online account, send a written cancellation by mail, or email their customer service team. There are no refunds for any payments plus you are also obligated to pay the remainder of the subscription fees for the package option you signed up for.

Payments are setup on autopay each month and your subscription is set up on auto renewal. Should you wish to cancel your renewal you must do so far enough in advance so they have time to process your request.

The great aspect of online dating is that it gives individuals a comfortable setting to strike up a conversation with someone whom they have never met. By avoiding the first impressions that accompany a face to face encounter or a blind date you can be yourself without having any expectations put on you. Online dating is also a great way to network the social scene whether it is find someone to date or just to find a good friend, anything is possible. In addition, you can focus your attention on individuals who have similar interests as you, making your chances for a connection even better.

The other side of online dating pertains to the risks involved. First and foremost, you don’t really know who is on the other side of the communication exchange. A profile picture may not represent the person who is replying to you. There is a possibility that the person on the other side is not who they claim to be and may even be an employee of OurTime’s parent company. Even though the site’s terms and conditions claim this is a way to engage its members and improve their services, it seems as if it is a method used to keep their paying subscribers.

Another risk involved comes hand in hand when the potential development of a relationship presents itself and the time comes when you both decide to meet in person. Safety is a common concern among all online daters. Take the necessary safety precautions and always meet in a public place. When meeting someone for the first time, don’t forget that while you may be looking for someone who resembles their profile picture, you may be meeting someone who looks completely different.

When dating online, keep your eyes open, don’t spill out your life story and never reveal your personal information.

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61 ‘OurTime.com’ Reviews
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1 Review

Ourttime ripoff

Reviewed By steve on July 11, 2014

Ripoff! Their customer service, auto renewal and refund policy sucks. Customer service won't get back to you. They do not have a refund policy. If they send you an email advertising reduced renewal rates ($39.95), don't click it. Beware, the reduced rate will only be tacked on to the already ($71.94) renewal rates and the auto renewal does not notify you of pending bank transactions. If you plan on cancelling, send yourself a calendar reminder to cancel before they can get to your bank account.

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4 Reviews

Former Employee

Reviewed By Kevin Veach on March 12, 2014

OK this is for all of your attention on this site. I used to work for People Media in Costa RIca and they are a huge RIP OFF. I cant call them a scam because if you sign up for an account you better read the Terms And Conditions immediatly and thoroughly. THEY WILL AUTOMATICALLY RENEW YOUR SUBSCRIPTION>>>>>The easiest way to get this turned off is call them and SAY you met someone. THey will not try to keep selling to you if you do. CALL...877-727-8920 and you will get through. They will answer PEOPLE MEDIA....Tell them your account and tell them you want any OPEN account to be closed. THEY WILL LEAVE anything you dont mention open. I suggest a class action suit against them and MATCH.COM if you want to accomplish anything as far as getting refunds back but remember...If you send a message at any PEople media site you will not be eligible for a refund. The Customer service is done PRIMARILY in COSTA RICA for a company named VIALINX!!!! THey are a shady company with shady business practices and handle only rippoff companies such as SCORESENSE, AND PEOPLE MEDIA AND MATCH.COM SITES....DONT get taken advantage of. STAY away from anything dealing with these companies in order to have a happier life.

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April 04, 2014

i filed a complaint about ourtime.com with Pam Bondi, the State attorney for Florida today. Hopefully something can be done about these awful people.

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OurTime is a Scam

Reviewed By Kenneth Lacy on October 21, 2013, Lynchburg, Virginia

They are nothing but a Scam and will take your money and then remove parts of your profile so you can't even use it!

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Cindy Jones
November 03, 2013

ourtime.com is a total waste of time and money. I have never been lied to so many times in my life. It is not just ourtime. They all are awful. I am a very pretty, (inside and out) woman with a heart of gold who is extremely honest about every aspect of my life and I am worn out from men who sit and lie to my face. Do not bother with this site. The best way to meet someone is through friends.

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Reviewed By anonymous female on September 6, 2013, New York

Today, I created a male profile to see what my competition would be on Ourtime. I was offline and Ourtime had me online. Avoid this website, permanently. Women, cancel as soon as possible. Do not waste your money.

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Reviewed By lorri on September 5, 2013, Indpls.,IN

All the men on this site look 10 to 20 years older than the stated age.
Most of these GEEZERS want a 35 year old hard body. Come on, you couldn't get one when you were young let alone now. Constantly paired with people I said NO to over and over again. No real selection

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September 09, 2013

Same experience with me! Most men look as if they should be or are in a rest home. I tried to get a refund but they wouldn't let me. I even tried to trade and pay the extra for their other site match.com but they still wouldn't let me. This is the worst site I've ever come across!!!!!!!

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