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Shady Site, but at least I got my money back
March 6, 2013

I tried out Zoosk as an unpaid member initially. It was fun getting the flirts and initial emails from guys. I liked the fact that you could login into your profile from the app on your phone, which is very addictive.

I received messages from several handsome guys that I was interested in communicating with, but I could not see their messages or profiles as an unpaid member, so I went ahead and paid the $54.94 for a one month membership.

Hmm, out of about 10 guys that I was interested in communicating with (who sent me messages like, "How are you", "You're Beautiful" etc,) I only ended up communicating with 3 of them once I subscribed. These were guys whose profiles indicated "College Degree", but their grammar was horrible, very choppy sentences, no capitalizations and barely intelligible - That was one red flag. They all asked for my phone number straight away without even sending a few messages back and forth.

There was one guy "Mike" who only had one picture up, I asked him to send me more pictures and he said that he would. During the course of him responding to one of my messages, he mentioned that he was not in the U.S. His profile said that he was located in the Bronx, NY. I asked him where he was located and asked him to send me the pictures that he had promised. He simply answered and I quote: "no, i don't wat to"

There was another guy, "Boy" who had four, attractive, pictures up and said that he was from Up-State NY. I asked him to Skype with me and he was not interested...he just kept asking for my phone number.

All of this was just really creepy, so I decided to cancel my account. I canceled online and I called the customer service # (1-888-WE-ZOOSK) to ask for a refund. Thank goodness this turned out to be a painless process. I was on hold for no longer than 2 minutes, I explained to the customer service rep that I believe people are making fake profiles and I didn't want to be a part of that. She canceled my account and said that a refund would be issued in 5-7 business days. I also received an email confirmation of this.

I'm happy that I didn't lose any money in this. It was a BIG lesson learned. I would not recommend Zoosk to anyone.

P.S. Please be aware that I only had my account open for 2 days before closing it. So the 3-day Buyer’s Remorse period may be the reason that I was so easily issued a refund.

Jane March 09, 2013

Used to be a member and a while it was fun but now, from my own experiences, its full of Nigerian scammers posing as US soldiers and other personnas. I think the site needs to be policed more.

Jill Penc December 09, 2013

due to a comment by TAM..above...I too was able to get a refund..I was only an "official" paying member of the site for 1 day and was having difficulty contacting ZOOSK to cancel.....thank you Tam for your comment in sharing your experience..I persisted making the call until I got thru....I too will be a lot more careful in the future...bottom line be careful to whom you give your cc info to and do your homework PRIOR to making any kind of purchase....

its crap dont pay for it
March 6, 2013
same story here I was contacted so much before I paid then once I paid nothing, says women look at my profile all the time but no one makes contact besides scammers. Ive had four women contact me with their profile saying they live close by but after msging me I find out they all live in Indonesia or are in England visiting sick friends or relatives etc etc big sob stories and huge detailed emails. Emails end with them needing money to get back to Australia and promises to pay it all back even asking if I would pick them up from the airport to meet for the first time... please.. heartless scammers!

Dean March 16, 2013

Ya, for A man it's reay bad, because the women cant communicate and they won't sign up so you just making A fool out your self sending messages. They need to tell us this from the beginning. 100's of women on zoosk can't send messages back and when you try to send them an e-mail so they can communicate, they cut them off.

March 4, 2013

Newly single, been spreading around seeds on many free sites. Zoosk seemed like a good idea, but couldn't message anyone without becoming a subscriber, which I'm not ready to do. When I modified my profile to make it clear I couldn't chat, they messily cropped pieces out of it as they approved the changes.

Getting annoyed, did a little research and found 100s of bad reviews and nothing good. I never spent the $$ to find out if the couple locals who kept Winking and Messaging me were real or not, but suspecting they aren't.

Every indication points to this being a total scam. I just deleted my profile there and will stick to the actual free sites for now.

Irma March 06, 2013

yes they say try it for one month free but then they ask for your card is a scam

Vittorio March 06, 2013

Yeah, thanks. I just did the same as you from Facebook. But it just seems really suspicious. Like really, I'm going to pay money just to say hello to someone. No I think not. And you don't even know, they could all be proffessionals paid to be online like that. I mean I don't, I couldn't even get a hello in

You Get What You Pay For
February 28, 2013

I understand the feelings of everyone that has submitted a review. I have no problem with a site that charges people to utilize all of the perks of a having a membership, I found the $24.95 one time activation fee to be a little unnecessary, and borderline deceptive.

The good news is I met a lovely woman on Zoosk.com, and although we have yet to meet in the real world, we have spent countless hours on the phone and moving close to an actual in person romance.

However, in order to initially communicate with each other, we both had to fork out nearly $60. Regardless of the outcome of our meeting, It was money well spent.

Businesses are in business to make money, and when you are in the business of match-making you are never in short supply of people who are looking for their soul mate. Therefore, I cannot condemn the business model of Zoosk.com.

I hope you all find what what you are looking for as you embark upon your quest for true love. And when the opportunity of a lifetime presents itself, I hope you through caution into the wind, and slap down the $60.

Jack March 03, 2013

Zoosk dating site is a scam. The people are not real. Made up. Lots of people viewing your profile but that's as far as it goes. You send off messages to them but never get a reply. I sent 100 woman a message, not one reply. Anyone joining this site is wasting their money.

Michael F March 04, 2013

Sorry to hear about your experience Jack :(

Dick March 26, 2013

Jack is absolutley right. Zooks is a total and complete scam. This site needs to be shut down now! I dont mind paying when I get something in return. I do mind being ripped off.

Greg May 21, 2013

That is just insane, you had to pay $60 just to talk to a girl !!! utter madness

Worst Dating Site Ever!!!!
February 27, 2013

In my opinion, the site is difficult to navigate and frequently did not function properly. And this so-called "points system" is just a scam...another vehicle to extract money from the Zoosk customers.

Save yourself the money and frustration of dealing with Zoosk...Christian Mingle and Match.com are far superior to Zoosk.

Do not sign up. Save yourself the money for a nice dinner.
February 22, 2013

I also fell for the scam believing the profiles were real. Its all true, they bait you and bait you and bait you till you sign up, then those very same people that were trying to contact you are corporate workers with fake profiles.

I paid the three month and the coins. a loss of $99.00. Will def research any dating site prior to signing up. Good Luck.

Sam February 26, 2013

I Agree with you 100% mate ,i sign up not long ago and will not be rejoining up.My experience was when i went on the site had heap of reply's by goodlooking people,but i could not reply back after a few time's thought i would get somewhere if i sign up, Now first of all im a nice looking person no way am i ulgy but went on a dating site because im not a club person and don't go out much,well OMG first time i got on site i thought gee 11 phone numbers i got and thought it strange no bugger would answer there phone,you would think having 11 phone numbers you would get lucky with at least 2 of them ,well didnt the next best thing text them all,yeah few didn't reply and a few did,well i tryed to carry on with a conversation but none seem that interested in a conversation or didn't reply back to me,was chatting to a friend recenty and they said give the one that near your area a go so i contacted them,never heard from them back ,you would think being in same area that person would want to meet you for coffee chat but no ,well after that i've come to the conclusion it is nothing but a fake site a total scam site ,now if i meet a few i would not have come to that conclusion but that many phone number's and none wanted to meet yeah find that very strange ,but i believe you 100% they use tricks to make you want to join to bait you and to scam you out of your money

ZooskRippedOff May 10, 2013

You have been warned - ZOOSK is a scam

Don't waste your money
February 22, 2013

Expensive and got me no where. You have to pay for everything.

I am no oil painting but most of the guys are either old, ugly or uneducated.

My advice- give it a miss.

Andrew February 23, 2013

I'm convinced it's a fraud.

The confirmation email never came. So that says enough as far as I was concerned.

Waste of time!

Peter March 08, 2013

dude if you think about it a lot of guys are looking for love , statistics say its limited to finding that online and maybe once ,upon a time it probably was possible. But now with all the crap and scamming thats happening around us , who do you trust , the sad thing its gotten to that. Im not here to promote any other dating site, as far as im concerned they are all money making schemes from probably the same guys over and over. If i can say dont waste your time with them . Hope you get what you want Andrew, just watch your back man

Joe March 28, 2013

Try PlentyOfFish (pof.com). Its completely free, ever since using it i havent had any complaints with it at all. Met my current girlfriend on there :) But yeah Zoosk and eHarmony and Match.com... i tried them all but they're really not worth the money. In my experience the only site i truly thought was good was pof.com. Check it out, nothing to lose as its completely free

Young a April 20, 2013

My son told me about this site. I will check it out. Thanks

ZOOSK offices address
February 20, 2013

Hi guys, thanks to Google and Bloomberg, here is the physical address of the company (becasue somewhere they still need to have an office... they are not like Skynet yet...)

475 Sansome Street

10th Floor

San Francisco, CA 94111

United States






So if anyone of you lives in San Francisco, perhaps he/she could walk the their reception an ask to talk with Shayan Zadeh or Alex Mehr (CEOs). If they tell you they are busy and should take an appointment, perhaps you can reply not to bother as you'll rather file a report at the nearby police station (now that you know against whom) and the police will handle the matter from there on.

The link is:


Waste of Time and Money
February 19, 2013
This is the worst dating site. Whenever they say someone wants to meet, it turns out the person is not a member. After paying your membership, you have to 'buy' coins in order to see profiles or matches. There is nothing straightforward about this site. They seem to think singles have nothing better to do than play tech games and spend time on the computer. A complete waste of my money.

February 15, 2013

Hello, I too have been scammed by Zoosk. I can't seem to find any contact info for them as I want my money back. Every time I click on anything Zoosk it takes me to my profile page. HELP! Do you have any info?


Marissa February 19, 2013

call them at 888-939-6675. Expect to wait a few days before they get back to you. This is the worst dating site I've ever encountered.

ZOOSK is a Big SCAM!
February 15, 2013

After a few weeks of getting messages from ZOOSK members, and NOT having the ability to reply to them, I forked over the money to activate my account.

After sending a couple of messages to local women, I got a couple of replies, "I haven't subscribed to ZOOSK *YET*, so I can't really chat"...

So after this, I sent out messages to literally hundreds of local women, just to see if I would get any legitimate responses, and of course I didn't. Only a few, "I can't afford this crap, so we can't chat"...

The whole purpose of this site is to connect with people. You are led to believe that you'll have that ability once you pay, but in reality you can only establish contact with paid members. I get the feeling that the reason there seems to be such a variety on this site is because every girl with a facebook account was tricked into setting up a ZOOSK account at some point, because only about 2% of these people are active, ACTIVATED *Paid* members.

Next gripe is the "CAROUSEL"... With this "Feature", you have the ability to quickly browse members by scrolling through their pics. You can't pull up their profile from this module, so you have no idea if they are compatible, or even in the same state. As far as I can tell, this is the only way to 'browse' active members but I could be wrong about that. At any rate, before you can initiate a conversation with a member found via carousel, (or even view their profile), you are expected to PAY UP MORE for each contact!!! I really should give ZOOSK props for being beyond slimy, misleading and down-right deceitful. I guess they call it "CAROUSEL", because it sounds a lot better than "Random, far away people that will cost you more money for absolutely nothing"

It's really too expensive to begin with, so I refused to fork over money for random contact with people who are likely in a different state, of whom I know nothing about... I was totally misled and scammed out of my money. I'm going to give ZOOSK a chance to refund my money tomorrow, but I get the feeling that I'll need to call my bank and force the reversal.

I tried to call them the very first day, but I waited on hold for twenty minutes and didn't get anyone on the phone and I had to leave. On the surface it appears to be a great site with a great potential, but after further examination it's definitely a stinker and a money pit. I wouldn't touch ZOOSK with a ten foot pole. Total JIP!!!

JEM February 15, 2013

Went on zoosk and to do anything you must pay,pay & pay again. If you don't, they tell you you are not popular.That is minor compared to the fact that i thought i found someone one the site only to find out that that person was a con artist and wanted money from me.I was smart and contacted law enforcement.I was told to contact zoosk about it and they just fluffed me off. Zoosk is bad news!!!

JACQUELINE February 18, 2013

Totally agree with your comments Jem. I have been fooled by someone claiming to be a German architect living in London when a scammer asking for money and sending me a fake letter from a shipping company claiming the parcel he sent me was stuck in customs and i needed to pay £600 to release it. I realised then and gathering together my evidence so lucky i didnt pay any money or give any bank details but reading lots of articles people have given over money. These people are very clever and im furious!!

Elizabeth March 01, 2013

I had the same person probably. He's asking for money and I told him -shame on you, never ever ask a lady to give you money- his name- Paul Nazario maybe it was not his real name, who knows?

February 14, 2013
There was/is a man that has scammed. He was listed as partner4life13. He is not who he said he was!!! He is probably going to hurt somebody. Luckily I listened to my gut. He does not even live in my area like he said he did!! His phone number is listed out of Monument, Oregon. I asked for a refund, was told no! I feel like I was scammed and if I would have met him I would have died or got hurt very badly. He said all f the right things at first then it got strange. I hope nobody gets hurt or murdered by him. I WANT MY CREDIT CARD REFUNDED!!!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!

Jem February 15, 2013

Ladies ~ stay far far away from walter101. It is not his picture on his profile and he is a con.He is very good with words and knows just what to say. After a few weeks he will tell you he won a contract somewhere and then ask you for money( not a small amount either ). I reported him to the authorities and zoosk. Zoosk did nothing. By the way , he also is on Netlog

Pam February 19, 2013

these people keep changing names, contact info. I have been contacted by a couple of decent men but most contacts turn out to be scammers of some sort. Most of them send off zoosk email addresses. they all say how wonderful they are and how wonderful they want to treat the woman that they are sure is you after just reading your profile. then they often send an attachment claiming it is his photo or his daughter's photo. so often they are widowers. when I say I don't open attachments I do not hear from them again. I suspect they are wanting you to download a info grabbing virus. Remember...if he sounds too good to be true, he probably is a scammer

Llynne March 08, 2013


February 13, 2013

Wish I'd read these before joining! I had ONE interesting contact ,after three weeks of chatting me up ..asked for money to be sent urgently to Cyprus where he was working! SCAM ( and he didn't get any money )

Debra February 14, 2013

Almost got scam by two men whom was very good looking FAKE, ONE said he was born NZ OMG the story he told .The other from Aussie . well it just seemed really strange that he had the exact same job IN Nigeria ,both in Nigeria at the same time Yeh had me for a couple of weeks . Both ONLY had yahoo email for contact .Both said cant wait READING FROM YOU .! Both back off when I mention to a 3rd one. that im onto them . .I now believe they were fake ID ,, they both said they were working in Nigeria as a construction Architect They deleted themselves and will begin with all new identities , I REPORTED IT TO ZOOSKS AND THEY DONT GIVE A crap .Just glad i was smart enough to see it .Unlucky for those who took the bate.

PAT February 16, 2013

i almost got scamed to from Nigeria

to send money for dr because the got beat up and broke leg and cuts wanted me to send 1ooo dollars she they woud treat him at hospital and i said hell no, i dont no you well enough to send money, he got mad but i dont care my money is mine,

Piece of junk. DOn't forget to mention the $24.95 "activation" fee
February 11, 2013
I am so totally bummed by this crap. I think the profiles presented to me as "possible matches" MUST be real because I've never seen a larger grouping of women that I would rather up-chuck and eat it than meet with, let alone go out with. The carousel just confirms all the homeliest people I've ever seen. I'm sorry - maybe I'm conceited, but, um, I'm good-looking, attractive, professionally employed - these are NOT the types of women I would ever even talk to. SOO glad I didn't pay. I will make ONE exception - her profile seemed genuine - it said she was only 3 miles away. One measley picture, but there was something about her. I wasn't about to pay to subscribe to get tons of pictures of UGLY WOMEN, so I couldn't contact "Rachel." After a few of her tries and not contacting me, she apparently turned off her profile. Well, "Rachel," if you're out there and REAL, I'm sorry I missed you. I'm turning my profile off of the SHxxTTY site as well...

Jim February 12, 2013

I agree how the fee was just too high to activate, which by the way was $29.95 for California! If had the opportunity to view a message then pay to respond I would more then likely be happy to pay. I received two winks from "SMN" and her profile and picture was intriguing me to pay that outrageous amount just to see the possibilities of meeting this lady. I concluded that a night out to a public place including drinks would at least run me $30 with no promise of meeting the right woman, so with that I paid. Here it is 3 months later and we are a couple, a very happy couple, and we both canceled our subscription soon after meeting. And for the record I am a college professor and she is a doctor and as for attractiveness–well our friends tell us how great we look together.

Rohlan February 13, 2013

ya right thats so made up

Peter March 08, 2013

these guys are out there to only take your money and not, give you the services needed . please be aware that most of these dating sites, are set up by shady characters hiding behind the internet world. One thing i might add that the ratio between men and women is so much different its like, 18% of women to 85% of men who are on these dating sites. So trust me ive done a lot of research on this , and my conclusion is that go out in the real world and not the internet world and you would have more success in chatting up a man or a lady than all the fake profiles found on the web



It's a scam
February 10, 2013
I can't believe there's still scam out there like zoosk when everybody else is offering this for free.

February 7, 2013
Don't waste your time and money!

No rating deserved
February 6, 2013
Just riddled with scammer profiles to pull you in. Rest of the profiles is just not interesting. Glad I only paid for one month, but even that was wasted completely....don't even try

Jack February 06, 2013

Thank god I only paid for one month, yes as with a lot of these sites jammed with scammer's. Waste of money

no stars
February 1, 2013
waste of time and money. should be shut down.

Sin Q February 23, 2013

like i said before i new it was a scam ...im street smart!! it should be shut down is this the same guy that made facebook

Zoosk shows a profile viewed when in fact it WASNT
January 31, 2013

If you page through to see who viewed your profile, Zoosk is telling that person you viewed their profile. So everytime you page through to delete people who you think viewed you, it looks like you just viewed that person... Which is a great way to encourage unwanted attention by people you have no interest in. And people wonder how stalkers are born... maybe because a site like this encourages them!

3.5 days of use and I'll chalk that lost money up to a lesson learned... unsubscribed and delete. Painful lession, but Thank God I only got suckered into a 3 month subscript... but ouch, I so could have done something better with that money.

Doecoise February 06, 2013

I so agree with this review. I not only found them really skin deep with their carousel approach but also I am pretty sure they have riddled this site with fake profiles that are just there for you to subscribe and then they either disappear or are just not online enough etc. and I am not even an ugly duckling. ****ty site!

January 28, 2013
This is a horrible site. Do not give it money. There are many scammers on it. The only person worth chatting with (according to picture and profile) turned out to be a fraud. I googled the picture after the conversation got weird and it came up as a picture that has been used in multiple frauds. I sent it to the FBI. Zoosk should be shut down.

Trev January 30, 2013

I agree totaly , have been on the site for about 1 week , it all reverts to your subcription , you try to see who has viewed you , YOU have to pay , I have not recieved one message ODD , when you want to view YOU have to pay , i had a match and to view guess , I ve just uninstalled it , good bye Zoosk and all who sail with you

CONCUR ! January 30, 2013

Another ..... RIP- OFF Dating Site !!!!!! OUTDATED PHOTOS ...

SCAM....... BS...... and that's GOOD StuFF !!!