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April 19, 2014

WFG is a ligit if they are scam the Fed would busted them by now.

By working in public places over the years, I have known many wealthy seniors have always told me to start invest when you young, saving & invest in life insurance a must .

April 10, 2014

I Agree with Chuck from Anaheim's view of what WFG is about. It's a churn and burn environment

First 3 days your excited

in 3 weeks your hopeful, in 3 months your anxious, the following 3 months, your effort gas time and money you spent for the pay I made more money flipping burgers. After a year you have burned thru leads (friends, family and ex co-workers) and your down line is waking up to the reality of systemic problems of lack of leads qualified leads and marketing support and beginning to starve for results. After your first year you need to find another solution then you quit, the branch closes after another year of business. 3 years has passed where the company devours its self then the cycle starts again with a new office. Only the main office or major branch is open feed from this cycle. The fact is nobody stays longer that 3 years, only the ones that started 7-6 years ago will stay.

April 7, 2014

Dear review makers,

I am not an agent, nor am I an insured from any insurance protection. I read all of the above reviews and would like to leave a moral comment out of all. You know what; If something unusual/illegal happens in US, FBI catches that. Don't worry about who does what, just work to earn your living and if you can work for others, make it-God helps you. Don't talk negatives, you have the option to keep away if you dislike. Someone doing something legal is already smarter than you, sooner or later you may need to follow that. Your whatever degrees are for your personal development and for nation building, not for negativities. Preserve your personality pl.

March 12, 2014
I go by facts only not the "oh it happened to me" because fact is there is claims irs is a scam, government scams, mcdonald is a scam etc. However there is a company called standford financial group and that was shutdown due to ponzi scheme. However wfg lasted for over 20 years. Like any financial company they get inspected by SEC, FTC, and FINRA every year. Secondly any product that has death benefit and cash value which a wfg agent offered me is great in my book unlike my 401k. And recruiting which I was not interested is ok for other people if they like financials because recruiting is no different then hiring someone in. So I don't understand whats all the fuss is about. Lastly you can blame the agent but not the business that only makes you sound stupid

March 3, 2014
WFG is not a scam or a pyramid. They actually help middle class to high net worth individuals with a comprehensive plan that helps their clients. They are more interested in helping than New York Life, and and Stock brokerage firm. No good deed goes unpunished though because there are ignorant dumb people out there who don't know a thing about money, insurance or investing and they are scared to do the right thing and guess what? They end up losing all their money because they are too dumb and inexperienced to recognize a good thing when they have it! WFG is a company that doesn't push one product, they have the best products from the best companies. Wealthy people understand this and so do intelligent people. It's only dumb people that can't see the value with WFG. But they never will be wealthy or intelligent so at least someone tried to educate them.

February 18, 2014
You can google any company and come up with negativity...if that is what you are looking for. WFG is a great company for people who want to run a business. If you are employee minded and don't want to change, it is not for you. WFG is changing the way the financial services industry works, THAT IS WHY THEY RECRUIT. Jobs recruit, universities recruit, the arny recruits, lol. WFG sits down with everyday people and helps families. They have access to over 140 companies so they can offer you something you can afford based on what you say you need. As opposed to those with quotas and limited financial products, who have to convince you that you NEED their product. Stop being afraid and see for yourself.

February 17, 2014

Lots of variables to consider before getting involved with WFG.

Funny how that most of the leadership out of the El Segundo location are either gone or in a couple of cases locked up.