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October 15, 2023

90% of the people I met here were insurance salesman masquerading as financial advisors, or as they said, "Financial Professionals."

If you have a desire to get in the financial industry, find a local financial advisor that gets paid based on time and or growth on the account, not sales, and network with them and ask the best way to crack open the field. Besides, what you get here is expensive whole life and universal life insurance, with terrible costs to the consumer.

I had a friend convince me I should join up. I had a bad feeling about it, but he is a good guy, so what the heck? Their process is to have you buy insurance through them, (although they say you don't have to, there's a TON of pressure to do so,) then make a list of all your friends and acquaintances and invite them to join you for a harmless meeting to learn "how money works." The meeting then is a whole slew of sales tactics designed to push and lead the person to a conclusion that they desperately need your product, which just so happens to be life insurance. The flagship of WFG insurance is IUL (indexed universal life insurance). Terrible product. Just horrible. If you need to read up more on that, just spend some time perusing the internet.

They will claim that all the rich people in the world have IUL, and some may, but go down to your local high end restaurant or golf course and ask the people there what kind of insurance they have, and almost none will tell you IUL.

If you join, and sell this insurance to a few people, but inevitably quit because of the insanely scammy environment you will get an email from WFG saying you owe them money. Usually this is because the people who bought insurance under your name cancelled their policy and WFG is not going to just let their terrible product lose them money. They are going to hold you to that.

If you made it this far, I'm begging you. RUN LIKE HELL! Don't ruin your current relationships trying to chase the dream they sell you, because after enough times reaching out to your Facebook friends trying to get clients, you will be dubbed the MLM guy or gal, and it's hard to repair those bridges.

WFG preys on people who want desperately out of bad financial straits, and into better ones, and they have duped a whole lot of us now.

Diego Enriquez
March 11, 2020

I have been working with WFG for 3 years almost to the date. In my experience here yes I have seen many people come and go, however that is not a reflection of the company nor platform; simply our business is not for everyone as I am sure many people have tried a job or business only to find out that it was not what they wanted to pursue with their life.

However in my experience I always knew I wanted to make an impact on the world as well as being in business for myself, having grown up with parents who were business owners I immediately saw the value in the platform WFG has to offer, whether you want to be a team of 1 offering financial services to families or you want to build a business and have the ability to open your office, you are able to do so.

If you have any further questions please reach out to who ever introduced you to the business or your local WFG/ Transamerica office.

The number of good people in this world greatly outnumber the number of bad people.

Thank you for reading


Stay Away From WFG!
February 2, 2020

Just Speaking from experiencing with WFG. They are not a good company to do business with. Their methods to con people to buy their insurance and their constant pressure techniques to recruit people is suffocating and relentless.

I won't go into every detail as I could write a novel of this but Just do yourself a favor and stay way as far as you can from any WFG or financial pyramid scheme company promising riches and a dreams of a better future.

Its all part of their unethical tactics to con you to join and spend a lot of your money into "your" / their business.

I learned the hard way by actually being con into trying out this business, I received nothing in return but lots and lots of fees that they charge you for being an agent with the company.

WFG: Awful biz plan. Awful products.
April 9, 2018

I did a stint with WFG in NorCal. Long enough to learn that this MLM is totally rigged against its newcomer clients/recruits. I suffered through endless amounts of empty rah-rah. I saw folks come and go like through a revolving door set to hyperspace speed. I experienced WFG's massive deeply embedded institutionalized lies and deception.

You don't even have to take my word for it. WFG's *own numbers* tell us that, even for people who take the trouble to get their Life licenses, they stand only a one in a hundred chance to make a living at WFG. Check out this review: world-financial-group(dot)pissedconsumer(dot)com/99-of-wfg-s-licensed-agents-make-poverty-income-this-mlm-s-own-numbers-tell-us-so-201804051227268(dot)html

When a WFG agent recruits you, they also try to sell you Transamerica’s FFIUL life insurance policy. This is a disastrous hugely pricey sure-to-fail product. You and your trusting friends and family members will dump thousands of dollars, even hundreds of thousands of dollars into FFIUL, only to see your FFIULs collapse in the years and decades later, stealing ALL your money--your death benefit and all the money you paid in to it. You can find reviews that analyze the FFIUL’s numbers and contract language. I’d start with this one: world-financial-group(dot)pissedconsumer(dot)com/why-the-ffiul-wfg-s-flagship-policy-is-a-disaster-20160722886905(dot)html

Folks, do yourself a huge solid. Save yourself many days, months, even years of toil, heartache, maxxed-out credit cards, and destroyed relationships. Steer WAY clear of this massively destructive MLM and its roving rag-tag band of brainwashed pathogenic agent-viruses with their gushing rainbows’n’unicorns lies.

Thanks for reading this. Good luck in your future endeavors.

SherriPapola January 09, 2020

I have to Say I appreciate your opinion. I do have to disagree with what you are saying as I am a new trainer with WFG. I previously worked with another well known insurance agency. To be honest I would take this type of organization that has multiple well known companies rather than work for an individual organization. The pay as a Insurance agent is based on sales just as WFG. the difference with WFG is you own your books (sales) and the amount of your commissions from your sales can increase much more that working under an agency-of course what you put into your business is what you get out of it- ANY SALES POSITION IS THE SAME especially insurance sales!!! With average agencies you have to sell you are under much stress to be an instant sales awesome sales person, yes they have training nut honestly the training I have gotten with WFG has been extremely informational AND I am not on my own- my trainers are working side by side with me.As a WFG agent we are trained to help people become financially individuals to become thier own financial manager. this concept I just heard about while being a seller at the agency I was previously at. with this company I was so relived and excited to use this concept to train individuals that in other companies they just sell and people dont really understand insurance we teach them insurance so they can make a educated decision I am using this to help people I love and people in general. for anyone that wants to have their own business and are motivated this is the place for you. As I stated earlier being an insurance agent is really no different as far as having to sell to get money but the training and product is not comparable.

AlanReno November 05, 2022

You're brainwashed and full of baloney. You're using the company talk track like they train you to do. Stop scamming people and have a conscience. This company is as scummy as it gets and you're part of that. Horrible business and a complete scam. Get out now but you probably already have because that was in 2020.

I work for WFG.
November 8, 2017

I work for WFG. It's an awesome company. I've help family members, friends and friends of friends. True, I didn't come to the business with a financial background, but the training from TransAmerica, Nationwide, other providers and of course our leadership has been awesome!! Many employee minded people don't like the 'hybrid' model as stated above, but in no other place can I learn fast, become a broker and control my financial future. I'd rather have my own business, then work my old full-time, 40-60 per week, no time for family job... just saying...

KerryLewis January 17, 2020

thank you so much for the positive feedback. I recently join WFG and in the training process of becoming a licensed agent.

DulceBritt October 30, 2022

Thank you! WFG taught me financial education and a lot more including personality development, respect to others, honesty, and I have developed great friendship. Some succeeded with this company, some did not...and so in your regular jobs and business.

AlanReno November 05, 2022

Run as far away from this company as possible!

July 30, 2017

Not a bad company, welcome to recruiting! This is how it works with most companies. Everyone wants a piece of the pie and now, WFG is just publicly known on how you get paid.

Recruiting is hard that's why some of you aren't recruiters.

July 28, 2017

WFG if this company did nothing else than encourage you to be a better person, give you information how to protect our money and family from market crashes and educate you in the areas of finance in your life it would still be worth the first $100 you pay for a background check.

I can't speak for all of the offices of WFG but I can speak for the office I am a part of. The group is like a family, we believe in the motto Faith,Family,Business. We have great mentors with integrity, 1st class professionalism. Just about anyone in our office,with several teams would help one another. Where can you start a business for less than $500.

Now we are not salary we are commission so that means it depends on you how much you will make. If you get out there and share with families products that can improve their lifestyle and or retirement, families well being and what we can offer them you will make money. Some people take a little longer than others but it is such a blessing knowing we can help protect families out there in our everyday world.

Another thing is the training is definitely there for us, again if you don't take advantage of what the company offers you then of course you will fail. Get the right mindset, positivity and work ethic and you will make it. Then you won't have to write a bunch of negative comments. Because it's a lot easier to rag on something than it is to put a true honest effort into it

MiguelMabbayad February 18, 2018

why does someone need to pay a $100 for a background check for joining a business? Buying guns and ammo doesn't need one. For that it's a scam.

MaggieKruger November 08, 2020

$100 is actually registration fee to become WFG member with which you can access WFG trainings of financial knowledge and business build-up skills. I actually learned a lot. $100 is so worth it.

DulceBritt October 30, 2022

It is $125 now and still so worth it!

AlanReno November 05, 2022

You're all sheep being taken. Instead of all the bs just show us how much money you've made and how much you've spent while pursuing this unicorn they promise you. The proof is in the money you make and not empty promises from this scam company.

May 23, 2017
Great Company! Great People! Great Product! I've been with the company for over 15 years.

WFG is here to help
April 15, 2017

People buy cars and houses 'Insurance than buy their own insurance. They insure rubber and steel for cars. A place over their head. When that person die what is important? If they have love one. And their love one don't money or make so a little. What happen to their cars and houses?

The Bank take it back. Cars' s company come and get it. All three Insurance are important. The only thing Goverment doesn't require people to insure are self. WFG is here to help with all of that. All companies get good and a few bad agents. Not thing to do with WFG itself.

To do with people moral and integrity. Honesty are must have to any human being. If we look and read. Pastor. Priest. Monk. Muslim. All religion have bad people. Hopefully we get 1 bad and get 10000 are good than we do ok. WFG has 60 some thousand agents. A few are bad. We consider we are lucky. News are bad new and good news too. One again WFG is good. Thanks for reading it.

January 6, 2017

Looks to me like WFG agents do not know their own product or do not understand it Pls find out what is going to happen to your cash value when you die. yeah its gone not yours.

Thats what happened to my friend when it came to pay out money, you can get only one account, not both, witch ever is higher. so either face value of your life insurance policy or your cash value witch never never gets bigger unless you paying huge premium. Now I have term insurance and it is the best thing i have done for my family.Transamerica, WFG is legally ripping people off their money. That's from me cheers

SherriPapola January 09, 2020

This is a ligament company- with over 150 big banks and well known insurance companies backing this organization. training us every step of the way. I am so sorry you have had a bad experience- what happens to your money is exactly what happens for all people with life or their policies. I do not know your friends situation or what type of policy he had but I can say the insurance companies we sell for are legitimate and the classes we do help people make an educated decisions.

AlanReno November 05, 2022

Sherri I'm sure you're no longer with WFG because that was over 2 years ago.

AlanReno November 05, 2022

A ligament company? Lol. How many more genius' like you work for WFG?

December 22, 2016
This is scam organization, especially the recruiting staff. If they ask you to pay $$$ as requirement to work, do not do so because you will lose it forever. They operate like Ponzi scheme.

AlanReno November 05, 2022

They are a Ponzi scheme!

December 3, 2016

My suggestion to all those potentially faced improper treatment by WFG representatives, report to authorities and follow through with the investigation. Where ever you are.

I am with WFG, and to me it is the best business opportunity from my experience, I owned 3 companies, had people working for me and also had a job where my income was 200k+.

I repeat to me, personally, WFG is THE BEST OPPORTUNITY for people who regard themselves as high achievers, successful, educated, and humanitarian.

There are qualities one must attain before one achieves success within the firm.

My regards to those offended by private, questionable individual's practices.

Also, read up, discover, study, implement!

December 1, 2016

WFG is great company.It is not scam as I thought before.When you pay $100 ,you can get back 100 times later.

Of course, you have to work hard and then you will get the best results . When you go big event, you will see the BIG VISION. For me, you can learn and you can Earn !!!.

For the people had bad history with WMA before. Now you can think and turn back to work for WFG.The new System now is diferrent.

Finally, you can Joint-Own-Share. You can tell ,It is Good !!!!

October 12, 2016

I've done at ton of research in the past 4 months about WFG, as well as going to a weekend conference and even invited a WFGer to my home.

#1 - they are not a pyramid scheme.

#2 - the products they sell are legal and from reputable companies

3# - the money they claim you can make as an associate is attainable

That being said, I would not join WFG unless you are a convincing salesman and if you are willing to approach your friends,family and strangers to take on a part time job, recruiting their friends,family and strangers to take on a part time job, recruiting their friends, family and strangers to take on get the point.

WFG business model is built on the numbers game. Which is totally fair and works. Approach enough people and you may get enough bites.Of those few that bites, an even smaller percentage may be successful at recruiting. So for a company that sells financial products (not to be mistaken for a financial company) that is built on sales and commission, it is actually quite simple and effective. The problem is that recruits don't understand the work involved and the dirty work of approaching everyone you know to approach everyone they know to do the same. WFG knows the turnover rate is high and rejection rate is even higher, hence the pressure from your 'upline' to continuously search for recruits.

I mentioned earlier, I went to one of their weekend conferences in support of my friend who was interested. Here are a few points that stood out.

#1 - Majority of the recruits are not born in North America

#2 - A few had degrees/certs in professions that were not recognized in North America

#3 - Majority had low income jobs they were not happy with

#4 - The top tier WFGers spoke naturally like most salesmen

#5 - 80% of the presentations were about income made through their system of recruiting, 10% of selling the dream and staying motivated,10% of how to "close" a sale/recruit and 0% of actual financial product knowledge/financial planning

6# - majority of recruits were socially awkward and seemed easily influenced

Their system works. I'd say 90% of all the recruits also bought at least 1 product from their recruiter before joining WFG. From this fact alone, you can see why WFG focuses on recruiting so much. Their whole business model lives and dies by recruits, especially if every recruit is also a client. From the viewpoint of the F.I's like BMO and B2B Bank that are associated with WFG, why wouldn't you offer WFG your products to sell? It's just another avenue for these F.I.'s to reach out to potential clients who wouldn't otherwise go to their brick and mortar stores to learn about the products. But if you aren't willing to put in the work of contacting everyone you know and approaching strangers to start a new part time job of recruiting, this opportunity isn't for you.

However, if you are a natural speaker, a person who can recognize a possible recruit who is looking for something new and can influence this person to do the same, as well as ever been called a natural salesmen (you know the type.. A personalities) then there is definitely opportunity for you at WFG.

Thanks for reading.

September 21, 2016
WFG change their name to 2B2 Bank Big Scams, Dishonest , Fraud they move really quickly to get your money and go in your property . Don't ever involve , be aware with this company . their recruiting poor people, new Immigrant , agent they become really friendly trying to help you, but be careful they're professional thieves.

AlanReno November 05, 2022

They also use Axianta Financial as one of their names. This company is as scumming as it gets in the USA.

July 20, 2016

I was advised that I could pay for a training session to learn about finances and to help people. They encouraged me to hurry and sign up and I could get into the next session this Saturday but should try and bring my friends and family out to a meeting last night to support my training.

Once they showed up they locked them in a room with the sales associate experts and moved me to a separate room from the people that brought me to there event. Once in the room they explained how to recruit and go after people that were not doing well to sign up and bring at least one new person each week. I asked if it was multi level marketing and got a laugh and indirect answer but not admitting it was. They don't want people knowing this and that scares me when you have something to hide. Why they would not be up front and honest made me decide not to get involved. They refused to give me back my $131 for the training class this Saturday in Calgary 4311 12 st ne and are now saying it is a franchise non refundable fee. The receipt does not say that and I was not informed prior to my payment. I requested to cancel and get a refund less than 24 hours. Run don't walk from this as they don't really care about people's financial stability or they would be respectful and refund my money.

AlanReno November 05, 2022

WFG is like a cult but their God is money. They have similar tactics used by Scientology and other cults. The fact people get involved with them is insane but sheep are dumb and humans even dumber.

July 15, 2016
Why do they charge a fee for your "background check". I have never had another financial institution charge me for this.

AlanReno November 05, 2022

Because they are scammers!!! That's their business taking your money anyway they can.

July 9, 2016

I lost my house because of this scam WFG. They sold me a mortgage that was suppose to benefit me but in reality it benefited them for the comission.

This people are in for themselves, they don't care about anyone except for them to make money,

They ruined my life!!!!

AlanReno November 05, 2022

And they've ruined many, many, many more all for the almighty dollar. Greed is a horrible thing and this company is one of the worst.

June 27, 2016
This company was formerly known as Primerica. I was trying to get recruited by an individual in 2009 and decided NOT to get involved. During that time, I met a producer who reached the million dollar roundtable selling financial services and through this individual I learned to make 6 figure within 6 months. My point, there are other companies out there where you can get 90% of your profit without sharing it with your "up-line." Be cautious and my best advice, you're better off on your own dealing directly with a company once you're licensed with your securities. Don't get involved with WFG! Their $4M salary doesn't move me, unless they're in the $25M and over portfolio WHICH WAS THE MAJORITY OF MY CLIENTS. I have seen money and believe me, it's NOT from WFG producers. Don't be a victim, once you're licensed, make you're own money and eliminate the "middleman ... aka WFG."

June 25, 2016

There are plenty insurance brokers to choose from, DO NOT get financial products from WFG. Do compare with good agents from good companies before buying products from WFG. Their business practice is Unprofessional and Unethical

1. Most of them are part timers. They don't have enough time to study products nor to keep up with developing professional practices, and the consequences is that, they heavily rely on their up-line's "knowledge" and only PUSH to sell one or two particular products, and the particular product might not suitable for your age, risk tolerance and financial situation.

2. Their training is not training but brainstorming.

3. It's MLM business model. They use people to build their wealth.

4. Their agents were "convinced" to run the business as if they are business owners, thus, there is no way to conduct FINRA or SEC compliance rules/regulations to the each individual offices and agent. For example, laptops the agents used for business are not encrypted. Do not Jeopardize your personal information being used otherwise by them.

AlanReno November 05, 2022

"Use" is the key word. They scam and use anyone they come in contact with. They are the worst of the worst!