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June 24, 2016
Company is definitely not a scam 100% legit and creditable nothing but LIES on the net and I'm a customer not a member. Great people excellent services.

May 29, 2016

I write to you today to let anyone interested in WFG, to please relax, no one is going to take your money.

WFG, is governed by the state insurance commission in your state, they also are governed by the security's exchange commission (SEC).

The problem is not with WFG, it is with the people who want to earn money without working, yes, you must work at WFG to earn any money, the products they offer are some of the best, if not the best in the industry.

Loser's and people who want something for nothing are the complainers, I have been in the industry for over 15 years and WFG is by far, the fastest growing, with the best compensation mode anyone could hope to pray for.

Will the system test your resolve? yes, it's designed to reward those who work, and to not reward those who don't. it's very simple, the people who do not earn any money are not working and therefore earn no money, then wine about it being a scam.

The scam is you have been lied to, your teachers and professors are all on the treadmill of failure, $100k or $200k is not real money, it keeps you just over broke.(JOB)

WFG rewards you for building leaders and training people to be leaders and for that, you will earn $500K-$1,000,000+ per year.

Look at the freeway in your state...... look at all of the people going to work to build another mans dreams, while they live pay check to paycheck, never getting ahead.

WFG is not for everyone...... however, for those who have what it takes to live their dreams, this is a vehicle that could take you there.

If you would like more info

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May 13, 2016
It's MaryKay for investors. No thanks, I'd rather go to the store and buy my own then pad someelse's salary...

April 28, 2016

I met an agent one day who told me WFG educates people about finances. She told me to come to a free workshop to learn. Actually, I just thought she was kind of sexy and wanted to have sex with her, so I did go. On my way there, she said the workshop was cancelled, but that we could still meet in her office. I was thinking, "wow!!! office sex!" Anyways, it became a 90 minute sales pitch. So disappointing. Stupid me.

Anyways, it turns out that the "education" is just a cover story. The true aim is to get you to become a member. After that, you are pressured to buy insurance. It's a very dangerous game to get into.

April 28, 2016

I actually became an associate for a one year term. I never purchased any products nor, did I invest in any portfolios with them. In my experience, I don't think this would be the best firm to be a part of. I went in with an open mind and followed their instructions and guidance. It wasn't before long until I realized that they kept pitching me the same message: recruit, recruit, recruit. Their guest speakers are only motivational speakers to keep members thinking or believing they too can make a million dollars. I went to a couple WFG "conventions" and they didn't even provide lunch. What kind of multi-billion dollar company can't even provide lunch for their associates? IMO, this firm is a pipe dream that rarely comes true. It works for some, but may not happen for others.

The products aren't that stable or solid. I would attend "meetings" to go over financial products, but they kept giving me the same information over and over. On top of which, they would throw figures at me so nonchalantly it seemed too good to be true. Plus, WFG has been involved in many lawsuits that date back to 07 - 08.

Also, this is not a publicly traded company. They are not in the markets. They do trade stock, but it's under Aegon - which trades a $5 average. Now, how can a financial firm, that's been in business over 20 years, still trade at a $5 value?

WFG's angle is the mystique of the business. They don't necessarily give you a straight answer, nor do they evade any questions. It's all ambiguous. My "senior associate" seemed pretty sleazy, but came off as a nice guy.

They do make money though. I have seen people get paid, $5,000 - $8,000, and $50,000 - $100,000 checks to clients. But I still wouldn't trust it.

IMO, I would stay away from this company. They only took me for 100 bucks when I signed up, but I'll cut my losses and get out.

The only way to get into the financial industry is to go through conventional schooling and internship. Only then can you gather contacts, clients, education along your journey.

WFG's motto is recruit! Recruit! Recruit!

April 12, 2016

World Financial Group is a division of Transamerica Financial Services, a major financial services company. WFG markets products from over 300 A-rated providers. The business opportunity is legitimate. So why all the fuss?

WFG is expanding rapidly and is so successful at marketing that some other companies have shut down their marketing function to let WFG do that job. This means that vast numbers of people are exposed to WFG day in and day out. And some of these vast numbers of people experience things they don't like, and then they complain. But most if not all of these complaints are based on sloppy thinking or problems with individuals vs. the company as a whole.

For example, new members are encouraged to participate in training appointments right away, but they don't earn anything without a license. But why don't they have their license? You can get it in a week. As another example, the agent who sold me my life insurance policy didn't tell me some things that would have lowered my premiums. OK, so she didn't do the best job she could have. As another example, many people cry "MLM" because of the overrides the agent's broker receives. But this is insurance, period, not just WFG. Your car insurance works the same way; you just don't know it because they haven't tried to recruit you, therefore, they haven't explained their compensation model to you.

The financial services industry is not rocket science, but it's not kindergarten, either. And a business opportunity isn't a game app on your phone -- it's work, and there are lots of things to know and do to succeed. If you're gonna start your own business and you know you need a license to do it, go get your license! Geez.

The US has a pretty poor education system, and there are lots of sloppy thinkers out there, and many who would rather box things up in simple statements rather than do the homework required to get an accurate picture. And yeah, some of those sloppy folks are insurance agents. I had a martial arts teacher who said once that most people are mediocre. Most are average -- not excellent. If you want excellence, you have to look for it. Some of the products and solutions marketed by WFG are the best in the industry. Do the math, and you'll see that.

April 3, 2016
This has changed my life, yes it's hard at first but I never gave up! I didn't follow their system at first and landed on my face, I changed that, their system works. I'm able to work from home and spend more time with family.

March 5, 2016
I am not related to WFG but I do know the structure of this company and their mission. They are not only helping people in finance but also helping people to change their life style. Believe or not it is up to you! If you trust them you go further you will get help and get a success in your financial plans but pay attention you need to be guided by the ethical person. Actually, unethical people are everywhere not only in any business or any specific company or organization. Therefore, care for who you talk with not WFG. Please blame on those people who are not professionals not the organizations. Such as, a student have graduated from a university but he can not find a job while the other students get jobs. Could you blame on that university??? Open mind and think wisely if any business is doing something wrong the Government will shut it down long ago. It can not stand up year by year....

February 21, 2016
i was with them for 4 years believe me when i say this is a scam. If you want your money to vanish overnight then by all means buy their products. This happened to a friend of mine that I introduced to the company. Her thousands and thousands of dollars literally disappeared after it was transferred over to a supposed Investment Insurance product.

AlanReno November 05, 2022

It took you 4 years and your friend losing thousand and thousands of dollars to figure out these clowns at WFG are scammers?

February 15, 2016
Any of you who didn't succeed it is your own fault. If you follow the program, learn the products and give it 100 percent, you will succeed. We represent the biggest and best companies in the industry including, TransAmerica, NationWide, Prudential, Progressive, Voya, Met Life, Penn Life, New York Life, Mutual of Ohama and many more. We don't make a dime off of our clients. We don't charge advisory fees. We don't ask you to borrow money to invest in false products. I am sure that there have been some agents that have taken advantage of their clients and as far as I am concerned, they should be doing jail time. Overall, WFG is a great company with a great purpose. To help the 95 percent of the working class that is overlooked by all the other advisory groups out there. They only cater to the 5 percent earners in this country. In other words, they help the rich get richer.

February 12, 2016
Pyramid scam! Went 2 times supposedly to straighten my finances just to help a friend that begged me to help out, at the end of both interviews the alleged certified planner told me he was making 270k at his previous job and left it for Revolution Financial Management opportunity because he was making more and working half of the time! Ha sure! As I'm a pretty well informed guy and do read and listen to CFP programs I noticed these guys are a cheap version of Dave Ramsey, they push for IUL's but of course don't tell you the first payments go to fees, and they claim to be super smart and try to convince you that making the minimum payments on your credit cards is the wisest thing to do just so you have more cash in you bank of course to buy from them the marvelous insurance that they make commissions off. At the end as I turned him down with more than enough facts he said "I feel sorry for you and would love you to be like me and make the same kind of money" and tried selling me the licensing lmao. Don't be stupid people, stay away and if you need a CFP pay for a schooled one that burned his eyes reading 6 years not these crooks!!!

AlanReno November 05, 2022

You hit the nail on the head. Smart fella. Glad you were smarter than most of these folks on here.

January 19, 2016
Primericas biggest lie is their big earners list. Its actually not only cumulative back to 1977, but cumulative by level. A $1M earner will then also be counted at the $50k and $100k. Its in fine print but most just look at the pretty nummbers which are highly distorted by the cumulative effect. When you rework the numbers without accumulation, only about 5,980 reps have ever earned more than $50k LESS EXPENSES in 38 years, and many never repeated those numbers since.

December 14, 2015

For those who are bad mouthing WFG, I have a suggestion. If you are really a victim, all you need to do is file a complain to SEC (Stock Exchange Commission), FTC (Federal Trade Commission), FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) ,CIC (Commission Insurance Code) HIPAA (Health Insurance and Probability and Accidental Act). These commissions are the one who overlook or regulates insurance companies and can help you with your problems.

For the agents of WFG, I believe that they took the class and passed the state test. I also believe that they cleared their names with DOJ (Department Of Justice) by live scan or finger printing through an authorized agency, like Sheriff Department, because that is the process. You cannot be an agent if you have a felony in your record.

To succeed with the program, you must work hard. After several field trainings (up to ten) and still you cannot do it in your own, this is not for you. No such company will baby sit you forever. I know young people who are WFG agents and they work hard, very active helping families and very successful with the business.

As a client, I'm happy and I am a believer. Programs are good most especially for young families. I hope I will get a chance or time for the qualification next year, to be an agent. By the way, I am a senior, age doesn't matter when it comes to this business. Talking about market? There are 100 million people out there that has no insurance and need help. Ask the regulatory boards if this is true or not. So please, for those who had a bad experience with WFG and if you think it is legit, now you know what to do. File a complain. Got it? Fraudinvestigator Mississauga, Jane Doe, Ca. et al bmWFG, I hope you read this. As what JC, San Diego said, don't make yourself sound stupid.

October 13, 2015

WFG has a few major problems. They encourage taking equity out of your home to invest in the markets. The problem is, they charge you interest to do so. If they charge you 3%, and the markets fall 3%, you lose 6%. You have to make 3% just to break even. Very risky. They are also very pushy at recruiting and selling to family and friends. I had a friend ask me for my business. He works part time, and has been working for them for 2 months. I told him that I prefer a fully trained and full time Lawyer, Accountant, Dentist Etc. Why would I trust a part time- partially trained person with my life savings?

They do sell some legitimate products, but have a very shady way of doing it.

AlanReno November 05, 2022

They're scammers of the worst kind. Run as far away from them as you can.

October 12, 2015

I Joined WFG for about a year and Half ago,I'm a state worker and was desperate to find a financial product to fund my Daughter College fee as the 457 I set up for her when she was born tanked to half in 2008.With Good Guidance I found WFG and I'm so proud my family is all protected and set for life. About six months ago, I schedule a meeting with a coworker to help with her family legacy. For those who are not familiar with this, Procrastination is our worse enemy. She procrastinated the meeting for six months and last month I saw her name in our Company mass e-mail. I Rushed to her desk just to find out that her Husband just got a Stroke. I almost fainted because I failed to do my duty as a Licensed WFG agent who was supposed to insist and protect my friend family. The husband give up to the stroke and she is now really broke, with tree kids to care off, Funeral home mortgage to pay. For those saying WFG is a scam, Put yourselves in my shoes and feel what feel??? I could have set a legacy for my friends' family... They could have lost their love one anyway but not loosing their income with it....

on all account there is no match with WFG when it comes to help families and we are urging the world to protect their love ones. Stay away from loosing people who cannot perform and spending their lives writing about scam, class action law suits, and many others negativity.

Protect your family... you would be the most happier person on earth if something happen to your loves one after you listen to a WFG licensed agent and take action.

AlanReno November 05, 2022

Guarantee this robot is no longer with the company.

October 8, 2015
My favorite thing is when WFG employees tout the 8 page spread on WFG in Forbes Magazine! News flash you uneducated predators, that was a paid advertisement, not a Forbes article on great they are.

October 8, 2015
WFG charges 3x the average fees. You heard me right, 3 times the fees! That in and of itself is a scam, but when you couple that with the fact that their "agents" average less than one year as a licensed agent, those fees become even more outrageous. They pray on the uneducated and their products are all set to implode on themselves in the current low interest rate environment.

AlanReno November 05, 2022

They're crooks bottom line!

October 6, 2015
WFG is to the financial industry what Walmart is to retail. WFG is in the distribution business. Distribution of financial and insurance products from different financial services/insurance companies. Period. So stop all the negative talk about something you have absolutely no clue about. Some of you can barely construct a sentence in proper English and you want to talk about WFG. HOW DARE YOU

AlanReno November 05, 2022

I guarantee Ernesto is no longer with the Walmart of the financial industry lol. WFG is a complete and total scam and crooks who will steal everything they can from you.

October 1, 2015

I had a chance to listen to a speech given by a Vietnamese lady. She claimed to be of high-ranking officer in this pyramid scheme. She could not speak English well and did not enunciate the nouns correctly. She was so psyched up, it looked like she was on some sort of drug. I sat there and at least pretended to be interested but I was there to observe these scam artists plying their trades. The entire office suit was filled with these Asians (either Vietnamese, Thai, or Filipino) pretend-to-be insurance agents.

Bottom line is that anyone can stand up and give a good speech on how he/she started out as dirt-poor person and with the help of WFG they got rich and has money to live a worry-free lifestyle. The reality is that these people are not interested in selling any insurance or helping you with financial success. They are there to recruit “foot soldiers” for their pyramid scheme.

Shame on them for robbing me off $100, they will have to answer to God on judgment day.

October 1, 2015
This company has changed my life completely!!! I never went on vacations before coming into this company. I now have gone to Honolulu, Hawaii, Orlando, Florida twice, and Las Vegas, Nevada twice, plus we took our kids with us. In one and a half years, I left my job as an IT Project Manager and my husband of 15 years of Pepsi left his position. It has been a dream come true. I never thought I would be this successful. But, we are and now we have more time for our family. I love WFG/WSB.