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April 3, 2015
I just joined WFG, I AM already a licensed financial adviser. I have 15 years of experience. I came to WFG after I have seen it all, there are other similar business models, New York Life, Mass Mutual, Gaurdian, Bankers Life on and on. Just like any business they all need to train and hire talented people for their sales force. The reason I came to WFG is it does have a stable and proven business model, there are REAL financial advisors, there are REAL products. I chose WFG, my advice for anyone new and not coming from the financial industry...slow down see through the fog, if you treat this like a business you will succeed. There is NO way any of the leaders here would expect someone with no knowledge to go out an advise a client on products and services. Transamerica is a 200+ year old company (as well as Aegon) they would not involve themselves with a scam or pyramid scheme. Yes there is high turnover, most people sign up and never work at it giving up easily and writing it off as a scam because they didn't understand you actually have to try hard. WFG is truly representative of our free market society, EVERYONE who joins WFG has the same opportunity, most give up but those who persist and work hard do make money and best of all learn about their finances. So BE SKEPTICAL but also be open minded and see it for what it is.

March 15, 2015
I love the fact that most of the people posting in here can't even do due diligence and spell check their responses. How can you review a product and call it uneducated if you yourself are the uneducated person? With that being said, any product that you are going to have to sell to friends and family will eventually wear out its welcome. Don't get me wrong people will succeed in this otherwise it would not be around, but with that being said, many more will fail than succeed. The cost of failing in many of these people's cases will end up setting them back further in life than they already were before they were presented this "awesome opportunity". Just beware of what you are doing when doing any kind of sales job that does not present an actual salary.

March 5, 2015
I am currently an Associate with Axianta Financial Partners/World Financial Group. I'm not here to play the biased role, just to offer a bit of insight to those who are hesitant. As a new associate with 2 daughters and currently pursuing a degree in Finance, I was (and at times occasionally am) very hesitant. However my team, and I can only speak for my team, from Day 1 have made it clear that everything the person said in this review. We push education more than sales and recruitment, our field trainings (which new associates have to do) are all about getting that new associate referrals. I generally hate everything, and at times when my SMD pushes recruiting it makes me cringe a little (I would rather sell products being that I'm very pro exclusivity), every time I go to a meeting I get more inspired because I can see that it is nothing like 5Linx or any one of the other MLM/NM companies. My working with Axianta led me to getting my insurance license and now I work for another firm making $21 an hour, and I use Axianta as my own business... I make my own hours, I have my own team, and it allows me the disposable income to be able to reinvest in myself.

March 4, 2015
Inside truth, I've been with WFG for 3 years. Its been amazing. Good money and you get to meet new people. Maybe our manner of working is unethical to most I will admit, but truth is were all here just for the money. We sell insurance and make you sign a contract, and we get compensated. I read some of these policys and sure I can tell years down the road this will probably not benifit you at all but like I said a job is a job and thats the sad truth of the world. The faster we accept this the faster we can get on with our lives. We are trained here to go on websites like this and "prove" we are not a scam. And truth is were are not. Call it taking advantage of people who don't know squat about Life Insurance if youre going to call it anything. But then again do youre research before anything. You wont become a millionair if thats what you think. We have to give you certain numbers because we have done research and they are the most convincing. Again, this is the truth. I graduated highschool and almost make 6 figures at the age of 27.

March 1, 2015
The products and services are legitimate. I caution anyone looking at this opportunity to look at everything carefully, from the leadership, to the supporting staff, to the training (Weekly BPM's). I relate this opportunity to a product life cycle. Those that got in 15-20 years ago at its inception are the ones truly making money. Those trying to get in today, be aware of its decline, only very few will succeed with the high turnover rate. Which is why recruiting is constantly the focus, every recruit becomes your client, the more recruits you have the more clients you acquire. Not to mention their top 25 who happen to agree to meet with your recruits for their training (sales meeting for the recruiter). For those not licensed, they see no money despite spending their time, money, and resources to these meetings which are very few and scarce for new recruits. Especially when spending a few hundred to two-thousand dollars for licensing, training, quarterly meeting-training sessions, and annual conventions, with no returns to you until you're licensed. By that time, you've burned through your warm market, family and friends that no longer return your calls, let alone pick up for you. Remember the product life cycle, and proceed with caution in its decline with saturation of licensed agents making no money, not to mention your up lines pressuring you to make the calls for new recruits through job sites, or any source with resumes. For those who are talented enough and outshine their up lines, beware of jealousy and embarrassment to bring you down. No leader in this environment wants to be outdone by their recruits. As for the culture, there are some legitimate leaders and generous folks, however, tread carefully with the rest. Finally, for those looking to invest in the products or services, avoid this company and contact the providers (Pacific Life, Nationwide, and others) yourself.

February 20, 2015

WFG gives one the greatest opportunity in America.

With proper education and on licensing one can create a successful business on their own terms hire whomever they chose to be associates under them.

If one then recruits strong ,educated licensed financial advisors he or she can build a honest business that provides quality service and money management advice.

January 6, 2015

Beware they are not legit and uneducated agents and would not answer when you called. Their phone numbers are not working.

If you invested money from then get your money if you can reach them and run. If they won't give me my hundred dollar back I will report them to our Department of consumer affairs.

they are so rude. They won't even answer your calls and messages left. I submitted a dispute to my credit card company ...just beware...

January 6, 2015

I was asked a someone to go see her friend who is into this "thing"...I went with her out of courtesy...when I went to the place I wont' be able to find out more unless I give them a hundred dollars as assurance that I would attend their presentation and one on one session. I did attend but I found out that day it is not for me. I needed a job that can guarantee me financial security. After the presentation the Team Leader have his papers ready in front of everybody, and let me sign in and my credit card for a hundred dollars. I knew I can get my money back because I did not attend anymore and did not do the one on one training. I called in before one month to tell them it is not for me and I want my money back but the person did not call me back. Right now it is currently on dispute. Please be aware, most of them are not really articulate, I have my retirement and insurance IRA's taken cared of by professionals...

Just beware. Don't give your hundred dollars. They cannot be reached when you want it back if you decide not to join. They don't answer the phone.