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September 12, 2015
I can't believe the amount of bitterness from people who basically don't know how to be successful. Actually complaining about a $100.00 fee to verify your Social Security Number that should be refunded. This only proves more legitimacy. I applied for a part-time job at a prominent County Agency and paid more than that for a background check and no one refunded my money when I decided to not take the job. Entrepreneurship is HARD. An recruiting is a chance to build your business and give you a position much like a Real Estate Broker. It's not a pyramid where no one makes money but the top. You are not paid to recruit BUT building pays off & IT'S NOT EASY but the training and the great leadership of this company makes it easier. To the gentleman who says he was ripped off by a WFG agent, I hope it is resolved. I have only met high-integrity people but there are bad apples everywhere. I have been ripped off, more specifically sold insurance not optimized for my needs by Met Life Agents in the past. To the morons who claim "uneducated" agents came to them. If they were licensed, they were NOT uneducated. If they were not, they were with a trainer. It's a shame you we don't require licenses to spew uneducated bitterness on the Internet.

September 9, 2015

If you want to get into the financial field, they are the best for the testing and obtaining your license, after that leave!

If you ask them directly if they are multilevel marketing (MLM) they will dance around the question and basically try to tell you that they aren't....which is false! In order to get to the next level of commission you need to "recruit" a certain number of people then later have a certain dollar amount of business before you can move up.

Their commission percentages and income is low in comparison to other financial companies out there.

Every one around you just uses you to get them to move higher. They act like they are your friend when they aren't and act like they are so proud of you when you achieve something but it's all fake.

In terms of fees, yes they charge you what is called an AMA which is around $150 then the course which is an additional $99 or so. What they don't tell you is once you've paid those two prices then another $100 to write your test to become fully licensed (which you can't get paid till your fully licensed), they have office fees and email fees and you have to pay for any printing or copying in the office. The office fee starts low at around $35 a month but every time you move up the levels your office fee increases. The next level is $90 a month then $140 and so on. Your wfg email (which your basically forced to get because that is the email on your business card) is an additional $9 a basically if you have no business with clients your paying them to work at WFG. Plus don't forget your monthly E&O insurance which also isn't mentioned to you until after you passed your test and studied like crazy.

If you want to work for WFG that's your choice, but get all the info before you choose.

And a small note, they say it is your business but then why do you need approval on your business cards and why do you need to give a resignation letter if you don't want to do this anymore. If it was my own business, you usually just walk away. Maybe lose initial money invested but walk away and the business is closed.

September 1, 2015

I think the issue here is that people tend to think that the opportunity at WFG is a get rich fast type of opportunity. If you go in with that type of mentality and you don't see results, plain and simple you will burn your self out, Ive seen it with my own eyes. Whoever has the opportunity to join WFG and is looking into it, this is my advice to you - Any limitations are self imposed, keyword being ANY. If you actually dedicate yourself, grind and put in work without any doubt you WILL see results..See most people who work as a WFG Insurance sales agent would consider them selves "Entrepreneurs" but in reality most are Wantrepreneurs. Key word being want. They want everything handed to them and aren't willing to do what it takes to make things happen, always making excuses,

Blaming WFG would be one of them. WFG is a great opportunity and just like any other type of career in a sense that only HARD work will get you where you want to be. Plain and simple.

For those who came across an agent who misled you in any way to make a profit - I apologize on behalf of WFG, you have to understand that not all agents are scum bags like the one you came across, I have the honor and privilege to work amongst agents who actually give a dam about your financial situations and I hope you can reconsider your opinions about WFG.

August 20, 2015
First of all, this must be approached as a Business Opportunity, not a job. Most people are not used to a "business format", but rather a boss-employee type of format. There's a lot of self educating, reading and continuously Continued Education to renew your license. There's many opportunities here to actually own your own business, profit sharing and leaving a legacy for your family. This is "NOT" a get rich quick scheme, as no legitimate business is. The problem with a lot of people coming into this business is they're looking for a quick buck. No such luck. There's long hours involved, licensing, building by bringing in people, and being persistent, as is with any business. Know what you're looking for before you jump in. If you don't know how to drive a Ferrari, don't buy it. but you can learn how to drive it.

August 17, 2015

You're probably looking for something better in life...More money, motivation, and direction.

So you go to one of these meetings, introduced by a friend which makes you trust them, and you listen to their talk. It sounds too good to be true, they even acknowledge that it sounds too good to be true. And they ask, "If this isn't real then how come I'm making so much money off of it? How come it's backed by a HUGE company?" Then they say of course it's real but a LOT of people fail at it.

For ONLY $100.00 they'll teach you how to make money too.

If you're smart, you'll leave after the meeting.

If you're naive you might pay the $100.00. but leave after a few weeks...

And if you're really gullible you might even agree to invite your friends and family to sign up for a life insurance plan.

But the problem is you know NOTHING about life insurance. The fees, the future value, the penalties associated with really know NOTHING about it. You're just following instructions because someone you trust, told you everything you wanted to hear - And you WANT to believe it's true.

Bottom line - WFG is in the business of ripping people off. Sure, they offer a REAL product, which is a REALly horrible life insurance policy. But just because you offer a real product and get really good duping naive people into wasting their $ on a that life insurance policy, it doesn't mean your business is legit. It just means you found a loophole in the legal system to scam a lot of naive people out of their hard earned cash.

Don't be a victim.

Save your $100.00 to buy a book.

August 15, 2015

I have recently run terrified away from an attempted recruitment into WFG. My poor friend invited me to join and I went to the seminar just to see if my gut feeling was right... Well it was, but WFG and their services are not a scam - they don't steal money from you outright and there is a real product- though you might have to water-board one of the reps or whatever they're called to find out what that product is exactly. Worse rather they deceive individuals by withholding information and "pumping them up" with ridiculously vague pitches of potential success. This ought to be the final word on the matter for this website (yeah right!), and I challenge anyone who refutes it to stop lying to themselves for the love of God:

Most people probably arrive at this page by searching the web for "is WFG a scam?". Why then are there so many short, vague, defensive and similar POSITIVE reviews (aka propaganda) and why is their only argument that some people just don't fit in or work hard enough? Is someone(s) who works for WFG searching for "WFG scam" so they can find bad reviews and rebuke them?


I feel so sorry for those caught in the WFG or any other MLM delusion. Please get out now.

August 13, 2015
WFG is a marketing company for financial strategies. If you do not want to be a business owner, then I suggest you work for someone else the rest of your life. WFG doesn't post for job openings online. Entrepreneurship is the process of starting a business, typically a startup company offering an innovative product, process or service. Some people simply are not cut out to be business owners or entrepreneurs. Get it clear, it is not a job it's a business. If you have ever owned a business, you would know that pay can be up or down. And the $100 to become a business owner, nobody held a knife to you and made you do it! The ones who say its a scam obviously did not make it as a business owner. WFG only provides the system. Go look up Jesus and see how many haters he has! Oh, and Jesus recruited 12 wide...military recruits...businesses recruit! It's not a bad thing to give an opportunity, but it's up to you what you do with it.

August 1, 2015

Look up these so call WFG/Transamerica leaders on FINRA Broker Check and see for yourself. Many of them have official document complaints, tax leans, etc. etc. that they don't want the public to know.

A big is a big however you dress it up or even change it's name. :)

July 22, 2015
Need proper schooling? This is why you need to attend the trainings and read and study. You think you can get that money quick? Go work at a fast food chain to get fast money.

July 22, 2015
If you think WFG is a scam, think again. You probably don't know anything at all. This company gets inspected and in order for you to write policies, you need to be a licensed agent. It is funny how one of the guys here said that he brings 3 recruits every week, yeah whatever, really impossible!

July 8, 2015
I just joined WFG, and the presentation I got made no mistake about the product being insurance. I got my license outside of WFG before I joined. Recruits are told they are helping people by giving them a good financial opportunity to save for their future (by either becoming an independent contractor, or purchasing a policy that builds cash value, or both). Since we are in business for ourselves, there is certainly potential for some bad apples to give the company a bad reputation, but a good agent will consider what is right for the client. This is what is called having INTEGRITY. One of the products in the presentation I was shown when I joined has a floor on the growth rate - in other words, you are guaranteed a minimum rate of return on this product. I am still learning, and am not the type to go up and talk to people, but that is what the training is for. This company is no more a scam than Amway or Mary Kay, but has many of the same recruiting difficulties.

July 7, 2015
I was with WFG for 7 years. WFG does a poor job training and educating their agents. Wfg members come from all walks of life mostly with no prior education and experience in financial industry. They mostly have their insurance and mutual fund license and lack the essential and fundamental knowledge on the industry. They then go out and start selling financial products to bunch of family and friends that may have even less knowledge of financial products. I have seen many families being pushed products that they don't need and have no idea about. I have seen families re-fiance their mortgages and take equity out and invest in mutual fund market and take risks that is beyond their risk profile. After years at WFG and seeing many families fall apart financially I could not stand it and exited. The So Called CEOs of WFG encouraged the agents back in 2006 to 2008 to take leveraged loans and invest. Most of the clients could not even afford the interest and the account was set up so that the return of capital would pay for the interest of the loan. What they have done at WFG is beyond disaster for Canadian families yet they claim they are there to educate people. How can you educate someone when you lack education yourself. If you hear the name or see the sign, just run and run fast.

June 20, 2015
I am an Associate with World Financial Group. I come from a Financial Services background in fact I have worked for many of the big firms as well. I think the common thread on all the negative reviews come down to the person hiring/presenting the new recruit. Fortunately I was recruited by a 100% legitimate, experienced and ethical trainer. The good news about WFG is they will give just about anyone a shot, the bad news about WFG they will give just about anyone a shot. Knowing what I know now, if this opportunity is presented correctly and all terms are laid out in front of you along with an actual roadmap on what it takes to be successful I truly believe there would be much less negative press. So here is what you have to know: $100 is an application fee (no one makes money off that) you will have to get licensed to legally get paid ($20 for education 52 hours+ state fee and fingerprint) after being licensed you will need to deposit $30 for Errors and Ommisions insurance (every financial professional has this)and a $52 appointment fee (this is normal too because it takes a lot of work to appoint you to 30 some carriers). What they do is very impressive and no one is supposed to use high pressure tactics, in fact I have been doing great just simply showing people what I do and it generates interest in one form or another. Don't pay too much attention to all the negative stuff, just know its not a job where you get a salary and what they do is really good and shouldn't be taken lightly.

June 19, 2015

I admit that I fell for the okey-doke. They built up my confidence, pumped me full of law of attraction nonsense, and sold me a dream, causing me to foolishly squander money I had saved to teach English in China. Now, I get to stay home this summer with no money, and I get to miss out on teaching overseas and living my real dream.

The WFG branch that I was recruited by, Axianta Financial Partners, was disingenuous from the start. When I asked if the "background check fee", which was an "administrative fee" in my case, along with the 52 Hours and CA insurance license were the only fees that I had to pay for, they said yes. Lo and behold, I'm having to pay for continuing education, errors and omissions, and a mandatory "kickstarter" event which is just a day-long BPM with more motivational speaking and dudes talking about how their wives are their better halves, nothing that would actually get money in my pocket.

Are there people making it with this company? Sure, there probably are. Would I recommend this as an opportunity to make it big or in financial dire straits? Absolutely not. Most people likely will not make it, and most people will likely put out more money than they get back, that is if they get anything at all. These people are liars and they teach agents tactics to get under their victims skins, things that some may call foul play. It's all connotation, I guess.

June 16, 2015

World financial group is a great opportunity. Some people think it's a job though. That is the largest misconception. It's a business. You need to for load your business with work and effort but it can be profitable within two months. Go try and start a business like a restaurant or even photography and the overhead on those business would kill you the first year. Since they tend to give the opportunity to everyone ere is a saturation of lazy people that need there wages and would never have the motivation to make a business work anyways.

If you run the system it works. The products are great and yes you start off in your warm market with family and friends, but they tend to need help. Why not be the guy to help.

Anyways if you got questions or live in Southern California and need more info email me

[email protected]

May 31, 2015
When I got recruited, the guy would not answer my questions, and I pumped him for them. Still no answers. Just for me to show up at his office at said time and day. No information whatsoever. My b/f found this site. Based on all the reviews (and I read ALL of them), I'm not going to go to the meeting. I will not pay to work. And I have a Bachelor of Science degree. I think I will go someplace else to work--I have 3 interviews this week. Good luck, all.

May 24, 2015
There will always be negative things about all companies,it's the people who give wfg a bad rep because they are greedy and don't do things the ethical way. Company is awesome and it's about getting license and learning about the financial solutions we can offer to families. No matter what business you plan to join or start,WFG to me is very reasonable to start up.lets say $500 total to get started,license included vs if you want to start your own business or even a franchise which will cost you way more. I believe it's all about sharing the opportunity the company offers because I've seen different walks of life who made it big because they saw it,they understand it and the most important don't quit! It's basically common sense to make it big here. Those who say bad things about WFG are probably still broke, just negative in life and didn't get their license... This ain't a get rich overnight scheme,it's a business and you have to work hard and build people to make great money here.

May 20, 2015

Dear Readers:

Always make sound decisions based off of facts, not the internet. My sister joined WFG. She called to set an appointment to discuss protecting our family against any loss. I agreed to sit down with a WFG Agent. I was impressed with the knowledge of choosing the right life insurance. First, you must find out what you need, buy what you can afford and what's suitable for your family. Like a lot of people out there I had life insurance on my job, but wasn't sure how it worked. Well, I did protect my family with $500k outside of my work. My wife got sick. I lost my job and there was no more insurance from work. Thank God, I listened to the WFG Agent. The six months My wife was sick, we received a check from the insurance company for Long Term Care Support. After her death, I received $520k in Life Insurance. What if I had of believed in bad reviews and not gotten the proper protection. I would have lost everything that we have worked for. There is a need for every family to get the facts NOT opinions. Use your own judgment, if it makes sense do it. Some decisions we keep putting off will cost us dearly, if we choose to wait. If you care for your family well being, Don't wait to late, do something about it. Thank you for reading this post.

May 15, 2015
The WFG agents on here who keep saying if it was a legitimate business, then "the Fed" or the FBI, SEC or FTC would have shut them down already don't understand the fact that many MLM schemes ARE totally legal. Look at Herbalife, a $5 billion company. It's legal (although it seems to constantly be under investigation). These firms are commonly called "Affinity Marketing" firms because they rely on you to sell products to your friends and families, then troll through your acquaintances on Facebook, etc. The commissions they have to pay out to the agents and everyone in the downlines make it so the margins have to be high. These products are not cheap and for most people provide a poor value (ie, they could find the same product from another firm for much less). But the reason people buy them is because they're purchasing their life insurance/annuity/whatever from their newphew or granddaughter or old best friend from college. So if you want to do WFG, know what you're getting into. You're going to be selling products to your friends and family at an inflated price, hoping they will buy it out of their personal loyalty to you. You're literally selling your reputation. And the financial product they get in return might cause them to reevaluate their opinion of you...

April 16, 2015
I have to say, usually people who feel scammed or are expecting to be scammed are putting attention on their own victimization. This company is legit- I have trusted then to do right by me, and they have. It took a minute to get the concepts about where to put money, but my retirement is growing in a tax advantaged situation, rather than my old 401K that was going to cost me a bundle in taxes at withdrawl. The financial side of it is pure gold, with a little self educating and with their advice. As for the biz model, it's a hybrid, yes. Of models that work. MLM actually works, anyone who has had to market anything will tell you so. they offered me a spot, I didn't want it, but I like what they do. There is nothing illegal, and I am experiencing more care and growth for my small nest egg than I ever got from a Financial professional- no fees (they are paid by the companies, not the clients), no risk (ever hear of the 7702 codes? go look THAT up) and there is no cold callling- friends and relatives are a great warm market, and I want the people I love to have financial security as well, so I don't have to bail them out with my savings, hence the referrals. I find it very smart. It's definitely a new way of doing business, and I guess people who never caught onto the old ways are not going to wat them to change. Wise up. Money is money. It's your responsibility to learn about it, make it, grow it, protect it, and leave the victimization feelings out.