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February 22, 2019

This is bad, very bad. One year ago I subscribed to their newsletter and my VISA was charged for 59 USD, I told them, that it was the one for USD 29 I actually wanted. They refunded the 30 USD right away, at the same day. Now one year after my VISA was charged with 129 USD and I had not asked for a renewal of the subscription. I canceled the subscription and got the same message "Please allow 1 to 2 billing cycles for the credit to appear."

What can we do to get our money back? This is a scam!!!

February 13, 2019

More of the same. Stay far away from Weiss and Banyan. Just wanted to switch from one service to another as was permitted when I subscribed (and paid $3500). So many calls. So much time on hold. They just don't do it. "System problems" or will do it tomorrow or ...

A friend told me to stay away but I trusted the Weiss name. My loss - Total scam - just another sucker to them.

February 11, 2019
I canceled Weiss Group February 13 2018. January 31st 2019 they withdrew 790.00 from my Visa account. Each day that I call them, they state their computer is down and they are manually working with the finances and it would take one to two business cycles to refund the money. Every day they say "I will take care of it." I will be taking further steps...

February 4, 2019
STAY AWAY. Weiss Ratings and Weiss Research are scams. I was a lifetime subscriber to Martin Weiss' team under the company "Weiss Research"... Sean Broderick, Tony Sagami, Mike Larson and the late Larry Edelson. Martin decided to sell his Weiss Research company to another publishing company (Banyan Hill), and my access to his team disappeared. Sure, I have lifetime subscriptions to Banyan Hill's premium content, some of which retain the old newsletter titles but are written by entirely different people. but NOT to Martin's team. I didn't pay to follow a "name" of a news letter, I paid to follow particular individuals. Martin moved them over under the Weiss Ratings company after selling the newsletter, and now previous subscribers no longer have access to the authors they paid to follow. I have been defrauded of the money I paid for lifetime subscriptions.

Carolyn M February 24, 2019

I have been treated the same way by Weiss. I was given "life" membership in multiple services and now cannot access any of them except Weiss Cryptocurrency Portfolio sends me emails and Weiss Ratings but I cannot access them using my email/password as before. I joined because of Larry Edelson and did well with him. They say he passed away; this I do not believe. He is probably in Thailand walking the beach!!!! I have been with Weiss a long time. Last service cost $3500. I do not trust them anymore; nor do I trust Banyan Hill; recommended bad investments where I lost badly. Martin has Juan Villaverde running Weiss Cryptocurrency services so he is still involved. Appears he knew his company was failing previously and bailed to cut losses and get rid of us lifetime subscribers. They were constantly hounding me to pay for more services--i.e new ones. Of course I refused, they got pissed and basically cut my access. Do you think we could get a class action suit going? I would definitely be interested. I have all documents, unfulfilled promises he made, as to the value of what he was offering.

Carlton h March 04, 2019


Thanks for the detailed response! I was considering Weiss, but after reading this page with several consistent comments, I will not. Since you saved me some money, I would like to return the favor. I read your comments about Banyan Hill, of which I have been a subscriber for over 2 years. I cannot and will not speak for all of the writers, but my personal results with Paul Mampilly's Profit's Unlimited and True Momentum services have been outstanding!! I began in March of 2017 and have doubled my money as of Friday, even after the meltdown in December. I personally do equally weighted positions and take all of the recommended trades, as he recommends.

So, as you have a lifetime subscription to Banyan Hill, you have access to all of the various newsletters. Follow these two for the rest of the year, if you don't trust what I am saying, and see for yourself. Obviously, I have no idea if his picks will continue to perform at the level I have enjoyed, but the mega-trends he focuses on makes a lot of common sense.

Anyway, I am really sorry for you experience with Weiss. Its really disappointing to hear after reading his marketing material about how he is applying what he learned from his father, However, I think you will be very happy with Paul's programs. I have recommended them to family and friends, who have experienced similar results.



January 17, 2019

I invested in Weiss Ultimate Portfolio in June of 2018, subscribing to what I felt was a "safe" offer. I believed that I could trust this well known company. With this subscription Weiss stated that I had the option to cancel within the first year, with a holdback of the amount of the subscription I had used, which seemed fair to me.

In September, 2018, I made a call, realizing that almost all of the securities suggested had not performed to my expectations, so I desired to cancel. They gave me the cancellation amount I would be due, but encouraged me to "stay the course" at no additional charge to me for a period of time. Toward the end of this grace period, I called again and again, being told lie, after lie.

Finally today, over 3 months later, the credit has finally shown up on my credit card, withholding over $120 beyond the initial point of cancellation amount given.

Avoid this company! DO NOT believe their offers, as they DO NOT ring true.

December 27, 2018
This is bait and switch operation. I ordered a $198.00 item and was billed $2192.00 saying this is not refundable since this was a premium service. I cancelled this as soon as I got my credit card statement but they refused to refund. I am referring to the Better Business Bureau

December 18, 2018
I paid a lot of money for Weiss Ultimate Portfolio. I am not receiving emails for any trades and now I am locked out of their website. I have been trying to get a refund for weeks but am being ignored. I am beginning to believe this is a scam and am out a few thousand dollars not to mention the money lost in the market.

December 17, 2018
Weiss refuses to refund my money after I cancelled on 11-24-18. I paid 198.00 and on 12-15-18 a refund of 72.05 appeared on my account. they are stealing my money.

December 17, 2018
I requested a refund for 198.00 as I cancelled a subscription when it posted on my bank account on 11-24-18. they said they charged my account on 11-8-18, so I would only get back around 186.00. on 12-15-18 a credit of 72.05 was posted. this company is very dishonest, looking to scam people. BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY BEFORE YOU SUBSCRIBE TO ANY OF THEIR SERVICES

October 25, 2018
Just took his $29 for 12 months and 5 "free" gifts offered in the "convergence" infomercial. For 20 years I have subscribed to 10 to 20 Financial advice newsletters continuously. I compare what they say and always buy the cheapest offer to get a flavor of the letter. THESE guys never sent the free gifts. They are closed at 3:30 pm in California and No one answers the phone. BUT they did ding my account for the money. I then found this thread and feel bad for people that followed crap advice. If you need a good letter try Steve Suggerud or Paul Mampilly....

October 20, 2018
All Martin Weiss and his employees want to do is suck in subscribers and when they offer a prorated refund for their useless investment services you will never get it. Their selected stocks are losers. I would not read or follow their investment advice.

October 6, 2018
Please save your money . Don't buy into Martin Weis. He opens new super cycles all the time and hires people that have no business telling anyone where they should put there money . They have ripped customers off for thousands of dollars which adds up to their own riches if you join . Wish I had nothing ever to do with them . I also have lists thousand upon thousands with their recommendations of what to invest in . Martin has no conscience of those people he has hurt financially. When you get past the thought of what you have lost find a way to make investing work for yourself. There is a way , I found a way that works for me . Read the charts . The charts do tell you where the stock are headed . It does work . Trust me there are a lot of weises out there beware .

September 9, 2018

Martin Weiss and his "cast of thousands" (or so it seems) will scam and spam you to death once it gets its hands on your email address. You will be absolutely swamped with doomsday pitches from a few, then a dozen, then too many faces and names to count as the moles pile up too fast to even count, let alone play Whac-a-Mole with them. For every Weiss- and Banyan Hill-associated mole you whack (i.e., unsubscribe from), two more pop up. Even if their business model actually were investment (as opposed to bullying us out of thousands of dollars in fees every time we turn around), we'd have to devote every waking hour to buying and selling scores of MUST ACT NOW horror movies all day long.

I have a life, and it would be much more pleasant without Martin Weiss and his countless pseudonyms in it. I neither know nor care whether any of his advice is valid; I just wish I had never heard of him.

July 24, 2018
Invested and Larry Edelson Super Cycle Trader before he passed away. Lost money on almost every recommendation they made. Spent several thousands of dollars and supposedly had a lifetime subscription just so we Investments could sell it to another company after Larry died. Now they have at Wiese Investments has Supercycle Investor they want you to spend thousands of dollars more so you can get their so-called inside information. Beware, it's a con game. Don't trust these people

July 13, 2018
Unwanted spam. Weiss sticks to your email address like glue. Can't get them to stop sending emails. Weiss does not stop sending emails if you actually request they stop.

March 17, 2018
Weiss research often open and than closed the services because of catastrophic results. Don˙t trust that company because they know nothing. Avoid these people.

March 9, 2018
weiss rating forecaster larry edelson good rest his soul predicted gold would hit 5000 dollars in 2015 today it is still hovering around 1320 ore a bit more still waiting to back up my truck ha ha what farce you may look at a tide chart which would give you a better return. In addition the urgency of martin interrupting his trip to save us all from oblivion what a lot of baloney go back on your trip martin and save us all a lot money very disappointing with your predictions

Sol March 29, 2018

My Experience with Weiss Group is they are very good at marketing but abysmal at stock picking. I have lost a large amount of money following their recommendations. Since Larry Passed away the performance has got worse.

They frequently launch the same product over and over Supercycle trader, now e wave. Goldmining millionaire should be renamed Gold mining Pauper.

Do your own research !

March 8, 2018

Customer support hung up on me, charged me extra without my authorization.

As for now, I submitted a report to Chase bank and will follow up abut new unauthorized transactions from your company. I opened a claim with BBB to share my experience (will follow up abut new unauthorized transactions) and working on a guest post for Medium and Reddit. I'm looking for other people who have the similar experience with Weiss Ratings to do a group claim.

February 5, 2018

Trying to get a refund - complete run around. They couldn't pick a winner if their lives depended on it.

Crooks. I've had to resort to the bbb.

January 13, 2018
The Weiss $nm provided some very good information about the economy and stock market by some of its writers . Read some of the readers' postings and feel they have unrealistic expectations on the advisor's roles. The logic is if a few hundreds or even thousands dollars fees can guarantee you making money ;there won't be any poor people any more! They must do your own due deligence and weight it on their risk preference and circumstances before investing. Investment is not for everyone. Too many North American consumers are simply pathetic Please wake up.