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May 8, 2018
Read the fine print. Stansberry by far is the best in the business. I would recommend him anytime. Its not his fault you guys cant't read tge fine print. The book was 19.99$ with a year subscription that would charged accordingly. Sorry you guys suck at making money but stanberry puts his money where his mouth is. Plain and simple

March 6, 2018
The document you greed to when "purchasing", for me, The American Jubilee book, stated that you can cancel the "automatic renewal charge within 30 days. I just got my book today and I set an alert to call and cancel within 25 days. FYI, this is how they all seem to work, agreement says AUTO renewal and they get you to forget to cancel is another cash cow for them.-PR

March 6, 2018
I ordered just a book for $19.00 and guess what.....they charged my credit card $149.00 the next month. I never did agree to subscribe to their service. What a scam. Also, the book gave few details and was mostly on investing concepts.

February 1, 2018

The older I get the more stupid I become!

Ordered the book for my husband for $19.00 and nothing more!

Never did I sign up for any membership or Newsletter!

To my utmost surprised I have a charge of $149.00 on my Bank s statement!

Wait till I get through with them! Attorney and all! Daughter in law will take them on she is an Attorney

Pam N March 06, 2018

This is exactly what happened to me! I'm going to try to dispute the charge. Sounds like it won't be easy. Let me know how you make out.


January 18, 2018
I spent almost $8,000 for two subscriptions, & no, I wasn't supposed to do tons of research after getting the information. The information was what I paid for. Unfortunately, even if you took action pretty soon after receiving the message you couldn't get in at the recommended price, in this case it was buying puts. I guess if you were doing nothing but sitting with your phone beside a computer you might get in at the recommended price. But very soon after, the put would be out of the advised range. Does anyone else see a problem with this? The seller of the subscription will tell you about the person who made tons of money doing this exact thing....yeah right! I don't think the guy(s) who gave these shysters 5 stars are the morons, I believe I am the moron for believing any of this garbage. What a waste of hard earned dough. I won't bother saying anything about the other service that cost $2,500US but it was no different than the first. And no, you're wrong Mr. 5 star, the information was not the beginning of my research, the information was the result of the so-called expertise that I paid for. Luckily for me I was able to cancel after one year so it only cost me $7,000US. Yeah, you're correct Mr. 5-star, I would've been better off giving my hard-earned to an investor & let him do the work for me. Then I would've made something.

Carolyn C April 14, 2018


Was the other service costing $2500 called Credit Opportunities? If so, could you be more specific as to what problem you experienced?

AJ May 26, 2018

Same experience. Bought the book for 19$ and was billed for $149 for a subscription the following month which I never signed up for. Also I can't find anywhere to unsubscribe on the website.

I called my credit card company and they offered to issue a new card so that they can't continue to bill me for what I had no intention of signing up for.

November 29, 2017
Unable to remove my credit card information from my account with them. They charged me for an additional newsletter subscription without my knowledge. Only discovered it after looking at my bill months later. I asked them how to remove the card info and they did not answer.

CA December 22, 2017

Had a similar experience. However, I substituted a Visa/MasterCard GIFT card thus removing my regular MC from their payment process.

Last month, Nov-2017, I had to substitute another gift card since the first one was used up by me on other purchases. How did I do that? On their contact page I send an email asking how to change the payment card since the existing one is no longer functional. I got an email giving me a link where I was able to make that substitution.

Although, that same email stated that I could not do that and that the link was for payments only and that I had to call their customer service. Actually, I was able to do that without calling their service where I suppose they would not like to accept a gift card since they have a very limited life span - in terms of spending the amount that they are pre-loaded with. It's best if you can do that without talking to anyone - less hassle.

Hope this helps!

With Regards, CA

November 19, 2017
Have subscribed to different newsletters over many years, mostly the "entry level" and have had mixed satisfactions from very good to meh. I am an educated investor and have been more interested in the overview than stock shopping which has helped me immensely in terms of strategy. Two things though: ALWAYS get a virtual credit card number from your card company to use when you sign up. That way there can only be one charge allowed and they will have to get in touch with you for any recurring charge. And take a screen shot of your order page and any "fine print" and print that out in case you need to dispute a charge with your credit card company. You will never see that info again if you don't.

October 20, 2017
Worthless junk don't waste your money on this junk. They will not refund your money back.

July 15, 2017

Eight year customer. Happy over all. I have made many times more on their suggestions than the cost of the service. Steve Sjuggerud is brilliant and his China Opportunities is up over 25% in the past eight months.

If you do not have the skill set to do your own investing, you shouldn't be buying advice on how to do it. Stansberry Investments is for people with a commitment to monitor and understand their investments and the underlying strategy, in other words, "active investors." If you are not good with any of that, buy a mutual fund or an index fund and become a "passive investor."

Know your limits. Choose wisely.

Sbwell December 27, 2017

Good advise. I'm realize that I am of the latter category. Purchased a lifetime membership with pie in the sky hopes that it could easily guide me along to make a few wise yet thrifty investments.

In actuality the advise is so overwhelming it does more to confuse than assure. To date the stock choices I have followed have proven rather anemic at best.

July 5, 2017
Beware Consumers! OK so I was foolish and subscribed ONCE! If you do, you cannot get out despite their promise to be able to cancel anytime. I asked to have the service cancelled but instead was charged for a renewal recently which I DID NOT authorize. Can you give less than 1 star in any ratings. This company is obviously a SCAM and using fraudulent practices. STAY AWAY!!!

June 6, 2017
Be very careful when ordering a book from them. I simply replied to an ad to order a book for $19.00 which included shipping. Although they did a spiel on investment advice, it was notclearutil after I had paid for book (thankfully with AXP) and received an email hat I was also signed up for a recurring $149 a year advisory service. It took two days, multiple unanswered phone calls, three emails to get it cancelled by them. VERY DECEPTIVE!

May 24, 2017
I've discovered that most unsatisfied people are frauds in themselves. They wish for someone to do all the work for them, even the trades. THAT my friends is a full service brokerage. This company is a newsletter service, they provide information. Is it good? Is it bad? Depends on how lazy you are. If you take any research at face value without any digging of your own, then you are a naïve, lazy, fool who will always call others fraudulent. I have been using newsletters (not just stansberry) for years as the beginning of my own research, not the end. You know the saying, "You get out, what you put in," and I am talking about your own diligent hard work. Laziness develops whiners, complainers, and just plain out idiots. As for specifics with this research group, I agree that Dr. Eifrigs newsletters are by far the most reliable upon face value. As for the other, they are just as good IF one is diligent to investigate their advice even further.

May 20, 2017

I subscribed just today but I can;t get a past word from them so I can log-in.

they gave me a user name: ervinyawn but I need a past word to get loged-in. I've a number of times to call them at the 1-888-262-2693 Tel. No. but they tell me I need to press '1' which I don;t have a '1' available on mu ph. to press then I'm cut off.

April 3, 2017
I am writing to warn people to stay away from anything this company offers. I tried to cancel a $55 monthly charge for a service I did not order and was told they sent the report to my email. Not ordering it and not expecting it, if they did send it, I probably deleted it thinking it was spam. I then tried to cancel my 2 year subscription and was told they would cancel it if I like but I would receive no refund. Evidently the owner of this business has been in trouble with the Federal Government for his business practices. If he has, the Government should require him to include his history of scams in his advertisments.

March 3, 2017
I am new to stansberry and so far I'm really impressed with the write ups. I like the full service brokerage program and I have just susbcribe on their "Venture Value" but the fees were kind of hefty for me and I was looking for possible ways to lessen the cost. If someone's interested, I would like to share my "Stansberry Venture Value" membership and split the cost. Send me an email [email protected] so we can talk more about it.

February 13, 2017
Did you get your money back, Total Scam, sorry that people have to resort to such a low level to make a living.

Need I say more
February 1, 2017

I have just read this entire thread. I may need some minor counseling after this. Seriously though this guy is taking all of these peoples money. The few positive post on here are complete BS!

If you take the time to read all of the reviews, everyone that has gotten this product whether good or bad review when they have tried to cancel their subscription they are having tremendous problems just in doing that.

That is the common denominator that you need to pay attention to on this thread. When you are made to feel like you need to consume something out of a feeling of fear.... Need I say more.

Jason April 09, 2017

My uncle has pointed me to an annual Stansbury newsletter that he pays thousands for.

My uncle claims that his membership to their Retirement Trader has provided him suggestions on options trading, specifically selling puts and calls.

More, my uncle tells me in his 6-months of following Dr Eifreg's advice that he has seen returns of 23% (to his retirement accounts)!

Granted, Since Trump's election we've seen 10% gains on the markets. Fine. Nevertheless, I'm researching options trading; and how to sell "premiums" on blue chip stocks through the Retirement Trader information emailed to me from my uncle.

I'm curious, since you have negatively responded to a number of these "favorable" posts as scams; and since I too am finding negative findings about Stansbury (not so much Eifreg) that cause me some concern--would you please consider elaborating more on your own personal experiences with their services?

Thank you for your considerations,


Chino Hills, CA

Tamy G October 17, 2018

Wow Dude Brilliant! Seriously? I have never ever replied to a review in my life but I just cannot let this one go by without comment. This is also for everyone that has written about there tale of refund woe.

By the way I am one of these persons and on more than one occasion. That said, let me tell you that THEY ALL DO THE VERY SAME THING. THE VERY SAME. IN FACT THEY ALL HAVE THE VERY SAME PRICING ON EVERYTHING. OFFER THE SAME AMOUNT OF BONUSES, etc., etc.,

The information varies of course, but the pricing, fashion of writing, etc. is exactly the same. I really believe they all use the same underwriter company. Seriously though like the gentleman advised earlier, in this same thread, one, "get a virtual number", kudos to that person, that premise led me to buying gift cards from my bank because they do not offer a virtual number.

This way I buy for what I am willing to pay for research, just like we do in investing never more than we can afford to lose not that any loss is acceptable but it is a necessary evil. Follow me. Any way this serves to give you the upper hand. Next I just love honesty said straight forward truth even if it hurts but for our own good.

So kudos again to the person who said that we are buying a vehicle of education to put into practice but it is our job to know exactly what we are doing as the ones doing it. You get out of it what you put into it. I love it. It is absolutely not a full service brokerage vessel. OMG!

I was seeking out reviews regarding the strategies or stock suggestions practiced and how they did with that? Instead all I have learned is how their refund policy sucked. The redundancy of this is sickening and a waste of readers time saying nothing. Get over it and sound off to your family or something but don't peat and repeat wasting my time and others for your own gratification offering nothing to others. We get it already who did you really write for?

I have learned absolutely nothing from this forum and it has wasted my time. Accepting only the intelligent comments made as mentioned above my comments.

However, I am no further along than when I came to this review site. Thanks, Bye

January 27, 2017
As a 10 year subscriber to their services , I have found excellent ,independent and honest advice. I don't know of any other newsletter organization or investment firm that publishes a review and track record of each service. There is no conflict of interest in their recommendations unlike an investmentbrokerage firm. Unfortunately, because of the nature of their business some of their marketing is over zealous and attention getting so if you overlook their marketing approach and look at what is really important ,their results , you will be impressed.

Free M February 01, 2017

BS! "So if you overlook their marketing approach and look at what is really important" you will realize all the information that this idiot provides is free on the Internet already! I am so angry for all of the victims on this thread! I hope that you people find some justice!

January 11, 2017
The lowest grade permitted by this site is a "1". If I could, I would grade them with a minus 2! The whole purpose for the firm is to try to seduce you into buying more product. I finally blocked all emails. At the end of the year, they "renewed" my subscription without my knowledge and when I noticed the credit card charge, I immediately called and they argreee to cancel for the following year -- 2018 but said I was 2 days late to cancel for 2017 but happy to stop sending anything further -- and thanks for my money! I disputed the charge and thought it was reversed but then I get a letter from B of A saying Stansberry has sent them "something" showing I had agreed to this and gave me 2 days to put in their hands documentation to refute whatever had been sent to them by Stansberry (it was never provided to me) which was impossible, particularly during a snow storm when even mail service is stopped. They worked that part of the scam to perfection. I can not say enough bad things about them....

December 27, 2016

I have been with Stansberry Research for over 8 years. I have always been happy with their services. I receive almost all of their newsletters and can say that I have made a tremendous amount of money using their research. I do not act blindly on all of their recommendations, but do my own research as well. Have I lost money on some of their recommendations? Absolutely! If they were that good Everybody would subscribe. What most investors (wannabees) don't think about is position size. Everyone wants to win big every time. It doesn't work that way. Position size management, and risk protection are cornerstones of investing. Stansberry is always preaching that.

When used correctly, I think that Stansberry Research produces top notch newsletters and terrific advice. I've learned a lot about investing from them.

Merrelly March 04, 2017

I just discovered a $400 charge on one of my Credit Cards from www.Stansberry Research. I knew nothing of this firm, I never ordered anything from them or any rep of theirs, looked them up on the Internet and found this connection of their customers.My immediate impression is...Sleazy outfit. Can't believe anyone to be cognizant of the facts supplied in this webpage would be gullible enough to continue sending them money!

I also called my CC company and reported the fraudulent charge, which was immediately removed from my account. I was instructed to destroy my CC and a new one is being sent to me.