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Responsive Support
May 5, 2014
Thank you for the reviews. I contacted Support and received a reply within an hour about my order. They got the seller to reply to my email I can't wait to get my dress soon.

Terrible customer service
April 24, 2014
Absolutely horrific experiance. They mislabeled the size and sent me a dress 6 sizes to small. I sent it back and am now trying to get my refund and they are so rude and not helpful. I have never had worse costumer service in my entire life! Do not order here!!

Daisy L April 28, 2014

I sell on Luulla and I always refund my customers for the services they aren't happy with. It's unfair to label us the same just because of one seller who made a mistake. Please do understand that we as sellers always try our best to resolve issues with our customers at any cost.

Just hit 100 sales on Luulla!
February 1, 2014
Luulla works well for me, the trick is just promoting and advertising a lot. I advertise whenever I'm online to bring in consistent sales. Thanks to all my customers as I celebrate my 100th sale today!

3 Sales Yesterday!!!
January 23, 2014
=) Yay! Made my first sale on Luulla...only took like 10 days and made 3 sales yesterday, I'm either on my way or it was a fluke, but I'd kinda like to think it was the first of the 2- Who's smiling now =)

February 02, 2014

Very usefu review. Thanks for it!

My First Sale on Luulla
January 12, 2014
I like luulla. I had 2 sales on the first day I joined with very little promotion. It is one of the nicest new sites so far. They are still upgrading things there but I think it has potential.

January 5, 2014
I'm confused about this website. Is the company based out of China? or just some of the sellers? I ordered something as a gift for Christmas, it got here late, after Christmas so I had to pay to ship it to my daughter, and then it broke on the second day. NOT HAPPY!

Barbara P January 07, 2014

Contact the seller or support team, they were the only company who answered my emails.

Natasja January 05, 2014

I think they are based in Singapore but sellers are from worldwide. I'm from Canada do check out my shop! :)

100% Customer Service Rating
November 21, 2013
I really appreciate the quick response from the Luulla team on my issue. Thank you so much, I just received my parcel today and love it!

Finally arrived after 3 weeks waiting...
November 18, 2013
I had contacted the admin and waited patiently for almost 3 weeks. Finally I received my infinity necklace it's awesome! Thank you so much it's worth the wait. Gotta make your purchase earlier tho...

Janet L December 16, 2015

Nice to know SOMEONE is receiving their merchandise!! I've been screwed out of money for a necklace by Joy Yong, and now the seller of a pair of shoes I bought for my daughter is saying it could be JANUARY!! They know this is for Christmas and should tell people it will take FOREVER to get your order!!! I will be telling everyone....DON'T PURCHASE FROM THIS WEBSITE!!!

I Received My Dress Today! :)
November 4, 2013
Yesssss, after almost one month, I received my dress!! Super excited to be wearing it this weekend :) I even got a free gift for the wait. So yay!

2 months and still no package
October 30, 2013
My package was said to be shipped out August 28th! Today is October 29th and still no package. I went to USPS and they said the tracking number was never in there system! I am livid.

I provide prompt response to buyers
October 26, 2013
I am a seller on Luulla (and Etsy) and I always provide prompt response to my customers. The review is unfair to sellers like myself who provide my best service to my customers. I've had both good and bad experiences with my customers and I believe this happens in every marketplace out there. I would say the best method is to contact the seller directly or the support team to resolve your problems.

Janet L December 16, 2015


Megan August 04, 2015


Ronda B January 05, 2014

Claire, the review is on the website/company. The company is going to be judged by the experience they had with the seller. It is a fair review if they had a bad experience. People have a right to share their experience, good or bad. That's unfair of you to say it's unfair. Be real!

this website is a scam
October 20, 2013
I paid for a pair of shoes on September 1st and haven't gotten them yet. this is a bad sight don't use it! its a scam.

just dishonest
August 17, 2013

This site is so shady. I used to sell in this site and I just got fed up with their asian style of doing business (yes they are from indonesia or somewhere around SE asia).

First on your ad you cannot choose which sizes are available for sale.

So let's say you have a sweeter for sale available in size S and M the buy doesn't have the option to choose. You have to e-mail and ask after he/she purchases it. And if the buyer says he wants size L and you don't have it? You have to refund their money BUT LUULLA DOES NOT REFUND YOUR SELLING FEES.

If you complain about something or post negative comments about the site on their forum they block you from posting.

They just raised the selling fee 3 days ago from 3% to 4.5% but they didn't tell anyone about it, no e-mails no announcements.

PRIM P May 31, 2016

This website will NEVER make any money from me. I ordered a dress from HAPPY WEEKLY in China, which i wasn't aware of until I paid for the item and the receipt stated where it was coming from. After two weeks i emailed HAPPY WEEKLY twice and got NO response. I then emailed Luulla who told me to email HAPPY WEEKLY again and if I didn't get a response within 24 hours they would escalate to a complaint. Did That. What did Luulla do? They sent HAPPY WEEKLY an email and asked them to respond to me. They DIDN'T. So Luulla sent me the link to open a PayPal dispute. They said they were going to investigate further and inform me of the result. A month later, I have heard nothing from Luulla and HAPPY WEEKLY continues to do Business as usual on their site. I guess as long as they are getting paid they don't really care. PAYPAL has been amazing; I had to email HAPPY WEEKLY Once Only from their resolution centre so the vendor could see that it was a PAYPAL dispute. After 48 hrs and NO RESPONSE, with all the information about my previous attempts to contact them myself and through Luulla support they said I had waited long enough and escalated my dispute to a claim and they said i needed to take no further action and I would have the money refunded on my account within the week. Even better than that they have now flagged HAPPY WEEKLY and will be investigating them further and if they find they have been operating fraudulently they will close down their Paypal account. THANK YOU PAYPAL. BEWARE OF THE SITE LUULLA AND THEIR THEIVING VENDOR HAPPY WEEKLY.

Excellent customer support
April 19, 2013
I wrote to their support regarding my order, took about 3 weeks to arrive from Hong Kong. The support team is very helpful and I always get immediate response. You should try contacting the support team, Hannah.

I got scammed on this site
March 27, 2013
Paid 32 bucks for 2 necklaces from a seller called "wesdingdress" in china, And never received items. There several other people who have reported this user as fraudulent and Luulla continues to let them "sell" items. What a scam

JaneyBlaze November 02, 2013

Hey, I figured I would come back here to update my order. I tried multiple times to try and contact the seller but the fact that they wouldn't respond and the item I had ordered wouldn't show up in her store anymore, was reason enough to just give up. I contacted the support team and they suggested I go to Paypal and get a refund but like you said, to wait awhile since it's overseas. That usually takes around 20 days though. Today after 34 days I got the package (from singapore).

So I'd say the site is reliable, but hope you aren't needing anything right away.

Claire October 26, 2013

I'm a seller on Luulla and to be honest, it really depends on where the item is from. International shipment takes approx 3 weeks or so depending where you live. I would recommend you contact the seller directly or the support team, i always answer my buyers promptly.

JaneyBlaze October 16, 2013

I'm pretty mad, I really just need a jacket and fed up with looking at several different types I quickly bought one from this site. I ordered it Oct3, it's Oct 16. Technically the 7 day delivery date was yesterday, as there was a holiday. So i'm thinking I got scammed. I just messaged the support telling them about the owner, my order, and asking about a refund. I've never had problems with onlineshopping. This is one site i'm not going to buy from again, ever.

No matter what you find that's cute on this site don't go for it. Try a more trusted site with your money and save yourself from this mess.

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