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The Greatest Christmas Gift I Have Ever Received
December 15, 2015
I received my surprise Christmas gift in my mailbox today. Thanks Jason and Michelle. Can't wait to wear it, counting down to Christmas :).

December 12, 2015
Purchased a necklace from "Joy Yong" on this site and can't get her to answer any messages plus the email address she gave is wrong!! I won't ever purchase from this site again and will tell EVERYONE!!

t williams April 01, 2016

Did you ever receive a resolution?

Janet Long April 02, 2016

I FINALLY got a explanation about the necklace.

Janet Long April 02, 2016

I got an email from the manager/owner, who ever it was, that they threatened to shut her site down if she didn't respond. TOOK FOREVER and tons of messages and emails to finally get it resolved.

November 23, 2015
I went to go buy a sweetheart neckline white lace dress from a store on luulla and i fell in love with the front cover picture so knowing me i bought it right away. Then i thought to myself maybe I should make sure about the dress before she tailors it to my measurements. so i went and contacted the seller. She was nice enough to answer all my questions and she sent me and picture of the real dress that she sends out. IT WAS HORRIBLE LOOKING! The dress you can tell was tried to be made to look like the dress on the front cover but it wasnt at all. It was different fabric, a different color, definitley not was i was looking for; Not to mention it looked super cheap. So far she has said to me that she will refund me my money but minus a 8$ fee for ordering. Hopefully i get my money back. will follow up with my results. Lesson learned, contact the seller BEFORE you buy!

t williams April 01, 2016

Can you follow up with what the final outcome was?

I love Fashionsophie!!
June 7, 2015
Well, I said I love Fashionsophie!! I meant it. Her original designs were the greatest!! Will she be designing more of her previous styles, or switching to the tight sexy styles now in her site? I love her original designs so much I hate to see them be deleted. Thank you Sophie for your talent!

Megan August 04, 2015

DON'T ORDER FROM LUULLA!!!!! My recent experience with them was awful! When I got my dress the zipper didn't even work, and they refused to take it back or refund me. PLEASE DON'T ORDER FROM THEM!!!!!!

kendal lavigne August 10, 2015

We are also selling at and we provide good service to our customers. Please do not judge us with your experience with only one seller. Just like amazon or ebay, there are good and not so good experiences depending on the sellers that you are dealing with, so please don't label us the same because we're not.

Janet Long December 16, 2015

I have now purchased from TWO sellers on this site and lost my money on ONE and haven't received my merchandise on the other. THIS SITE SUCKS!!!

April 6, 2015
I purchased a dress from the website over a month ago. On Feb. 23rd to be exact. The dress wasn't shipped until March 1st and it is April 6 and I still have not received my dress. I could not even review the actual product quality because I never even got it. In the refund policy it states that the product for international purchases should be there within 35 days. Well... it has been 35 days. I feel totally cheated.

Lindi Fox May 31, 2015

What seller did you purchase from? I am looking at a dress and am worried about this exact thing!

kendal lavigne August 10, 2015

I'm a seller at Luulla and etsy and my best advice to you is always contact the seller before making a purchase to ask for an estimate shipping time so that you know when to expect the item. For international shipment, some items might be held at your local custom for security check and it is out of our control that the delivery time might be delayed. If you need to rush your order, you can always request for fast shipping or priority shipping from the seller.

Couldn't complain for the price!
February 25, 2015

Personally, I couldn't complain for the price. I've bought quite a number of gifts from Luulla last Christmas and their customer service was terrific. I was never ignored and I have never felt so safe buying cheap products from China. Seeing that they have local sellers too I might be purchasing from them if i need fast shipping.

Purchase With Free Gifts
January 8, 2015
I've made several purchases from different sellers and I have no problem receiving my goods. What surprised me was every purchase comes with free gifts that makes me very happy.

Bad Experience
January 8, 2015
I bought a $32 that shipped from Hong Kong. With shipping the total came to $44. It took several weeks to arrive and ended up being way too small. I asked to exchange the item and was told I'd have to pay for return shipping AND the shipping for the new top!!! $36 in shipping for a $32 item?! Needless to say I will not be doing any business with them again.

I will Never Go Back to Purchase
January 7, 2015

I made a purchase from New Fashion.

Two tops that i plan to return. The style, color and quality was

horrific!! Unbelievable.. Honestly, the seller is definitely running a scam. How you show a picture of one thing, and send something

totally different. It's not even that i think she made a mistake. It's obvious that they sent me crap!! Paper thin material. I will definitely get my money back. I used PAYPAL. To be sure I will file a complaint.

Save yourself the headache. Don't use this site. I will never go back!!

I was a Seller and Have Decided To Go Back
December 12, 2014


I was a seller on Luulla when the website first started. Was selling only handmade paper goods at the time but did well. Stopped for personal reasons that was not related to the site at all.

Many people believe this to be a market place for just handmade items, but the site is full of resellers that have a abundance of commercial products. The products are not vintage, or handmade.

The age group that mainly purchase from Luulla are around 18-35.

For most part I truly like the site in terms of speaking as a seller. The fees are reasonable, and I believe this site has much potential.

I have sold products on many website's over the years. The fact is that there are pro's and con's about any site. There will be good and bad experience for individuals. I feel this is not a reflection on the website but instead the seller. This must be judged on a individual basis. There will always be something messed up where there are too many resellers, or the website needs tweaking / improvements etc...

There are sellers on Luulla that are very honest, have products that are of good quality and will give you excellent service. I was one of them.

I presently have a shop on ebay: (cutie handmade). But I am also looking for a second place to sell. So I have decided that in January 1, 2015, to open my store back up on Luulla.

Really feel bad for those who have had a bad experience. Just like with eBay or any site you must shop around a bit to find the Sellers with quality products and are honest. Once you find a good Sellers most people will give them repeated business.

So, I hope that this rewiew helps with insight about Luulla.

Quick Tips Buying From Vendors
December 2, 2014
I've bought some dresses, shoes, & tons jewelries from vendors on Luulla. No problems other than the slow shipping since the vendors I bought from are located out of state, from Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong. My tips are to check the size chart and measurements in the description box carefully and also, check the feedback ratings. That will save you time and trouble for returning your items later.

Got scammed !
December 2, 2014

I ordered two dresses

From 'whitelily' on Luulla. Total came out to $230. Returned the dresses. She never returned my money and now will not reply to me. Beyond pissed and Lulla will not help me with the matter. Very porely run business. Now I'm out 230$ that I worked my butt off for

Ripped off
November 14, 2014

I bought a $70 dress, I took perfect measurements and the dress should have fit me. When it arrived 6 weeks later it would have only fit a doll. It was almost 4 inches too small in some places.

I asked if I could return it and was told yes. I went to the post office who told me it would cost $50 to return it with tracking, so I chose normal mail.

Funny thing, is that Luulla "never received the dress" back. Therefore I am out $70 for the dress and $15 for shipping it back, plus probably shipping to get it here.

kellymarsman November 17, 2014

From what I understand, Luulla is a marketplace just like Etsy so you should be shipping back to the seller not luulla. The return address should be the seller's address you should be contacting the seller. I got mine refunded right away by the seller after shipping back.