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February 23, 2010
I heard her on a radio interview hawking her "free get rich" materials. I was down and out; I have started to dip into my 401K for groceries so hearing this on my way to church, I thought (or prayed) that this was a very good omen. So I called to order her book and CD, gave out my Amex card for the shipping and handling. Next thing I knew, I was getting monthly deductions from my credit card. I tried to call Loral and company but I could not get through. I then had Amex stop payments after months (at least a year) of this and recently, I have been receiving calls from a collection agency on their behalf to collect over $300 of back payment. I said I had no use for the program but was told I was on tape agreeing to all they said so I have to pay up no matter what. I was also told that this amount would continue to go up and accrue unless I settle now. Aaaaaaaccchhhh! What have I done??

February 2, 2010

This won't even make it to the board.

Scam...this woman is the Meaning of the word!!