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March 4, 2010
My 93 year old mother supposedly ordered this "FREE" book on a trial basis. since then she has been charged $69.95 a month on her credit card. When I called the first time to ask what it was (she didn't know) I was told she had ordered a book from them. I figured ok , don't fight it. But this month another $69.95 was debited to her credit card. I called and stayed on hold for 30 min. The man that answered said it was too late to send the books back. I haven't seen any books or cds. I explained about her age , he didn't care. I was willing to send the books back if I could find them. "No" was the answer I got. The impression I got from the conversation was: We've got you now. We have a tape of her agreeing to pay this amount. (Mama can't hear and doesn't fully understand ). We don't really care about people, just money. This is a classic example of a rip-off.

March 4, 2010

Not only is the info in the book deceiving but their entire operation is. I ordered the book thru a radio program with the promise that I only had to pay for shipping which sounded fine at the time. What happened is they signed me up automatically for a 30-day trial to their on-line help even though I said I wasn’t interested in it. Since I agreed to write down the 800 customer service # in case I had any questions they took that as my agreement to the on-line services. I never went to their web-site and I tried to call the customer service # on many occasions to make sure they weren’t going to charge me for anything. However, every time I called they put me on hold listening to music and no one ever picked up the phone! So they ended up charging my credit card for the monthly service charge of $67 and I was only able to get it cancelled by disputing the charge thru my credit card company.

anyway, if they are making millions, it’s from tricking people and fraudulently charging them for a service they do not want.

February 23, 2010
I heard her on a radio interview hawking her "free get rich" materials. I was down and out; I have started to dip into my 401K for groceries so hearing this on my way to church, I thought (or prayed) that this was a very good omen. So I called to order her book and CD, gave out my Amex card for the shipping and handling. Next thing I knew, I was getting monthly deductions from my credit card. I tried to call Loral and company but I could not get through. I then had Amex stop payments after months (at least a year) of this and recently, I have been receiving calls from a collection agency on their behalf to collect over $300 of back payment. I said I had no use for the program but was told I was on tape agreeing to all they said so I have to pay up no matter what. I was also told that this amount would continue to go up and accrue unless I settle now. Aaaaaaaccchhhh! What have I done??

February 2, 2010

This won't even make it to the board.

Scam...this woman is the Meaning of the word!!