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March 29, 2011
I received the book free after paying postage and handling ($9.95). After my 30-day free trial of the coaching and school session...I wanted to cancel my subscription to the program. They gave me another 30-day subscription free...and yet ANOTHER free 30-day subscription to view the videos and receive free coaching. Due to my scheduling I was not able to do the free sessions. I did call to cancel today and my order was canceled. No problems with customer service at all. I've read the book and has great information and inspiration to look into other avenues of multiple streams of income. She does deserve credit for that wealth of information. I have started implementing some of the strategies in her book and looking forward to a small home-based business - soon. I suggest: Order her book from Amazon--get what you need from it. You can utilize principals with other business partnerships.

March 28, 2011
I have read nothing good about Loral Langemier's free book offer or her program. I should have read up on her before ordering her book but I was up, unable to sleep and thought, well, if she's been on Dr. Phil (I'll complain to him later) she must be a bit legit. I didn't mind paying 9.99 for shipping, but when you think about it, books should ship cheap as they go Media Mail. Once on the phone I WAS told everything up front: about how I could try the online program free for 30 days and how I would get a gift card for agreeing to try the online program. One thing led to another and the rep is trying to sign me up for Value Plus and Fun Source programs that would cost 19.95 per month if I didn't cancel in time, and that the online program would cost 67.00 per month if I didn't cancel in time. I figured, I'll cancel in time. They DID give me all the phone numbers I needed to cancel everything once I was rested, and had decided to look up her reputation online. There are at least three sites, each with dozens of testimonials as to how hard it is to cancel if your card gets charged. My limbs went numb as I read all of this so I called to cancel everything the next day. The phone rep I talked to tried to make me feel bad and he played dumb, like he didn't understand what it was I wanted. After about 10 or 15 minutes of being very specific, ie: "Cancel the book deliver, the CD, the online membership trial" he finally did, but not after trying to belittle me, asking why I would order in the first place and change my mind, and if I did that often. So, do your research so you don't have to get attitude from some punk over the phone. Once you give them permission to dip into your account, who knows how long it will take to get them out.

February 22, 2011
I wish I had seen your listing before I signed up for this scam. Loral doesn't care about you, all she wants is your money. Her high pressure sales people can be very convincing. That is how she has made her millions. Run as fast as you can. And if you think you can cancel and get a credit think again. Any money you think you have given them is theirs unless you cancel within 3 days. Of course they don't tell you where to send the info or where to call. And God forbid that you go over the 3 days to get more information they asked that you find out. This was a very expensive and sad lesson to learn for a retired person on a fixed income. I should never have bought the book or have been stupid enough to think that I could use this system to start a business. The most information I received was from visiting our local small business center which is affiliated with a Junior College here in Ohio. All the information was free - no 3 hours listening to accountability coaches.

February 14, 2011
All I can say is "amen." Same experiences as everyone else - try to cancel, they refuse; cancel, "oh, it's outside the trial" and refuse to refund. Then, they billed me again. I am considering it my '$100 stupid thing I did this year' mistake. Do Not Join. The book is generic, there are NO specifics. The customer service is rude. I agree with everyone else up there.

February 6, 2011

I heard the advertisement about her program today on the radio and was considering getting the book from a book store instead of calling the number. I first thought it would be good to google her and see what I could find and this was the first site I picked. I fell for something like this 10 years ago and it cost me $2,500 over 2 years of monthly charges. I at least got a set of encyclopedias out of the deal. Thanks for the heads up and sorry for your losses.

Ray L

January 29, 2011
I met Loral once through a conference and had a earful of her speech. I could see how she used people's greed (a.k.a get rich fast without hard work) to make money. There IS NO SHORTCUT to wealth, unless you are as smart as guys like Larry Page. I don't sympathize with any of you people who got scammed off by this woman.

January 21, 2011

I should not give a rating. (and probably should not comment) I never purchased/enrolled in anything offered by Loral's company because I honestly did not see the value in it "for me".

I only found out about LOL 7 years ago or so by googling her. (and today, again) I am sure the few that find it enriching are telling the truth. Though it is disheartening to read so many notes that indicate unmet expectations and/or less than upright business practices.

I will say I knew Loral in another time, and saw her determination while skiing with her (and being pushed to the limits at over 13k' down incredible steeps). I even attended her 30th B-Day party.

At that time she had recently left a very responsible position with a major oil company and I would describe her as: outgoing, energetic, educated, most articulate, athletic, determined, honest, grounded, faith based (I attended her to her church once) and IMO, all-in-all... a very talented individual and pretty inside and out to boot.

While I will not shame myself by discounting what so many others here say; I do find it hard to believe that this is the same person I knew. The Loral I befriended was really considerate and kind. If she truly has changed so much and/or has fallen into a lifestyle that is not in tune with her values, as it certainly appears, this is a really sad day for me. I know this was not the road she was on 15+yrs ago.

None of this helps those who feel they've been taken advantage of. Maybe it is a lesson to all of us to be careful who influences our choices and direction(s) in life. Having been briefly in Loral's life, I can say without doubt that, if these things are true, the old Loral surely suffers inside.

And I'll say this to Loral (though I am sure she is not reading these things):

Loral, you have the talent of 10 people(she does). Whatever your original intent, it obviously is not working for much too many. Cut the cord on this and the people who influence you in this endeavor. I know first hand that you have the energy and smarts to be successful in almost any other venture. (Re)Apply your talents to something in-line with the values your family instilled in you... And sleep peacefully again, my old friend.

For everyone else, I really wish I did not read these things. Indeed, they were the "exact opposite" of what I was expecting.

January 20, 2011
THIS WOMAN IS A COMPLETE SCAM. I have a family member who fell for her scam. Then the market crashed and she had no answers. She agreed to make repayments of principal amounts once per quarter. Naturally, she broker her promise. This lady deserves a very special place when she kicks the bucket. COMPLETE AND TOTAL SCAM. Tell her to give you $8k.

January 8, 2011

@Victoria in San Diego sounds like a LOL "Laugh Out Loud" plant. How does she measure success in a couple of her new businesses?

How is the reader to believe any of these claims without a concrete explanation how this was achieved? Wake up people and use your hard earned $ for a starting capital in your own business and not to line Loral's pockets. All the information you get from her, you can get for FREE on the internet, and soon enough you will find out if you are of the stuff entrepreneurs are made off.

January 6, 2011
wish i would have seen this before giving 2750$ to these crude,rude people.The comments are correct on the posts. Ask the staff there to cancel your account and all you get is why, we're so great.ASK again if account is canceled and you get more questions from them, but no answer if act. is canceled or not. BOTTOM LINE IS "WE HAVE YOUR FUNDS AND YOUR NOT GETTING IT BACK" ALSO YOU DO NOT GET THE COURSE!!!!!!!!!!! YOU DECIDE IF THIS IS FOR YOU!!!!!!

January 4, 2011
Wow. After reading all of the negative comments about Loral Langemeier I'm almost embarrassed to say I've enjoyed her Big Table Program. I am a successful business owner in San Diego, California and I joined her Big Table program in June of 2010 after going to her Cash Machine Workshop in San Francisco. I really like the format of the program and I have made some serious headway in a couple of new businesses that I created last year. I agree that her company is very serious about getting you into their programs, but I think it's more about getting you off the fence and taking action for your life than anything else. Let's face it folks -- the job market as we know it is going away. In order to make it in the future economy that is unfolding as we speak, you've got to be an entrepreneur. Her programs help people make the leap from job to entrepreneur and investor. Take her message for it's value and leave the rest, that's my take. Cheers!

December 26, 2010
We were idiots and joined Loral's program several years ago. We had a 'coach' who helped us with a few business structure issues; but then started advertising different companies in which to invest which were all "Loral approved"; in addition, he let us know we could do promissory notes with Loral DIRECTLY "good as gold" he said, with a good return. We were also told we could use our self-directed IRA funds for this, "all legit". She made payments for several months, then completely stopped. We're now being told that specific 'business' she was using our funds for failed due to the economy and that her name shouldn't have been on the promissory notes; but her partners. She's tried to get us all to sign documents that leave her Scott free and blames her partner. In the meantime, we're out $20K with no offer of recompense anywhere in our future. Steer clear folks.

December 21, 2010
STOP. Don't even think about it.

December 16, 2010
Thank you all for your comments. I called them because I'm a Christian & I'd been praying about finances & heard her on the radio several times. Being a Christian, I don't dismiss anything as coincidence. I also figured that if she works with Dr. Phil she must be legitimate. I have the book on the way but have already called & canceled website access & help line access. They said I wasn't signed up for the help line but I canceled anyway. I also took the preemptive step of calling my bank & telling them not to authorize any future charges from this company. I will read the book & then judge for myself. I'll let you all know how it goes. God Bless all; my heart goes out to you all & you'll be in my prayers!

November 20, 2010

Was horrible! NEVER again!

Im still fighting them to try to cancel my account. I dealt with two very rude people who were of no help at all!

Im afraid there going to keep taking money out of my account!

Charged my account
October 26, 2010
They charged my account before the 30 day free trial. Asked for refund. Was told no refund under any circumstances. Told them I was contacting Attorney Generals office, all of sudden, they were offering half back. They put half back into my account, but I fully intend to get the rest! So, to all of you, threaten to contact Attorney General, BBB, etc. It works!

October 20, 2010
I ordered the book after hearing about Ms. Langemeier on Talk Radio. I then received a call late at night from a salesman out of Utah. He was extremely rude, pushy and argumentative. The information that came with the book offered a personal start-up strategist if you called their toll free number, which I never did. They called me and this guy insisted that I called them. Well, I did just to order the book. I did not realize there were strings attached. The conversation turned very nasty and left me very annoyed at having to retire to bed with this distasteful conversation on my mind.

October 18, 2010

The Langemeier people are the hardest sell people I have encountered. They continually call me even though every time I tell them not to call anymore. These people are the WORST and the only way she made money is by hardselling it from others. They assume that if you bought the book then you must have wanted it for something. They never let up. THESE PEOPLE ARE NOTHING SHORT OF THE PEOPLE WHO RIP OFF GRANDMA. RUN AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN AND KEEP CHECKING TO MAKE SURE THAT THEY DON'T TAP YOUR ACCOUNT.


October 18, 2010


The only good thing about the workshop were the people attending. The old pyramid selling and amway networking has reared its ugly head with Live out Loud but they have another name for it. "The community"!!!

If at all interested, think again.

I wish I had of realized before I did the workshop but maybe I can help somebody else from falling for the trap.

September 30, 2010
The big table, 10,000 from a veterans widow with 3 dependent young children on a fixed income and she's (Loral) attached to everything that the old sailor( my brother in law) left her (my sister)